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Panorama Update! (NEW LOOK CS:GO)

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This just came out! Actually a decent update IMO. What do you guys think? Snapchat: SparklesYT Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT Hosting?: http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles Want to be featured in a clip? (Only CRAZY footage) If so, click here to submit them!: http://sparkles.ninja/sparkles/
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Text Comments (1856)
RenosanceX (1 day ago)
i got a t model in the menu any way i can get a ct model?
Cyndigo (3 days ago)
This looks better but i honestly prefer the old one
P. Macces (4 days ago)
but cant load my config
I cant play competitive
CreepyJoaca (5 days ago)
well to bad i am banned for 100 days now and they dont give f*** about forgiving
Jamie Winter (5 days ago)
Is this out? because i dont have this
John Animation (8 days ago)
Guys, can someone help me, the new lobby wont appear to me, it is still the old one, can someone tell me how to update it?
Sweder Redews (8 days ago)
I smell BF1 UI
r3made fragz (8 days ago)
I Like the old one
nethking (8 days ago)
dimitar georgiev (9 days ago)
Bro I LoVe This PanoramA UpdatE
Xx-Dragon_huner-xX :p (9 days ago)
both yes AND no. I really liked the old one but this seams a little easier and complicated att the same time, but I really miss the old one. WHY DOES EVERY GAME SWITCH MENU!!!
Gabriele Leordean (10 days ago)
hi.. uh my csgo looks the same.. i updated it too but why? is it a glitch or do i have to enable something ?
Kyebe (10 days ago)
hate it
Günter Lustig (10 days ago)
thx valve, pure shit
p l (10 days ago)
What the fuck is counterstrike
The SoapY (12 days ago)
When he shows how guns looking and up awp nickname millionare doggy 😂
NIGHT2PWN (13 days ago)
this is good for players with downs
aleksa Kostic (14 days ago)
what if we dont have panorama in beta
xPNova (14 days ago)
Inb4 they add an official battle royale mode.
Filip Stanisavljevic (14 days ago)
-100 fps inc
Juxhin (14 days ago)
You just win a like a suscribe only for avici song at the end of video ✌😍
Zain malik (15 days ago)
it's out
_HaxDestroyer_ (15 days ago)
7/7/2018 New Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jupiter (15 days ago)
this game fully supports 21:9 witht this panarama beta, hope it realeases comepletely soon
vycka hd (16 days ago)
its cool
[T]oxicヅ (16 days ago)
i dont get this
Dunderr (18 days ago)
Raven (18 days ago)
Fornite much?
Ignis Halycon Knight (19 days ago)
You know the team choosing just reminds me of tf2
Mehl'espion (20 days ago)
"Any girls here?" -"Just you." 3:57
cheeki breeki iv damke (20 days ago)
How to use panoramic view?
Aryo (20 days ago)
Looks neat but it doesnt feel like a cs game anymore
Shubham Ardak (22 days ago)
What the fuck is this?....It looks good as it is..this update sucks
SBRHA (22 days ago)
Looks like a free 2 play mobile game
xGster x (22 days ago)
Neo (22 days ago)
When will the official update released ?
ivy (22 days ago)
irrelevant: any girls here? sparkles: no just you hahaha
LinKeZ Gt (23 days ago)
I got this too i was scare
Ster Captain012 (23 days ago)
The music?
LoudBoi (23 days ago)
shivankit ss (23 days ago)
I recently unlocked prime match making what is that can you explain
Vayren (23 days ago)
Looks dope
RobloxBrothers (24 days ago)
I use a GT 820M If im going to buy csgo i need to be sure that I still got more than 60 FPS. Can somone maybe tell me if it's still playable with the new UI?
Is it coming soon?
d1xx (24 days ago)
I stopped playing CSGO lately, you guys better work on Vac system against cheaters or improve overwatch so we can help you guys with it.. I welcome this update but this is NOT what cs scene needs..
iDudeX (24 days ago)
Me like it
it looks SO GOOD am pumped!!
Alex Markop (25 days ago)
i have no new uptade
Cristian Talamba (25 days ago)
ak 47 (25 days ago)
stupid game
X_obert (25 days ago)
how did you get it?
eneko parek (25 days ago)
So now my fps is even more shit now?:/
Fuck you gaben just fuck you gaben fucking shit update just today i got cs go an now i am sad -_-
chintan gupta (25 days ago)
Song at last??? Name??
cat dog is real (26 days ago)
i miss old csgo
Menal226 (26 days ago)
0:56 You can look on the backsite, but only with knives.
Luka Pajic (26 days ago)
I plat cs go how to unnistal thats a beta
xxThe•King15xx _ (26 days ago)
I❤️ it !!!
Gek Gamerdk (26 days ago)
My only problem is that you no longer has to sign a contract when doing a tradeup it just goes straight to the weapon when you press accept on the tradeup
kermit (26 days ago)
This makes me want to play csgo again as it will partially feel like a new game for me since I haven’t played actively for a couple months
mr.monster 1 (26 days ago)
This Looks nice but why Not a Bit more realistic Graphiks
jTx (27 days ago)
looks like shit they're just copying pubg cuz its going well for em
Inferno (27 days ago)
pure shit, dont care about this fix the map glitches and ban hackers maybe add mp5 stop fucking with sounds and nerf every fucking gun, ohh this gun shoot bullets lets use paint balls
praveen csena (27 days ago)
neobugs (27 days ago)
It looks like a mobile game..
Cantürk Doğan (27 days ago)
When do we able to download it?
Pave (27 days ago)
I first thought this was a joke comparing Cs with free to play titles
Darx3 GD (27 days ago)
How to make warmup unlimited time?
Zaro_S (27 days ago)
Its fake ny csgo its exacly the same
Darkzzz (27 days ago)
Will not play CS:GO again until they get rid of that stupid 'circle' buy menu.
Ryan Jones (27 days ago)
My csgo still looks the same as before how do I update it
mike C. (27 days ago)
I wish they would fix the cheating issue before an ui update...
Tibor Konsten (27 days ago)
Meanwille in the netherlands we cant even gambel or buy skins
Johnny Xzibit (28 days ago)
Looks like Call of Duty now, all it needs now is the cases to come from airdrops.
Drudge Reaver (28 days ago)
Looks very clean if you ask me. Same negatives as what you've mentioned. Tab should be a bit more transparent. Not too much. The preview should allow ORTHOGRAPHIC previewing instead. I have a feeling this is a prequel to a battle royale release..
Guffenberg (28 days ago)
Silly Sausage (28 days ago)
To little to late?
Randy Orton (28 days ago)
I cant choose the beta it bugs!
Radu Simion (28 days ago)
You forgot something in inspect there’s a button so you can see the gun with the charter model
Abzock Schwein (28 days ago)
Wtf i can't see it! Please Help
Yuriy Locker (28 days ago)
Nicolas294 (28 days ago)
"just you" :')
Epic Dog Sammy (28 days ago)
I don't like the cases, but everything else looks dope.
Yorgun Oyuncu 2 (28 days ago)
Duffy (29 days ago)
Looks like a mobile game now.
tobi (29 days ago)
instead of fixing the damn game this is what they do instead, what a bunch of retards these valve guys are...
Aimilios Pappas (29 days ago)
Beautiful! It's still beta?
WinFix (29 days ago)
Ok now what about half life 3?
Merciful Beast (29 days ago)
can someone link me to that song
Kai Bloxham (29 days ago)
Make CSGO great again. Love your vids and hope CSGO grows in popularity again.
Warau (29 days ago)
You can 360 knives
Warau (29 days ago)
4:20 nice timing
Markz (29 days ago)
acctually I dont care... if the game is same i like it
Ulava Creations (29 days ago)
Copied battlefield
Midori Wolf (29 days ago)
Its dosent look like pubg it looks like battlefield
CALLEZ RULEZ (29 days ago)
Visual updates but the game is broken, a.lot of cheats, missing bullets on 64 tick.... Shit of CSGO
Dansk cool Gamer (29 days ago)
I want the scoreborad to be clear not blur, and skind 360 rotation, plus the menu shouldent look like fortine/PubG/RealmRoayal, i think ther are copying the other games, i don’t likenit, and iv been playing tis game since 2013
Velimir Skorchev (29 days ago)
i dont like this new update at all lol
NoMoneyGamer (29 days ago)
The team select look sucks. It was better before.

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