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Counter Strike Source Zombie Riot online gameplay Italy with boss fight

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Counter Strike Source Zombie Riot online gameplay on the Italy map.
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Text Comments (295)
Что за сервер, работает ли он на данный момент?
Life And Illusion (1 month ago)
Mira Kusuma (1 month ago)
Ohohohoh titit di goyang goyang ohhh
Logan Paschedag (1 month ago)
Nostalgic memories on 'Italy' but this map is rarely played anymore in csgo and the map 'office'
liliana ifran (1 month ago)
Nice bro :'v
6 GORILLION (1 month ago)
Just play killing floor or l4d2 lmfao
Jairus Zander Feranil (3 months ago)
The way tlak tlak tlak
Usman Ahmed (3 months ago)
Elgigante of Resident evil 4.
Romi Akbar (3 months ago)
Jan doedel can you make a video again we need you
Ibolya Szab (3 months ago)
what is the ip ?
Taylor Ariel (4 months ago)
L lllllallaf Lllll.l.. A
BFM Best Foreign Music (4 months ago)
الوحش العملاق يشبه للوحش الموجود في لعبة Resident evil 4
Counter Strike Source Zombie
Carl johnson (6 months ago)
The soldiers looks from resident evil
bastiisalive (7 months ago)
Song at 0:05?
vador v4 vador v4 (8 months ago)
Ip ?
Furkan_19_ 1907 (9 months ago)
Poyraz Emre (6 days ago)
Vay be ne oynardik bu oyunu
Glitchy RayHD (1 month ago)
Ivan Subrata (5 months ago)
Meowkiplier (9 months ago)
Is that El Gigante from Resident Evil 4?
rean hong (10 months ago)
You so amazing
rean hong (10 months ago)
Oh shit that boss are big is hard to kill him
PineX Tv (10 months ago)
IP ?
Andrei Canon (10 months ago)
Some guns are from left 4 dead 2 cuz its valve same devs.juzt zayin yah nu!
Neacsu Andrei (11 months ago)
ip adresse, pls
Yamileth A. Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Buen video
NoobPikach u (1 year ago)
john derek Codico (1 year ago)
Pls like me and like you heheh joke
john derek Codico (1 year ago)
Wow that's so cool game
John Asbeef (1 year ago)
I'm searching for a similar server but with the "!props" function Does someone knows if it still exists? I played in a similar server, with 26 days like "Zombie Riot Day x/26" and I was lvl 3298 with the glitch of the lvl 1 I would like to find the same server or to create it to play in local
Я вас обожаю Ты крут я твой подпищик
Aymen Flh (1 year ago)
Carl johnson (1 year ago)
Playing bot? Or playing multiplayer
The Shield (1 year ago)
Bertholtd hoover the zombies are bots but counter terrorists are humans
Marserkal gamer (1 year ago)
this is game on pc online zombie
good job
Kristien Halim (1 year ago)
0:57 zombie skin in game SPECIAL FORCES GROUP 2
MaderChodeMan 69 (10 months ago)
No u idiot it's that zombie model was from Half-Life 2 special forces just stole the model
prince of darkness (1 year ago)
NarutoConiConi (1 year ago)
ip ?
ColdAytoe[DN] (1 year ago)
4:03 invisible BOSS
Positive Games (1 year ago)
где ойпи сука
Rm And Jimin (1 year ago)
Market yazıyomapı Türkler yapmış
minecraft minecraft (1 year ago)
Mustafa Umay (1 year ago)
Fuck yok
ياسر - Yaser (1 year ago)
Mustafa Umay ليش تسب
A. Q. (1 year ago)
13:20 :D
A. Q. (1 year ago)
I love your videos.Oldskool:)
Faye Gumabon (1 year ago)
Funny song At 0:10
LMTAR (1 year ago)
music ?????
Counter strike is Korean game
TickFoong Dick Lau (1 year ago)
0:01what song
HanniLikeWhat (1 year ago)
Сергей Союз (1 year ago)
+Jan Doedel ip?
Сергей Союз (1 year ago)
+Super Goteta44 ?
Сергей Союз (1 year ago)
anthony jose (1 year ago)
como consigo ese mods
Aleeksander Gaabriel (1 year ago)
nao sei
Boss Ji (1 year ago)
Ip for game?
Noel Caesar (1 year ago)
Franklin Contreras (1 year ago)
me encanta la batalla entre los soldados y el jefe zombie ademas tiene mucha vida tantos soldados que hay y no lo matan
Sixto Domingo (1 year ago)
ang galing mo kuya
tatia tsitsilashvili (1 year ago)
Charles Welch (1 year ago)
this is funnyt
Charles Welch (1 year ago)
this is funny
Maliz Babelz (1 year ago)
This is eargasmic for me
Maliz Babelz ks 👾
Retha Fathly (1 year ago)
رائعه بس انا عدي كاونتر مو اولاين شلون تسوه اولاين؟؟
Emil Janković (2 years ago)
ovo je jako jako jako zakon
fixting .::. (2 years ago)
id server?
Lirije Selmani Misini (2 years ago)
At he strat the song is duck Sauce
mucha. axion
BroluBebe Ledesma (2 years ago)
yes Fan 1 jan deodel
hung pham (2 years ago)
Santiago Ledesma n
Kevin Clyde Hayag (2 years ago)
why two boss zombie ?
dewey magnanao (2 years ago)
yusuf karakaya (2 years ago)
Andres Felipe pok
Ahmad Abdullah (2 years ago)
2 mutant zombies vs an army of swat people 'sick!'
КС ГО 1.6 (2 years ago)
крутяяяяк, крутой сервер. Когда поиграл в реале это попросту капут, жесть!!!
jonathan quinn (2 years ago)
You are pro youtuber Jan Doel
jonathan quinn soaks
valdirene soulsa (2 years ago)
o melhor game
Christian Rex Rubia (2 years ago)
No ip damn...
HIROMI YASUMICHI (2 years ago)
fara aish (2 years ago)
im a kid name aish
fara aish (2 years ago)
this is lamn but i click the light botten
Класс ноКласс однако
wassana sana (2 years ago)
MrKZdemos (2 years ago)
those are fucken bots
HimunPhoenix (2 years ago)
where did I can download this cs.s version?
Mrdudelolman anims (2 years ago)
u need to buy on steam oh and create an steam account
Mp Midone (2 years ago)
How TO JOin ZOmbie escape
Mega Angkasa (2 years ago)
is that a giant zombie from COC. if yes i laugh
Umbrella Corporations knows how to deal with zombies....
DARREN TILL (10 months ago)
Ο Τραπεζίτης/Τhe Banker OF COZ NIGGA
ByFett minero22 (2 years ago)
0:12 music
GABE (1 month ago)
ByFett minero22 idk
Vrooh M!NER (2 years ago)
link donload nya apa gan
Bryan (2 years ago)
Is That Gorrila
Semir Ibraimi (2 years ago)
VeR0s20011 (2 years ago)
vito Dwitrianza (2 years ago)
my bos horor
Zak & Zaknafein (2 years ago)
Plies ip
Bozan Dincer (2 years ago)
solas a ş Ş a a sst8fuufyghih
Guillermo Puentedura (2 years ago)
Nice ^^
Ovi (3 years ago)
Cool server !!!‼
gZer0r (3 years ago)
what card, please tell me an ip address

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