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How to Download & Play PSP Games on Android with PPSSPP Emulator (No PC Needed)

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Hey guys :) Here's a short STEPbySTEP: 1. Install PPSSPP Emulator on your Android from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... 2. Download "Cube test program" http://ppsspp.org/files/cube.elf --- direct download link 3. Open the emulator and test the program...If this program works, then you'll know that the PPSSPP emulator works for your device 4. After you test out the program, you're ready to download Games...Here are some of the best sites for psp games: http://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_Portable_ISOs/List-All-Titles/44 (the site i'm using in this tutorial) or http://www.pspshare.org/ (my other suggestion) --- After you download the game, it's gonna be in .rar (zipped/compressed) format...Because of that, you'll need to Extract it... 5. To Extract the game (the compressed .rar/.zip file), install any file extracting app you want...I suggest you ZArchiver - it's pretty easy to use... 6. After Extracting the compressed (.rar/.zip) file, you'll get a folder...In that folder you should see the iso/cso file of the game...If you don't see an .iso or .cso file in the extracted folder, then search for another .rar file in the same folder and extract that one...After extracting this file, the iso/cso file should be in there... 7. Move the .iso/.cso file in the /PSP/GAME/ folder in your Android 8. Open the PPSSPP emu and Play! NOTE: This emulator works for ISO and CSO games ONLY !!! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- Platypus PSP (the game in this tutorial) Download Link: http://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_Portable_ISOs/Platypus_(USA)/156563-download http://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_Portable_ISOs/Platypus_(Europe)/157463-download or http://www.pspshare.org/platypus-psp/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- How to Download & Play PSP Games with PPSSPP Emulator on your Android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56QQGNt09A8&lc=z125fxl4drnpjzuad04cjvf5frr3ej3osww0k ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- INTRO: Special Thanks to Velosofy for creating the intro! https://www.youtube.com/user/velosofy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYh2Xu6uMWw&list=PL9dOsN4agAIKUtdjVk2dKnHi9jpL34tkX&index=34 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MUSIC: The Big Beat 80s - Kevin MacLeod, Syrinx Starr ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLmDzbBcw8I ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PPSSPP Emulator DOES NOT Require ROOT! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any trouble downloading your game from pspshare.org or emuparadise.me , give me the name of the Game you want and i'll provide another link for you... Thanks for Watching ! :)
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Text Comments (5926)
SHARIAR (5 hours ago)
Thank You....😊
SHALOM Dcruze (1 day ago)
see my channel shalom dcruze
Favian Rahmanda (2 days ago)
i cant download the game that i wanted and i already followed this tutorial, i was stuck when the download part
Peter Parker (2 days ago)
Very nice video I like it and I would subscribe it also
Barbarian King (2 days ago)
Thx bro
Michael O Callaghan (2 days ago)
Just downloaded Vice City Stories, and placed it in ROMs, within my usual location on the SD card. I opened PPSSPP, located the zip file, clicked on it, and it said "This is not a PSP game." Help? It was over 800mb in size, and don't fancy that being a waste of a download. Does it need to be extracted..?
Kamesh Rao (2 days ago)
Pokemon MOVIE New TRAILER LOUNCH 2019 ☝️☝️ https://youtu.be/vaMicr4UenI
good days hyper (2 days ago)
Goodbye pspshare:(
Acapella Allure (3 days ago)
My dj max black square wasn't working on my phone. It won't load
Fernandes Fredy (3 days ago)
Ron Sensy (3 days ago)
It says that install corrupted. Help me please!😭😭😭
MEGA ZORDE (4 days ago)
may name music
Emmanuel Ricafort (4 days ago)
The download links
Fcjasma (4 days ago)
Emu is not working but if you search you can find game you want btw thanks ❤
Zmakf23 Sumayn (6 days ago)
The direct download wont pop out
I want grand theft auto vice city and it says "this game is unavailable"
Park Boo gaw (7 days ago)
Where can i download games?
Pramod Rawat (9 days ago)
Thanks bro
Sk Sidhpur (9 days ago)
Moses Akani (9 days ago)
Luv it
s swayam Das (10 days ago)
Thank you sooo much..it helps me a lot.. But i have a question..android me psp game khel ne me maja hai yaa android me android game khelne me maja hai..please sir if you read my comment..gv me a ans.. Thnk u
Lakhan Dange (11 days ago)
Abe pagal kuch samgh nahi aa Raha
ZEESHAN YT (11 days ago)
Thanks bro
Sonu Shee (12 days ago)
Rahul Garg (12 days ago)
ye hamesha this game is unavailable batata hai kyo
tech zain (13 days ago)
nanba takishe (13 days ago)
Emuparadise? Is doesn't works? Wtf
THE DEADMAN (14 days ago)
I need emuparadise back..
Erik 562 (14 days ago)
private productions (15 days ago)
Avygael De vera (15 days ago)
Now i now
Avygael De vera (15 days ago)
Thank you bro
Avygael De vera (15 days ago)
It so nice
Avygael De vera (15 days ago)
I can bealive it
Ashraf Napiah2 (16 days ago)
Gaming with Arham (16 days ago)
Amazing video. #gamingwitharham
Hariz Irfan (17 days ago)
Good I love your video I subscribe you👍👏
Maya Angelina (17 days ago)
Emuparadise doesnt work anymore😩
ReddishSkull Gamer (17 days ago)
I can't download pac-man
lakhan awhadkar (17 days ago)
I didn't download any game its not working anymore
Nevil Abraham (17 days ago)
How to extrat game
Shawon Emo (18 days ago)
Very low quality video.
Aron Unknown (18 days ago)
No pc needed but has a cursor
Neko Chan (18 days ago)
The download link won't show in mine
Gamer Criss (19 days ago)
That's fake
khel Jintalan (19 days ago)
Its not working to down load the game why
all links are unavailable
Nanbyen Abashe (21 days ago)
Why isn't mine downliadong
nizartp143 (21 days ago)
I want to play psp games in my tab so i just saw your video and this tutorial helped a lot helped a lot = 1 👍
black sea surfur (22 days ago)
Can we play dragon ball z games
starwars7642 (22 days ago)
I did everything you did with star wars battlefront elite squadron and all I get is the top of the opening screen with no music
D4RK BL4D3 (23 days ago)
This helped me
Hero Dai (23 days ago)
Emuparadise is not work now the downloading option was missing
Conriflexer (23 days ago)
its start with me (23 days ago)
Hey bro can you help me on my android micromax Q372 ppsspp application is not working when i open it it totally blank and after some time it close.
Ricardo Chen (23 days ago)
Shakil Khan (25 days ago)
It not working
Ramesh Sharma (26 days ago)
Emuparadise.me got currupted
prajwal jadhav (27 days ago)
Sir i want to download wwe game smackdown vs raw 2011 but sir i can able to download bcoz has i enter to emupardaise on rom iso and game sony psp 2 game is unavailable plzz help me out i need this game plzz
Jhon andrew Añonuevo (27 days ago)
Why it always says that this game is unavailable in emuparadise? 😔😔😔😔
Cedrick Villanueva (28 days ago)
Fuck you not true i do all you teach but on the moment of zarchiver it did not work
Frank Samuel Simon (28 days ago)
Besides Emuparadise Where can we download ppsspp games because Emuparadise doesnt work anymore
WareWolf 21 (29 days ago)
We are preparing your download... Please scroll down to get your download link! This game is unavailable (?) i hate this web
uk dejavu (29 days ago)
Emuparadise doesn't work anymore
Dimeand Biggie (29 days ago)
R.I.P. Emuparadise
TIBERIUS 23 (1 month ago)
And how to save your world?
Tech And Games Lab (1 month ago)
PPSSPP games are here.... https://youtube.com/TechAndGamesLab
Reus Siveglioni (1 month ago)
Is not working
Kamlesh Patidar (1 month ago)
bhai alu chil
Ashok Samuel K. (1 month ago)
loved your Vid subscribed. left you a like thanks a lot
YEE MO (1 month ago)
Please provide another link for tekken 6 please
Nehpets Der (1 month ago)
I can't download
tech champ guru (1 month ago)
This game is univiable bata raha hai koi aur game ka name batao sir please
tech champ guru (1 month ago)
Please bata do yr
Giorgos Pattakos (1 month ago)
Rip emuparadise
Music Anime (15 days ago)
I missed hajime no ippo fighting -spirit- something like that😂, but I can't download it again, and when I saw those comments *Rip Emu* I feel so bad😢
Elias Garcia (20 days ago)
Yeah, I figured it out the hard way mate, sucks to see something amazing and long lasting just go out like this.
Hhhh Hhh (23 days ago)
Ya but you cant download games
Elias Garcia (23 days ago)
I still see it.
Barney Schubert (29 days ago)
Giorgos Pattakos lol they close it down 😕
cut cat wow (1 month ago)
Can we download prototype in ppsspp
Shailesh Kumar (1 month ago)
It always say the game is unavailable
When I tried to download games from the link, it says the game is unavailable. What can I do? Please help me someone.
Kaneki• Ken (1 month ago)
It say game unavailable for download link.... Need help
MVP Mobile legend (1 month ago)
xarthi km (1 month ago)
Bhai yeh dono link me se koi v game available nhi h bhai
heh heh (1 month ago)
The monster hunter freedom unite link is gone :'(
Basheer Khan (1 month ago)
OKEY okay (1 month ago)
it's not working always unavailable
Safeek Salman (1 month ago)
Kingshaq 360 (1 month ago)
I need help asap to play gta
Benj Labajo (1 month ago)
Emuparadise dosent work anymore
Soumyajit Banerjee (23 hours ago)
Yess but what to do
Just Kalex (2 days ago)
It still works-_-
Keon S. (9 days ago)
Thats so sad😢😭
XxRenzFrom YT (9 days ago)
Where to download now? A games??
AlandgamerTV (23 days ago)
+Prwsha drawing wheres the link?
TreTheDeku Emu_Gamer (1 month ago)
It keeps saying game is unavailable what do I do plz help
TreTheDeku Emu_Gamer (29 days ago)
Like the a website called pspshared?
Greek Kataktitis (1 month ago)
Search for another surce like pspshare
KOA Speaking Out (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/WcWmgiMUPCs Can you help us??? We need this to go viral Racism in game purchases, we pay thousands, chinese pay nothing. Really need a our help to make this viral
Anthony Brambila (1 month ago)
It doesn't let me download metal gear solid
JiHyun Ri (1 month ago)
Help! Can I play on SD card storage?
Benamrane Achoura (1 month ago)
Bakugan bugg
Nithish Kumar (1 month ago)
You are great
Gaming King (1 month ago)
I dislike for you
That SriLankanGuy (1 month ago)
Is there a better site to use other than emuparadise?
ccAndroid (1 month ago)
That SriLankanGuy Try CDromance, or romhustler. Also downloadgamespsp and theisozone.
Muhammad Ridhuan Koh (1 month ago)
all the games are unavailable...
TheDoge (1 month ago)
Thx I just got the app and was wondering how to do it 😁
Kirrios Gamingz (1 month ago)
No download file
Dillon Martinez (1 month ago)
Thanks downloaded Transformers awesome new sub
Abdul Roikhan EDM roi (1 month ago)

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