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The Comeback Challenge! | CS:GO Silver Games! (Success?!)

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Text Comments (412)
JT ULTRA A1 (2 days ago)
hahaha......#sad_life opponent
SAYAN 183 (6 days ago)
Lets c u do it in ur main ids instead of hitting kids to proove u a man
FakeJake (6 days ago)
I’m actually a woman
Meme Master (8 days ago)
waste maximum amount of time challange
Farhan Badar (13 days ago)
Silver 1 lol
sam 08 (16 days ago)
he is not good archer he is good fragger 😂
DaLxmOz (20 days ago)
Damn those motherfuckers salty 😂😂
ROBcraft 11 (22 days ago)
5:46 retards in enemy team
eitma balls (23 days ago)
wow fuck u that was a fail
Jyrelle Omapoy (24 days ago)
Jinlian Yan (27 days ago)
slivers: why u bullying me?
Noob From Mars (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6rWA4LnBEM&t=121s 30 tips and tricks to be a pro on de_dust
Molt3n Playz (28 days ago)
Silver idiots calling themselves "Legendary Pros" and calls you hackers hahahaha, those silver idiots are retarded
Collin Kraft (29 days ago)
I'm still waiting on that iced bun
GamerSK Sk (1 month ago)
They said easy draw but they werewinning by 14 points🤣
Sven Unknown (1 month ago)
You should let win the enemys you are smurfing as hard as possible why you really try to draw this it was obvious you can do it.. just let them the last round.
Jaco Prince (1 month ago)
Hate people like you
Cuong nguyen (1 month ago)
where the food
Micheal A-398 (1 month ago)
xXDabstoPXx (1 month ago)
666 dislikes
FakeJake (1 month ago)
Lukas Gulbinat (1 month ago)
Døpe (1 month ago)
He attac, he protec but most importantly, he comebacc
no panic! (1 month ago)
Ну против кого игрались-то:) Давайте против SUPREME! (Against whom they played ... :) do this against supreme)
thatBoyZerk (1 month ago)
i had a 8-15 comeback today
hypoCRITe (1 month ago)
The Chat is so funny when you know that they aren't cheating xD
Buzz Tech (1 month ago)
Coud this be more staged?
Peace Out (1 month ago)
clickbait like 15-0. it was 14-1
Isabelle LOPEZ Y LOPEZ (1 month ago)
ZOX (1 month ago)
From where can I get the Terrorist image from the thumbnail
FakeJake (1 month ago)
Mystical Antlers (1 month ago)
I expected a 14/16 game...
ExNoops Dzn's (1 month ago)
Your video os the same of the Channel BRDGAMER, an Youtuber of brazil, him started this theme first.
Flying Bullets (1 month ago)
this is stupid, do this at global level, you ruined the guys game ... they are silver, this is why people stop playing this game. smurfing is killing the game for people who are not playing that mutch
Fihlippe Luhis (2 months ago)
_This_ is the reason, why cheaters exist. *congratulations*
- omFg (2 months ago)
“silvers dont know how bad they are”
i sewkai (2 months ago)
you guys are demons
TheAssassinAVA (2 months ago)
I can win a knife and nades and no callouts only game
Rub. Hagrid (2 months ago)
anyone still subscribed to a channel with http links?
r3act (2 months ago)
got carried by good archer
Crafty Fruit (2 months ago)
Give links to their profile so we can harass them
NewbGAMERz (2 months ago)
Once my team did a comeback challenge we also did it to 14 1 and at the end of the match the score was 14 16......their team reported us all......
techtro gaming machine (2 months ago)
Paul Pop (2 months ago)
edwin gao (3 months ago)
i like how silvers are so bad
iLogic (3 months ago)
i would trash talk if i did that lol
Anonim x (3 months ago)
*all reports* classic silver -_-
Kelanduo L·Dyglia (3 months ago)
Hahaha I like how the silver always though others are hacking. Their stupidness limited their imagination.
nimrodery (1 month ago)
When instead they're just griefing to maintain a low rank. Which is also cheating.
StupidVideos HD (3 months ago)
Famzy (3 months ago)
M'Daka is a fucking noob
Sandwich Boi (4 months ago)
If they report you guys for hacking....Valve understand that they are Silvers.
updesh gupta (4 months ago)
hey you remember me i am mike we played together yesterday
lil nyyppä (4 months ago)
Only 11 kills lol
MicroT (4 months ago)
Idiot papi
Hooda Plays (4 months ago)
Best Way of Killing itself is Just Type Kill in Console u will do suicide
CJJ Boss (4 months ago)
XBLStyx (4 months ago)
you cheat lol
Dasty2000 CZ (4 months ago)
5:53 5Hackers vs 5 Legendary pros OMFG so EZ xDDD
SalCos (4 months ago)
Bap bap = be fat Wtf am i doing with my life Fuck My Little Asshole Please dont delete my life My channel My parents Fu this comment is way to short Lol my comment xd bye wtf
TireXa (4 months ago)
get carried boiiii
編集airs (4 months ago)
Next challenge: get Plastic rank
OM3GA (5 months ago)
He is on a prime account, he isn't pretending to be silver one, he is silver one.
Arkkells (5 months ago)
nice ace
Лёха CaguCT (5 months ago)
What the point? I mean if you comeback on global rank, that's will be cool. But that insane.
Xiao Zhu (5 months ago)
Making fun of silvers and calling them retard :<
aphisath thammavong (5 months ago)
mattia garzieri (5 months ago)
"Eeeeee sono argento uuuuno, faccio altamente schiiifo, rosico a meeerda e faccio report a tutti"
Shane Rogers (5 months ago)
what I found funny about this is at about the 6th minute they said 5 hackers vs 5 legendary pros xD
sief fezzani (5 months ago)
I'm YRon2y (5 months ago)
Bill Killernic (5 months ago)
you manage to draw not to win
Hi im Denis (6 months ago)
Smurf = Retard
Adelra Man (6 months ago)
Intro song please☺️
Tvrdak2016cz (6 months ago)
At 0:09 he liked his own video. :D
FakeJake (1 month ago)
Skrzynka (6 months ago)
Sad Preety sad ; (
ZapZap Retard (6 months ago)
do it again xd
Best Animations (6 months ago)
Best Animations (6 months ago)
The headshot challenge bro!!!!
LionHenry (6 months ago)
thats super nice! beating them but still letting them win so they dont stuck in elo hell :D
Junpeng Chen (6 months ago)
Fell bad for the other team, they were so happy for 14 rounds
not Ainsley (6 months ago)
i liked, can i please have my iced bun now?
Sean jia (6 months ago)
300 comment
Gaspralious (6 months ago)
come bacc like thicc
MR. MEE (6 months ago)
Man says "ez tie"
Harry-Haz (6 months ago)
Where's my iced bun?
SPL1TT (7 months ago)
this is so pathetic
Skyrim Gaming & Nerd (7 months ago)
Good video man
Challenge Crew (7 months ago)
Thanks man it really helped
ivqn (7 months ago)
it even tilts me how when they won that one round they type ''ez'' as if they didnt just lose the other 12 rounds in a row
Skyraidr YouTube (4 months ago)
GORGEousRO I think he was talking bout the enemy team man
GORGEousRO (7 months ago)
ivqn bro they were trying to lose so they can comeback.You guys are so retarded
Andy (7 months ago)
The moment you realise they were actually playing for a draw XD
Karan Yelve Pathfinder (7 months ago)
You people are merciless
L1wolf (7 months ago)
351 silvers disliked this.
EloTGstase (7 months ago)
Idk about you guys but i hate it when people type "ez" "xd" "rekt" in chat but i hate it the most when people think that someone in my team is hacking and when they win a round they type "xddd we won against a hacker"
Kevin Valderrama (2 months ago)
EloTGstase xd
Royal GhistX0 (2 months ago)
EloTGstase it makes you look like a douche
Carlos Santos (8 months ago)
5:38 silver?
h e n l o b o i (8 months ago)
Win a Silver match Without Crosshairs
why are you reading? (8 months ago)
Josh Wong (8 months ago)
Should have won. That would have been so much better than a draw due to tk
Unknown People (8 months ago)
Look at the enemy chat,they think they are very good they just dont know they are just being played lol
Amariucai Silviu (8 months ago)
i did my self a double ace
Amariucai Silviu (8 months ago)
In GN 1
rain 雨 (8 months ago)
Try this challenge on global
dancso channel gameplay (8 months ago)
Can i have a question? Why are you like your own video?😕
Noah Wittrock (8 months ago)
You Stock i so Good you noob
TJ GRYPHON (8 months ago)
This pisses me off so badly. you screw up our ranks buy smurfing like this. enjoyed video tho

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