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How to Download Steam Games For Mac

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1. Go to steampowered.com 2. Download Steam from the upper left corner link and follow the instructions 3. Install steam by dragging it to your applications folder 4. Open steam and wait for update 5. Sign in or Create an account 6. Browse the Game section and find something that you want to purchase 7. Click Add to cart 8. Enter Credit card information 9. Confirm Purchase and download Game 10. Find game in library section of steam 11. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (51)
The Hybrid SABER (5 months ago)
Thank you so mush for making thins video.
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JawsPlayz (8 months ago)
Dude wont show sign or or log in...
Kvng Sxth (1 year ago)
This tutorial was awesome 😃
Alex Lindewirth (1 year ago)
Hhaa I I bought pubg and can't run it on my MacBook. New computer coming up for me 😂
Wild Flower (1 year ago)
Can I play Undertale on a Macbook??
Jack Harvey (2 months ago)
Emiliano Riancho (1 year ago)
Great video Very useful thanks a lot
Brot 81 (1 year ago)
Emiliano Riancho can i buy The windows Game on my steam on Mac and then Play IT on The windows steam ? Help ME dude
Aidan Guevara (2 years ago)
Whats steamplay??
Suaad Mohammed (2 years ago)
am trying to play a game called: Dragon saga on my mac. I have tried crossover and other things. Meh! useless.. any recommendations?
Cookie Master (2 years ago)
AMAZING PERFECT SPECTACULAR BEUTIFUL TURURIOL !!!! my spelling not good but ur video was EXCELLENT amazing!!!!
Emerald Piggy (2 years ago)
Emerald Piggy (2 years ago)
Diego Cavenaile (2 years ago)
Thank you :)
SX. Alex (3 years ago)
it didn't show mac on my steam store well i downloaded steam on my mac 2 months ago does that affect it
coffee doggo (4 years ago)
When i try to download something it says "Doesn't work on your platform" What it mean?
David Heffez (3 years ago)
it means you do not have the right platform to run the game basics are exe cant run on mac dmg cant run on windows
Syncc (4 years ago)
Stupid it means it's only for another computer
Jero Paulo Centeno (4 years ago)
you are a big help, thank you mate!
Reese Ball (4 years ago)
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mitcho487 (4 years ago)
After I buy the game and it has downloaded, do I have to drag into hidden files that I have to go searching for in my Finder some where? Or is it soon at it is downloaded I just click a "Play" button? I'm new to Steam by the way, please help.
mitcho487 (2 years ago)
+TurboPeanut that was two years ago dude. I have a PC now.
Miquito (4 years ago)
for me it says that theres no games on steam for mac :( 
tim Williams (4 years ago)
did you figure it out cause that happening to me to 
David Breese (4 years ago)
It says the file is damaged on incomplete 
I've been using Steam for as long as you have. I was just wondering how to do it on a Mac. This tutorial actually Made since. Thank you for makig this.
Yen Hilferink (5 years ago)
so good thankes this video is not like the others thay do not worke but youres yes
Jesse González (5 years ago)
Cosmack (5 years ago)
do you know how to re-install games, because my garry's mod keeps crashing
Dante Ewan (5 years ago)
i need to download add-on support for left 4 dead 2
Brendon Chua (5 years ago)
free to play games also?
ASensiblePsycho (5 years ago)
Fix your internet derp
Q8yBoQ8 (5 years ago)
each time i run the program and install it it says that i have no network connection in this computer, what should i do?
James Hockings (6 years ago)
everytime i i try to run steam it comes up saying fatal error: could not find directory?
ryan z (6 years ago)
Wait for a while then it will work. While=A few hours
saeed almatrooshi (6 years ago)
please! help when i make an account it just stays in a black screen :( :( :(
Potato eater (6 years ago)
help me mine said 'steam needs to be online mode to update ,but was set to offline mod' i really need help!
Rushil (6 years ago)
same thing happened with me, quit it then re open it :)
HighInFlavour (6 years ago)
thanks dude! i was stuck just now but now i'm ok
s3th3r (6 years ago)
My steam doesn't even open, help???
Mattdewar22 (6 years ago)
It just says Steam needs to be online to be updated. I have no clue how to update it... PLEASE HELP
cobby407 (6 years ago)
when i open Steam the page freezes when i try to login. Help?
resdretoalk (6 years ago)
steam doesnt open
Oblongballoon (6 years ago)
My thing shows that steam needs to be online for me to update it
CommanderKFC123 (6 years ago)
can yo download games with the microsoft symbol only on for mac
Spartan-026 (6 years ago)
so if i bought a game for my windows i assume it can transfer over to my mac if i redownload it on that computer. i know you prolly said that but i wasn't paying much attention
Colin Bledsoe (6 years ago)
i did this but it says need to confirm network connection, how to get pass that do you know
Erik Bergstrom (6 years ago)
Sure thing, glad I could help!
Moh (7 years ago)
i cant play cs or blackops or cod4 only css and team fortress do u know how to make it work on mac ?
Davids Bowers (7 years ago)
it does not want want to open

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