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The Sims 4 Seasons: Official Reveal Trailer

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"Add weather to your Sims’ lives to tell new stories, enjoy seasonal activities, and celebrate heartfelt holidays with The Sims™ 4 Seasons*. Available June 22, 2018 for PC and Mac. Experience impactful weather, revel in seasonal activities, celebrate the holidays, and grow your gardening career. Learn more about this Expansion Pack: http://x.ea.com/46470. *REQUIRES THE SIMS 4 GAME (SOLD SEPARATELY) AND ALL GAME UPDATES TO PLAY. SEE www.thesims.com/system-requirements FOR MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS PACK."
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Text Comments (18439)
No Name (1 hour ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? God i don't play sims that much, but i hope they will at least have the decency to include some of this basic stuff like weather and shit into the base game of Sims 5 cause having dlc for your dlc and dlc for dlc of dlc is fucking insane.
Chris5761 (1 hour ago)
So they’re charging us, for the weather... thanks ea
camille mcaloon (2 hours ago)
I love simlish popsongs I forgot I watched this 5 more hours to go or so hurry up day and finish
Savage Gang 2.0 (3 hours ago)
I want it for Xbox
Savage Gang 2.0 (3 hours ago)
Plz come out with it for Xbox
Kitty cat Lover (4 hours ago)
They should make sims 4 vehicles!
inessa (6 hours ago)
Yes, please, let me pay 40 bucks for something that should’ve been included in a life simulator in the first place.
OddSqodd (9 hours ago)
False advertising. This game has nothing to do with Frankie Valli.
Anjealous Cupid (9 hours ago)
Three words: I.AM.SHOOK.
UniButt (11 hours ago)
I think it it coming out on June 21, not 22. YAY!!!
Tracey Davis (12 hours ago)
I hope the sims4 season is for xbox one 😊😊💛
Meow Goes The Horse (12 hours ago)
Now that they've done pets and seasons, I really hope they do University next
Sienna Edwards (13 hours ago)
Do you need the weather changer to change by itself or do you need the weather changer ??
Taylor Animations (13 hours ago)
rice. (13 hours ago)
bitch I have pre-ordered it i'm ready!
Lena anonim (13 hours ago)
Winter is coming.
Monica Ramo (14 hours ago)
I can’t wait until this comes out but at the same time I don’t know if I wanna purchase the dlc for *Splatoon 2*
Monica Ramo (14 hours ago)
I wanna ask I was gonna use a cheat (because I’m lazy) but it will not work I tried everything I tried the normal way than exiting out and since you updated the sims is there new cheats for the skills?
Wolfgalaxy (14 hours ago)
But is Shower Woohoo back?
Yasmine Art (15 hours ago)
I'm going crazy over the fact that I can *FINALLY* experience the 4 seasons and the holidays when I can't do that in real life !!!!
Olivia Lake (16 hours ago)
Zaïï Goodrum (16 hours ago)
Richard rage (16 hours ago)
Woo Christmas
angeleyes4us200 (17 hours ago)
2 more days
Yasmine Art (18 hours ago)
Liv C (18 hours ago)
Yeeesss! Now all I need is Making Magic, which now that I think about it, was kinda done for sims 3 through Supernatural and that was a ssiiiiiccckkk expansion pack
Wolfgalaxy (19 hours ago)
*WHAT?!??!?!?! YOU CAN'T DROP THIS ON US WITH NO WARNING! AHHHHHHHHHHH YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!* I've never played this expansion before, but I'm SUPER excited for it this time! I bet LGR is too! And it's coming out alongside Mario Tennis Aces! June 22nd is gonna be an amazing day!!! Hope there's a lot of interactions between weather and pets!
Natalie Jello (19 hours ago)
Adam Kallin (20 hours ago)
Fucking finally
EXTRA THICC (1 day ago)
I don't like being /that/ person. But a tiny rant. I've always loved the Sims, and this expansion has always been there. And I truly do like it. But, in my opinion, it's also a very stupid expansion. Because this is a life simulator game. And we have to pay for something that is totally natural in actual life? I just...Never understood that. I know EA has to make money. But this expansion, for the longest of times, should've been in the main game for it's...Nice price of (The original price when it had came out) $60. Like, I can understand others, such as pets - Not everyone has or wants pets. But, seasons is a natural thing that happens everywhere. And always has.
EXTRA THICC (17 hours ago)
Oof. I might've gotten you confused, I was talking about the actual game when it had first released. (Unless that's what you're talking about now & I'm just confused) But I know this expansion is $40-$30. But, good. That's wise thinking, I hope you have fun with it.
Hackensack ツ (18 hours ago)
EXTRA THICC I think on origin it’s 40 dollars but yeah I saw some ppl had 51 dollars as a price and I got really confused but I’m probably gonna get it off g2a bc once it comes out it’ll drop to 25 dollars since rn it’s at 30
EXTRA THICC (18 hours ago)
When it first came out, in my area, it was $60. It costs $40, /now/, (If you don't catch it on sale) but back then it was at least $50-$60.
Hackensack ツ (18 hours ago)
its not 60 dollars its 40 and if you get it off like g2a or cdkeys itll be much cheaper
Yay A couple of more days
Jazzer (1 day ago)
Now Im only waiting for Paradise Expansion pack :3
Sims plays X (1 day ago)
Hi every plz subscribe for news about console
Gacha Studio (1 day ago)
It was more good that it was free.Its good with Money too.Excuze my english,please
Araya Mctasia (1 day ago)
In the new update coming soon will there be a kiddie pool cause otherwise adding swimwear to toddlers in the update doesn't quite make sense
XxPREPREx X (1 day ago)
Will there be a separate disc for the sims 4 console?
elmurodedavid (1 day ago)
Next: University Life
Mazon Cooper (1 day ago)
Okay but who else got the notification for them that the game would be released to them on the 21st if they preordered???
Sara Reid (1 day ago)
I hope my Sims can get their tongues stuck to poles XD
Naniquick Sens (1 day ago)
This is amazing! But... when are we geting the Paradise Island style expansion pack? I need all that beach stuff!
The Triple A's (1 day ago)
It would be cool if there were strollers again for Summer, so we could go on walks, not only with pets but with our toddlers and Babies. They hardly ever get out of the house! Like if u agree! And babies need more things as well. Thanks!
tasha c (1 day ago)
I’m new to the whole sims scene and this seems really cool but after visiting their website, do you really expect me to pay over £10 just for it to snow?
Brooke Anne (1 day ago)
Will teens be able to use the weather machine?
Brooke Anne (1 day ago)
QUESTION!!! Hey, soooooooo... I have been building up this story line for the new SEASONS and it involves a teen using the new weather machine. But I had this thought about if teens COULD even use the weather machine. It would be really nice to know so I'd appreciate it if you could answer my question, thanks!!
GalaxyDiva (1 day ago)
Honestly, rn Maxis is just tryna fulfill our wishes with this and pets XD
Thewonkymagican * (1 day ago)
Make sims on switch
Actually Megi (1 day ago)
I wish with new update to the base game there would be weather, now I don't own any packs vecause they are like 40€ and in my vault that is like 300kn wich is verry expensive. So all I would like is to get a weather changes, not seasons...
Orphic (1 day ago)
Pixel-chan (1 day ago)
Why must you put a price tag on everything just to make Sims 4 realistic I'm not paying money for this
Pixel-chan (1 day ago)
well anybody should
Laura (1 day ago)
Nobody gives a shit
fikcyjny fikcypan (2 days ago)
1:15 hadouken!
RAW-Gamer (2 days ago)
People still playing this?
Adam Kallin (20 hours ago)
Just a couple million
Sofia mur (1 day ago)
Прикинь, играют
Laura (2 days ago)
wobbli (2 days ago)
ive seen like seven comments saying ‘okay now give us university!’ And it’s super annoying. Stop complaining about stuff all the time, jeez! I am personally hyped for this, and the last few packs have been super cool, so can the sims community just stop being so whiny? it’s honestly one of the main reasons why I’m not really active in the community....
Laura (2 days ago)
You're whining about the "whiny" sims community. You'd fit in well
N Y (2 days ago)
Carmen Jackson (2 days ago)
Is it out yet cause its not on my play store
Laura (1 day ago)
You cant get this on mobile
Carmen Jackson (1 day ago)
Laura i mean the app store
Laura (1 day ago)
Also not sure what you mean by play store
Carmen Jackson (1 day ago)
Laura ok thanks 😊
Laura (2 days ago)
"June 22"
Niyah Cleveland (2 days ago)
XxdajiiaXx (2 days ago)
When is it coming to PS4 ❤️❤️
Galaxy Girl123 (2 days ago)
How much money is it?
Laura (16 hours ago)
£35 then. WOO UK
Galaxy Girl123 (19 hours ago)
Laura (2 days ago)
Depends where you are
- JAJA Productions (2 days ago)
I think this is another reason why they shouldn't do the Sims 5. Cause like, a lot of simmers bought all of the expension packs and everything...so then that would just be a waste of money. They should just improve the game with updates
Isabella Hall (2 days ago)
Who else pre-ordered!? 😄👍👍
Iasmina Muresan (2 days ago)
5 DAYS❤️❤️❤️
LoRin (3 days ago)
I think the sims 4 is really great series after all. We must also see positives of this game, not only negatives. 🙂
English Muffin (3 days ago)
I watched the live stream and now most of my plants are inside, I will have to move Christmas to summer #AussieChristmas
What !!!? 1 milions follower
Dirceu Santos (3 days ago)
I was one of the people who complained and I am thankful that you finally listened (After 3 years) So THANK YOU! But this being new Ea no old Ea I have a feeling you gonna drop the ball somehow.
Jason Games and Vlogs (3 days ago)
Who bets there is going to be a different death for every season winter: death by freezing fall: death by being blown away spring: death by bee swarm and thunder summer: death by burning
Sarah Hermosillo (3 days ago)
Guacamolesplit (3 days ago)
Britt Marie (3 days ago)
Now all I need is Supernatural and I'm good
Witch's Brew Sims (3 days ago)
Britt Marie I heard that!👌
Confetti Sprinkles (3 days ago)
Ermergerd they put my favorite childhood song into a trailer for a pack that I've been begging for that comes out on my birthday 😭😫Best gift ever!1!111!!!!
Terrylee Knight (3 days ago)
Who think if tgey bing university back they could dring in to it collage
The Lords (3 days ago)
Love it
c koke (3 days ago)
this came out right after my computer broke lmao
green nam (3 days ago)
Finally! I can't wait to play! 💕
Treasure chambers (3 days ago)
do a off the grid in update
Olivia Davis (4 days ago)
the new swimsuit at 0:15 gets me so excited 🤣
Nikki D (4 days ago)
the clothes are so nice!
Czarina Chii (4 days ago)
University life, Supernatural please ❤
Signe Nilsson (4 days ago)
finally like im getting this when it comes out
jung quack (4 days ago)
wHERe mAh PayCHeCk aT ¿
Allie Whitebear (4 days ago)
Got to 0:57 for those who want to see them all laid out.
C K (4 days ago)
rain and thunderstorms sounds makes me so happy!!!!!!
Gayatri xox (4 days ago)
I’ve watched it 7 times now lol
Rachy plays (4 days ago)
i Like sims 3 seasons WAY better
xxibx x (4 days ago)
I understand everyone want the same expansion packs from sims 3 but y’all need to wait and trust the process. They’re about to release seasons and people are still wanting more. Creating sims takes time and money . Just wait.
Witch's Brew Sims (3 days ago)
Yep especially with this technology. Plus they're adding more diverse hair and skin tonea
Carys Anne (4 days ago)
xxibx x, I totally agree with you!
ツLis (4 days ago)
thank youuu so much ea :3 ilysm
Johanna-Louise (4 days ago)
Sadece Batuhan (4 days ago)
Live steam is look good . One week left
Terra Lynn (4 days ago)
taehyungie (4 days ago)
omg i haven't played ts4 is so long how am i only seeing this now i am shooketh
Ztygs (4 days ago)
Only 49,99 too!
Priya S (4 days ago)
Make a Superstar expansion pack! I miss it from sims 1 =(
Kristina Floyd (4 days ago)
Just got my pre order! Can’t wait! one more week!
Hunt Lift Fish (4 days ago)
hey people I was looking for the live stream and its not there um can some when say when its supposed to go live plz!!
Blahblahbye 278 (4 days ago)
Idk why I always get really nostalgic with these songs
Blahblahbye 278 (4 days ago)
Sweet Pea (4 days ago)
In 7 days I will have my game. 😄😁❤❤❤❤❤
ymes (4 days ago)
All we need now is university life!! lol
elizabeth m (4 days ago)
😍 those hairstyles
Miranda Castellano (5 days ago)
That snow is so low.
Ahmonster (5 days ago)
Please just please, I am begging you to remake the sims 1. It was such an amazing game, the music was beautiful and it was fun and I would love to see it in HD.

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