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bhop_boatylicious | JORDAN^^ (19 seconds)

18 ratings | 2823 views
weird bhop map by b0at, kinda like tronic and fun to speedrun :D 150 aa 100 tick sv_gravity 800
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bean the don (1 year ago)
meh :)
bean the don (1 year ago)
16 seconds? you need to show me your run
methepeoplebmx (1 year ago)
like 16 seconds
bean the don (1 year ago)
what have you got now? atm this is my favorite map and want to improve
methepeoplebmx (1 year ago)
>5 years old
woah (3 years ago)
Hey man, exactly 19.what?
GenoClysm (5 years ago)
Bhop_tronic much. Lol
t3ice (6 years ago)
song? :) also whats your cl_yawspeed?
HoolsSteam (6 years ago)

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