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The Top 10 Headshots in CS:GO

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Is there anything more satisfying in CS:GO than landing a crisp, clean bullet to the dome? There has been six years of helmet-piecing, melon-melting headshots in CS:GO and picking the 10 best for this list was nearly impossible. But from wallbangs to one-taps, pistols to AWPs, they’re all here. Written and edited by: Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan) Hosted and voiced by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Footage courtesy of: https://pastebin.com/6rA6XPjA Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (576)
ShadowBeast (5 hours ago)
I get Ace with only headshots when I play on my Smurf account I should be on #1
Tyler DownHill (12 hours ago)
man i love the casaters for csgo. i love their genuine reactions.
TheGodGamer V.2 (1 day ago)
Where is shrouds flick 1 deag to the head
Daniel Balonecker (1 day ago)
mongol (1 day ago)
cr8nge moight
Som3a Gamer (1 day ago)
Szymoo (1 day ago)
I think there should be KQLY's VAC shot on Pasha.
kalewak (2 days ago)
The hell! Where’s Coldzera’s jumping awp in mirage ?!
csantiz (2 days ago)
#1 are inhuman reaction? Get_Right shoots 2 or 3 times on Hiko and Hiko do a lucky flick. that was not inhuman reaction, this was luck.
Hey Itz Azuu (3 days ago)
where is the scream headshot in ct spawn
Mad wi it lad (3 days ago)
What about when EliGE killed two of his team mates in two seconds on Cache
SFM HUN (4 days ago)
0:05 song name pls
beatsnextdoor (4 days ago)
No dupreeh deagle ace wtf
Terkii Man (4 days ago)
Where is Simple, are you kidding me?
Škcep Plays Games (5 days ago)
I love tec 9
RvMoon (5 days ago)
where is shrouds jumping shot on dust2 with only 1 bullet in the clip of his ak??????
MKAL (6 days ago)
Why is Xantares not in the top 10 https://youtu.be/6OQca3mLG3E
SilverBastard (6 days ago)
Fnatic Dennis 5 Kills 5 HeadShots on cache vs G2 Esports
i3r Front (6 days ago)
I think xms's 5taps should be TOP1
zhawmedia (7 days ago)
Where is hiko cache deagle?
GRINGE (7 days ago)
Shrouds headshots not here ?? Dafuk ? Is it a troll ?
Deltag-Play (7 days ago)
Where is our brazilian Superman ?? FALLEN
fouad elferdi (7 days ago)
7:38 Last one aimbot that guy was dead before he turn towerds him
Ignatius Unggul (8 days ago)
where is shroud
Arm & Hammer (8 days ago)
where's Autimatics flick on mirage...
Alex (8 days ago)
Olof 3k on a short when he was playing for lgb :(
Alex (8 days ago)
PilouM (10 days ago)
And KQLY ? xD
itish paul (10 days ago)
where is ScreaM's tap to fnx from mid door to ct spawn whenfnx jumped
Ainsley's Cousin (11 days ago)
Did y'all really use a 9mm round for the deagle shots in #2?
Michael Fellner (11 days ago)
Hikos shot doesnt look Logical at all lmao. Overrated kill.
jackson grg (11 days ago)
cs go past pubg is present kids😂😂🙏
Sascha Pürner (11 days ago)
Vishal Bisht (12 days ago)
Are they hacking sitting during the tournament
İsmail Cem İzgi (12 days ago)
7 9 and 10 was pure luck.
First Last (12 days ago)
Why are there no whamen on this list? #feminism
bob ranger (13 days ago)
didn't need the almost 1 min intro of you talking ...probably why uve got the insta thumbs down
Hunor Szekeres (13 days ago)
Where is kqly's hs?
William Mcqueen (14 days ago)
To answer the initial question cz double kill is by far the best thing I've seen to date
MlijilN (14 days ago)
top 1 - 5hs usp s1mple Cobblestone
Ionuț-Florin Țuchel (15 days ago)
I shot in chache from mid to A with a scout, 2 headshots in one hit, both were running to defuse the bomb, neither got to it, it wasn t filmed, but it s for me and is the best shot I could get!
Space Q (15 days ago)
the last part of video, that guy looks like a shit, no expression, looks like an upset salty guy.
Francesco Mancetti (15 days ago)
Ace with 5 one taps. How can this not be #1 ?? How hiko's shot is way better than adren's? GTR flick on nuke should be higher too
Demonio69 (16 days ago)
Also called aimbot gj
Alexander H (16 days ago)
So technically, lucky shots
Suchet M. (16 days ago)
I remember being there for Hiko's flick when it actually happened. Was insane.
Fritz Gaston (17 days ago)
XMS wins it
Dragos Ngr (17 days ago)
remember that scream 1 tap to the ct guy from jump with ak ?
YngSimba (18 days ago)
Scream is overrated. He has no team based skill
Nitro (18 days ago)
S1mple Top
Joninha Santos (18 days ago)
Fallen? Coldzera?
Nuno Silva (19 days ago)
Hacks all over.
villen (19 days ago)
This is one of the worst videos ever made
Tufan Tepe (20 days ago)
11- Despe’s kill with five seven
Tufan Tepe (20 days ago)
Where the fuck is KQLY man,my man kukli
Get Rekt (20 days ago)
I just made a collat yesterday. I accidentally shoot my teammate head and then both my friend and enemy are ded XD.
Denis TheDenis (20 days ago)
Happy is hacking and wallbangs too
Tushar kT (20 days ago)
Where in the hell is stewie2k's no scope double headshot rotting ?!
Born Boy (22 days ago)
I'm a silver. But I had one of those "super-flick-one-tap-headshot" few times lately. Feels like pro. Lol.
Flappy (22 days ago)
Shroud could have filled all of the top10 all alone easy
Samuel Pereira (22 days ago)
What about KQLY jumpshot?
Peter Hinojosa (22 days ago)
Jonte baba (23 days ago)
Marc-Antoine (23 days ago)
How's hiko doing? Really liked him but he kinda disappeared
pavelofficial (23 days ago)
edshot machin
vamsi krishna (23 days ago)
alr8 i gotta say hiko's wasn't that impressive....I could have done that with lik 90% of luck...no 2 was wayyyy more impressive...5 shots-5kills beat one lucky shot everytime
sav frank (23 days ago)
Shroud jumping one tap w one bullet
sav frank (23 days ago)
Or his jumping collat with the scout
Doughnut Digger (24 days ago)
Where's Dennis pistol round?
Mikoo (24 days ago)
Csgo is dead, there is nothing new happening in this game as conveyed by all the clips in the vid being old as fuck
Golub Kartoshka (24 days ago)
where one tap from mou on cobblestone with p250 ?
Dan Amter (24 days ago)
Half of the players Are cheating in csgo right now including on the Pro sceane so fuck csgo until valve gets it together and make an actual anticheat !
chun wei Hsu (25 days ago)
You called inhuman reaction , I call lucky shot
Bakindo (25 days ago)
If u are not gay i dont believe you.
BlackCat (25 days ago)
Is Colin actually in silver?
Andie´s musik bereich (25 days ago)
Where was kqlly with His jumpshot that was also an incredible shot
You forgot about S1mple's 5 kills with usp against G2 5 kills=5 bullets
16Y6C21 ZHAO YUNLONG (26 days ago)
I swear I had seen this before, is it a re-upload?
Ronaldo Jasar (27 days ago)
I'm the 420th dislike. I had to guys.. :)
skuets (27 days ago)
leevikv (27 days ago)
Banger 9000 (27 days ago)
When they drop a smoke and somehow the enemy aces with nothing but a pistol. Hmmmmmm
Michael Kim (27 days ago)
Kqly A site jump 1 tap
Bunnyzorg Gaming (27 days ago)
What about KQLY lmao
Stunned Plays (28 days ago)
Ian's Meme Factory (28 days ago)
Next video: Top 10 Footsteps In CS:GO
Pozzy (28 days ago)
*so this what entertainment comes to*
CubeCnt (29 days ago)
Scream 1tap on Oct on dust 2
Skryyper (29 days ago)
Scream could have taken all the 10 spotz ez exept the Xms one’s
Skryyper (29 days ago)
Where is the real number 1 scream 1 tap from dust 2 door to ct and also the number 2 here really deserves the 1 spot
Giggs Chan (29 days ago)
Ian Austin (29 days ago)
The last one is the best just because of the announcers reaction!
BOXSTYLE (29 days ago)
Cluj napoca 😍😍😍
A_undre (29 days ago)
I forgot the person who did it, but what about the guy that jumped up while someone was planting on a site on de dust he jumped and head shotted the guy with a usp i think that should have been number 1
Darius Kuan (29 days ago)
Where's hikos clutch from quad
ork S (29 days ago)
5:25 john wick
VT Blank (29 days ago)
RIP Envyus
马睿哲 (29 days ago)
Ivan Santillo (1 month ago)
ScreaM taps fnx. CT spawn d2

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