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How to Rank Up in CSGO

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how the CS:GO Ranking System works, at least as far as we know... Vitaliy Comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2g3r4c/the_ultimate_guide_to_csgo_ranking/ckfhfir/ Glicko2: http://www.glicko.net/glicko/glicko2.pdf
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Shiloh wood (2 days ago)
So basically it’s already picking my competitive skill group and I’ve only won 4 games is that good
Play a game and win. Then go play fortnite.
Nabo00o (4 days ago)
that ending theme reminds me so much about 'some' anime ending, or maybe its from a game. Stupid brain can't remember :/
Killary For Prison (5 days ago)
You spelled teammates wrong.
Marco81blues (7 days ago)
How to rank up in csgo 1- Don't block your teammates by jumping infront of them like a retard, at the start of every round. 2- Practice your spray 15 mins every day. 3- CT-Watch your team mates back, instead of hiding in a corner like a retard. 4- T- Take duels, instead of hiding in a corner like a retard. 5- Maybe someone will carry you, if you play enough games.
Smashen (8 days ago)
5:49 "And you dont want to d.." ad plays "die"
HorrorHawk (10 days ago)
i have ranked up in a tie...
Cookie Sam (6 days ago)
me too, just this Friday afternoon XD
Javohn Macklin (10 days ago)
Im always going against smurfs or silvers whos having a lucky ass game
Bac Jam (10 days ago)
For anyone reading this i got ranked in silver (I'm way better :P) and iv been playing every day and get about a rank a day even if i lose I'll rank up because i have 30 kill's I'm grinding to eagle and hopefully globe
Koda (12 days ago)
f*-= you
Julian (13 days ago)
I practiced a lot but it never payed off aim wise because I was playing on a potato thus I constantly got like 10 kills a game but now I have a good pc so I am easily 30 bomming mostly every game
Glenn Valenza (15 days ago)
You literally sit in the same fucking rank regardless of wins and skill for ages
Iptamtington (16 days ago)
6:26 Edward locked on to an enemy through the wall, 6:42 coldzera's crosshair snapped to the middle of s1mple's head
Squid Lips (16 days ago)
Your final bit of advice is by far the best. The rating system is intentionally obfuscated and organic to prevent people from gaming the system. Supporting your team with nades and distractions might not win you many points, but it could win you rounds and games. There is also something to be said for trying to get a couple extra plants or defuses, but not in a greedy way that might lose you the round, or worse...
Siimon Härm (17 days ago)
It makes a lot of sense. I remember that when I was in the army, I could only play once a week. And I played wingman. I started from mg2 and I got to supreme while playing only 1 game a week and ranked up every week.
L1NK (18 days ago)
look at my story: i have 3k hours because i have att internet that crashes faster than the titanic and I am still in silver and i can beat globals and stuff so i stopped playing mm and started just playing community because BANS... BANS EVERYWHERE! i hate valve currently
Kurt the Crip (19 days ago)
Rank matters cause I've been silver one for 4 years and Ive been playing for 6 I've seen how bad the game has gotten in silver one games and it's unplayable
Superbird13 (19 days ago)
how do you feel about the stinky little kids who pick their nose while watching your videos
Norman Badulis (20 days ago)
Mark Aldrich Soria (20 days ago)
chawal chawal (21 days ago)
I went to gn2 ..I was happy .. then I was a top.fragger and I won and they demoted me..
The Blct (22 days ago)
Fucking dog shit game I win 9 games in a row against higher ranks than me 30+ kills a game 2.0+ kd almost every game
Hoàng Trần Minh (22 days ago)
i'm the kind of guy who always throw the bomb to teammates. if he plants the bomb and we win the round, good for him, and a bit good for me too. but if he goes to bomb site and gets killed, guess who's gonna pick up and plant.
Agustin Abbondanza (23 days ago)
Last 25 seconds, wise words
equal2k4 (24 days ago)
got deranked with 46:2:17 yesterday :) ... thx volvo
freusin (24 days ago)
Excellent explanation, dude!
freusin (24 days ago)
1:25 maths will actually help you in life
Bow Wow (23 days ago)
freusin smh
freusin (24 days ago)
1:25 this is where maths come in handy lol
Bow Wow (23 days ago)
freusin b u posted this twice
freusin (24 days ago)
Make sure the enemy has won 3 rounds min. and max.
Swaggy Plays (25 days ago)
There Are Clips Of People Deranking On Wins On The Internet But Not Ranking Up From Losses
ThatDaniSaid (26 days ago)
What is HSP. I see this shown as a percentage in my steam personal game data. thx
VAC2 (27 days ago)
Damn that basic math! Always tricking you Americans!
AzKat (27 days ago)
I got to Global Elite via solo matchmaking, this video is therefore invalid.
ilCapitano (27 days ago)
Im not a meth person.
jp last (28 days ago)
This guy is a pos
why are your eyes green?.
Prathmesh Godse (29 days ago)
Is there even a "secret sauce" ? 🤔🤔
HollowTM (29 days ago)
i dont wanna rankup but why im not ranking up, 6 winning streak :| cant rankup to mg1
Gavin (30 days ago)
Christ, why not just add MMR? Why all this bullshit?
Nero edits (30 days ago)
systems fucking trash I wish it was just like league.
Ducdashot (30 days ago)
how to rank up "have a good consistent team" well im English so fuck me
Challenger002 (1 month ago)
everyone forgets 8:52 oof
someguy yeti (1 month ago)
Quit csgo for one year, was MG2, came back at nova 1. 1 week of solid play, mostly solo queue, up to nova 3. Loving being back, and still loving your content man, you have taught me a lot in the time I've played this game.
Zerotech (1 month ago)
Hi I remembered playing vs you in a game, I also have that game on my stream as well :) It's great that you enjoy and are devoted to the game, I would like to share my view on the Ranking System itself. Personally for me The Ranking System is meaningless to me, because like you said you get queued up with players of simular skills and the Trust Factor agrees with it. Ranks are not played the same, have you ever wondered why the Silver Ranked players are sometimes awful and other Silvers play like gods that can actually beat Master Guardians and when they do it is often done in the most embarrasing ways? The whole idea of ranking up for me is absolutely pointless when supposedly I have faced Master Guardians and I have obliterated them over and over again, it's amazing how they managed to keep their Rank supposedly higher than I am and yet I am stuck in a silver rank. However I have invested in a lot of time in Counter-Strike, for me the ranks don't change very much but at the same time I am getting good quality matches against pro-level players all the time so for me ranks don't matter it's who you play with is where you will enjoy it the most. From my experience I seem to get queued up against Global Elite players always through their secondary accounts throughout my csgo career, so for ranks it means nothing because all from my experience is to play with pro-players and top-level league players, often I get queued up with them but my gameplay has been varied a lot. I understand personal skill levels and ranks that it doesn't correspond at times, you have mentioned player objective yes thats the primary goal is to be objective in order to determine your player rating, also you need to factor in player's roles, specifically if they are better with sniper rifles then the best way to win is to give out your sniper rifles to your player of the team who are capable and more likely to win, you have covered a video about that, the sniper, the support, the assault and the lurker roles. You would also agree with hardware setups they do play a major role in it, what seperates the casual players from the competitive is the amount of time invested into the game. As an example if you are a Gold Nova player, if you tend to take the game casually you are more likely to get casual players, for me on the other hand I am Silver Elite now, and the matches I get are pro-level players who are Seasonal or playing on Smurf accounts to compete and to train players what it's like to dominiate in CSGO by being Top Fraggers of course. So of course the ranking system means nothing if the players of that rank do not play like their ranks at all, this is something Valve Corp. needs to address.
djpgamer7 (1 month ago)
I have so many MVPS per game and kills to deaths are crazy. I’m a silver two.
I_Might_PvP (13 days ago)
djpgamer7 same problem here, we should play together.
djpgamer7 (25 days ago)
Alexander Mileski i used to be mg and now I’m just here. I want to get out of here so bad. People think I’m hacking because I’m not bad at the game. I’m constantly carrying everyone right on my shoulders.
Alexander Mileski (1 month ago)
djpgamer7 your issue may be not winning match as a team. I found that, even though I get loads of kills in silver, I won’t rank up because my team play was poor. A big part of rank is how you play with your team. By playing as a team I managed to go from silver 1 (yes silver 1) to MGE in less than a year. Good luck :)
djpgamer7 (1 month ago)
You don’t!
pinguin22100 (1 month ago)
warowl is so damn sassy
RytheWolf🐺 (1 month ago)
Wtf is at 6:25 - 6:30 ? It kinda looks like aimlock. Or is that a glitch with GO:TV? Was it a microflick or what? I'm not really with the pro CS:GO scene but it looks fishy.
Scott Young (1 month ago)
Ummm I deranked from gnm I instantly played 2 games in a row Then I ranked back up when I won both of them Then I played one more and won Then I played two games and lost both and I derank How does that work???
CtWolffe (1 month ago)
9:29 God damn warowl, now team mates will kill me when I am defusing. (It happens allot).
db4ks (1 month ago)
i dont want to rank up im tryning to find out how to stay silver 1!
Kalle Nator (1 month ago)
Shut up soy boy >:(
The Beast (1 month ago)
what if I play 7 games a day, everyday? 🤔
Mr Locorio (1 month ago)
Excellent video. I've only just DL'd GO, it's great to learn how much work has gone into the evolution of the game.
Michał Bobnis (1 month ago)
Good video, including nice clues, but people too often hunt for points camping in match, losing fun from the actual gameplay.
V1RuS (1 month ago)
Hmm, I’m at MG2 playing LEM/supremes... balanced
CrystalG (1 month ago)
soooooooo git gud?
bkarmark (1 month ago)
I always need to stop the video and listen to you again because i gets distracted by the gameplay :3
cheeseman (1 month ago)
Another thing is that you don't lose as much as the other person gains.
Alfie Newton (1 month ago)
You sound like Troy Mcclure. That's good.
Clark Mannen (1 month ago)
I think Valve should add an option to join on only people with other mics
Legendary MuRAMasa1337 (1 month ago)
I got deranked from GN1 to S4 because of shit teammates and most of my buddies aint even playing anymore...While my other buddy doesnt want to play with me just went from GN1 to GN3 in 2 fucking days holy shit
bidli (1 month ago)
ohhhh nooooooo :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Dude you put in the title «how to rank up in cs go» and you start by saying «we dont know» , a video of great use XD
Joaquib (1 month ago)
Yeah the most I ever ranked up was when I played once a day 1 to 2 matches and I would rank up every other day It was crazy. This got me to Nova 4 but then took a break and noticed my rank dropped after 3 months.
Atmaj Mokal (1 month ago)
I didnt. Played for 1 month and ideranked to sem and. I played 1-2 games per day and in a week i got my rank back gn3 11 games won consistently 2 hrs of training
Xlaer (1 month ago)
7 wins in a row and the whole time the first or second place. Next match was lost and I got a derank. K Valve
Denny KAI (1 month ago)
I got question What system on matchmaking? If it based on skill, why i got a lot of trouble with matchmaking if i play solo like smurf,broken team (teamwork and teammate),cheater and make me stuck at gn1 or under and make me quit
Kyle Irving (1 month ago)
Wow warowl fans are as stupid as this retard
The Real Pineapple (1 month ago)
I have 800+ hours and I'm a silver three..
Kappliey (1 month ago)
Everyone watching this video is probably a silver
I Zen I (1 month ago)
But entry players that take bomb to get elo fuck the team
I Zen I (1 month ago)
Plus entry players are kinda also fucked by the system so it’s fine
Shen Youran (1 month ago)
No ,Simple will beat you:p
Rene Rebbase (1 month ago)
ADR... Does 448 in one hit
John Seed (1 month ago)
Why do people keep putting their faces on the thumbnails?
tw. milkie (1 month ago)
honestly, i thought for a long time to just play to win, play and have fun, and always practice and improve, and you’ll slowly come to be okay and love your rank because its truly how you are and its not a race to get higher and higher. but then i found myself slipping with time: - no friends who played csgo that were above my rank or even at my rank anymore because they just wanted to grind and got tired of it all - getting zero traction in recruit cs reddits and finding less and less people to consistently play with due to their timezones, emotions, or irl stuff - forcing myself to solo queue with random drawings of shitty teammates ranging: wanna pugstars, egotistical asswipes, racist / sexist dickwads, and logic defying players that made no progress to wining - practicing for hours and hours, enlisting coaches and mentors to review demos and work on game sense and awareness, but feeling no improvement drastic over the course of months leading into years, as i would get destroyed bu players who had probably just woke up and went back to sleep right after - becoming less and less talkative and felt like my calls, plans, and ideas being less and less valuable as the team would spread across the map and die, leaving me to clutch or just letting me die with them - losing more and more time stressing and losing the fun of the game, match after match and questioning why i even payed for it back in 2013 and now, im here in 2018, 4k+ hours on main, and 3k~ish on old alt account, at SEM wondering why i wasted so much time and why it even mattered. i didnt have fun, and now i wasted more time then i should have, with nothing to show for it. idk how to feel about it besides dissatisfaction and disappointment.
Cs Go (1 month ago)
I barely can rank up nor have any fun, because my acc which is currently at GN2(It’s highest rank) matches up with people in Global Elite, which takes all the fun away from me.
Zerozone Zz (1 month ago)
1:07 Elongated Muskrat
Bryan Santillano (1 month ago)
The camera isn’t focused and that makes him look weird lmao
TARUN morwal (1 month ago)
The easiest way people rank up in cs go is by playing with team mates who have much higher ranks than the player that why most of the gold nova and master guardian are called boosted now days
Guckatronias (1 month ago)
4:37 This explains my 15 wins in a row with no rank-up back in the good old days of 2016. LE was the best rank to get stuck in :D
Master Rondoudou (1 month ago)
varun singh (1 month ago)
You talk like Chandler 😂
The Cake Glutton (1 month ago)
Watched this when it came out and it all makes sense. I was Silver 2 when I watched and shortly after I ranked up to Gold Nova. What happened after is that I keep going down and up between Silver 2 and Gold Nova. As soon as I was Gold Nova I had a couple very though matches and got... deranked. Does it work like that? Seemed a bit unfair. Anyway then I had good games and was Gold Nova again. And after an incredible match where I owned I found myself Silver 2 again. I don't understand very well, all this is happening behind the curtain, I start the game and see a rank in the box, then at the end of the match I'm something else.
lmao (1 month ago)
Dragonia Gaming (1 month ago)
Does anybody else think WarOwl closely resembles... Xizt?
Br ad (1 month ago)
Warowl, I do not know if this is still a factor in the game as I haven’t tested it in maybe a year leaning towards 2 years?, but it used to be that if you lost a game without gaining more than 3/4 rounds on the enemy team, so say you lost 16-2 you would not lose Elo and would not de rank. Me and my friend used to do this a lot as if we lost the first 4/5 rounds to a game and saw that we couldn’t win we would throw the game and did this probably 13 times in a row in ab a week time span and didn’t de rank. If someone could correct me on the but for the majority of my csgo career (I don’t play anymore) I did this and it never failed me or my friends. Don’t know about it now though
Max S. (2 months ago)
"CS:G O"
Trolde_DK (2 months ago)
Now it makes more sense since im used to play with my mg2 friend and be the top fragger of the whole server but still being stuck in silver elite master.. But i hate the ranking system tho because im silver playing like a mg+ but my solo que m8's are playing like silvers and my oppents are smurfing..
TzOtv (2 months ago)
Jay Mark Pagcaliwagan (2 months ago)
Cringiest person in youtube
Scigla Auris (2 months ago)
6:28 edward is having a seizure
Lane (2 months ago)
This vid got me out of nova. Thanks WarOWL 😘
Kyle fulerton (2 months ago)
it's fuckin broke lmfao my little brother destroys globals in 1v1 arenas , drops 40+ frags every game and is stuck in nova master LUL but in faceit he's lvl 4 which is more skilled than your average global Valve has a completely unique , and broken system ahaha
Marcus Mitchell (2 months ago)
I recon they everyone gain and lose as a team. You win a round, you gain as a team and vice versa. They would then Give every player a percentage of the team's earnings on your percentage of damage dealt or points scored. That would work.
Erick726 (2 months ago)
I just deranked on a huge win. I went into the game a MG1 and came out a GN4. 23 kills 8 deaths and 4 MVPs. The score was 16 to 4. I was expecting a rank up because I've been doing so well and losing so little but a derank? I'm so confused.
Erick726 (2 months ago)
Wouldn't it be funny if Valve was lying this entire time and all that matters is your score.
Parker Williams (2 months ago)
I destroy in my rank but no one else can do anything so I lose .. and I de rank after 1,2 games, and I am super consitant
Serj Xd (2 months ago)
Mm is shit
Mr MadMan (2 months ago)
i love all ur vidzz pal

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