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The Unused Content of Portal 2 Beta

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Tyler talks about all the unused content found within the Portal 2 Beta , Alpha, and F-Stop. Tyler also talks about the forgotten valve game F-stop and all the beta content left from F Stop. Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Friend Me on Steam! thenerdherd2007 Watch my Streams : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/valvenewsnetwork
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Text Comments (1616)
Gage H. (4 days ago)
They should of gotten Jeremy Clarkson to voice a sphere
keith bouchard (9 days ago)
i think they should have at least kept the paranoid core
erica (11 days ago)
Not putting in a fun easter egg ending because few players would try it is dumb. Someone would try it eventually.
Rusampler (12 days ago)
It seems that portals doesn't teleport fields like gravity. But if would, portals through gravity field with big difference could become black holes.
Hey wh’sappenin guys s’time for ‘nother episode f valve news network
That Random Guy _ (14 days ago)
10 minutes, seems suspecious
UNI FROM UNI (15 days ago)
Chicken on your train (16 days ago)
"Now we're out of beta, we're releasing on time!"
Green Blanko (18 days ago)
I would've loved the moon ending :'c
Camron Steyn (18 days ago)
SharkFin (18 days ago)
Wait the moon ending was taken out? That's how I finished the game... unless there was some other moon ending?
Tony Clark (19 days ago)
"The IT Crowd" *twitch*
ericbazinga (19 days ago)
Oh man, Richard Ayoade as Wheatley would've been so cool...
taycat 34 (1 month ago)
I always read (red) the hover turret as who-ver instead of... well... hover.. idk why
FastLikeUNO (1 month ago)
Im just happy it ended up being the way it is. Its just so futuristic 😎
Bradman Wright (1 month ago)
The I T crowd. Not it
Needs more jpeg (1 month ago)
stop showing us this gameplay. we want to see the secret assets more than 5 frames.
B E A N Z (1 month ago)
Woo, millionth viewer
FezAndBow (1 month ago)
1 millionth view
A Person (1 month ago)
Hmm mel _seems familiar_
·.·PGRedYT ·.· (1 month ago)
How does that gell give the player motion sickness? That doesn’t make sense
Aston Nolan (1 month ago)
the last thing you said it is in the game
Innecent Loner (1 month ago)
Portal Stories: Mel is a thing, you that right?
The cicada (1 month ago)
F-stop and aperture is a camera part
Swag Feather (2 months ago)
I believe it should be noted that the Pneumatic Diversity Vents were not used in tests, but still appear (in a way) after Chell and Wheatley destroy the Neurotoxin source.
Kitaro (2 months ago)
The thing with the moon would have been so funny xD
MrMeowington (2 months ago)
"Hey, what's going on over there?" "I didn't see anything." "Why am I not surprised?"
Jackson Staub (2 months ago)
I hope they use that scrapped beach sequence as the opening for Portal 3, except I hope they switch the beach out with the open paddock we see at the end of Portal 2 to continue the continuity.
Felipe (2 months ago)
My god I wish I could play that blue gel
Jiří Pechman (2 months ago)
And then the nice looking beach turned into a ,,behind the scenes'' of the badlands from tf2.
Doc Mugridge (2 months ago)
Well, cave still is the antagonist of portal. Look how he behaves after the moon dust poisoned him. Same personality as GLaDOS, at least a cruel and careless one. When wheatley got connected to the Main computer, he got evil too, not only cause he had the ability to control everything
Zachary Webster-Adams (2 months ago)
I like the Cave Johnson Core idea, there actually is a cave johnson core in lego dimensions portal 2 level
mineland (2 months ago)
NateDaBossRulez (2 months ago)
I Like Dis
SonicMaster Sword (3 months ago)
A team of people actually went through the effort of taking the Mel concept and making a fully fleshed out game that can be added as a mod to Portal 2 with its own story and everything. It is called Portal Stories: Mel. Be advised that if you do play it, it is not for beginners. Hardest puzzles ever made for a portal mod.
Lying Seagull (3 months ago)
he was so unprofessional back in 2014
Wicha Naothaworn (3 months ago)
Should be DLC
nirnfruit (3 months ago)
what happen to your 3 videos about half life 2 i cant find them
EagleEyes20_20 (3 months ago)
I love how them finding Human Artifacts was eventually used
NoName (3 months ago)
Judging by Epistle 3, Valve might have decided to put it on HL2 EP3
Abdullah Animates (3 months ago)
This video was uploaded on my birthday
Aedon Bokkes (3 months ago)
Well, there was an alternate ending where Valve was going to make a ridiculous ending where when you jumped into the deadly pit there would be boys, your mom and dad, ponies, etc...
Gabbie Ski (3 months ago)
Could you imagine making a game that your boss absolutely adores, and a game that you love but being forced to change it because apparently Aperture Science can only work on portals. Damn that makes me feel so bad
Nenecchifan4613 (3 months ago)
"The IT crowd"
Ines Gaitan (3 months ago)
but in the ending of portal 2 you shoot the moon and wheatley goes to space
TheTrueKPCOOKIESWIRL (4 months ago)
F-Stop/Early Portal 2 = Portal Stories: Mel
Nicor222 (4 months ago)
In steam
Nicor222 (4 months ago)
There is a game named portal Stories Mel
Laugh Out Loud XD (4 months ago)
*talks about portal 2* *the intro is team fortress*
Xander Zoolander (4 months ago)
I know this vid is over three years old now. But I'd love to see F-Stop become part of the portal universe. Maybe make the camera aperture concept into how the Aperture Science was originally named, and somehow link that to the story of developing portals. Re-use assets from the latter half of Portal 2, but clean them up for the F-Stop universe. Maybe even make F-Stop the backstory of Cave. We got some story out of Portal 2, but go more in depth in this, and more in depth with other characters. Maybe even make the end of the game the first iteration of GLaDOS. Bring in more Aperture v. Black Mesa lore. I wish Vavle would still put out games like Half-Life and Portal. Or at least get a quality dev team to make it, so Valve can publish it.
Colonelloki (4 months ago)
IT is not pronounced it, it is I and then T.
JustNuggert117 (4 months ago)
The it crowd? its the IT Crowd, pronounced I T
David (4 months ago)
Super Original Band Name (4 months ago)
Fabri Here (4 months ago)
the name of the song?
recc (4 months ago)
I would be happy if they dumped all of these unused files into a portal 3.
The Poor Gamer (4 months ago)
I would actually play Portal F-Stop.
Defective franken Turret (5 months ago)
F/2.8 is the apture logo
Lands on relaxation bed"Ow..."Radio hits head "OW!"If only there were voices
A Person (5 months ago)
5:59 finally ov- "Bonk"
Hildebert (5 months ago)
STUPID PLAYTESTER. Did Valve never heared about easter eggs? The alternative ending would have been freaking awesome :(
Tealwolfy (5 months ago)
What song is playing in the background?
CodeCrazed (5 months ago)
I'm a little disappointed in valve now I know they removed so much good stuff. I MEAN HOW WOULD PEOPLE NOT FIND THE MOON THING WHEN THAT WAS HOW THE GAME ENDED ANYWAY???
Novaturient (5 months ago)
Whats 3?
Infernal Sword Gameplay (5 months ago)
The it crowd? it's called the "Eye-tee" crowd you fucking moron.
Nietez Dionísio (5 months ago)
What the fuck clicked on the video and this annoying voice started screaming right at my ears.
New Slovenia Times (5 months ago)
2:44 materials from TF2
Comet Aurora (5 months ago)
4:37 for NINE ZERO ZERO ZERO FOUR ZERO hoursssss oh okay so chell was like 25 in the last game or something what is she now.. OVER 1 FUCKING HUNDRED OH OKAY
Jaystorm (5 months ago)
"If u liked the video, like it" I do like it
VNN I've reconstructed an unused turret from portal if you ever do a video on the "walking turret" I can send you some pictures and the model.
kernowparadise (5 months ago)
So Portal Stories: Mel is basically a re imagining of F-Stop?
Felixmations (5 months ago)
F-stop probably had something similar to stasis from BOTW
HappyMations (5 months ago)
3:38 anyone notice a black portal?
Jackaboy lol (5 months ago)
after the video i had a look at all the unused lines and it's true there is alot here's 3 unused lines Fizzing the cube Oh. Did I accidentally fizzle that before you could complete the test? I'm sorry. Go ahead and grab another one so that it won't also fizzle and you won't look stupid again. Go ahead. I PROMISE not to fizzle it this time. Oh. No. I fizzled that one too. Oh well. We have warehouses FULL of the things. Absolutely worthless. I'm happy to get rid of them. Go ahead. This time I promise you'll look incrementally less stupid than the previous two times in which you looked incredibly stupid.
Trash (5 months ago)
What;s strange is the hover turret can be found dysfunctional and out of bounds during the intro sequence
Maddinhpws (5 months ago)
The adhesion gel causes motion sickness for players? These guys did notice that they use portals to fly around and go sideways to change downwards and use beams to fly around and completly fuck up their sense of where the fuck they are?
Jansen (5 months ago)
The manniquen (don't knoe how to pronounce)isn't unused, it Stands in the shooting range
Audit Watcher (5 months ago)
Dang, just watching this has me wanting a new Portal game, And SOON.......
Collisto Gaming (6 months ago)
And then Portal Stories: Mel
boss ass mofo (6 months ago)
Tyler McVicker is an ugly idiot
Scotty Wingnut (6 months ago)
Cant wait for F-Stop to come out in 5-10 years
K1LLERGAMES (6 months ago)
there is a dlc for portal 2 where you play as mel
sobek suwek (6 months ago)
What about crusher?
Lewd Catt (6 months ago)
Ik it's liltle bit late, but you can play the mod Portal Story: Mel
and im making map with football its so weird
5:34 i found this pipes in files
TheBoredVideogameChef (6 months ago)
the IT crowd.......THE IT CROWD?????? its the I T crowd......because they are computer nerds. sorry. i just didnt think that someone could possibly mispronounce that title
Tryn (6 months ago)
Pinguimamericano (6 months ago)
add CC please
Insky (6 months ago)
Portal stories mel here you are!
Raul Martina (6 months ago)
I.t crowd..
Wilfredo Saquilayan (6 months ago)
but f-stop is alive but its named portal stories:mel
Thevideogramer 165 (6 months ago)
make portal 3 pls
Xtreme5Playz (6 months ago)
"There was no Chel, instead you played as a different character named Mel" So that's where the inspiration for Portal Stories: Mel comes from
Sqooshy (7 months ago)
5:31 as you can see that's an early version of a overgrown test chamber from the final game.
DuckyDoesGaming (7 months ago)
F stop maybe stands for frame stop?
JackHaptic (7 months ago)
If there won't be a portal 3, they should at least make f stop
DatGameh (7 months ago)
5:50 Ugh... Never thought I would hear a turret suffer.
ashton horton (7 months ago)
There's a map in the game files that is technicaly playable, but it's a bit broken. it shows up when you go to the hub in co op while in the menu by using the console, instead of opening it by actualy playing co op. it's a small room with 2 cube dispensers (probobly to make peabody and atlas, although it wouldn't show their colors), and a button which inputs a code into the console. also note that it forced my playermodel to atlas. I think that it was the origional way of inviting friends to a game. maybe the button was suppost to open up the invite screen.
Daniel Hetrick (7 months ago)
What the Eff-Stop? I'm not sorry

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