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What is Bridge Constructor Portal?

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN I was given a key by Headup Games. Today on Valve News Network, we review the new Portal licensed bridge builder game, Bridge Constructor Portal. Steam Link : http://store.steampowered.com/app/684410/Bridge_Constructor_Portal/ My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Lamarr the headcrab (8 months ago)
Yo tengo el juego,y aunque no es un portal 3,es buenisimo. Tiene todo,los geles,los portales etc,hacen que te sientas de nuevo en aperture,y las lineas de GLaDOS mantienen su personalidad. En lo personal me gustó bastante el juego,no será un portal 3,pero tiene esa escencia de portal :2
DrNoVa (8 months ago)
why do you have an echo?
borek921 (9 months ago)
What do you mean 64 levels? I 100%-ed the game and there are 60 of them.
Cameron Smith (9 months ago)
Ugh why don’t they devote their resources to half life 3...
DarkeTribute (9 months ago)
I really feel like Valve are trying to become infamously out of touch with their fan base. No, nobody asked for a Portal themed mobile game, Valve. Nobody even asked for another Portal game, period. If you won't make what people really want you to make (and you know exactly what I mean), at the very least release a Portal or Left 4 Dead sequel, an _actual_ sequel. Valve are easily on the fast track to becoming another EA or Activision.
TheYTGamer (9 months ago)
*_N O W W H E R E A R E M Y V R G A M E S ?_*
Nevermore (9 months ago)
*VR Bridge Constructor Portal when?*
Ryan Shead (9 months ago)
Allow me to explain why people are outraged. its not that people are outraged at the game, hell i don't even think they're outraged that it has portal branding. People are outraged at Valve because of their handling of the half life franchise, People are outraged at the atrocious steam support. People are outraged at how valve is shit at communication. People are outraged how Valve don't make games despite building their entire platform and reputation around game development People are outraged at Valve because they've become arrogant and lazy as they've become bigger. The reason the outrage is becoming so bad is because valve point blank REFUSE to address any concerns the community have. By not addressing obvious problems and elephants in rooms they have allowed the mood to simmer over and feelings to boil over. They have allowed the HL and CS communities to crumble. Firstly telling people Half life is being made and then one day ignoring any reference to it and not talking about it like it never happened. Then with counter strike removing emphasis on community servers and favouring e-sports over real mod makers and community organisers, thus turning cs into a microtransactional gambling shitfest. (not even going to touch on the fact every gun has been nerfed compared to cs source) They arrogantly think that selling people half a product (half-life) then not talking about it, means they don't have to answer for it, when they do. Valve owes their existance to the community built around their games and steam. Most people who love steam discovered it through Valve titles. Valve time used to be a funny joke as did half life 3 but as time goes on, the discontent in the community builds. The hate Valve gets is perfectly justified. It wouldn't be justified in 2007/8 but in 2017 with valve being the monolith that it is, they clearly have the resources to fix and help all the communities but they're too comfortable in their current position. Another way of putting it, Valve needs a real shakedown to snap them out of this arrogant rut they've settled into. Perhaps they've even spread themselves too thin and tried doing too much at once. SteamOS, SteamVR, Steamlink etc. But hey, thats just a theory, A STEAM THEORY... Thanks for reading
Simply Toast (9 months ago)
It's. Cash grab case closed
cinnamonbuns (9 months ago)
ok it looks interesting i might play it
suket domokos (9 months ago)
It's a good game why the hate?
Leo Šefčík (9 months ago)
Its out on appstore
iCrazyBlaze (9 months ago)
I don't know whether this hypes me up for Portal 3 or Bridge Constructor 2018
Kite (9 months ago)
Where's Left 4 team portal 2 episode 3?
Davidino (9 months ago)
Im only going to play this because I need my portal addiction fed.
GeniusGT (9 months ago)
Why would anyone be mad about this?
DaPocketJeff (9 months ago)
I'm sorry but this isn't the portal 3 I wanted.
Cole Goodrich (9 months ago)
Honestly, the fact that we're still getting Portal-related stuff (LEGO Dimensions and now this) is good enough for me.
dan boii (9 months ago)
StHappyfaces (10 months ago)
Can we just get Obsidian to do an Opposing Force sequel?
Jani Johnny (10 months ago)
pls Valve, don't sell Half Life copyrights to EA
Anarchymatt (10 months ago)
This bullshit is giving me cancer - Portal Goat Simulator next?
Water Leaf (10 months ago)
>Nintendo switch logo guess who's on board with this
Theorak (10 months ago)
I'm for one would be glad if more IPs, that Valve CLEARLY doesn't want to make games for, would go to other devs.
Robogecko40 (9 months ago)
Obsidian studios
CIA 4U (10 months ago)
just fucking give l4d to turtlerock again if you're not doing anything with it ffs
InsecureWifi (10 months ago)
Valve probably hasn't even read your email yet
coolkid (10 months ago)
in 2020 mcdonalds will commit to sourcing all their foods with farm produce source: a commercial i saw back in early 2010's
Guiorgy Potskhishvili (10 months ago)
how much will it cost?
Forgotten Syrup (10 months ago)
did you just say portal wasn't about trial and error XD? are you fucking kidding me it's a puzzle game, all puzzle games are about trial and error.
Sewage Pipe Valve
BeekeepersInc (10 months ago)
Long time subscriber and I had to comment, don't refer to your inquiries toward Valve as "crap." They're non communicative, but your work is highly appreciated. People are really glad you keep making these videos, and we all saw you interview Gabe before. It's ok to demand answers from your favorite company
WolvenSpectre (10 months ago)
I think I will keep my pitchfork right by my side thank you very much.
Abbas Raza (10 months ago)
I'll take anything portal
Fresh Bread (10 months ago)
Oh man I remember when I was playing a game about building bridges for some trains.Can t wait to be released
Ll C (10 months ago)
This is like Artifact all over again
Michael Yanni (10 months ago)
I like the part where I bought an HTC Vive at release, played it several times on my own and a few times when friends came over... Now, it just sits in a box in the corner. It reminds me of the Wii. Same thing where I played a few games, played the party games, then never used it again. Valve's killer game for the hardware just isn't there. And, I feel this device is already outdated, because of the resolution used on the displays. I really hope my 'donation' helps drive a company, LIKE VALVE, to release some kind of game, preferably a single-player experience, for this type of device. When Gabe said he doesn't see them making single-player experiences anymore, he clearly didn't foresee, at that time, that VR is, by far, the best domain for single-player experiences with the current hardware. An epic, story driven VR experience, would substantially help the platform as a whole. I know you can do it, Valve! Please! Don't let my $800 I spent on this device be for naught!
Toropetskii (10 months ago)
Covering this game beyond "the Portal IP is being used" (which you already did) isn't necessary or relevant for this channel. Valve is not involved in the development any further than selling rights to the Portal IP. Therefore, this game has nothing to do with Valve, very little to do with Portal, and a lot to do with Bridge Constructor - a game that can have no original ideas of its own, as it is merely a remastered version of old flash games,
Dafuqinator7 (9 months ago)
He probably explained it in order to clear up the misconception that Valve had a big stake in this game and try to get the angry people to lower their torches and pitchforks.
Joel Cullum (10 months ago)
Dear Valve, I've been given only 50 years left to live. Please make a game I want. Thanks
Meteorcow (10 months ago)
We are not upset that it is good or not, we are upset because this is a massive slap in the face to the community that have been waiting for something good for many many years.
Lubie Placki (9 months ago)
Meteorcow Please be patient, Artifact Beta will arrive soon.
Esteban Failsmore (10 months ago)
*puts on his fake Gordon beard, glasses and tin foil hat* Bring it on, Tyler.
Chris Season (10 months ago)
hah wow didnt know clockwork went from tf2 scout main pro to game developer hah good for him, hAh
Ishi TheShepherd (10 months ago)
this actually doesn't look as bad as i imagined it.
Qwerty (10 months ago)
Is this worth it?
marinesciencedude (10 months ago)
Is ClockStone's 'Bridge Constructor' games as good as 'XConstruction' on Android?
verdatum (10 months ago)
Meh, I'm sold. Sounds worth $10 to me.
Lamarr the headcrab (8 months ago)
verdatum yo lo descargué pirata Translate this 👆
ahre (10 months ago)
I love how youtube gaming says that the game is portal instead of bridge constructor portal lmao
MrZsc (10 months ago)
does anybody that wants a portal 3 even know what kind of plot itd have?
reogaro (10 months ago)
*NOW WHERE ARE MA VR GAMES?!* You should put that at the end of EVERY video you make from now on, until they release one of their new VR games.
toby sawyer (10 months ago)
In response to " Where are my vr games", I think you ment to say "where the fuck is hl3"
Schwanzus Longus (10 months ago)
i would prefer portal 3 but ye .. we are just the little gamers that puttin in money since 15-20 years.. who tf cares .. lets just make a dota 2 card game i would say .. oh wait
ZNemerald (10 months ago)
This looks like a flash game lol
Luc DK (10 months ago)
Isn't this just Poly Bridge?
SuperCityscan (10 months ago)
I understand all the hate for Artifact, but why for TF2 monopoly and this game? They were not made by Valve, they were mostly guided by Valve. It's just looks sad, how people lost their temper over a little harmless game. Valve may deserves hate, but these componies, who made these games, don't.
PianoPerry (8 months ago)
Wait wait wait, you've never played a card game? how do you do that?
Petko Fuchalksi (9 months ago)
Tinder Surprise is a 14 year old kid that acts like a man only behind a computer screen. please do me a favor and kill yourself.
Petko Fuchalksi (9 months ago)
Trolling Troll Trolls Troll Troll Trolls you are the one trolling not me.
Tinder Surprise (9 months ago)
@Voni Majertha So when is my little internet bitch gonna start coming over and blowing me?
Tinder Surprise (9 months ago)
Petko Fuchalksi is a virgin that sucks companies off for nickles and dimes
knexfan100 (10 months ago)
Artifact will be a good game. Send me your salt, it fuels me.
aruan7sp (10 months ago)
The game shown at 1:52 reminds me of World of Goo.
Kreeper (10 months ago)
Can someone get me that clip of the HTC Vive robots?
cheatsykoopa98 (10 months ago)
ok, so if another company is making a portal game, couldn’t someone ask valve to make a half life game?
Wank Hank (10 months ago)
Next game: a HL2 fighting game
ChokeCJ (9 months ago)
Implying valve doesn't postpone that before making a Ricochet Racing Game
D-ray Ent (10 months ago)
I'm gonna stop following you on Twitter, it spoils the new videos. Love you Tyler.
Ramiz Ünal (10 months ago)
Two blue portals!? Unplayable
RaeofSunshine (10 months ago)
eksmad (10 months ago)
At first you said "Sorry that THIS happens so much" and now it's a good game?
Jacob Bridenbecker (10 months ago)
Michael (10 months ago)
this looks fun, if it goes on sale durring the winter sale I'm getting it
ᛗᚨᛋᛏᛖᚱ (10 months ago)
I love how Valve is the only publisher who's not forced to milk the same cows over and over, and people don't like it. You all totally deserve all the remakes and copy-paste sequels that are destroying the gaming market.
ᛗᚨᛋᛏᛖᚱ (10 months ago)
Team Fortress, Portal, Counter Strike, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead, Steam and so on. Almost every Valve release from the last Half-Life was way better and more disrupting for the gaming market than any new Half-Life sequel game they could have released instead. That was my point. I don't want Valve to enter the "infinite remakes and sequels loop" I want new games and new IPs, even a card-game, but something new. Valve is basically the only one who can afford that, thanks to the constant Steam cash flow.
Silhouetters (10 months ago)
Yes because milking steam, steam direct, dota 2, csgo, tf2 and most likely this game isn't milking at all. Oh wait.
voornaam achternaam21 (10 months ago)
Mwua, i like bridge builder games and i love portal, maybe i'm gonna check it out. This isn't really what we were hoping for though...
Pachi (10 months ago)
Dj746605 (10 months ago)
I don't understand the outrage at all, this probably took little to no time away from what ever the Valve dev team was working on, and is just a cool bit of Portal-themed fun that you don't have to buy if you don't want to.
Dj746605 (10 months ago)
And DotA and CSGO are their best games, and are doing very well. Single Player games are amazing, but they're not nearly as profitable and they take a massive time investment in creating, for what could be a game that doesn't do well. The landscape of games has changed, and so has Valve, you don't have to be happy about it, but don't take that out on a group of devs that just licensed out one of their franchises.
101Andu101 (10 months ago)
Nearly everything Blizzard has developed over the years is rotting (excluding overwatch and hearthstone). Nobody on earth has ever died (excluding the people who have died). You can make any point sort of valid by excluding everything that disproves it. It doesn't make your argument any better tho.
DxBlack (10 months ago)
Valve team didn't develop it...try watching the video and reading news before trying to suck Valve's dick. Nearly everything they've developed over the years is rotting (excluding DOTA2 and CS:GO), and the only thing they're trying to answer with is a fucking money-grab of a DigitalTCG nobody asked for... Understand _THAT_.
TheDutchMan (10 months ago)
71st comment. Wow I’m early!
Kombiice (10 months ago)
Jeep Barnett - That's a surprise!
Kombiice (10 months ago)
Yes. Referencing to older lines isn't good.
Nata1014 (10 months ago)
R.I.P HL3 I want my HL3 :"(
Angry Crafters (10 months ago)
I've played both Portal 1 and Portal 2 and finished it, plus a little bit of Portal Stories mel and Portal 2 is by far my favorite.
Doctor cardio (10 months ago)
I clicked this video when it had no views. It now has 3K views. NOTIFICATION SQUAAAD
JakeRonYT (10 months ago)
Sorry, can't like. Current amount of likes at 420.
Yurrupt (10 months ago)
First valve related thing on the switch
Videogamer96 (10 months ago)
Callity Would be cool to see a few more Valve games on Switch
Ultgamer cw (10 months ago)
Don't think I will be picking this one up on day one. I want game like portal 2 and hl2 not games about bridge construction.
Angry Pocket Pyro (10 months ago)
I can answer the title. It's shit.
Ratare40 Show (10 months ago)
That was first in my head when i saw title xD
Medium Rhombus (10 months ago)
I honestly am hoping that left 4 Dead 3 gets announced next. I mean, Portal & half life are getting movies and left 4 dead hasn’t got anything new, so why not
Skunk Nipples (10 months ago)
Any Smissmass 2018 news ?
SuperX _ Beni (9 months ago)
That is far. We need to know about TF2's 2018 update or HL3 announcement or something
Prometheus Hippopotimi (10 months ago)
this game would be radical if valve made actual games
Melhem Zammar (10 months ago)
Running out of ideas for a new game eh valve?
Miguel (9 months ago)
you got roasted man/woman (gender equality) just surrender your doritos now boi.
Melhem Zammar (9 months ago)
I did watch but their idea is shit to me :)
Miguel (9 months ago)
ohohoh nice one! **virtual high five**
Silver (10 months ago)
Someone didn't watch the video and has absolutely no clue of what they're talking about, do they?
Twinkle the marvel horse (10 months ago)
*N O W W H E R E A R E M Y V R G A M E S ?*
Meme Emperor (10 months ago)
Portal 3? Nah, just new themed Portal game.
juice (10 months ago)
1.) it's not made by valve, and they didn't waste much time helping with it 2.) if you've played portal 2 then you should know better than to expect portal 3. 3.) if a game is good, it doesn't mean it needs a sequel, or especially if it's already a sequel and came to a concrete conclusion!
The Mysterious Stranger (10 months ago)
I don't know how I feel about this
KechTV (10 months ago)
At least Valve helped a bit. Better than nothing.
notjan boem (10 months ago)
I´m still (alive [....sorry i had to]) not sure if this game is something for me, but i think when its in sale for perhabs 5 bucks i will try it.
robensate (10 months ago)
it's an insult to our intelligence!
Favmir (10 months ago)
To be fair...
6185513114 (10 months ago)
robensate shut yo mouf
juice (10 months ago)
i am very smart
Chris Season (10 months ago)
if you're so intelligent, go make your own fantastic IP!
April Rising (10 months ago)
For people who dislike this game because its not a actual Portal sequel,I share your emotions,but remember it has new GlaDOS lines and new Portal style music.
TheGrouchyGamer (9 months ago)
Colt McCurry Oh, no doubt. There are some really good upbeat tracks in the Half Life series, but I'm just saying, in my opinion, he really nails the creepier ambient stuff. Extinction Event Horizon comes to mind.
April Rising (9 months ago)
TheGrouchyGamer I think what made Bailey a really good composure is that he can handle different types of themes and settings.He kind do strange,creepy ambient sound and music and he can do action,pump up music.
TheGrouchyGamer (9 months ago)
Colt McCurry I'm holding out for the Xen update, mainly because I know they'll go for ambient, creepier music and that's where Bailey shined the most. It'll HOPEFULLY be like music ripped straight from Hl1 and 2.
April Rising (9 months ago)
TheGrouchyGamer I haven't played it but I did listen to its soundtrack and its really good.I think the game's composer name is Joel Nelison and he got talent.Now the soundtrack is unique on its own but it does pay homage to the original.Altough it seems its also inspired by Bailey's later work.
TheGrouchyGamer (9 months ago)
Colt McCurry Just phenomenal stuff. What did you think about Black Mesa's OST? I thought it did a pretty good job and holds a candle to Bailey, at the least.
DaRandomDude (10 months ago)
I hate it even more now...
Cap. Adam (10 months ago)
Clockwork is a Dota 2 hero lel
Ivan Ikeman (10 months ago)
I mean yeah its probably a good game But its not what we have been asking for for about 10 years now
staryoshi06 (10 months ago)
So? Valve didn't make it, they just provided a license. Like how they licensed the half life franchise to Crowbar Collective for Black Mesa. Chill.
101Andu101 (10 months ago)
People have been asking to become billionaires for longer than 10 years. I fail to see how what the wishes of some random dudes on the internet have anything to do with what volvo will spend their time on.
Silver (10 months ago)
Portal's story is over, there's no need for a third game. There never was other than a "We need a third of everything" mentality. Each Half-Life was a showcase of new technology. When VR matures or Source 2 matures, Valve will throw another "Half-Life" tech demo together. Right now, the only reason to continue it is for the story, but Mr. Laidlaw already fixed that for us. Hell, at this point, Left 4 Dead 3 is most likely to be the Source 2 tech showcase.
Ivan Ikeman (10 months ago)
Valve should hand over HL and Portal to the community because we know damn well they arent going to do anything with it
Mr. Doctor Schultz (10 months ago)
I'm actually pretty excited for this game.
Pearson Productions (10 months ago)
Glad to know there is some stuff going on. I’ve had a tradition of beating portal 2 every Christmas. Weird tradition, I know.
Simpleton (10 months ago)
They haven't officially released the new vive remotes yet right, I'd love to finally get them with Valve's new projects
DaveSwitch (10 months ago)
Thanks for existing, Tyler.
Andrew (10 months ago)
*sigh* It makes me sad Valve has gotten a bad rap over the past year or two just because of mistakes. Hell, if you want to be mad at any company, direct your flame to someone who deserves it. _cough cough_ EA
Very Rare (9 months ago)
Well valve does have a semi-monopoly on the pc gaming market anyways. No one wants to boycott steam itself bc they have all their games / money on it. It's why we've put up with their shit for so long.
juice (9 months ago)
they think of the worst case scenario. if they announce they have cancelled half life three, some people will be relieved that the shitshow of speculation can end (including myself), but a vast majority could be outraged. death threats, boycotting, and overall pretty bad shit could happen. the alternate option is that they keep quiet, and let this relatively low rumble of anger continue until they hopefully appease the crowd with one of those vr games they promised
Very Rare (9 months ago)
Well they can at least tell us if half life 3 is coming or just fucking cancel it already. Id honestly be happy if they just announced it's not going to happen instead of constantly teasing the fans and leaving us to speculate and theorize. They have also lost just about all of their best writers which hurts for fans of their single player games. We want answers not promises.
Andrew (9 months ago)
If I See Purpp Thats A Homi Valve doesn't meet our expectations? Yeah, I agree, but there's not much they can do about that. Any creator can tell you that you can't please everybody. They don't communicate much because they don't want to promise anything they can't do.
Very Rare (9 months ago)
Because they have the worst customer service ever. They dont communicate for jack shit and never give us what they promise. They also have gone lazy and just milk micro transactions; something that is terrible for the future of games.
Yuhdragon (10 months ago)
Sensualo Erotisimo (10 months ago)
"it's a good game" sure, but is not a new game, or a sequel of an old game, it's just a fork from a game that deviates from everything everyone liked about the original, if i wanted a point and click game would have gone to Newgrounds and play many of the porn click and point games there
RoarOfDamnation (9 months ago)
As far as i know there doesn't exist any bridge constructor puzzle porn games, yet. And the day someone makes one and puts it on NG, Armor Games and Kongregate will finally lose.
Freerk Schuett (10 months ago)
That's because it is not a Valve game. They just gave the portal licence to the devs. Valve is working on its own things (probably mainly Steam stuff, but hopefully good VR titles). This is not Valve trying to cheaply continue the Portal franchise, rather them making a bit of money on a little non-canon game some fans might enjoy. You can like that or not, but your argument is invalid.
Spirks (10 months ago)
This isn't a point and click game, that's another genre. And we were never promised a new main series portal game.
DrIvanRadosivic (10 months ago)
kul story brah.
Matwor 29 (10 months ago)
Looks interesting :)
Butter Butt (10 months ago)
What is bridge constructor portal? The confirmation that valve don't care anymore.
Bologna Boy (10 months ago)
You would think by now people would stop freaking out every time valve does something retarded cuz it happens so much now, it's the new norm.
imTheMrBEAN (10 months ago)
*Correction: This is not worth getting mad at the other company for. We should still be mad at Valve for all the bullshit they've done in the last few years
Sambobadger (10 months ago)
No, that was Artifact. This is just a little thing made by different company. It's not worth getting mad at Valve for.
Michael Bobb (10 months ago)
did valve ever care after they focused all on steam and VR?
RAY hill (10 months ago)
At least its not an card game

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