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The Sims 4 Seasons: Official Reveal Trailer

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"Add weather to your Sims’ lives to tell new stories, enjoy seasonal activities, and celebrate heartfelt holidays with The Sims™ 4 Seasons*. Available June 22, 2018 for PC and Mac. Experience impactful weather, revel in seasonal activities, celebrate the holidays, and grow your gardening career. Learn more about this Expansion Pack: http://x.ea.com/46470. *REQUIRES THE SIMS 4 GAME (SOLD SEPARATELY) AND ALL GAME UPDATES TO PLAY. SEE www.thesims.com/system-requirements FOR MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS PACK."
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Text Comments (19156)
princess Anchor (7 hours ago)
2018 here im wondering when seasons is coming to playstation 4 and im trying to move to pc maybe on x-mas or my birthday since thats coming up or sometime this year
Mina PlaysRoblox (8 hours ago)
How much is it?
kawaii_unicorn (19 hours ago)
They should add more ways to die on the sims like freeze too death and realistic diseases like cancer and all that
My life with clorien (22 hours ago)
When is I coming out that's the question
Радослав (1 day ago)
Please make Supernatural or University Expansion pack!
Tildy & Bella (2 days ago)
Please bring to console
Tereza Kůtová (2 days ago)
I hope that the sims 4 will be werewolves and other monsters❤️😅🙏Please EA💕
Sarah Reed (2 days ago)
no just no
Kie Tda (2 days ago)
Next add become a superhero 😎
Sarah Reed (2 days ago)
Ramen Noodle (3 days ago)
This should have been part of the base game. But it is EA, and we all know how money-hungry they are. I think sales would go up if the game was more accessible. Just saying.
Nicole _x (4 days ago)
I play console so it has not on yet but I have a question == is the gallery coming out on console because some people where complaining that there is no gallery and they want to play with other people’s sims and is it possible if they are going to connect the gallery with console and pc??
Sarah Reed (4 days ago)
I'm getting this Inn a week I'm dyingggggg of of happiness
I was a Bokoblin (4 days ago)
Sometimes I forget that EA made sims so it makes sense they turned it into a $40 DLC
Jaclyn nally (4 days ago)
Sarah Reed (2 days ago)
same gurlllllll
Precious Karyee (4 days ago)
Please put sims 4 on andriods
Luna Pi (5 days ago)
Yeesssssss bieeeetch
Sommers Family (5 days ago)
This should have been included in the base game!!!😡 😡
Angelina Thompson (5 days ago)
should be free since we have been waiting for so long smh
Matthew Astefan (5 days ago)
Im so exited to get the sims now!
UnitedWeStand 4EVR (6 days ago)
Awesome! Been waiting for this. They should make a Vacation expansion or a Superstar one. Superstar was my favorite expansion ever. ❤
hoely hoes (6 days ago)
Sir Cat (6 days ago)
Now we need "Sobrenatural Creatures" "Go to Study" and "SuperStars" packs :D
Raphael Kasiga (7 days ago)
Add guns
LJ VLOGS (8 days ago)
derinarmina guven (8 days ago)
Please make car stuff
Lovi 5a (8 days ago)
Kan ni snälla göra ett häst pack !!!!!😍😟
Thegamingunicorn68 (8 days ago)
Love It
Simmer Carrietta (8 days ago)
When will seasons come out for the consoles?
Simmer Carrietta (8 days ago)
Actually its coming out soon from the sim guru's.
Worst Nightmare 2.0 (8 days ago)
The Axlu (8 days ago)
The song is Steal My Sunshine
Isabel Bates (9 days ago)
Can you guys do university life in the sims 4 :)
blossom Rose (4 days ago)
Isabel Bates right :( I want this pack so bad
Lidia V (9 days ago)
I really want seasons and city living but my parents don't let me
Worst Nightmare 2.0 (8 days ago)
Worst Nightmare 2.0 (8 days ago)
Worst Nightmare 2.0 (8 days ago)
Lovely Grande (10 days ago)
Ya but you guys only make these cool ones for pc not ps4 😢
Lisa Bailey oz baby (10 days ago)
Showtime next
Mike Repp (10 days ago)
I was in my car listening to the radio and the background song played since I didn't know what the song was called at the time I just called it the Sims seasons song and my friends laughed at me ;-;
Samantha Lundquist (11 days ago)
OOH PLEASE MAKE AN AMUSEMENT/WATER PARK EXPANSION PACK! my sim wants to be a roller coaster dare devil!
Samantha Lundquist (11 days ago)
We need a go to school expansion pack and a vehicles expansion pack!!!
Samantha Lundquist (11 days ago)
Yes! Holidays! Perfect! Next can you please do a school expansion pack where you can go to school with your sims? It could be called "Go To School"! Like if you want a go to school expansion pack!
Kiki Nugroho (11 days ago)
Great, next the sims 4 "Superhero"
StarMarine6481 (11 days ago)
1:03 *Lafayette! alexander was looking for you dude-*
Skin Creator (11 days ago)
I'm done with the great work but your not done yet...... THAT ONLY MEANS GOOD NEWS
rahmir patterson (12 days ago)
Sims 2 season>>>sims 3 season>>>>sims 4 season
Uğur Ayhan (12 days ago)
The sims mobile seson pls
Unicorn Faze (12 days ago)
I’m a bit sad that the seasons pack doesn’t come with another world but it’s okay, I haven’t bought it yet but I will this Friday, it looks really cool honestly and I’m excited for the pools for the toddlers, it will be easier to get the family outside without the toddler feeling lonely
Madison Clark (12 days ago)
Wow amazing trailer
Vxntaxe X (13 days ago)
Jaeherys Targaryen (13 days ago)
Slut adventures please
AnnaBanana 55 (13 days ago)
EA PLEASE READ!!! I am absolutely that you brought us the Sims 4 season but for the next expansion pack, please bring us Sims 4 University. That was my fav pack by far with the Sims 3. The new Sims university should have bunk beds, frat and sorority parties and school mascots. When sims turn teenagers, they should practice improving their skills so before they turn into a young adult, they get the choice to go to university or not. They could apply by either phone or computer. If a sim joins a sorority, they can do different tasks and mini jobs to earn sorority points to unlock special rewards. Please bring us sims 4 university.:D
LeoLevina (14 days ago)
If you're out of ideas for an update. I have one. Caw tool ( create a world). Like in the sims 3. And also it would be cool if you could travel with your sims to grade school or highschool like the detective, sciencetist or doctor career.
Emerald mine Cart (14 days ago)
Hey I think you suld do a prison in the sims because I was just playing sims and my 3st sim has killed my 1st sim and nothing happens
ProTacoBro (14 days ago)
Everybody! Attention This May Not Be Noticed But Who Here Thinks there should be Cars in sims 4? Well I think that there should be a new Pack That’s called Sims 4 Car Stuff Pack Where you can become a mechanic and Become A Car Seller And Mechanic and hire people and everything like restaurant and you can get cars a buy Gas and See you sims Drive and you sims can have a Driving Skill And teens can do a Driving Test and Fail And Pass So Like And Comment And hopefully this will be the next pack Bye!
imgladiliveineurope (14 days ago)
Came back for the song
Natsuki Doki Doki (15 days ago)
When will it be coming out on ps4?
Carolina Alcantara (15 days ago)
We don't actually have the apron the florist is wearing in the first seconds of the trailer, do we?
Stacey Sakamaki (15 days ago)
I already have the game
Mario Pie (15 days ago)
This should've been in the base game 🤦🏽
Dani N (15 days ago)
Is this a dlc?
FixArw Censored (15 days ago)
*wishes I had cash*
Itz_Kayla (16 days ago)
Lemme download U
Clyde McBrite (17 days ago)
What the name Music? please
Flóra Kinga (17 days ago)
Woooow, pleas make it on PS4 and Xbox one
SophPlayz (17 days ago)
caitlin dorothy (17 days ago)
when does this come to ps4? 😂
Frank McDonald (17 days ago)
I am very happy with sims 4 now, pets and weather. I do have one burning question, will there be more doors and windows for build mode and will we eventually be able to decorate the ceilings as in sims 3? Thanks guys and gals
Frank McDonald (14 days ago)
Thank you
Sims 4 has still 3 more years to go so who knows. or you can just download cc
Vanesska Xxxx (18 days ago)
i wish i was able to get this pack😢😧
Ceejay C (18 days ago)
Hopefully packs get better from here since this pack was pretty alright, if you want my money make more fulfilling packs.
Blazing Doge (19 days ago)
This needs to be free not money
AJ STAR (19 days ago)
This pack is what we all needed, thank you so much and keep up the good work. On a side note, I have one suggestion. Like the Sims 3, I think a college expansion pack would be great! I myself, am a Sims lover, so when my family's eldest child ages to an young adult needs some where to go. I usually end up placing them in an empty cheap home, and continuing to play with the parents. In return, the young adult ages then sadly passes. It would be useful if they could be accepted into college. Based on the child's grades the could be accepted into one of three colleges. One being the hardest to get into, for example: Harvard. Then one being intermediate, then the least like a community college, based on the college they attended would determine their jobs. The child could choose their major, live in a dorm and get a part time job. This is merely a suggestion, that I think that I speak for everyone is what we need. I trust your creative team will come up with something great! if you choose to take this into consideration, I hope you take some of my suggestions into mind!
Crystal Rose (19 days ago)
Crystal Rose (19 days ago)
For people who didn't understand i said five years because it's already setember and you know
Buy The WANG Suffix. (20 days ago)
Sims L. (20 days ago)
Who wants to offer me this expansion pack?
galaxy kitty (20 days ago)
(ಥ﹏ಥ) ( ゚ヮ゚) ᵔᴥᵔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♥⌣♥ We have been waiting..... FOR SO LONG! XD
kianna henry (21 days ago)
Please make these updates for console too! Not fair 😔
Cold (20 days ago)
don't worry their working on it (:
Sheikha Majed (21 days ago)
What about xbox ?
Sheikha Majed (19 days ago)
Cold thank you
Cold (20 days ago)
their working on it (:
Talan Canatsey (21 days ago)
How do you get the Sims 4 game because on my Play Store it does not say The Sims 4 it says free play but I do not what says the Sims FreePlay I don't know if that has to do anything with you guys or not tell me if it does please respond
Talan Canatsey (21 days ago)
Hey this game is for PC, PS4 or XBOX One. So your smartphone can not play it.
Reagan Appolis (22 days ago)
Not a hater (forreals been a fan of the sims for 7 years) but I hope the sims 5 is not gonna be a flop like sims 4
Reagan Appolis (18 days ago)
Mark Baanstra you clearly dont get what I mean
Reagan Appolis (18 days ago)
MISSPEACHY yeah I heard that too
Mark Baanstra (19 days ago)
Reagan Appolis : EA doesn't need to make another Sims game. DLC unlike DVD it is always up to date to the latest laptop, system cards and operating system platforms that are on the market. In 2016 the whole game was retooled to work in Windows 10 and removing any Windows 7, 8 programming from the game a 2.5 GB reduction to the game. So it's no problem to refit game and packs to it's next level which would be 5. So what will happens to 4 when 5 does come out? Nothing, if people want to play it there is no reason to put on the shelf.
MISSPEACHY (21 days ago)
i heard if sims 4 flopped they wont be making sims 5
Zera Lp (22 days ago)
Hello, I have a question ... I want to rebuild the house from the trailer. Is this already in the gallery or can someone tell me what kind of property it is? And I know I'm late xD
Jhon Deere (22 days ago)
Plz make cars in the sims 4 . . . . I dont want cc😢
Meik Schartner (2 days ago)
But the sims 2 had cars too and it wasnt open world. also the simgurus said that cars are a certain possibility just as university is
xJ_SimmerX (22 days ago)
That's probably going to happen. Just enjoy the other packs, because the cars would be pretty lame anyway. You would try to drive somewhere and get a loading screen. If you want it for decoration you can size up a kids toy car. Or you could get a cc version, but as you said you don't want cc.
Nace Požlep (22 days ago)
Please dont hate but i dont like seasons, now i cant have any custom content anyomore it doesnt work. I can have just this poop hair :O
4eignGamerLV (22 days ago)
Hopefully this will be on consoles, too. :)
Mayalin Turner (22 days ago)
You guys should have a summer sale (please) so that I can actually afford to buy the expansion packs!! <3
NRC3CD (22 days ago)
This is awesome! I had another idea tho, since it's almost time to go back to school, maybe you can make a "Get to school" pack like the "Get to work" so you can see inside your kid's school and see all the drama😂
NRC3CD (22 days ago)
Lil stinker Greg oh cool! I've never played the sims 3 so I didn't know that was a thing😂
Arif (22 days ago)
Hello! hoping someone sees this and makes more stuff packs ala Sims 2 because honestly, Sims 4 have the most jarring dresses for women
Mayalin Turner (22 days ago)
If only I had the 50 dollars to buy it :(
Jim Gaming (20 days ago)
Mayalin Turner search The Sim Architect and you get everything for free.Including seasons.He is the most trusted by the community
I love the Sims 4 Seasons... but would love better controls like Sims 3... where you can set even certain seasons on neighbourhoods... so maybe summer all year long... or winter all year long..
Simmer Dreamer (23 days ago)
WE wish to see The Sims 4 Island Paradise :))))
Puteri Julia (23 days ago)
Why does sims not have many kind of stair shapes? Such as L or U stair, spiral, curved, etc. Please consider my advice. 😅
Zoe’s Studio (23 days ago)
Michele Rogers (24 days ago)
Is that Sebastian bigwallet?!
Hektor05M Gaming (24 days ago)
Please tell me it's going to be free pls
jose augusto pereira (24 days ago)
Shanaye Thomas (24 days ago)
Sims I have had the seasons since the day it came out and even now everyday is partly cloudy and it never: snows and rains its been the same since before seasons ?
Tammy Jn.Charles (25 days ago)
How do you get the game
Hawk Forst (25 days ago)
Is it me or is rain not even in the normal game? I never get it but still this is cool
MONEY MONEY (25 days ago)
Hawk Forst u have to buy the expansion pack rain snow blizzards thunderstorms summer Halloween all that comes with seasons and alot more stuff
linn wolf (25 days ago)
the fact that this is not in the base game is having me SH00K
MONEY MONEY (25 days ago)
linn wolf why was seasons in the sims 3 base game
Mexi Lexi (25 days ago)
They need to put this on ps4
Kasia Królikowska (25 days ago)
Kto z Polski kupił? :D
Faith Hubbard (26 days ago)
I want the guy with the scarecrow in my game does anyone know who he is?
MONEY MONEY (25 days ago)
Faith Hubbard patchy the scarecow
Logan Formagus (26 days ago)
EA finally came to their senses
MONEY MONEY (25 days ago)
Logan Formagus um toddlers pets vampires the adventure pack
anti_social_bean_ (27 days ago)

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