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History of - Counter Strike (1999-2015)

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1. Counter-Strike (Half Life Mod) (1999) 2. Counter-Strike (2000) 00:12 3. Counter-Strike (Xbox) (2003) 01:15 4. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004) 01:33 5. Counter-Strike: Source (2004) 02:35 6. Counter-Strike Neo 7. Counter-Strike Online 8. Counter-Strike Online 2 (2012) 03:39 9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012) 04:40 10. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (2014) 06:12 Any ideas and suggestions about future videos are welcomed. Please write me on my channel. You can find me on: Facebook: Tofig Shamkhalov Twitter: Tofig Shamkhalov Google+: Tofig Shamkhalov Instagram: tofigshamkhalov Steam: TofigSH PSN: SHTofig
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Text Comments (2090)
2bits (8 days ago)
*_Counter Strike Goblal Offenaivel Win_*
2bits (8 days ago)
FRESH MXG67 (9 days ago)
Counter Strike Extreme? :(
Michael desanta (9 days ago)
css is boring.when i play css i get tired and feed up
Enari Yama (10 days ago)
Condition zero sucks
theshredder gamingTM (12 days ago)
Nisyas (13 days ago)
CS:GO : "My knives are worth more than your tuition."
MajackPolska (15 days ago)
A half-life counter strike mod? 1998
Nanda Sampit (21 days ago)
Source Is Cool
Zucko- :V (22 days ago)
1-) Counter Strike Condition zero 2-)Counter strike Source 3-)Counter strike 1.6 5-)CsGo
Alexandr kalakov (1 month ago)
cs:cz the best!!
zac rivas (1 month ago)
Oscar Francisco (23 days ago)
Tf is that?
Pradeep Singh (1 month ago)
I am expert this game
ABU FZR MAN (1 month ago)
I played all of them and I love them all I even played a version called (Counter Strike S.T.A.L.K.E.R ) but looks like nobody knows it and I play CSN:Z currently
Xtian David (1 month ago)
OG still the best.
nerisse villaruel (1 month ago)
Cs online 2 is more better than 1.6 but csgo is way better no one can defeat csgo
So Gentle (1 month ago)
I love counter strike source and counter strike global offensive. Those are my opinions. Ok I know, u like CS 1.6 and CSGO sucks blah blah blah
LaSeRbEaSt (1 month ago)
where is counter strike xtreme??
ABU FZR MAN (1 month ago)
LaSeRbEaSt counter strike extreme is a worse version of counter strike nexon zombies I recommend you to download CSNZ because it is like cs extreme but in steam and free to play, legal but you can only play online
Vladyslav Aubonney (1 month ago)
lol, cso2 loooks better than csgo
The counter strike that i wanna play is cs source csgo cs1.6 cs online
Um i dont know if 1.6 is extreme tell me
ABU FZR MAN (1 month ago)
BRENT TROLLING/GAMEPLAYS no(Csnz and cs extreme are very similar) counter strike nexon zombies is a better version of cs extreme it's on steam, legal and free to play but you can only play online
SharkFan (1 month ago)
Poor chicken
Lyon oof (1 month ago)
Cs go is combining all games and graphics together
Spooking (1 month ago)
Can you find an online match on Counter Strike 1?
people actually played CounterStrike Online?
The real Mac Ter (1 month ago)
In China they do
iRed {graal} (2 months ago)
some of this games are inofficial you know right?
sergej brakovic (2 months ago)
Cs 1.6? Cs 1.7 ? Cs 1.8? Cs 1.9?
ZenT_Fox (2 months ago)
eh maio mila
Celtaustralis (2 months ago)
1.0 is not here...noob.
Fabian Gimenez (2 months ago)
Esos NO Son Todos los Counter Strike :v
Rijad (2 months ago)
counter strike nexon zombies shouldn't exist u can just play zombie mode in cs 1.6 or css or csgo
david (2 months ago)
css csgo cs 1.6 cscz csco are nice games
Not global offensive it’s just csgo
The real Mac Ter (1 month ago)
That’s wat It stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Fudge I got the wrong game
The npc is actually good as f*******
Counter strike global offensive is better
Fudge I got the wrong game
Katana Game (3 months ago)
counter strike nexon zombie X-|
Harusal LTK (3 months ago)
cs 1,6
Kit Nekludov (3 months ago)
poop 158 (3 months ago)
Mr Fish (3 months ago)
Counter Strike aka Angry Russian Mic Spammer Simulator
lambdaguy101 (3 months ago)
It started actually with Counter-Strike 1.3, that was made before Steam was made
Efe QS (3 months ago)
Csgo en iyisi
jacky putra chainiago (3 months ago)
Mafia 2 sound heard at the beggining
Lev Subastil (3 months ago)
Wy is t there no counter strike extreme
Jasmina Zivkovic (3 months ago)
1.5,1.6,deleted sceance?
Radars Red (3 months ago)
No matter how old the game is it's really well created to me.
DELTA FORCE 212 (4 months ago)
Que recuerdos
Whiteberg Slim (4 months ago)
Every single one was pure shit.. half ass aiming with mediocre gameplay 😂
Okt Kapan Alir (4 months ago)
Counter strike source best 😍😍
Red Core (4 months ago)
ummm wheres cs extreme
OMAR GAMER TV (4 months ago)
conture strike 1.6 👍👍👍👍
Korn900 Channel (4 months ago)
I like Counter Strike Extreme V.6/V.7 because it has almost everything DeathMatch,TeamDeathMatch,Ghost Mode,Zombie Mode 3,Zombie Scenario,Zombie Unite and cool guns
nikola rafovanlvic (4 months ago)
Were 1. ,1.7,1.8,2.0 were a that wersion
simehong2000 (4 months ago)
Cant add 32 bots at cs go
Fabi YTB (5 months ago)
Link zombie nexon mod download
ABU FZR MAN (1 month ago)
You can find it in steam and it's free to play
Talk Shit (5 months ago)
Where is CS 1.6?
elena sasheva (5 months ago)
You forgot the half life mod one, 1.2,1.5 and cso1
lil cancer (5 months ago)
Chinese Version of first person shooters are cringe. Not to mention: 1.2-1.6 is missing.
Ace (5 months ago)
Deadstreat (5 months ago)
Does CSS worth buying? Give me some of you guy opinions
Deadstreat (5 months ago)
Thanos Delta thanks , just downloaded it
Thanos Delta (5 months ago)
Deadstreat Yes
Ha Sss (5 months ago)
Cs sours
XBUGRAGAMER (5 months ago)
where is counter strike nexon service 2015?
Eugene Clark De Leon (6 months ago)
I actually think that the graphics on cs online 2 is better than csgo's😂😂😂
pendox (6 months ago)
You forgot counter strike neo
Bongo WillPlay (6 months ago)
Source looks great
Fly [BS] (6 months ago)
У Меня Есть Conter Strike Condition Zero
Hasan Demir (6 months ago)
Beyler cs 1.5 cs 1.6 cs 1.8 nerde ?
Mr Pollo (6 months ago)
Nexon have bad games of counter strike
한규성 (6 months ago)
I think the CS:S IS the BEST GAME
aditya nfb7689 (6 months ago)
Wats the Song in the csgo part
Red- Bon99 (6 months ago)
I love counter strike source
Ou (6 months ago)
wtf cs 2 is a chinese copy
VİDİBO (6 months ago)
merak ettim asfalt sekiz kaç
VİDİBO (6 months ago)
merak ettim asfalt sekiz kaç
Guilherme Vieira (6 months ago)
What the fuck is Counter Strike Online?
Timur Kulbahneh (6 months ago)
Я кссурс
radu sasha (6 months ago)
Luxas Petriauskas (6 months ago)
Where is cs 1.6?
Vitor gamer ywye (6 months ago)
Acho que não quero mais Alien vs predador quero meu cargo para Xbox 360
Lasermed Clínica (6 months ago)
counter striker <3
Dino G4M3R (6 months ago)
DU u know my spaghet
Sideburns (6 months ago)
you forgot a weird ass version of counter strike with zombies which was free
yo dawg (6 months ago)
Jess Cliffe is actually arrested for sexual abuse of a minor. lol. :D
DeShiba Succ (6 months ago)
Oh god... The P90 Silvers... They are the real fear
DerpMaster Hd (7 months ago)
isnt CSO = CSNZ IM pretty sure csnz was called cso before it changed
Fearless (7 months ago)
TPG47 cool (7 months ago)
I just forgot a like
Reny Ocfemia (7 months ago)
I got my ais on u
Aaron LuiSz (7 months ago)
Wow LIKE 👍❤
yalie YT (7 months ago)
Magnifique pour csont époque au.niveaux m qui sembleras tjr magnifique a m yeux
You forgot counter Blox:roblix offensive
Kristoff Miguel Villena (7 months ago)
Are u scout pro i am i beated my uncle 13 wins and him 0wins
Gray_ Marble (7 months ago)
Ahh, CS:CZ, my first CS game
Nico Walitza (7 months ago)
Rip csgo old sounds :(
NameLessWarrioR (7 months ago)
Cs 1.6?
Orin X (6 months ago)
NameLessWarrioR did you watch the video?
Mark Christian Haro (7 months ago)
HI I'm Mark
Mark Christian Haro (7 months ago)
CSGO the best
Can You Make History Of Tekken A Fighting game
mr slick (7 months ago)
I played cs go twice... Too much hd graphic... Confused the hell out of me which ones t or ct. Cs Source is the best one for me.

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