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CS:GO - NiP vs. FaZe [Cbble] Map 1 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Oakland 2017

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Intel® Extreme Masters has arrive for the 3rd stop of Season 12, IEM Oakland. Over the weekend the Oracle Arena will be filled with thousands of roaring fans who will lift the roof for world class CS:GO action. Catch up on all the games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9WlNguN686uM-2raUrRZVu4h Subscribe to ESLCS and never miss the action: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 Keep up to date on all the latest IEM news and information: https://intelextrememasters.com/season-12/oakland/ Follow & Contribute: http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/eslcs
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Text Comments (173)
Baiter ;3 (2 months ago)
I live in Oakland
Alex ander (2 months ago)
I Miss this NIP :(
Suviet Onion (5 months ago)
I just watched the grand finals of Pro Female CS:GO (Intel Katowice 2017 or something, I think) and holy _fuck_ there's a huge difference between the two.... No offense doe
angrybeaver280 (7 months ago)
chewbacca in a garbage dispenser?
8 Bit Gamer (7 months ago)
I was here for this game.
Sir Gildo (7 months ago)
I'm a NIP fan, but seeing Faze underperform in finals is seriously getting annoying.
STATIS CR-CSGO (7 months ago)
Pingu Pungo (8 months ago)
NiP <3
- (8 months ago)
Maki (9 months ago)
NA crowd
Stan Mash (9 months ago)
43:40 my mans seen some shit with that thousand yard stare
Grant Han (9 months ago)
forest is the man!
stg jung (9 months ago)
What is this Gaming Headset ?
HoboSammiches (9 months ago)
At 27:40 was it me or did Draken not hit either of those shots...
Santiago Tumale (10 months ago)
I stopped watching and playing csgo for a couple of months then..... Guardian looks like that pc guy from south park... holy shit
Frozone (10 months ago)
1st Pistol: 9:00 2nd Pistol: 36:00
Max Wu (10 months ago)
Haha faze clan sucks
Vex (10 months ago)
NiP 🤘💪
KarliN (10 months ago)
What the HECK?! Hahahahahahha Amazing!!
B Keanu (10 months ago)
what headset they use ? i see not wear cloud alpha.
12Burton24 (10 months ago)
Well i was always defending pro cs but i think tgis guys are cheating rez is checking corners he never checked before and just at this time on both positions was someone....
wtf is wrong With me (10 months ago)
When did olofmeister John faze
hengkyiw (10 months ago)
I love how good nip use he grenades & molly and their strategies were so good at this final..
Jack's Gamer Bros. (10 months ago)
Jack's Gamer Bros. (10 months ago)
Lol you actually checked my channel? XD
Lasko Tii (10 months ago)
Jack's Gamer Bros. You look like a young version of aizy
Jack's Gamer Bros. (10 months ago)
FaZe Needs to go back to Call of Duty.
Manic Blitzz (8 months ago)
Jack's Gamer Bros. Youre the one with a console picture
Water Malone (10 months ago)
Is olof hacking?
PiTi281 (10 months ago)
bryce roth no is profesonal player man is not hacking
Peace Of Mind (10 months ago)
That Guy (10 months ago)
11:29 did niko just jump on and then off the grenade mid air
Jonas Sandvik (10 months ago)
lets faze it. NiP owned :D
Jonas Sandvik (10 months ago)
Lets faze it, NiP owned them
12 Yadi (10 months ago)
no girl?
Krishna Srini (10 months ago)
second half starts 32:22
Clackdish (10 months ago)
Xizt the USP king LMFAOO
raphiology (10 months ago)
look at Niko when faze is losing. i want to fucking slap his face, he seem like the kinda guy who blame others for his failure.
raphiology (10 months ago)
Hi fick sack, you dont have to use all caps to get others attention. It only makes you look even more stupid than you already are.
fick sack (10 months ago)
SliceOfPotato (10 months ago)
NIP fans in the crowd = cloud9 fans lmao
Mohamed Aanish (8 months ago)
SliceOfPotato They're obviously rooting for NiP because they are the only NA team in the grand finals.
Steve Warren (10 months ago)
Forest the pistol king
sam k (10 months ago)
Draken was damn amazing!!!!
Andrew Nguyen (10 months ago)
Friberg will be missed
Player Doug (10 months ago)
Sk 😢😢😢;-;
Nazzaman101 (10 months ago)
NIP toooo goooooooood
Martin Massaldi (10 months ago)
777 cone (10 months ago)
Forest m4 is god Doraken AWP is god GTR???? xd
777 cone (10 months ago)
draken AWP GGWP
Crunchy :3 (10 months ago)
forest with awp = bot
Lukas Macek (10 months ago)
Does anybody know what is the name of song that is in the commercial from Xfinity please?
Xylene (10 months ago)
The guy in the crowd going "WOOOOO" every 10 seconds pissed me off so much
Mom's Spagetti (8 months ago)
m1ka Ahh the internet
AggresiveGamma (8 months ago)
Xylene Cobalt I saw this as a guy goes "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
m1ka (10 months ago)
Xylene Cobalt it’s not just one person you fucking idiot
SuperLapplander (10 months ago)
Fuck that crowd, Krakow was alot better
SuperLapplander (10 months ago)
12Burton24 (10 months ago)
SuperLapplander sweden? finnland? lapplander? i love lappland....fucking nice there
Tommy Mack (10 months ago)
MrKexarn (10 months ago)
why does the video lag??
gnzh (10 months ago)
3-2 faze won the finals
AngeloxProd (10 months ago)
gnzh nip* 16-11
Tommy Mack (10 months ago)
Every round ends like this: NiKo left alone. Only NiKo left now...
xist actually did it the madman
official_iCurze (10 months ago)
GuardiaN´s "face" 29:56 . sitt the fuck down FaZe kid
Diego (10 months ago)
Expct butthurt much? Kid
xwx 404 (10 months ago)
where is the fnatic? arent they on the top of 5?
Pranav Kumar (10 months ago)
they're no. 13 on the rankings right now
steven van der Velde (10 months ago)
I would've been much happier if it was NIP vs Cloud9.
Diego (10 months ago)
steven van der Velde too bad noob9 lost
Adren (10 months ago)
Get Right is chill in his seat
Chomusuke (10 months ago)
What is that thing Get_Right is rubbing on his hands at 52:30 ?
Chomusuke (10 months ago)
Shadow clone Jitszu cool!
Shadow clone Jitszu (10 months ago)
They are hand warmers or coolers it depends on what they want
Chomusuke (10 months ago)
reznor12 are there also Hand cooler because my palms sweat like shit
reznor12 (10 months ago)
Looks like a Hand Warmer, it's a small packet that is used to warm up their hands. Big stadiums are not always that warm, and playing with cold hands is a nightmare. They are usually filled with Iron Powder and a bunch of stuff to oxidise the iron powder, the oxidation occurs when it is exposed to air, creating heat.
Mintger (10 months ago)
i assume its a tissue to keep his hands dry. but im just guessing :)
zog zog (10 months ago)
End of round 20. Rain has to preserve his weapon. He kills 2 pursuers. Wow! then he goes to B and at last he survives ... but then he starts LOOKING for a kill and loses his weapon and fails in his task. Like nice aim dude but have the Big Macs addled your bRAIN?
HeWhoShamesNarwhals (10 months ago)
rain isn't american
Liam West (10 months ago)
zog zog You may say this now. But if you put urself in his position, you may have done the same as him. Ik that what he did was wrong but in the moment, he may have felt like it was the correct thing to do.
M. Strongsole (10 months ago)
f0rest having the match of his life.
TheElemental Dj (10 months ago)
nah those were in 1.6
Laurel Kenner (10 months ago)
Gaige (10 months ago)
Match is acctually 9:09
Mistagin (10 months ago)
Song at 4:10?
MrBigFoot (10 months ago)
44:30 crisp clean lock from Rez!
MrBigFoot (10 months ago)
Ever heard Off spray When he spray and hold hes aimkey the spray goes down. Thats Why Its offset. And this is not a lock just an aimkey Held to long.
HeWhoShamesNarwhals (10 months ago)
Looking at it frame by frame doesn't quite seem like it. No abnormal movement and the `lock` is to the leg.
Harsh Patel (10 months ago)
47:49 That's right bitches, GeT_RiGhT!
Brian Sung (10 months ago)
anyone notice faze saved the round before halftime?
Luís Rabelo (10 months ago)
Brian Sung they didn’t. The HUD just didn’t show the money go down when they bought
Chriscielmar Tingcang (10 months ago)
Good to see nip back at the top
João Paulo (10 months ago)
47:45 Get transfer
HowL (10 months ago)
Bot karrigan
ATHARVA SOMAN (10 months ago)
shame on faze.. they have no tactical mind... they dream to beat sk in a major... where as they can't take a team like nip... if there is a finals between SK vs faze its sure 3-0
Chan Chan (10 months ago)
NiP may not be formidable like they once were but they surely can cost a lot of trouble as they did to faze... which isn’t an easy feat not to mention beating SK is equally hard as well
God Sasuke (10 months ago)
ATHARVA SOMAN yea and nip 2-1 sk so sk sucks
Bhavya Bhavsar (10 months ago)
“A team like NIP”? Wtf do you even mean by that. The Ninjas are one of the best teams. They have a really strong roster, with some brilliant tactics
Mikasa Sensei (10 months ago)
SK is washed up got beaten like that by NIP
Cuervo ARG (10 months ago)
NiP Champion 3-2
Clark Culver (10 months ago)
44:34 crips clean lock bois.
Ivan (5 months ago)
Clark Culver lamo
Eternity (10 months ago)
9:00 Match start ! Enjoy the match guys ;)
Junaid Hassan (9 months ago)
Th real mvp
MATHEUS BRITEZ (10 months ago)
Well Played
Kartik Pingale (10 months ago)
Will do sir!
Huib Poot (10 months ago)
Benson Tauro (10 months ago)
NoodlesFTW HD (10 months ago)
They misspelled cobbled XD
SpeedTurtleFTW (10 months ago)
NoodlesFTW HD no they didnt lol
Слава Попов (10 months ago)
Гвардиан уже не тот. Его повсевременно какой-то дрыщ ебет
naamã gamer (10 months ago)
Swxrd (10 months ago)
All players on the losing team disliked.
Purity fbi (7 months ago)
DJ - Rocket Man - are you retarded?
Purity fbi (7 months ago)
Tj Swerd nope...they are professional people...they're not cod noobs like you
Maximalus (10 months ago)
DJ - Rocket Man - haha i knew that an "expert" would show up and be butthurt cz cod is to easy xD
DJ - Rocket Man - (10 months ago)
Maximalus I used 2 play cod and I can tell you right now it’s harder CSGO is the same shit over and over I’ve watched about 700 pro matches I know every execution.
A Crusty Nugget sdd (10 months ago)
I’m calling it faze will win the grand final
EZMcSqueezy (10 months ago)
FaZe is overrated tbh NiP is way better
Collin Kuo (10 months ago)
Haha eat yo words xD
Jacky Luu (10 months ago)
jokes on you
phy病気 (10 months ago)
backstorm builder NiP did
Alex Kroes (10 months ago)
Good thing you called it wrong cause NiP is better
Erika Spencer (10 months ago)
50:38 Wtf, Justin Bieber playin pro CS
wtf is wrong With me (10 months ago)
Hhahhaha yes
Jeffery ł (10 months ago)
Faze lost
A4R R4A (10 months ago)
Jeffery Dagesse You are right.
Sub Zero (10 months ago)
j kelz i think he said about the tournament
j kelz (10 months ago)
Jeffery Dagesse actually faze won this dude is just a trolling loser
kwoopie (10 months ago)
Deez Nuts (10 months ago)
Maki (10 months ago)
i was afraid that NIP will lose on train, cbble and cache i knew they will win
Bandit (10 months ago)
They got shitted on in cobble and cache.
Maki (10 months ago)
Pinecone (10 months ago)
kenny ke #FaZeDownCosTheirBad
Canal Do Will (10 months ago)
Qual e o canal que passa ao vivo as live
Rodrigo Hansen (10 months ago)
_ GAMES twitch.tv/esl_csgo está online agora
Bungy Bounce (10 months ago)
Just a few minutes away from this, I’m dumb for not going.
Ghostrule 64 (10 months ago)
ImDisclose TV (10 months ago)
Starts at 9:10
João Brasil (10 months ago)
match 9:00
H5gaming (3 months ago)
João Brasil o
That Guy (10 months ago)
João Brasil thanks
Z_Teff6 (10 months ago)
João Brasil I
terbang kebawah (10 months ago)
2nd half 36:16
Swxrd (10 months ago)
Starts at 9:12
flowery HD (10 months ago)
Joey (10 months ago)
NiP 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!!! 1st Map to them !!
Joey (9 months ago)
You saying to me ?
Loler Farty (9 months ago)
Bro just judging from your grammar, I would suspect that you are 11.
Ady Samuel Extra (10 months ago)
i am not of these easily triggred kids i am not going to get rage quit from your diss for 5 years old
Joey (10 months ago)
Thats what your dad said when she saw me and your mums video on pornhub .... Ssup Bitch ?
Ady Samuel Extra (10 months ago)
fuck you
Jeremiah Taylor (10 months ago)
Canal Do Will (10 months ago)
Jeremiah Taylor hi
Ron Burgundy (10 months ago)
Jeremiah Taylor (10 months ago)
Ron Burgundy nope
Jameson Kinder (10 months ago)

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