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TOP 4 BEST TH12 ATTACK STRATEGIES in Clash of Clans! New Update 3 Star CoC Attacks!

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The Best Town Hall 12 Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans? The New Update brought a New Troop, the Electro Dragon and they are amazing! Lavaloon, Hogs, Falcon and the Electro Dragon all feature in our Top Attack Strategies for Town Hall 12. What about the Miners and BoWitch; how have you found them and would they be in your top 4. These attacks are strong for Town Hall 12 and will get you the 3 stars in war. The 2018 gameplay meta will change drastically as Town Hall 12 base layouts catch up with the new update and Electro Dragon but for the moment these are the Best TH12 Attack Strategies which are massively helped because of the new Siege Machine. Tips and tricks are provided throughout as we guide you through how to use each attack strategy. Be share to leave your best tips below. Clash On! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clash of Clans YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/JuDoSloTh89-Clash SUBSCRIBE For More Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars Gameplay! http://bit.ly/JudoSloth DISCORD - http://bit.ly/JudoSlothDiscord TWITTER - https://twitter.com/JudoSloth FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/JudoSloth INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/judosloth ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL EPISODES: Duos with Galadon Gaming - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jAp3ESyrZE Squad Match with Powerbang Gaming and Clash with Ash - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Q09kHEpp8 Troll Base Challenge with Klaus Gaming - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVuVdj_M1BE TH8 Legend League Player - Attack Strategy and Tips w/ Clash Bashing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZB1dfKdr1I Best CoC Attacker Builder Base Pro – iTzu Gaming Interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsrwNZR67BU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy: www.supercell.com/fan-content-policy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Background Music - All music courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds, see links below! Tobu - Candyland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIrCDAV3EgI DEAF KEV - Invincible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2X5mJ3HDYE Alan Walker - Fade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ5SBzyY Elektronomia - Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzNMd3Tu1Zw
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Text Comments (215)
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
What do you think is the Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 12?
goku super saiyan (2 months ago)
Bowler 2 golems 6 witches and castle valkyire with siege
abass alqattan (3 months ago)
The Fountain of Knowledge I also saying that what about 20 bowlers and 5 electro dragon and clan castle 5 bowlers and 2 gaint so it is 25 bowlers this startegy is best
mashunring lungleng (3 months ago)
judo plss teach us govalk attack
DaReelReal (4 days ago)
I have th 12........BUT MY WALLS ARE LVL 6 AND 7 IM RUSHHEEDDD!!!!!! MY TROOPS :(
1234 1234 (9 days ago)
Hazm Ali (18 days ago)
My favourite strategy is Hoge becoz when u use this you use your thinking to win as clash of clans based.
Fawad Yasin (20 days ago)
This is only for utube
mind gamerz (22 days ago)
Yeah it's lava loon which is powerful among all th lvls from th9
Legend Vinay (25 days ago)
Bhai mera chanell subscribe kardo
Shut up
SHUBH tech music (30 days ago)
SHUBH tech music (30 days ago)
lol pat video
Nikhil Sharama (1 month ago)
Nikhil Sharama (1 month ago)
Teri ma da fuda
Baniya Manoz (1 month ago)
queen charge
TOP X BOLD (1 month ago)
Electric drag
Armina Costales03 (1 month ago)
Hog is the for me
Md Ibrahim Ali (1 month ago)
I love it
Bheesham Madramootoo (1 month ago)
you know the base and the trap already so not that good
michael neville (30 days ago)
and when the troops and heroes are max that might help a bit too.
Sumit Kumar Dubey (1 month ago)
Can we use max pekka for th12 attack
wrestling fun (1 month ago)
Electro drag best
Genova Gaming (2 months ago)
Thank You For Giving Strategy . Can I Join To Your Clan?
SARA SHARER (2 months ago)
The first one was great it worked 😘😘😘😘
Judo Sloth Gaming (2 months ago)
Do how the attack miner lv6 max ....
jignesh sheth (2 months ago)
Show us all town hall strategies
Nathan Tapp (2 months ago)
New th12 attack called elbalo always 3*👊🏼. Come to (The Last CoC) to see the attack. Put elbalo in request
Jalen Wong (2 months ago)
Back to those damn dragons 3 starring bases.... COC has come full circle.
i loves lego's (2 months ago)
i like your voice it is very relaxing
Jhuma Sarkar (2 months ago)
Why we break the siege machine down when reach to the th
Rami Oumera (2 months ago)
I'm watching this but I'm the 9
Erwin Ramos (3 months ago)
why don't you show you're war attaks
Sen Chophy Chophy (3 months ago)
Here is ur new sub.... Loved it
Judo Sloth Gaming (3 months ago)
Siddhartha Koirala (3 months ago)
Hi gays watch my attack lava loon th 12 3 stars
Suraj B.k (3 months ago)
Balloon is the best attating of town hole 12 yes
Rendzel Salvador (3 months ago)
Upload a video of this combo. 6healer + 32bowler + wrecker
Ri Call (3 months ago)
we want WAR for BUILDERS VILLAGE too
Tùng Nguyễn (3 months ago)
Lenart Ceka (3 months ago)
Try out this strategy 2 pekkas 10 giants 10 valkeryes 4 bowlers 2 witches 1 golem 2 wizzards and 2 archers Spells: 2 rage spells 1 freeze spell 1 poison spell 1 clone and 1 jump spell Siege: battle blimp Tips and tricks: put grand warden to air and put 8 loons on the battle blimp use the grand wardens ability when they are near the town hall or when the troops have low health and when the battle blimp is destroyed put the clone spell on the loons to clone them and you need to request 1 heal spell for the valkeryes or giants and use the jump spell on the giants and valkeryes. Enjoy
mashunring lungleng (3 months ago)
what should i take in the cc if i use lava loon
Max Mac (3 months ago)
Hi J.S. I had a 6 star war with Miners 2 wars ago. I had a 5 star war in the last war with the same. I'm using the same in the current war and i'll let you know how i get on.
GAMING WORLD (3 months ago)
1 lava looon 2 bowler witch golem 3 baby drag with loons 4 peekaa valk
kalpana vijayaraj (3 months ago)
I think govaho
Md Monir (3 months ago)
Dudu Gonzalez (4 months ago)
basically u are modding in developer build...
Trending world (4 months ago)
my th 12 max player tah is dekgr35hzn
ɱųąɬąʄą_xD ____ (4 months ago)
Hany Kamal (4 months ago)
queen walk is dead ... my level 51 queen with 5 max healers .. just killed by a single baby dragon .. WTF
Harshil Mahida (4 months ago)
Alok Ranjan (4 months ago)
It is golem,pekka,valkarie and wall breaker
Judo Sloth, recommendation for War castle? I have seen 2 dragons good idea? Suggestions please! Thanks for your suggests and details when you show you video.
AKMAL SIDDIQUI (4 months ago)
i think dragon and electro dragon is a good combination
Hamza Ghaffar (4 months ago)
I love electro noon😍😍😍
Max Mac (4 months ago)
Hi J.S. I'm getting 2 stars at th 12 with a miners/ queen walk combo regularly and the occasional 3 star too.
Pierre Andersson (4 months ago)
Totally agree that bringing valks makes 3-starring th11 easier. I find bowitch hard to manage.
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
sagun magar (4 months ago)
Cindy Mccarter (4 months ago)
Ty for info👌🏼🍀lolol ie the falcon is a Vagobo!
Bidipto Khan (4 months ago)
can U put air troops in the wall wrecker or only the battle blimp
Watch Now (4 months ago)
Ma sab attack ma uastad go always three star in every base
clint5455 (4 months ago)
And hogs are risky as well...everything has to go right or it’s a bust. Bowitch and mass miners w/ aq walk u almost can’t fail below 2stars even if you try.
clint5455 (4 months ago)
And seriously....u put laloon at #1 when u can’t even 3star. Problem with laloon is most people can’t run it. Too many problems to run into that can wreck the attack. This is advanced only for those that get it. I think u need to go back and review miners and bowitch. Can’t believe u put up a #1 that u can’t even 3star with lol
clint5455 (4 months ago)
Not sure about your testing, but I am hitting nothing but 3stars with aq walk mass miner & bowitch
clint5455 (4 months ago)
These were the two u said didn’t work in your testing and I was taken back, u might want to revisit those two
Rajavarapu Dwaraka (4 months ago)
Great sir......and nice attack
- WRSMITH - (4 months ago)
I use all max barbs. There so powerful. They can take out a max th12 if u just spam it with two fingers. Place 2 heals down and once they are in the base use rage. Use any other spell if u wish
Nitesh Singh (4 months ago)
Are u from supercell
David Morris (4 months ago)
Th12 is nice and everything, but i really dislike the design. Th10 and 11 look strong and somewhat mystic. All building and wall levels at th12 look really weak and not that special...
Reza Danesh (4 months ago)
I'm good in lava loons
Kishan Rana (4 months ago)
Me too
Akash S (5 months ago)
Nice judo
Akash S (4 months ago)
Judo Sloth Gaming judo one doubt what is wall rate for th12 wall?
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
Prince JR (5 months ago)
does this means my meta straight 10 wins of 3 star record troop, the Bowitch of th 11 ain't gonna work?
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
It is more difficult at TH12 I have found
avtar avtar (5 months ago)
Hog attack
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
It’s in my top 4 but got to be careful of that Giga Tesla
Michel MS (5 months ago)
What about miners + QW ?
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
I haven’t found them as good as these 4; I’ve struggled to get the 3 star with miners
umar dar (5 months ago)
Brother ,i need siege machine for war attack, Thanks in advance
Tim (5 months ago)
Who agrees with me that wizzards now look like archers?
Sourabh Anshu (5 months ago)
judo where are u from
Judo Sloth Gaming (4 months ago)
North of England bud
TECHNICAL GAMING (5 months ago)
Thanks for heart thanks thanks
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Is a bell (5 months ago)
Mine is mass miner with wall c rusher valks in cc takes 0 de
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Nice, I’ll still use it for farming for sure
Adee your fan (5 months ago)
What do we mean by falcon attack. ? Pls describe briefly
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
It’s the name of an attack strategy using Queen dive Valks, have a check on YT
TECHNICAL GAMING (5 months ago)
Lava loon bhai thanks for statergy
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Debarati Bhattacharjee (5 months ago)
i am in love with mass electro lava loon queen walk wow
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Nice! Sounds like one heck of a hybrid attack.
Sneh (5 months ago)
These Electro Dragons are just Beast!
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
They are great!
Sneh (5 months ago)
I love falcon attacks
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
They are very nice!
Sneh (5 months ago)
Shah Ravi (5 months ago)
Hogs r best but it takes lots of attention a signal mistake and u r gone
7Blia03 GT (4 months ago)
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
CLASH XTREME (5 months ago)
Bowditch with hogs
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Haven’t tried that but I will 👍🏻
Vivek Roy (5 months ago)
I am new subscriber
Vivek Roy (5 months ago)
Ooo ur most welcome
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Thanks mate!
kartik 004 (5 months ago)
Cool video 😁
kartik 004 (5 months ago)
Judo Sloth Gaming Is your giveaway is finished?
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Online Helper (5 months ago)
Electric dragon
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
no name (5 months ago)
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
They are very good alongside that kill squad. Thanks for watching!
Aniket Mukherjee (5 months ago)
E drags are op
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
They are good 😁
Greg O (5 months ago)
Great stuff judo! Please dont forget us th11s. Would love to see what is the new meta for attacking at th 11.
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
I’ll try my best when I can but I’m no longer an 11 :) As we get TH11 footage from RE I’ll continue to bring it.
Lakshya Patel Lakshya (5 months ago)
like suscribe and share 👊
Lakshya Patel Lakshya (5 months ago)
any thing for u
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
PARIMAL PATEL (5 months ago)
Love th 12 content...😍😍👏👏
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Ahmed ! (5 months ago)
All of the attacks are awesome! but judo try to go back to the usual farming videos / wars and believe me Miners are a 3 star strategy at th12 i saw a guy 3 starring a fully maxed out th11 using level 4 Miners after the update you need a queen walk to get some key objectives and use the wall wrecker to get the Queen In instead of wall breakers and take a high dps unit like valkyries or Bowlers to get alot of the defenses along side the eagle artillery and the cc and 1 or 2 wizard towers and then just send Miners with your warden(depends on if the queen need the warden in the walk or no) and you will get the nice triple with Miners 👍
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Miners are still a great strategy for sure and I’ll continue to use them for farming but at TH12 I struggled to get the 3; maybe that will change :)
DailyLife (5 months ago)
Peregrine Falcon : )
DailyLife (5 months ago)
Your Contents Really Contains so much Detail.....very helpfull
DailyLife (5 months ago)
Yeah : )
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Falcon is good!
Praa Jeet (5 months ago)
How much percent of the damage is dealt to to 2,3,4,5 targets of e drags lightning btw nice video and love the accent
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
It drops down each time I believe 10% after each one but I could be wrong, need to test that further.
Seshiro (5 months ago)
Cool strategy vid, Judo. Well done. One request tho: could you keep your bloody screen still please? The frantic zooming in and out is nauseating!
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Haha just trying to focus in on the action, when I don’t do that people request that I do, tough to please all. Glad you liked the video though :)
Bro this will help me in attacking 😂👍👌
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Awesome, glad to hear it 👍🏻
Clash of Styles (5 months ago)
Mass electric drag...spells are 3 rage and 11freeze....this works somthimes I've seen 3☆ using that strategy....
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Krishna Kamane (5 months ago)
Krishna Kamane (5 months ago)
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
It is awesome!
Naveen Prakash (5 months ago)
Thank u for ur 4 best attack...i really learned soo manythings.
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
You’re welcome!!
Elliot Black (5 months ago)
Brilliant vid again mate. Since seeing your first Hog hit 3/4 days ago I have been having immense success with them. In war and matchmaking. Admittedly, I am yet to encounter a Max Giga T yet, so that may change things, but at the moment almost every attack is a 3. Excellently explained vids too, keep them coming. Also, your Lavaloon look pretty good to me, don't be so hard on yourself! I would like to see Lavaloon with a clone in it, ditch the heal and 1 haste, I think you would get more value out of the strat and be able to react inside the base with pathing better that way. Thanks again. Elliot
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Thanks Elliot really appreciate the kind words bud
Honey Singh (5 months ago)
All the stratgies are osm and amazing but i love valk and couple of bowlers with all heroes
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
Hill Climber (5 months ago)
Always lava loon!!❤
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)
It’s beast!
Jegathesh (5 months ago)
Love your videos man. I think I can get 3 star in war thanks.
Judo Sloth Gaming (5 months ago)

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