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Add me on Skype live:shootaverage Song : OMFG - Hello Cheers
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JhazzyFX (1 year ago)
can you post it on sellygg pls im interested to buy unmigrated acc :)
Jqaz Gaming (2 years ago)
Hello guys! If you are still interested in buying, the prices have changed. This is due to the fact the Mojang has been increasing their security. Here are the new prices. Unmigrated Account: 4$ Migrated Alts: 0.50$ Full-Access Account: 4$ Method on how to keep the account: $9 Method on how to get these accounts with tid: $7 In order to contact me, here are my contact details: Skype: live:shootaverage Have a good day!
Jqaz Gaming (2 years ago)
Prices updated! Method on how to get Minecraft accounts with TID = $15 Minecraft accounts with TID = $10 Migrated accounts = $3.50 Unmigrated accounts = $2.50 Minecraft alts = $1 Add me on Skype, live:shootaverage or shootaverage@gmail.com If 3 people buy the method! I'm gonna giveaway 50 Minecraft accounts with TID
Jqaz Gaming (2 years ago)
Shop re-opened! Prices $10 = Minecraft Full Access Account with Transaction ID. $2 = Minecraft Unmigrated Account (Migratable) $3 = Migrated Minecraft Account (5 Months) Full Access $15 = Private method on how to get these accounts WITH TID $1 = Minecraft Alts

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