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Counter-Strike: A Brief History

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Counter-Strike started as a mod for Half-Life in 1999. Today, it has evolved into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has become one of the most popular games and esports in the world. This piece, made for the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta, gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the game went from its earliest days to today.
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Text Comments (3138)
Ryan Jones (4 days ago)
Half life mod actually good game actually good game *Money machine*
Se7enPIKeaT (7 days ago)
Now it super trash valve never do anything about hacker shity game mothrtfucker
Megan Lanham (8 days ago)
*csgo 2 confirmed?*
KroneYT (12 days ago)
They seem to have forgotten Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
Tellin'ThaTruth (15 days ago)
CS:GO became trash.. Thats the truth
Tellin'ThaTruth (14 days ago)
lol... it's dying slowly.
Byron Filer (14 days ago)
It's better than ever lol
axel blaze (17 days ago)
Better than fortnite
maahil delawrence (17 days ago)
some one please buy me cs go i am dying to buy cs go please valve or some one else my steam, name is "delawrencemaahil" please buy me cs go i am begging i dont have even 1 doller
Byron Filer (14 days ago)
then buy it yourself
maahil delawrence (14 days ago)
no its not the full version i want the full version.
Byron Filer (14 days ago)
it's literally free on steam right now
-Scou1- (17 days ago)
Global offensive more like offensive
JaDeL (18 days ago)
The counter strike analyst edshot machine
Muhammad ahmed (29 days ago)
what about cheaters in CSGO ? #fixcsgo
Darryl The blog (1 month ago)
And now people play fortnite Alexa, play Despacito
Raka Pratama Himawan (1 month ago)
There is on csgo stadium he destroyed the monitor because the aim still on poor and i like him im emotional i lose in second round i brake the cup bowl.
Raka Pratama Himawan (1 month ago)
I feels like anger because im lose of round with bot beetween second or third
Raka Pratama Himawan (1 month ago)
Cool but there is the shit of aim
Kirad Gam3r (1 month ago)
cs go does not work correct it the screen turns black and then it comes out
Gaster . Inc (1 month ago)
Hang Chen (1 month ago)
CSER forever
Umm Where is cs go source..?
call me daddy (1 month ago)
Playing CS GO no longer makes sense. In each match there are too much players who use cheat. I'm programmer for many years and it's not clear to me that someone who programmed the game can not prevent the use of the cheat module!? There is a conclusion that the authors do not work to prevent cheat because it brings them money when blocking the cheaters account, than he has to buy a new one. This brings CS GO money, but I'm afraid that many people slowly quit using the game because playing has become impossible. We are also forced to report abuse of the game's author in this way.
Aadi Bhandary (1 month ago)
“Valve always understood the community was a big part of the game.” Lol yeah right 😂
hjuuh (1 month ago)
heh, i remember how everyone that suck fast fps games start to play cs
Jailabg (1 month ago)
So we have cs alpha;1.5;1.6;source and then we have go... a game that gaben just doesnt like and only release skins or shitter updates. But hey at least dota is doing well
SkullBang (1 month ago)
GodzillaFan592 (1 month ago)
On steam you guys say i don't have a account even though i am on it right now.
Quaweds (2 months ago)
In my opinion, CS:S was the superior game, Surfing, Mini-Games, Jailbreak & many more. Also, the fact that you could make your own skins and instantly get them for free and put them on your weapon or model was awesome. I still love CS:GO and was a needed improvement in the evolution of Counterstrike, but all the LAN parties and nights playing CS:S will always hold a deep spot in my heart. :)
Shit: A brief history
Kristoff Miguel Villena (2 months ago)
and also if half life is a mod for CS isnt CS , Portal , Half life at the same page (btw i dont know if l4d is at the same page cause it had the same map but no its not)
Kristoff Miguel Villena (2 months ago)
Counter Strike 1.6 , CSGO is kinda good but what just happened to source why cant i be good anymore since i played it it was really good but when csgo release i saw changes which made me an idea (idea to be cool with the zeus LOL) and then since i play CS:Source i have notice i changed that i cant focus with the awp in that game i couldint know the numbers where is the weapons or armor in the buy menu so i started going CS:1.6 and CSGO .....btw valve FIX CSGO since i shot with the awp i rly killed that guy before he killed me ....weird it happened with MattCS(check out his youtube)
You Slumber, Cucumber (2 months ago)
If I wanted the history of Half Life, I'd watch Ahoy's video on it.
Half-Life Universe (2 months ago)
Half-Life Universe (2 months ago)
what about Half-Life 3
MentalReactor (2 months ago)
TEK909 (2 months ago)
128 tic servers please
Vesper I.I (2 months ago)
Valve, revert to old CS:GO Trading Rules
AutisMax (2 months ago)
1:43 Mapping - Anal, HEHE
TheProDude (2 months ago)
All fps games suck.
MMA Forever (2 months ago)
back when i started playing cs back in 02' using skins were for noobs, now everyone uses them
Urban Moving (2 months ago)
They forgot the pedophile
StasabiTV (2 months ago)
1.6 was and is the greatest game of all time.
Spimp Smacker (2 months ago)
I'm suprised they didn't mention that kid who almost got put into jail for making that cs map based off of his school..
`Ron? ¿SS》 (3 months ago)
I'm here for 1.6
Nothing (3 months ago)
Make csgo free plz like what you did to tf2
marinebiologist (3 months ago)
i thought that as well until i bought it
lol lol (2 months ago)
Skins don't impact gameplay Totally yea right totally you have an awp and see an ak fire serpent and you picked it up instead and then you get killed by an awp cause you were inspecting the skin
DSVerified (3 months ago)
Take a look at CSGO now, its dying
Bad Man (3 months ago)
You have given up in cs why?
gamingbros (3 months ago)
Damn 999 dislikes.
Doritos Corner (3 months ago)
Counter Strike Condition Zero Did Not Mention And Its A Very Optimized Game Than Csgo
Tree (3 months ago)
i was on twitter and i was tweeting my friend who needed help with content for his channel. i suggested that he started playing csgo, and i kid you not, he said csgo was dead/dying and i wanted to backhand him so badly
LegendaryVegeta (3 months ago)
PLEASE PUT SOME LOVE INTO YOUR GAME like 128 tick source 2 better fps 64 tick overwatch a demoui thatworks mmore fun casual game modes give us ingame coins for doing well do something AND FIX YOUR HITBOXES
Mintger (4 months ago)
at 5:29 she says, that you come back to get more skins by playing. what skins does she mean? the weekly drops that are littered with this useless graffitis? you dont get more/better skins for playing. you have to pay for that. shows again how out of touch some people of valve are with this game...
Anonymous (3 months ago)
You pay atleast a thousand dollars before you get something good
Anonymous (3 months ago)
nowa days case openings are rigged as fuck
Mintger (3 months ago)
Oh, and the skins you do get as a drop are complete garbage. The default skins are better than those drops
Callum Greenshields (4 months ago)
Even though I own CS:GO now I still enjoy the classic CS 1.6
Callum Greenshields (4 months ago)
Also give us Half Life 3
Saurav Ghosh (4 months ago)
I have a personal Brief History: Started playing in 2005/06. This is 2018. I remain a super-noob.
Ricky Kline (4 months ago)
Spent my childhood playing this game. 1.4B - 1.5 and 1.6.
Captain (4 months ago)
Once a great game. Now ruined by hackers
Vortex (1 month ago)
Fix your trust ratio then, fam
Bookie (4 months ago)
Bookie (4 months ago)
you should fix cs go just saying
technical man (4 months ago)
1.6 for android
AnnaJony (4 months ago)
NiK BR (4 months ago)
JACKTUMBO universal (4 months ago)
Mystic Avereas (4 months ago)
Community involvement? Lol
Metin Yener (4 months ago)
Koskoca valve bi alt yazi ekleyememiş üzücü
JuBer (4 months ago)
0:36 he wasn't the only one begging about something. https://kotaku.com/counter-strike-co-creator-charged-with-paying-16-year-o-1822762847
mpone affirmations (4 months ago)
they ruined the game after 1.5
moonc4lf (4 months ago)
128 tick mm servers
Rytis89 (5 months ago)
from a mod to a skin simulator that updtaes sounds and statrack shit but doesnt fix anything
TSM Hyper (5 months ago)
Thanks for your creation
Sen-115 (5 months ago)
I remember I played and watched CS 1.6 and CSS (CSS was my favorite) when I was little. Still have the old CS games on my Steam though. ^_^
Alvingamer 73 (5 months ago)
csgo is most competitive source was best for jailbreak, surfing and bhopping cs 1.6 was most fun <3
dragan Ljubenov (28 days ago)
nah m8, CS:S was the bunnyhopping kingdom,that and the amazing physics.
N3rgy (5 months ago)
*and now it's all ruined by valve themselves by introducing the 7 day trade ban*
yung cash register (5 months ago)
not even a million views a year and 3 months after this videos release. lol
The Doctor (5 months ago)
Counter Strike history : Old : Good game team based very fun very strategic Now : CYKA BLYAT RUSH B NON STOP PLAY DUST 2 BUY P90 HACKERS AND SMURFERS
Steven Bruce Flores (5 months ago)
i think CS1.6 is still the best
John H (5 months ago)
Now the game is just shite
DarkOwl2 (5 months ago)
Skipping right over condition zero
andre zonio (5 months ago)
3:39 Notch?
SlyRN /Peri0dic (5 months ago)
6:30 that glove was not in that game at that time
Laugh Out Loud XD (5 months ago)
LeztGG (5 months ago)
BLUE MOXIE (5 months ago)
Look it's Miss Piggy...LOL 5:25
Shame Valve went downhill
Karan Brahma (5 months ago)
Faking Maacheen
JuBer (5 months ago)
where did counter strike condition zero go, pretty sure that's part of the history
Gamers Lil Helper (5 months ago)
MaderChodeMan 69 (4 months ago)
This ain't even news
finalism2 (5 months ago)
cs go away
Gory (5 months ago)
Yeh the skins where so good until the new skin and trade update when you fuck everyone over
oliver thorsell (5 months ago)
hey i dont know if u guys are still working on valve. i have played cs go for like 7 years now and somthing that makes me mad and disepointed and its that when i shot a shoot and i see the bullet gooff and the bullet just gose through the target. so i would be so happy if u guys can fix it i still love ur game and i want to become a csgo pro. and mybe just a tip u can give more pepole a job at valve and if it would be good if u give job to players that has played the game and knows what the game needs.Like we dont want skins spryas caeses but we need a prooper fix to the game. and if someone is reading this thx i hope u guys will fix ur game. but still lover ur game=)
Vj Thaosen (5 months ago)
1.6 > Go
Allen Burazz (5 months ago)
THis is stupid
Ahmer Rabani (5 months ago)
CS 1.6 is amazing for me more than any other game
Mr Eyeball (5 months ago)
People used to call me negev man. But then the update attacked and now I'm known as the Mac 10 man
phong tran (5 months ago)
counter strike 1.1>>>counter strike 1.6 >>>counter strike source >>> counter strike global offensive i love it so much
FlexViper (6 months ago)
Back when I was 6 playing cs 1.6 on my older brother's window XP. 90% of the time was me killing chickens
Mathias Henderson (6 months ago)
Using that Fnatic Overpass boost to sell the game's image after that team got DQ'd for using it... fucking savage
Sisu Tiberiu (6 months ago)
I want more maps in competitive , assalt , de-dust and more ... Posibility a playing 1 vs 1 whit a friend , Mini maps like fy snow aim maps
Allan Max (6 months ago)
Valve did what Blizzard didn't, they picked a mod of their own game and made a successful game.
Jacobski (6 months ago)
I love 1.6 and GO!
Peer Svensson (6 months ago)
2:54 that's SK.Swe, yes the organisation was German, but the players were all Swedish
ZIPPER (6 months ago)
The old ak still sounds better
Zw1d (6 months ago)
well, fuck GO; 1.6 for life.

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