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How to Rank Up in CSGO

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how the CS:GO Ranking System works, at least as far as we know... Vitaliy Comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2g3r4c/the_ultimate_guide_to_csgo_ranking/ckfhfir/ Glicko2: http://www.glicko.net/glicko/glicko2.pdf
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Text Comments (1902)
Max S. (3 days ago)
"CS:G O"
Trolde_DK (4 days ago)
Now it makes more sense since im used to play with my mg2 friend and be the top fragger of the whole server but still being stuck in silver elite master.. But i hate the ranking system tho because im silver playing like a mg+ but my solo que m8's are playing like silvers and my oppents are smurfing..
TzOtv (5 days ago)
Jay Mark Pagcaliwagan (5 days ago)
Cringiest person in youtube
Scigla Auris (5 days ago)
6:28 edward is having a seizure
Lane (6 days ago)
This vid got me out of nova. Thanks WarOWL 😘
Kyle fulerton (6 days ago)
it's fuckin broke lmfao my little brother destroys globals in 1v1 arenas , drops 40+ frags every game and is stuck in nova master LUL but in faceit he's lvl 4 which is more skilled than your average global Valve has a completely unique , and broken system ahaha
Marcus Mitchell (6 days ago)
I recon they everyone gain and lose as a team. You win a round, you gain as a team and vice versa. They would then Give every player a percentage of the team's earnings on your percentage of damage dealt or points scored. That would work.
Erick726 (8 days ago)
I just deranked on a huge win. I went into the game a MG1 and came out a GN4. 23 kills 8 deaths and 4 MVPs. The score was 16 to 4. I was expecting a rank up because I've been doing so well and losing so little but a derank? I'm so confused.
Erick726 (9 days ago)
Wouldn't it be funny if Valve was lying this entire time and all that matters is your score.
Parker Williams (9 days ago)
I destroy in my rank but no one else can do anything so I lose .. and I de rank after 1,2 games, and I am super consitant
Serj Xd (9 days ago)
Mm is shit
Mr MadMan (9 days ago)
i love all ur vidzz pal
E3.14C (10 days ago)
youtube unbelled me from your videos, was wondering why I didn't get this one :/ amazing video nonetheless, it helped me understand a lot!
OfficialmONEy (10 days ago)
My friends will literally leave the bomb in spawn because they dont want it but will kill me defusing the bomb for the points.
Tech Tutorial (11 days ago)
after i watch this my math score increased 20.5%
Dick Chappy (11 days ago)
How do you rank up? You don't, you don't rank up. That's how.
Pat M (12 days ago)
I hope all csgo players goes for round wins not frag hunt
Not Defined (12 days ago)
holy crap... michael buble is war owl??
# (13 days ago)
Starcraft 2 music in the background, is that a new thing?
PrPwnage (14 days ago)
Haha Brent is wearing make up. Did you apply it yourself?
Meel (14 days ago)
9:00 respecc wahmin
YummyCore (14 days ago)
So it's better to surrender when I'm losing 8-0 than losing 16-0 lmao
Krazy Brobot (14 days ago)
git gud *END OF VIDEO*
Chance Desai (14 days ago)
Really interesting, but once you got into the topic I predicted that you were gonna say that. It's just like with anything. If you do some every day of the week, you'll reap much more than if you do the same amount all in a single day. Studying is a perfect example, even though I never did my chem homework second semester and somehow nailed a B on the final.
Dothurnaax (14 days ago)
"Play consistently, not seven times once a week" *just played and won seven times for the first time in a week* *can't play until next Sunday* *hopesanddreamsofgoldnova.doc not found*
samir islamčević (14 days ago)
Dude I remember in one of your solo queue to global elite episodes you lost a rank by winning a game. Idk how
Stefan Antić (15 days ago)
I think its random
Sircobs alot (16 days ago)
If you can derank by wining games you know that the ranking system needs some tweaking
lol lol (16 days ago)
so in conclusion: hog the bomb, only you get a kit. always try to get mvp, after you win a game, kick one of your players, leave the game if the enemy team is cheating
Aarón Aguilera (16 days ago)
how ranks work? They dont .__.
諸葛孔明 (16 days ago)
now we got it...and delete this video now!
manicwiz (17 days ago)
RootCorn (18 days ago)
This man has been watching RedLetterMedia. Same dry humor delivery and such
AZAMAT T (18 days ago)
This is sc go no one play this game for fun to much stress , even if you tried to play cool there is always something to piss you off like potato aim of your teammates or your own aim or just trash talk , I have strong russian accent it’s very hard to play for fun when every one talk trash about me my country and making fake russian accent “cyka blyat” etc
smog 19880 (19 days ago)
Love your videos, did you ever go pro? I used to be good...back in 1.5 when grenades were as big as houses. Now I'm 38 and my reactions are like a crusty vag. P.S say deviation moar
Arian Troian (19 days ago)
All this complicated shit, yet somehow, I play with my friend, and we both play 8 games over a week and win each game (same rank), yet none of us have ranked up, and then my friend played some on his own the following week while I opted to stay out, he lost all the games he played, and then we played again and then he ranked up the following game (after a loss), meanwhile I top frag every game, have most mvps and least deaths, there is no possible way his gliko score was better after those games considering we got our rank at the same time, this rank shit is so bullshit
TheGeekAndre (19 days ago)
I think I need to stop playing SoloQ all the time, 1 of the resons why I´m stuck in Gold Nova Master xD
Charles Antonio (19 days ago)
You look like Obiwan kenobi getting a haircut.lol
Guitarider (21 days ago)
I love you man, do you know that? You better know that. באהבה
Matthew Morales (21 days ago)
So this is why me a nova 2 always queues against nova masters and master guardians ;-;
Jesus (21 days ago)
Just aim and shoot at heads ez rank up. Why hasn’t anyone thought about this strategy before?
Gintare Kuku (22 days ago)
I was behind in a comp. 0 (us) - 13(them) and then we called a timeout went to pee and came back destroying them 15-13 xd
leevikv (23 days ago)
The way I annoy english teachers is 6st
NoX Sei (23 days ago)
TheWarOwl - *The bomb is a blessing, not a curse* <<< Quote of the year
FROG (23 days ago)
Im still unranked and now i gotta wait 20 hours again
Flatrim Dreshaj (24 days ago)
warowl plz answer this if you can . I was palyin comp mm and at the end of the game wich we won at the tkme i was silver 1 and it said ranked up to silver 1 again ?0
Abdou fitt (24 days ago)
do u mean if i play one game/day and win i rankup ? I PLAY the game 3 days/7 ?
The thing is that you will never get better at the game if you keep playing with people the same skill as you tho I'm a silver i never try and if I do I can win I actually played a game with a full team of dmgs and I was top Fragger and we won
MadnessTube (25 days ago)
git gud get lmao BAWX
lol lolson (25 days ago)
me and my friends started playing csgo again, and we lost our "higher" ranks, and now we are playing againts silvers... then we get reported for hacking and our trustrating gets lower :(
Kenneth K (26 days ago)
Legend!!! top quality content
TobyTCC (26 days ago)
W A R O W L is a lizard, along with zucc and obamo
Bailz (26 days ago)
I’m stuck between silver 4 and silver elite and it pisses me off a lot
FishyYT_ (26 days ago)
i dont play often because im silver 1, been there for almost 2 years (maybe 1 idk) bad team mates make it the hardest and i dont have friends to play with
Karides (27 days ago)
A few years ago, the ranking system changed. I was master guardian 1. I started playing and I lost a few matches in the same day. I got lower rank every time I lose and became silver :(
Seth Ardolino (27 days ago)
I'm just pissed that if I'm going to be playing against gold Nova and mgs every single game then at least make my rank more then SILVER 3 like holy shit I've been playing this game for a year and won 133 games yet I've never past silver. Wtf
Skree akadylan (27 days ago)
secret saauccccce
Parker (27 days ago)
As someone who once dropped 50 kills and still lost, I don't think wins/losses should be an ultimate decider in ones rank
Trolof Meister (27 days ago)
how to rankup 1)queue with 2 ranks higher players in 5 man lobby and git gud
Soft Needles (27 days ago)
Nice Video! I was wondering if u could make one on how to use smokes as an advantage, ex. Shooting through them by footstep sounds and tracers. Thanks
OMX STRIKE (27 days ago)
One problem. What if you don't have a consistent group of people, so you're deranking because you're playing with bad players and it becomes a cycle. The only thing I lack is consistent play and a good team as I'm always constant on the score board and MVPs. I've been playing consistently and actually better, but I've deranked from dmg to nova 4 and now I'm at silver. Though I can hold my own at an mge level as I've played with and against my mg, dmg, and me friends. I've played csgo for more than two years with over 1k of legit hours and even if I get better the game it still punishes me.
Nawang (28 days ago)
i did not get it but i want to know how could you find all these maps of cs go in real life? i would like to visit mirage someday let me know what can i expect and expenses to be there thanks.
abhinash bharat (28 days ago)
That's how lord gaben rolls
Hamad Almusalam (28 days ago)
Stop being so cringey and then people will actually enjoy your content, stop doing childish sounds and acts
FrostFlakejr (12 days ago)
Hamad Almusalam do you see the comments, a lot of people like it.
Didy Harudi (28 days ago)
IDonateSometimes (28 days ago)
I have 68 hours so far. Started a week ago. Yes I have no life. Just got placed today at s4. This was my first pc shooter. Laptop runs it at only 80 fps. But I do well in casual and if I try hard very well in my skill group. But I keep having games were we will go 3 to 6 and people already give up. Some even leave. I had a match today where it was 5 10 and 2 people left, but we came back and I carried with another guy. Am I doing well so far? Btw I can bhop which only took me 2 minutes too learn the basics. Just to look cool, obviously.
freshz. (28 days ago)
7:55 coldzera cheating? :O
freshz. (28 days ago)
so thats why bottom fraggers allways get ranked up...
unknown SHIELD (28 days ago)
Not interested, I thought you are talking about how rank to up in PUBG
FrostFlakejr (12 days ago)
unknown SHIELD ok
unknown SHIELD (12 days ago)
FrostFlakejr , wow! I can't survive just like you! I give up cs go
FrostFlakejr (12 days ago)
unknown SHIELD ok and I'll play until it dies out, but until then I'll keep playing it because it's a fun strategic game.
unknown SHIELD (12 days ago)
FrostFlakejr , are you sure want to talk to me? Just look around you.... Cs go .... Dying....
FrostFlakejr (12 days ago)
unknown SHIELD PUBG has a boring concept that's super repetitive, drop, find weapons, be the last one standing. CSGO on the other hand there's more than just defusal. There's more modes to play, download maps from the steam workshop and play on community servers.
AdmiralLink (28 days ago)
I need to git gud as there are times I should have won the fight but lost in gun fights or lag spikes. When is it a good time to crouch or crouch and fire?
Cancer Faggot (1 month ago)
Gayest video on earth.
FrazzaJ2000 (1 month ago)
people still play this game??? lolwut
Omega Squad Frisk (1 month ago)
I hear Earthbound and Starcraft music. I click the like button.
Darvínos the Great (1 month ago)
I get kicked for getting more than 3 kills in a round so I can't rank up
proro (1 month ago)
I top frag every single game by many kills and have a much higher score than everyone else in the game. I play at least 1 comp game a day, usually no more, and win nearly every game I play. Im still silver 3 and have been in the silver group for many many months. I was gold nova 4 a year or so ago, but I stopped playing for a few months, so when I got my rank back it was silver 1. Now, after months of playing comp and winning, I’ve barely progressed. Something is wrong with the ranking system when I am obviously not being matched with players of equal skill because I am leagues ahead of every player I play against in comps
Jan Dale Cody Ranada (1 month ago)
I srsly dont like playing solo with indians thb
YourLocalCultist (1 month ago)
It’s not fun when I’m stuck at silver 3 with 200 comp wins
Haram Lasagne (1 month ago)
How to Rank Up in CSGO? Play only Negev and never use Grenades
Brent Hinkins (1 month ago)
But how do we acquire a team to play with on a consistent basis? Plenty of us don't have those kind of friends who want to develop every necessary aspect of a team which includes quote on quote "try Harding, man its just about having fun" and developing team strats and training and working on the team and individual skills. I mean i have no friends who would want to actually do that, do you?
Ninerow (1 month ago)
7:30 But the most cheaters play very nonlegit and dont get banned... I can say, on LEM its easier to play then on the MG Hell... But if u play on easter once like me and get deranked to mg.... only cheaters.... non legit cheaters.... with premium hacks so they dont get banned -.- One Enemy did spinning on my stream and dont get banned... Still not banned.... everybody reported him, still playing... i mean wtf. Playing on ESEA helps a lot, but people start asking me about my rank, i get kicked out, only because of the rank. My Skill Level is LEM, but loosing on MG ranks, because im mge...
Wonder (1 month ago)
In the past three days I've ranked up twice on ties. Theories there?
D4RK I Chiefs (1 month ago)
yo i just want some opinions here, I am a Supreme Master First Class and i solo Q mostly, bearly ever playin with a team. If i got a team would i get Global Elite??
DerpyDerp (1 month ago)
5:46 "and you dont want to d-" *ad*
Jackson Bodra (1 month ago)
i guess that's why warowl has been stuck at DMG or EAGLE rank ....because he is playing only 1 game per day.
Slayer King FTW (1 month ago)
Well my rating volatility is definitely VERY high. I sometimes play like silvers but I also sometimes play like an MG
Slayer King FTW (1 month ago)
And yes I'm gn
MR. GAMER 7 (1 month ago)
I have win 8 game in a row *TWICE* and didnt rank up
Purge CSGO (1 month ago)
Another math lesson
M4r3K20 (1 month ago)
i like your videos and your style doing these :)
Levi T (1 month ago)
so they created a game that you rank up faster by playing less often? shit system
ZaroN TeamNinjA (1 month ago)
so wanne win rate its like 100its insta rankup and you win rate go down after you lose some games its like faceit its same elo
ZaroN TeamNinjA (1 month ago)
i have rankup like 5 time in e roll on new acc its start form gold nova and all the way too le so its my win rate wanne acc its new give more elo by winning the first games and play good ofc
ZaroN TeamNinjA (1 month ago)
i am sorry but you teori its worng its 3 games in a roll and top frag all of the game u rankup but after lem or le its take longer time :P
Scibra Crandami (1 month ago)
So: if I'm losing matches, keep playing; if I win so many, stop playing?
Blockybodyguard (1 month ago)
dude team up with gametheory
joseph lee (1 month ago)
WarOwl should do facts videos
Zipah (1 month ago)
Just gotta say you said something wrong, Getting bomb plant + 1 kill will get you mvp star. False. it`s actualy random you can even ace a round and the bombplanter may get the mvp. Bomb planter doesn`t require any kills to recive the mvp it only increases the chance.
Nathan (1 month ago)
Then y da fuck is it when I'm a S2 and I play with my gn4 friend and we compete against Silver elites and we loose I instantly derank ??
Under Games (1 month ago)
Makes sense why I don't play CS:GO so much...Cuz my brain just died...
HIPCRITICA L (1 month ago)
Wait a minute I once played with a hacker and we knew he was hacking and when he got banned I lost my whole rank

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