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How to download steam and create account free

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***How to download steam and create account free*** In this tutorial i am showing you how to create a steam account and how do download steam. For Free. The account you will create won't have anygames, you have to buy them. And becarefull. Don't watch any video about how to get all steam games free. They are scam. They tell you to send them your account details in a fake form and they steal it. I have been tricked once, so i ask you not to.
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Text Comments (256)
OLEG GAMER (3 months ago)
ANUBHAV SHARMA (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot Broo
vaishu jey (3 years ago)
what s the password
mystiic (3 years ago)
+Jon MacDonald Does it even work?
Jon MacDonald (3 years ago)
The Best site where you can take free SteamWallet gift card codes Try it Its works for me.  *SteamCodeGenerator .c o m*. 
wei yan (3 years ago)
thanks alot brooopooooo
Pat Ross (3 years ago)
Hey, Only here you can get working free SteamWallet gift card: I hope this helps *SteamGiftCodes .c om*.
Brenden Ogden (3 years ago)
Hey, Here you can take working free SteamWallet codes its free *SteamGiftCodes .c om.*
Philipmiar HD (4 years ago)
LINK!?!?!?!?!? SW@T!?!?!?
EmilioKortesi (4 years ago)
re eisai ellinas?
Patricia ;-; (4 years ago)
My English is not very good heheheheheh
Patricia ;-; (4 years ago)
thank you very much you helped me gained more first enrolled
Spencer Diaz (4 years ago)
Leland Alton (4 years ago)
I am downloading steam and I made an account and it's on the steam working creating account page and it's been on that page for a long time
Ana Perez (4 years ago)
thx for advice :D
bodden (4 years ago)
this is music is weird right Aj?+AjsGamingChannel
Yeasin Ibne Max (4 years ago)
John McCain (4 years ago)
creator of this video,do you know roblox?
John McCain (4 years ago)
the music sucks...
kellie robtoy (4 years ago)
Lachlan Dykes (4 years ago)
great tutorial
Rei (4 years ago)
Is steam free?
Spencer Diaz (4 years ago)
Zain Miller (4 years ago)
The Best site where you can get free Steam codes!! it is free for now *SteamCodeGenerator .c o m*.
Jackson Owl (4 years ago)
who can give me a hero name
Sanosih imam (4 years ago)
nice it's works Thanks 
edid it (5 years ago)
i tested my internetspeed and my ping was 44ms downloadspeed was 19,56 and uploadspeed was 0,83Mbps wich shood i chose
Noobmen OfWorld (5 years ago)
wow works Thanks bro
Musicyber (5 years ago)
Γεια σου Ελλαδα
TheJoshGamingHD (5 years ago)
llyas if u cant close it try ctrl alt delete then click task manager then close it
Kelly Alexander (5 years ago)
mediafire.com/?2ekac2870vlpsp9 this is the site tested and working!
SigsbeeLit (5 years ago)
Can I eat you?
Hallen PL (5 years ago)
GamingBeast (5 years ago)
Andrew Moore (5 years ago)
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bijaya praja (5 years ago)
while opening steam it just begin updating and after while it says you be online to update so I cant even open steam wtf....
pradyumna bhat (5 years ago)
no.it is free
forward the man (5 years ago)
hey my steam don't start... it start to update automatically and when i wait for the update, erroe occur...... i've just downloaded the nightmare house 2 and i need steam for it to start.. somebody help...
Borni4TheWin (5 years ago)
u know crome its bether then mozila fuckmefox!!
Tim Stone (5 years ago)
what country do you come from and do you have windows
Kasper S. (5 years ago)
what's the music?
NeoToxicCinema (5 years ago)
If you want to get rid of it you have to uninstall it
Pang TIngSiang (5 years ago)
Wait is steam free to create account?
miztermandan (5 years ago)
hooray for greeks!
seanshaze123 (5 years ago)
i think yours was cola :)
thanasis bolanos (5 years ago)
re ama leoi oti to winrara soy (4.20-32 bit) den ginete na exo to steam exe ti ginete re ti prepei na kano
yan langer (5 years ago)
superman hahahaahhaha
CastledCard (5 years ago)
Newflash, Steam is free
merns albarico (5 years ago)
joke GANDA!1
merns albarico (5 years ago)
MrKingx50 (5 years ago)
Gösta Arnblom (5 years ago)
In the end when it shows you are all done the program runs in the notification tray it just says next and when i try too click on it it dosen't work how do i fix that?
daniel moreno (5 years ago)
is it safe
holliday164 (5 years ago)
restart it worked for me
henrik aruo (5 years ago)
i can press next what are wrong?
Lee Krushelniski (5 years ago)
how come i cant click next on the part where it says you can find steam in the bottem right
Why say free??Have you account steam with money??
xXAwsomeGamersXx (5 years ago)
You have xp like me yay
Avram Denis (5 years ago)
2:13 i cant press next
Avram Denis (5 years ago)
DSL 768k ????
MVJ Games (6 years ago)
hey i cant download it says steam is already running in your computer and must be in order to continue installtion
Ilyas Ozdoev (6 years ago)
and when i click on steam and the icon then its still not working
Ilyas Ozdoev (6 years ago)
its not working i click on cancel but its still there
Gabe Villa (6 years ago)
That's a real fast windows
kirito akira (6 years ago)
a re xartomoutro xD
Orlando Icedo (6 years ago)
thank you alott!
SWAGbrwnTHUNDER (6 years ago)
Cancel it... and then do it again. same thing happened to me but it was stuck at 62%
Lalit Patil (6 years ago)
Hey updating steam platform stuck at 29%.. any solutions please ??
XENEX1233 (6 years ago)
U owned casey :D
XENEX1233 (6 years ago)
Cool ^^~ every1 check out me videos cuz ive only got little views...
Cyber Trash (6 years ago)
o.O I bought it from the shop and gave money fgor it but this is online o.O My god
Gentlemen? (6 years ago)
mine stopped working. HELP ME!!!!!
Leprakehn (6 years ago)
not long like 5 minutes :D
hector concepcion (6 years ago)
how long does it take?
Ronicorn (6 years ago)
Than kyou verry much.Peace and love for you
adaad contreras (6 years ago)
i just got steam by getting a valve game
ivan2000ico (6 years ago)
thanks brother!
Chuck Norris (6 years ago)
when it says you must finish at the last i won't finish could someone help me?
jubiec1 (6 years ago)
it worked for me
mahmoud abd el magid (6 years ago)
TheCrimsonSteeler (6 years ago)
i know right
Wolf Armstronk (6 years ago)
seriously? superman???
LegoApple1210 (6 years ago)
Bijan Santos (6 years ago)
Loading Comment Please Wait...............
PacifistaR (6 years ago)
error during install
Pontuch (6 years ago)
Superman :D
Andis Ceks (6 years ago)
jason cantrell (6 years ago)
oh you have really fucked your email if it is your real one your going to get so much spam ;) ill make sure of it
Jonny Baggot (6 years ago)
h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh
ayyy yliens (6 years ago)
Loading comment...
Ainaras znaidauskas (6 years ago)
casey hedrick (6 years ago)
no top comment? THIS IS MY CHANCE!
casey hedrick (6 years ago)
cooolboy78 (6 years ago)
i need to download games on steam!
Stephan Torres (6 years ago)
i love that music lol :D tnx bro :)
cooolboy78 (6 years ago)
@Xartomoutro2 I Should Buy Games??!!?? awwwww.......... is there any way to get games for free in steam?? I NEED SONIC CD STEAM I DON'T HAVE A VISA CARD!!! *cries*
NS Team (6 years ago)
hahaahah thx bro and cool music :D
terraniux19 (6 years ago)
antibey20 (6 years ago)
Very nice vid bro, you should make more of them.
InfoLṲT (6 years ago)
when i downloaded gta iv i got 1 year ftw
vladvlad vladvlad (6 years ago)
George Bennett-Teare (6 years ago)
Marek (6 years ago)
WOW Thanx man
Ivana Kostadinovic (6 years ago)
@superjahmal1 Go To Steam And Look around and ya will find it-.-...........btw tnx dude
Jahmal Andersen (6 years ago)
i cant find download now i cant find it please tell me where
Max van Andel (6 years ago)
ty dude
ichigovszaraki (6 years ago)
thx :)

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