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CS:GO - NaVi vs. BIG [Dust2] Map 2 - Grand Final - ESL One Cologne 2018

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2018 marks the fifth year in a row that Cologne will be greeting players, talents and fans at the Cathedral of Counter-Strike. Forget everything you have seen before and get ready for one weekend you will never forget. Catch up with all things ESL One Cologne 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9WlhDWHjQ4s0pL6VLZYv0NrH Subscribe to ESLCS and never miss out on your favourite teams: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 For all news updates, schedules and more: https://www.esl-one.com/csgo/cologne-2018/ Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/eslcs
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Text Comments (44)
Groovin (30 days ago)
anyone know this crosshair?
KarliN (1 month ago)
electronic and nex, fantastic players. Wow!
Dave Davidson (2 months ago)
Well that's a weird looking thumbnail! Somebody needs some practice with Photoshop!
Steven Vinc (2 months ago)
amazing game
Everett Lin (2 months ago)
tabseN using aimlock to locate electronic 26:30
Steven Vinc (2 months ago)
maybe coincidence
BIOHAZARDgaming (2 months ago)
Did s1mple even show up mentally for this?!!?
wat happened to s1mple???
Valliax Extreme (3 months ago)
Wtf lets go cloud9
MasterLoup (3 months ago)
The fuck, navi have no balls for saving like that every time something goes wrong ! (sorry not sorry)
MasterLoup (3 months ago)
i have a question, so the commentators is talking and everyone in the public can ear them, so the players can to .. right ?... so if they say like... the player Bob is in lower tuns waiting for.. the others... its like cheating... thats kind of suck and i hope that they cant ear its .. cause yeah its freaking me out AF...
I am pretty sure those noise cancelling also blocks crowd noise. There are mics near crowds which might be what we are hearing.
Joshua Alexander (2 months ago)
Rinzler remember: these are helicopter grade noise cancelling earmuffs/‘headphones’. They will handle most noise no problem, crowds cannot scream louder than standing next to a helicopter. Those
Rinzler (2 months ago)
impossible to hear the commentators*, they can still hear the sound of the crowd screaming
Joshua Alexander (2 months ago)
Yeah the things that look like headsets that they wear on their ears are actually helicopter earmuffs which makes it impossible to hear the crowd. They have in-ear earbuds inside those helicopter earmuffs to hear the in-game sound.
knilchispam (2 months ago)
MasterLoup they have the In Ear for ingame Sound and one "normal" headset on top of it so they cant hear the commentators.
Sahaj Gupta (3 months ago)
why have the views gone down so much??
Jeff Godoy (3 months ago)
Nex is full of sex
Michal Taranza (3 months ago)
Simple played like a real simple man.Go home drunk UA tard.
Max ProMilan (3 months ago)
FaZe the BEST
Jubilation (1 month ago)
Max ProMilan shush 11 year old
Ben Dover (3 months ago)
Sadokist my n*gga
Alex muler (3 months ago)
Rezo Megrelidze (3 months ago)
Electronic is insane!!!
Circles Round (4 months ago)
Well Tarik left c9 looks like I’m going with Australia and Navi for the face it major
Died2Born (2 months ago)
yeh,australia will be good i think,for sure
Neale Beck (4 months ago)
Round 8, didn't two of the awp shots land on BIG players legs?
ReZoNeR (4 months ago)
Угорал с тренера Бигов) он таак несуразно пробовал заводить публику, попросту забавно) тем более, при мысли, что это и этак рофлофинал для Нави. Короче, далековато челам до тир1 уровня. куда им с никами типа "Смуя"? лолмао
Sultimate (4 months ago)
15.10 map start
manny man (3 months ago)
Black Panther Litt (4 months ago)
Sultimate Love you
TryZoid (4 months ago)
Anyone else feels like cologne was underwhelming I generally dont like on sided crowds
TryZoid (4 months ago)
Retard Targeted How about the crowd yelling "Go (B)IG"
Retard Targeted (4 months ago)
Cologne is almost always a neutral crowd to be fair. And I doubt big will actually stay good anyways so we can let them have a tournament of it
Corrie B (4 months ago)
I was in the Navi crowd, it was so amazing to see the "Rivalry" in chants! All in good sport ofcourse, we had so much fun :)
GeddonYT (4 months ago)
you have to smh understand that we germans are so excited for a german team to be a top-tier team again
Don DigiDon (4 months ago)
Флейми пельмень
Sam Edington (4 months ago)
is smooya gonna get KQLY'd
Retard Targeted (4 months ago)
m.e lmao
m.e (4 months ago)
s1mple was cheating too and got banned. its just a scandal that KQLY got banned.
Anubhav Jain (4 months ago)
kqly was banned for walling in matchmaking as far as i remember
m.e (4 months ago)
just crazy when you think KQLY got banned for a frag which everyone in pro scene is doing regulary now...
Cloud'sBiggestFan3000 (4 months ago)
Go Big or Go Home
JKgo (4 months ago)
Nex 😍😍 real mvp

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