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Panorama Update! (NEW LOOK CS:GO)

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This just came out! Actually a decent update IMO. What do you guys think? Snapchat: SparklesYT Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT Hosting?: http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles Want to be featured in a clip? (Only CRAZY footage) If so, click here to submit them!: http://sparkles.ninja/sparkles/
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Text Comments (1909)
Razer Gamer X (24 days ago)
please tell me this csgo version
Alberto gamer (1 month ago)
looks beter
Running lotus (1 month ago)
You guys are all saying remove the 7 day trade hold, more importantly they need to remove Herobrine.
Serafim (1 month ago)
Why i have drop frame on panorama, on old hud i dont have, and now on public server with 28 on i have 40-80 fps (on 1280x1024 resolution) and on old hud i have 250-300 (on 1920x1080 resolution) with GTX 1060 3GB and i5 6402p, 8gb ram
Kristóf Fekete (1 month ago)
Its fuckin ugly
Daniel Andersson (1 month ago)
Mainstream, how can this be "Counter-strike" a mix of tf2 and overwatch
emils zelmenis (1 month ago)
i come back to csgo after a few months and i see this shit? wtf is this fornite shit, instead change all the things the fans arent asking, fucking valve needs to fucking listen for once, nobody asked for this shit
Rajeeb Nayak (2 months ago)
Do anybody know how to increase the difficulty level in this updated cs go .... and thnkx in advance for your reply :D
WWI survival (2 months ago)
roses are red violets are blue i have crashes with panorama so i bet you too
eugene adereyko (2 months ago)
on my macbook pro fps is really sad and poor
Timster (2 months ago)
I'm a noob with this new update. How can you now view your KDR?
yegor_ markelof (2 months ago)
Love it
805SICK SIDE805 (2 months ago)
Why is that when I play I only get high settings when I have a 1080GTX MSI :(
Noah greatest (2 months ago)
*W E T*
Gibreel Tarmizi (2 months ago)
wherei s the stat option on this new look update???
Frenchy1080p (3 months ago)
how do i switch it back?
ke7jow (3 months ago)
I dont like the new update
GuacaVocados (3 months ago)
It looks fucking horrible in my opinion
jonsku (3 months ago)
Now cs:go actually looks like rip-off. Lol
Brainless (3 months ago)
This is fucking shit my game is lagging af becaus of that update 20 fps whit an gaming pc pls delete !^
RobTopCats ᄋᄉᄋ (3 months ago)
I hate this.
HardcoreWeeaboo (3 months ago)
How do i play on community servers on this update?
Freaky Bill (3 months ago)
sky (3 months ago)
I cant get my cursor in the home screen how do I fix that XD
Basheer Al Kilani (3 months ago)
i didnt like the panorama UI.. it looks like fortnite wtf?? chat box and text are smaller scorebored is also smaller and hard to see how much K/D and MVPs u have even your score..
C. (3 months ago)
Where the shit is the marketplace now?
SnippetyGold 167 (3 months ago)
I don't like change and I am a strong believer in not changing things that don't need to be changed. For example any UI update for YouTube or my iPhone or the interior of an upcoming car just seems to get uglier and uglier. Their was nothing wrong with the previous UI so don't Change it just because you can because it's a waist of time and just throws us all off and now we all have to get used to some new way. Keep UI simple not complex. The buy menu has way to much info about weapons that no one ever used to look at and that's because we don't need it. Don't make useless stats more obvious because that doesn't make them more useful it's just useless and annoying now, and like wtf are new designers thinking nowadays. Seems every new website is a jungled mess and ugly as all hell. I'm going to become a Graphic designer and specialize in User Interface because this shit is out of control. If something is perfect then don't change it. Preserve good work! I trusted valve until now.
LeaderCheese (3 months ago)
I prefer the previous version cuz I am adapted to that version and this one doesn’t look very good to me
冰嵐峰 (3 months ago)
How to make lobby
Beast-Personality ABP (3 months ago)
Kinda shit tbh...
Buzzcuntyear Blastoff (3 months ago)
PATRIC STAR (3 months ago)
I'm on a mac and I am running 15-25 FPS with the new hud. And my I core is a Icore5 GHZ. It's killing me!
A DoLLaR (3 months ago)
omg why dont they just fix vac finaly
Rizer channel (3 months ago)
not bad. i like the new update
Lapa (3 months ago)
Cant find my statistics!
H.dark1234 Vid (3 months ago)
Sinbad K. (3 months ago)
Is anyone else having mouse problems where now they have to double click to do anything? PLEASE HELP!!
LTDanno360 (3 months ago)
I FREEKING love it
Ugly af also keeps lagging so hard
Doge Jr. (3 months ago)
Lmfao I thought I got hackrd
CrazyClown (3 months ago)
The Reaper (3 months ago)
I think its cool bc its more 2018
The Cheater (3 months ago)
I don't got the update 😂 looks stil old and shitty xD
Dennis Adiputra (3 months ago)
How to change to that paronama iu
Vishal Patil (3 months ago)
song name please !!
Reported (3 months ago)
Bot Harold actually better than gold nova players!!
Sparkz :-D (3 months ago)
I dont think this panorama update is gonna bring cs back to life, theres so many bugs like damn... i cant even count how many bugs ive seen
bogdan hristov (3 months ago)
i hate it cuz my comphuter is slow
RenosanceX (3 months ago)
i got a t model in the menu any way i can get a ct model?
Cyndigo (3 months ago)
This looks better but i honestly prefer the old one
Gau Trang (3 months ago)
but cant load my config
Altantuya Tserenbaljid (3 months ago)
I cant play competitive
Jamie Winter (3 months ago)
Is this out? because i dont have this
John Animation (4 months ago)
Guys, can someone help me, the new lobby wont appear to me, it is still the old one, can someone tell me how to update it?
Sweder Redews (4 months ago)
I smell BF1 UI
r3made fragz (4 months ago)
I Like the old one
dimitar georgiev (4 months ago)
Bro I LoVe This PanoramA UpdatE
Xx-Dragon_huner-xX :p (4 months ago)
both yes AND no. I really liked the old one but this seams a little easier and complicated att the same time, but I really miss the old one. WHY DOES EVERY GAME SWITCH MENU!!!
Sandor Leordean (4 months ago)
hi.. uh my csgo looks the same.. i updated it too but why? is it a glitch or do i have to enable something ?
Kyebe (4 months ago)
hate it
medium1337 (4 months ago)
thx valve, pure shit
p l (4 months ago)
What the fuck is counterstrike
The SoapY (4 months ago)
When he shows how guns looking and up awp nickname millionare doggy 😂
NIGHT2PWN (4 months ago)
this is good for players with downs
COR sica RED (4 months ago)
what if we dont have panorama in beta
xPNova (4 months ago)
Inb4 they add an official battle royale mode.
Filip Stanisavljevic (4 months ago)
-100 fps inc
Juxhin (4 months ago)
You just win a like a suscribe only for avici song at the end of video ✌😍
Zain malik (4 months ago)
it's out
_HaxDestroyer_ (4 months ago)
7/7/2018 New Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jupiter (4 months ago)
this game fully supports 21:9 witht this panarama beta, hope it realeases comepletely soon
vycka hd (4 months ago)
its cool
Ponta Victor (4 months ago)
i dont get this
Doddo (4 months ago)
Cereal Killer (4 months ago)
Fornite much?
Ignis (4 months ago)
You know the team choosing just reminds me of tf2
spynorbays (4 months ago)
"Any girls here?" -"Just you." 3:57
slav life (4 months ago)
How to use panoramic view?
invalid (4 months ago)
Looks neat but it doesnt feel like a cs game anymore
Shubham Ardak (4 months ago)
What the fuck is this?....It looks good as it is..this update sucks
SBRHA (4 months ago)
Looks like a free 2 play mobile game
GeorgeSt 777 (4 months ago)
Neo (4 months ago)
When will the official update released ?
hedera (4 months ago)
irrelevant: any girls here? sparkles: no just you hahaha
LinKeZ Gt (4 months ago)
I got this too i was scare
Ster Captain012 (4 months ago)
The music?
LoudBoi (4 months ago)
shivankit ss (4 months ago)
I recently unlocked prime match making what is that can you explain
Vayren (4 months ago)
Looks dope
Mr.Ghost (4 months ago)
I use a GT 820M If im going to buy csgo i need to be sure that I still got more than 60 FPS. Can somone maybe tell me if it's still playable with the new UI?
Is it coming soon?
d1xx (4 months ago)
I stopped playing CSGO lately, you guys better work on Vac system against cheaters or improve overwatch so we can help you guys with it.. I welcome this update but this is NOT what cs scene needs..
iDudeX (4 months ago)
Me like it
it looks SO GOOD am pumped!!
Alex Markop (4 months ago)
i have no new uptade
Cristian Talamba (4 months ago)
ak 47 (4 months ago)
stupid game
X_obert (4 months ago)
how did you get it?
eneko parek (4 months ago)
So now my fps is even more shit now?:/
_Ia_m_th_e_ki_ng_ (4 months ago)
Fuck you gaben just fuck you gaben fucking shit update just today i got cs go an now i am sad -_-

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