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MegaMan (X~X8) - Σ All Sigma - Final Battles / No Damage

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Bosses info: 00:13 Velguader → Shotgun Ice 00:35 Sigma First form → Electric Spark 01:15 Wolf Sigma → Rolling Shield 01:46 Zero → X buster 02:51 Neo Sigma → Sonic Slicer 03:38 Sigma Virus → Strike Chain 04:40 Sigma X3 First Form → Spinning Blade 05:25 Kaiser Sigma → X Buster 06:33 MMX4 First Form → Rising Fire 06:42 MMX4 Second Form → Lightning Web 07:26 MMX4 Final Form → Soul Body & Ground Hunter 09:29 MMX5 First Form → Tri-Thunder 11:00 MMX5 Final Form → Spike Ball 12:25 MMX6 First Form → Ray Arrow¿ & Metal Anchor 13:05 MMX6 Final Form Final Form → Magma blade¿ & Ground Dash 14:35 MMX7 First Form → Volt Tornado 15:32 MMX7 Final Form → Splash Laser 16:56 MMX8 Sigma → Shining Ray 17:56 Lumine First Form → Varies (each one) 19:17 Lumine Second Form → Drift Diamond¿ (Not really)
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Text Comments (590)
Rohan Kulkarni (2 hours ago)
Only games where I reached this stage were x4 and x8.
ArtusWalker (11 hours ago)
Isnt Sigma's first voice the same than Dr.Weil's from Megaman Zero?
Blind Gamer (3 days ago)
Megaman x7, x8 and x9 should exist lol
João Paulo (3 days ago)
step on a lego NO DAMAGE
Kasumi Ninja (3 days ago)
The first 3 are great. Rest is garbage
Alex Ávila (4 days ago)
These two will always keep on fighting, just like link and ganon xP
Retro-GoldFish (7 days ago)
I hope megaman 11 sells really well so we have a chance at getting megaman x 9
ShiiChi (7 days ago)
guess we can conclude MMX started being shit after PS2 came out
Elias Hernandez (7 days ago)
I wish they made an X9. But an 8 bit version. Not like caveman esque like the originals. But graphics of X1-X3. With the same kind of game play. And instead of focusing so hard on Axl and Zero just worry about mega man. And put Signa back as the main boss. Because Luminea is a little bitch.
Elias Hernandez (7 days ago)
I’ve never seen anyone treat Sigma like their little bitch more than this guy did. Wow. I remember as a kid screaming and jumping when I couldn’t beat all of these Sigma’s. Lol I think X2 was one of the hardest because then you have to run away from the burning building.
Abel Caba (7 days ago)
pero men esto esta con la super armadura gg sin corazones sin nada de nada, eso me sorprenderia
Vega 13 (8 days ago)
thank you for the video actually enjoy my back and sad lonely memories the only thing we need is Megaman X 9 10 11 12 all the way to 13 and Mega Man Legends 3
3:32 I fear no man. But that (music and that) man... It scares me.
Hitting wolf mecha sigma is way harder in the remake (maverick hunter X)
Taco Thursdays (8 days ago)
And people say x4 is easier as zero..
Derek Rife (9 days ago)
X-4 was the peak.
Baim Wrong (9 days ago)
great !
Thomaso NiiSan (9 days ago)
Sigma appearance X1: Sigma jedi/ Sigma Transformer X2: Sigma Wolverine/Sigma Virus Crocker X3: Sigma Capitan America/Sigma Megaman Marvel Vs Capcom Armor X4: The Grim Reaper X5: Sigma Power Ranger/Sigma TItan Colosal X6: Sigma Zombie/Sigma Zombie Titan Colosal X7: Sigma Cowboy X8: Sigma Devil
HereticVII (10 days ago)
I never knew sword sigma had a weakness. I used X buster.
Rodrigo Gomes de Paula (10 days ago)
Sensacional já fechei todos os Megaman do x ao x8 mas nunca vi ninguém jogar tanto assim o melhor do mundo pqp
Xspeed 105 (10 days ago)
16:05 did sigma just shoot a laser from his dick?
Geno Stelar (10 days ago)
x7 more 3d than x8
Angel Plascencia (11 days ago)
La saga murió en el x6
Nathan Drake (11 days ago)
Dkshadowxyz (11 days ago)
Sigma: "The king of cosplay"
Aomegeus (12 days ago)
Sigma, Dr. Willy, Eggman, Bowser... They don't know the meaning of giving up (or it's just the developers who don't have what it takes to create a new and carismatic villain for their series).
TH3 BLACKGHOST 21 (13 days ago)
Sigma just doesn't know when to die does he?
Mateus Carvalho (15 days ago)
Isso sim q e ser o cara !! Top dms
Ernest (15 days ago)
How fitting are those songs when you fight sigma in X4?! 👌
solman Sgx (15 days ago)
Very good my Friend
R Cola (16 days ago)
Manuel Lopez (17 days ago)
Having only played the first X game, X7 looks like a downgrade in every possible way from the precious X games.
THE BROTHERHOOD (20 days ago)
Nathan Rice (20 days ago)
So you play MMX2 and don't save Zero? C'mon, man...
Megaman X4 was a weird one. So was X7
Hola L (21 days ago)
Morpho X (21 days ago)
I honestly feel so bad for sigma, he was once a kind hearted commander who did his best to achieve victory and protect his allies. Then once he fought Zero he was corrupted by the last reminisce of Dr Wily and turned into a maverick. Leaving zero with sigmas old personality, Once a respected commander, now a virus that is feared by many....
Morpho X (21 days ago)
I honestly feel so bad for sigma, he was once a kind hearted commander who did his best to achieve victory and protect his allies. Then once he fought Zero he was corrupted by the last reminisce of Dr Wily and turned into a maverick. Leaving zero with sigmas old personality, Once a respected commander, now a virus that is feared by many....
Joseph M (22 days ago)
Quimper111 (22 days ago)
The X-series is such a let down compared to the original. :/
General Grey (22 days ago)
Well this dude has skill <3 I am very impressed. I can never, not get hit lol.
DarkOmegaMK2 (22 days ago)
Man, i had never played Megaman X7 before and for the longest time i thought the final boss for X3 was kind of silly, but boy X7's final battle looks stupid as shit.
Thvgd (22 days ago)
Muito bom (well done)
Red Maxx XIII (24 days ago)
I like how the wire frame virus forms from X2 and X3 have Sigma's trademark smirk, but in X2 as he "died" his mouth opens up, but his smirk is still there.
Nattramn 696969 (24 days ago)
Yo cuando acabé el Sigma Virus en X2 esperaba a que saliera un enemigo de su boca para atacarlo con el Sirohuken o como se llame xd y cuando se moría sigma hago aparecer una cápsula de vida azul envés del amarillo ¿A alguien mas le a pasado ese bug? 👀
Andrew Zigmont (25 days ago)
Thank God we have this dude to defeat sigma for us everyday. Kinda like the story of the giant who has to hold the earth on his shoulders for all eternity.
Rodney Horsley (25 days ago)
It’s a shame how shit X7 and 8 were for games. Also funny how X5 looks better than 6 visually.
Gerrendale Owens (26 days ago)
Omfg! You are a gawd damn MMX Jedi Master! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
alwaysxnever (26 days ago)
This was great to see. Nostalgia with x1, X4 is my favorite battle I played, x5 had the better music and x8 was the perfect way to end the series(for now). Great display of skill.
Anthony Fino (26 days ago)
My anxiety was through the roof the entire video.
2233 gfdm (26 days ago)
x2版 zero 真的是他媽的強⋯ 但是到x3 x4 x5就弱好多 直到x6版zero才稍微回x2的水準 但是 刀居然拿x1 sigma的油條劍~~
2233 gfdm (26 days ago)
X1 sigma 油條~
Rico Widianto (26 days ago)
Damn. Awesome dude.
Fernando Chyru Castro (27 days ago)
15:14 le da y no recibe daño dat fake xd
Tone Cold (27 days ago)
I don’t deserve to be a man after watching this
jedric farcon (28 days ago)
Tuyen Dothikim (28 days ago)
I beat sig in x8 but my brother couldnt
Straight Jacket (28 days ago)
Cuphead on easy
Hiep T Vu (29 days ago)
I only be impressed if you only used x buster
Danilo Diniz (29 days ago)
Cara a gravação ficou muito boa gostei parabéns
Dondre Palmer (29 days ago)
...... Stop it
Captain Motorcycle (29 days ago)
Where does Sigma keep getting money?
Dondre Palmer (29 days ago)
Who's hype fior the legacy collection?
M Gilbert (29 days ago)
Unpopular Opinion: I actually liked and enjoyed X7 graphically and gamplaywise it was a very good game... Only parts hated was the strange unmatching dialogue and that we couldn't play as X until like 8 bosses into it so they force you to play as zero and Axle
John Joshua Aragon (29 days ago)
When you defeat kim and get his powers 18:12
Adeeb (1 month ago)
I’ve been playing X4 since I was a kid and you make that battle like cake walk. Kudos
Psycho kid Tran (1 month ago)
2nd lumine Is weak to shadow runner not x buster
Malacite (1 month ago)
HEY! You skipped the final form in X3 where he chases you up to the exit :P
Mister Turk Turkle (1 month ago)
First one why didnt you hadouken sigma?
Salman Salmon (1 month ago)
7:04 how do you do that?
SentientSockPuppet (1 month ago)
God there is no killing this guy!
Noob Noobington (1 month ago)
2:51 Sigma=Wolverine Confirmed
Khalil simmons (1 month ago)
In my opinion x8 and x7 look trash compared to the older ones
Romario Desrosier (1 month ago)
X1: Wolf Sigma X2: Apple II Sigma X3: Kaiser Sigma X4: Laser/Junk Sigma X5: Gamma Sigma X6: Terminator Sigma X7: Voltron Sigma X8: Shao Khan Sigma
Panda Producciones (1 month ago)
Que pasó en el 11:43 ?
DarkurSrike (1 month ago)
Martin Vela (1 month ago)
Sigma from x7 and x8 was a joke and no longer seen as a threat
Alberto 1344 (1 month ago)
You have forget ZERO BRO!
Joshua Nickens (1 month ago)
nice to know that they gave Sigma a proton cannon in X7
Why does Sigma's head get smaller and smaller every game?
shademaster24601 (1 month ago)
did they add extra weaknesses? Cause I don't remember Sigma and his dog having weapon weaknesses when I tried to beat the first X.
treos2 (1 month ago)
X8 sigma had a better sounding english VA imo.
RBEO22 (1 month ago)
The first time I saw Sigma was in X2; I thought he was wearing a hard hat, not bald.
Jess Ragan (1 month ago)
I could watch you kill this butt-chinned bastard all day long and halfway through the night.
Luminos Calvaros (1 month ago)
Σ jedai Σ wolverine Σ captain america Σ grim reaper Σ psycho Σ zombie Σ man with a shotgun Σ the devil
Chyresse Green (1 month ago)
How is this even possible....😑😑
Jonas Saleen (1 month ago)
Which one was hardest and which one the easiest?
Emerson Ferr (1 month ago)
Vício total...kkkkkk
Abrahan Holgado (1 month ago)
1:50 X2's buster upgrade is too OP
J Winters (1 month ago)
Wow! Great job!
Kidanis Cortes (1 month ago)
Anyone else ever though x3 sigmna was kinda underwhelming? or was I the only one?
LoL Momo (1 month ago)
Lol in the x6 sigma drunk
Enzo Chamia (1 month ago)
x5 x6 x8 son los mejores
SoyDobleU (1 month ago)
Joder!! el mejor juego que ha pasado por mis manos. Megaman❤❤😍
BigRockerEnding (1 month ago)
Is that X4 footage Rockman X4 BOOST? I don't think Sigma should normally be moving that fast
BigRockerEnding (1 month ago)
huh, odd, maybe it's just me
X MaverickHunter (1 month ago)
is not the boost mod. just the original game
Psycho kid Tran (1 month ago)
4:13 Best part
Psycho kid Tran (1 month ago)
X2 zero is weak to speed burner
Psycho kid Tran (1 month ago)
X9 CEGMAH Cosplay is Dark bowser from Bowser inside story In x9 CEGMAH returns
Levi Goodwin (1 month ago)
Am I the only one wondering why you didn’t use the hadoken and the other secret moves/upgrades with X1 through X3?

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