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Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series

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Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest These are the little anime shows that last less than 10 minutes, but manage to be awesome regardless. Yes, there's great series like Pop Team Epic that are pretty short, but they just about hit the 12 minute mark (24 if you're counting the rerun). Got a few minutes to spare? Why not check out one of these shows? #10. “Chi’s Sweet Home” Series (2008-09) #9. “Ojisan and Marshmellow” (2016) #8. “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying” (2014-15) #7. “Gyagu Manga Biyori” (2005-10) #6. “Tonari no Seki-kun The Master of Killing Time” (2014) #5. “Please Tell Me, Galko-Chan!” (2016) #4. “Hetalia Axis Powers” (2009-15) #3, #2, #1: ??? Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (445)
gumm cottente (38 minutes ago)
Worked :)
EdgyBobby (9 hours ago)
Inferno Cop is fucking rad
WillieManga (17 hours ago)
10: Dass adorable. 9: Holy frick... 8: I didn't know this was an actual thing. 7: So it's like Tales From The Crypt... only anime... and short... and only mildly creepy. 6: Well, at least he is creative. 5: Well, that was informative. 4: Apparently the English dub got the Ghost Stories treatment. XD Your G Todd Haberkorn is Hetalia himself. 3: Just what I needed. More RPG parodies. 2: And here is the best minimalist anime in the world. One Punch Man meets Windows MovieMaker at its best. 1: Man, I can't think of another thing like this. It's one of those series impossible rip off.
Alfred F. Jones (21 hours ago)
APH should have been number 1.
Rpgamer 05x (2 days ago)
where is golden boy?
vgman94 (3 days ago)
6:43 What the hell? Why is Cloud here and WHY DOES HE HAVE BLACK HAIR?!?!?! 🤣
Gaxa (3 days ago)
No Ninja Slayer?
Elbino paper (3 days ago)
My sister showed me Corpse Party
Gorand007 (4 days ago)
No Angry Retsuko-Chan? But why?!
Fox Bautista (5 days ago)
plastic-nee san is cool too
potato is life H (5 days ago)
Rick and morty
Norbert Nicolas (6 days ago)
Miss monochrome Plastic nee-san should been on the list but this is OK I guess
alex rollins (6 days ago)
tanaka kun is always listless?
Evie RainbowClaw (7 days ago)
what about boku no pico
Baby Crusher (7 days ago)
Where is Phantom Blood or Pokémon Origins
Dudes you need a part 2...you know, there are many more good animes as this ten...oh well... please? Another list?
Calvin Matthews (8 days ago)
Studio Trigger is unstoppable this decade!
DeathofTimeGriever (8 days ago)
Ninja Slayer from Animation should have been up there. YEART!!!
Trizar F. Bisma Putra (8 days ago)
No saiki season one? Blasphemy!
Raven Adams (8 days ago)
Zack F (8 days ago)
Where's Wakaba Girl?
AussieMan (9 days ago)
I'm glad Chi's Sweet Home got recognized on this channel. I mean, you should've featured Chi in your Top 10 Cutest Anime Creatures video considering she's such a sweet-pea whenever you look at that little kitty that it just makes you wanna go "Awwww..." Also, she has that cute voice you would've heard here provided by the one and only Satomi Korogi (Togepi/Togetic from Pokemon).
Ojisan was my shit
Who else thought that was shadbase in the thumbnail
Levi-Ren Taylor (9 days ago)
Orenchi No Furo Jijou is another good, but short one, full of pretty characters and mermaids!
gagiwe 357 (9 days ago)
Fullmetal alchemist
Master Gaming (9 days ago)
one punch man. the character has endless power so i think it has a few episodes
Richard Dominguez (9 days ago)
Is it possible to see Inferno Cop here in the States and where, thanks for the help and the upload mojo
TAITINATOR (9 days ago)
How could they miss the adorable romance that is Love is Like a Cocktail?
GameB Awesome (9 days ago)
FLCL Progressive
uses0ap (9 days ago)
pokemon generations?
Flinn George (9 days ago)
Studio Trigger wins at anime... again
FaithfulAizen (9 days ago)
Hetalia! yay also a little sad that Dark Side Cat and Sushi Police didnt make the list :(
sovithia phalla (9 days ago)
Why isn't aggressive retsuko on here?
Steven Nelson (9 days ago)
Marvel animes
Gustavo Chavarria (9 days ago)
7:20 Ghost Rider is that you?
fishpop (9 days ago)
*P A S T A ! ! !*
Goldensaber (9 days ago)
Shadman:The Anime - The loli
Johnny Fountains (9 days ago)
the 08th ms team, gundam 0080 and gundam 0083
ltduke (9 days ago)
golden boy??? only 6 episodes
Renel Whitton (9 days ago)
Top 10 extreme long anime? I don't even know any tbh
Eric McPhatter (9 days ago)
I thought Nyanko Days would be included in this video.
Husnain Naeem (9 days ago)
Not fair !!
Sam Lindsay (9 days ago)
Rin daughter of mnemosyne
orogama sama (9 days ago)
U forgot mononoke
Gerard Sta Maria (9 days ago)
No Gundam Thunderbolt?!
Cam Vahdati (9 days ago)
Inferno cop totally looks like something that would have been on early 2000 adult swim.
Katherine Padilla (9 days ago)
Heck yeah! Hetalia is in the list!
Cinder Fall (9 days ago)
Galko is one thicc waifu
Jake Allen (9 days ago)
Isn't inferno cop ghost rider?🔥💀🔥 🤓🤓🤓😆😆
Aryan Singh (9 days ago)
Death Note.
Nate Huffmaster (9 days ago)
Anime is garbage
Colby Garcia (9 days ago)
Inferno cop looks like ghost rider
Alexis Aguilar (9 days ago)
Infernó cop is like a rip off version of ghost rider
Karley Hanson (9 days ago)
Black rock shooter
weeb boi (9 days ago)
Lack of detroit metal city is unsettling
weeb boi (9 days ago)
I think it's because 12 minutes is not extremely short
Monster BPM (9 days ago)
But but but... Constantine - City of angels?
MrYoda2k (9 days ago)
Dan is back ?!.
Sarah Smith (9 days ago)
Where is Teekyuu??????
The Anime Key (9 days ago)
Saiki kuso no psi nan,sushi police,Detroit metal city?
TheGepetto (9 days ago)
They put Chi's sweet home, which is 3 mins and 100 some episodes, but didn't pun Nyanko days which is 2 mins and 12 episodes
Pop Team Epic?
Patrick Dees (9 days ago)
If I'm correct inferno cop also makes, and life fibers make an appearance in the number one spot. XD
Draft Party (9 days ago)
inferno is technically shadman
Stephen Hernandez (9 days ago)
Who else thought the the way they portrayed America in Hetalia was accurate?
Indra Jbo (9 days ago)
you forget 'yami shibai'
Alec Skinner (9 days ago)
5:28 seriously the funniest and most racist shit I have ever seen. Hetalia is worth it if you can handle the lulz
Alec Skinner (10 days ago)
Love is Like a Cocktail!
Legendary King (10 days ago)
where is naturo?!
Lutfur Rahman (10 days ago)
Was expecting Afro samurai here
John G (10 days ago)
Hey what about FLCL (Fooly Cooly)??!!!
Alan Tomy (10 days ago)
watch mojo senpai saan, can u tell me where I can watch these animes :(
ozzy (10 days ago)
Plastic nee san?
Julian Mederos (10 days ago)
Flcl ?
Catash Hilditch (10 days ago)
Where’s Naruto on this list?
AussieMan (8 days ago)
+Jade Sherry Nor does it have short-length episodes.
Jade Sherry (9 days ago)
Naruto isn't short lol
Jonathan Lopez (10 days ago)
I am expecting dead man wonderland
Nairobi 123 (10 days ago)
They were so short because no one ever knew about it or bothered watching it.
Nelex5000 (10 days ago)
cat scar (10 days ago)
I know this is obvious but I have to be the one to say it. Inferno Cop looks like Ghost Ryder
P A R I G O N 0w0 (10 days ago)
Pop team epic?
Magickjelly (10 days ago)
DaGuadeOideBoudler (10 days ago)
Wait what, Shadman in the Thumbnail? XD Dafuq?
Chibi Prussia (10 days ago)
Rosie Blue Gaming (10 days ago)
I didn't see this video before, but I still got the first one right. I can die happy now.
thehobbyist_nz (10 days ago)
Z-Knights is a very short and under rated anime.
rocknromance78 (10 days ago)
Missed a few... bastard (6 eps) nightwalker midnight detective (12 eps) dead man wonderland (12 eps)
Christian Rosario (10 days ago)
Colorful should have been on this list
Sorin Aprodu (10 days ago)
I was hoping to see Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories on this list, being one of the few short anime creepy horror out there.
Keyana Clark (10 days ago)
Dang, thought Fooly Cooly would make the list!
Unreal Realist (10 days ago)
What about Colorful! ?
Best Experiments (10 days ago)
#2 Ifenrno Cop Just Amazing ahahaaha
Caio Santanna (10 days ago)
Shadman in the thumbnail
Zero Sign (10 days ago)
Still a better plot than fairy fail
Fishsticks 24 (10 days ago)
"Im immune to your bullets" "So am i" "Noooooooo"
vangis (10 days ago)
where is DMC?
Isaac Chavez 1552 (10 days ago)
Afro samurai
Cry Bloodwing (10 days ago)
Monster Strike. It is slightly over 10 mins per episode but the actual episode not including the ending and opening songs is like 8 minutes.
Bloody Envy (10 days ago)
How about yami shibai and yama no susume? How come most of whats in the list are comedy..
alesha russell (10 days ago)
Gokusen need to be on this list
Erick Flores (10 days ago)
RIP Hacka Doll

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