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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds vs Counter Strike Source

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Let's check out how CS:GO weapons evolved compared to Counter Strike Source. Which one do you think it's better? Enjoy! #CSGOGunSounds #CSGOvsCSSource #GunSounds
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Text Comments (1768)
Mary Rachel (1 day ago)
sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ ɪs ᴀɴ ᴇᴀʀᴀᴘᴇ ᴠᴇʀsɪᴏɴ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴄs ɪsɴ'ᴛ
Metal Morphine (1 day ago)
IMO, both are the best game in different years. The gun sound in CSS is going like BOOM BOOM BOOM because the developers at that time prioritize the gaming experience. In CS:GO, the gun sounds like POP POP POP probably because the developers wants to feel more realistic. So to me, both games are great but I'm going for CSS because of the gun sounds is more interesting, and the gameplay, and absolutely childhood memories.
SuperDuperSeb (2 days ago)
All the poor russian kids who say that css is better need to get a fucking job so they can experience the game that is clearly better.
ZiuRPlaysツ (3 days ago)
en las armas gana el counter strike source
Maks Storch (5 days ago)
Rasool Gamez (5 days ago)
Do you know this word on the right above? 1:18
Lawrence Villasenor (6 days ago)
Awp and scout in cs source look like ass in my opinion but has great sounds But in go they look sexy as hell but sounds sound like ass
Rasool Gamez (6 days ago)
I Having That Game:Counter Strike:Global Offensive (;
Rasool Gamez (5 days ago)
I Haved that Game CS:GO (;
Lui_ Loves_Owls (6 days ago)
Zulfan Falah (6 days ago)
css: BANG BANG csgo: pew pew
Rasool Gamez (6 days ago)
I Have That Game: Counter Strike:Source (;
Doreen Catayoc (7 days ago)
CS:GO the best like if you agree coment for no
kiska gaming (7 days ago)
saba baramidze (8 days ago)
Cs go
Брат (8 days ago)
CS Source !
[SF]Striker Demon (9 days ago)
Css = Csgo
Rheenebert Bombase (9 days ago)
css deagle is more satisfying
Enari Yama (9 days ago)
Old but gold
A Random Lantern (9 days ago)
where's the shell dropping sound in csgo?! how dare valve not add that
TK GamingKH (11 days ago)
Csgo is 💩💩💩
RON_2001 (12 days ago)
css is realystik game, cs go its toy for smaled stupid fuckin kids and stupid fug
SuperDuperSeb (2 days ago)
Lmao css is trash, get csgo you poor piece of shit
ESTITCH BJ (13 days ago)
Georges Khalil (13 days ago)
Dude look at the graphic they are 100% different omg
Red Curse (15 days ago)
Csgo goood
Pikachu The soldier (16 days ago)
Global is better Others sounds like 88s
Eliza Piechota (17 days ago)
Cunter strike sourse
Eliza Piechota (17 days ago)
Is porfect
Eliza Piechota (17 days ago)
Cs go boooooo
Metal Morphine (17 days ago)
The sound of guns in CSS are like BOOM BOOM BOOM, it's because the developer wants to gain the best gaming experience for players. If you're looking for real sound, why don't you find real guns and shoot them at shooting range?
CYBORG GAMES (17 days ago)
kto z polski ??
Влад Сивков (17 days ago)
Sexy deagle css ))
the penguin king (20 days ago)
CS:S is the God of CS games
Yigit Oyuncu (21 days ago)
i think cs source win
AJ Kolar (21 days ago)
all these autistic super toxic 12 yearolds in the popular comments like ffs m8
CS:GO wins CSS sucks
de gea (24 days ago)
ж (25 days ago)
What is AWP,may be magnum?
KILL\/AY (27 days ago)
cs-go лучше
Johny Kohny (27 days ago)
Good Legal
techno monzer (29 days ago)
cs s wins
AForce Gaming (1 month ago)
CsSource of course
The best cs go
An Hacker (1 month ago)
Deagle sounds like in any variants
al yudhoyono (1 month ago)
3:06 now csgo has mp5
Tran Lony (1 month ago)
Always you using your skin five seven ?
kayber freeman (1 month ago)
Cs go
Can Oben Anlıaçık (1 month ago)
Classics are always best
twinkle dev (1 month ago)
Css: bang bang Csgo: pew pew
Lance (1 month ago)
manu_the_ destroyer_21 (1 month ago)
Cs go=2016 plastic guns, 2013 guns are cool, incopetitive, boring and the community think only to get rare skins Css=normal guns, competitive, funny and for others skin enouhg download and install its.
Lengieal (1 month ago)
Let's give these guns a shot!
Ameer Alapa (1 month ago)
CsGO IS BETTER in my opinion... If someone loves css HES AN IDIOT!!!
ForeverGamers EfeK (1 month ago)
Now mp5
c adambu muratcan bali (1 month ago)
Cs go
Oyuncu ADAM (1 month ago)
Cs go win
ROOGHZ 2 (1 month ago)
Cs go
ANDROID/IOS GAMES (1 month ago)
Robert Ferdman (1 month ago)
A random gamer (1 month ago)
Only gays plays cs go
Мне будто,кс го лучше!
ieye1805 (1 month ago)
cs source is the best in my opinion csgo is just not as good but still pretty good in my opinion
Kaan Yakin (1 month ago)
Skop on no Skop wtf
Foorex Proz (1 month ago)
Csgo:airsoft |css real gun
Jeffrey Corver (1 month ago)
like counter strike source https://youtu.be/DNjgr9KLASo
JammedGaming Hq (1 month ago)
Condition Zero Deleted scenes models and sounds are my favourite. Yeah Source looks good too but i preffer older games
SRASH driven (1 month ago)
Кто российский???
Leo Ball (1 month ago)
halil ibrahim (1 month ago)
ikiside güzel ama cs go benim bilgisayara yetmiyir
Cs Go it not bad ;)
creeproot (1 month ago)
CSS deagle oh my god the memorieeees!
Jorge Andres Tobon (1 month ago)
In counter strike sourse the ak and the m4 are taken with the right hand if they observe the sockets leave by the left reason why they are versions of arms for left-handed the existing ones. In cs go the ak and the m4 the bushes come out on the right as it should be
Anonymous 02 (1 month ago)
❌CS:GO: -Many rage and cocky kids -People plays game only for skins -Weapon sounds like crashed -For nothing people wants to kick you in competitive -Does not have Mp5 -Many cheaters ✔️CS:S: -Many Friendly people and if a bit plays this game -People plays for fun and killing boredom -Weapon sounds like nostalgia and realistic -Physics is better than CS:GO -Has Mp5 -Not so many cheaters Sorry for my bad English
ItsNacho [LeL] (1 month ago)
Csgo: guns Nerf
i miss the MP5 in CSGO
Gamer_Girl23 (1 month ago)
Cs go is made with source ;)
gal uziel (1 month ago)
CSGO glock 18 look like glock 26
YELLOW NIBBA (1 month ago)
OMO700 OMO700 (1 month ago)
ServerNoobX (1 month ago)
Both sounds are shit
nutellao gamer (1 month ago)
саид чаппи (1 month ago)
css wins№1!
TheTechCguy (1 month ago)
Source vs. GO. THAT'S where things get a little tricky because both approach the same goals as far as graphics go but one is much older, still, than the next.
Levi Akerman (1 month ago)
CsS is cool
Nef GT (2 months ago)
csgo global offensive de daha az ses çıkıyo la
fat cat22 fan (2 months ago)
Css way better
The DFdoom (2 months ago)
Watch my video please :) https://youtu.be/Mu6BML8Qwvc
Jadolive-Türk Gamer (2 months ago)
Deagle of CS:GO nearly sounds the same to CS:S, rly
kiril lime (2 months ago)
Cs s
EC TV (2 months ago)
TalkZer (2 months ago)
CS:GO AUG shells lol
John Quigg (2 months ago)
Damn, anyone else see that massive change on the grenade? CSS: ‘Fire in the hole’ CSGO: ‘Throwing grenade’
Ragadan Aviatori (2 months ago)
In css it gives you the true feeling of shooting a gun including the vibrationand espiccialy the sound
FeltzYT (2 months ago)
From my point of view, I find that cs:go gone out of the cs universe, because it looks more like a ''Call of Duty'' game rather than a ''Counter-Strike'' game. But that does not prevent me from loving playing CS:GO several hours in a row. I'm just giving my opinion. (Sorry for my English, i'm a French Canadian)
tamskene (2 months ago)
Where are your crosshair?
Keith (2 months ago)
I enjoy source a lot more for casual play but cs go is wat better for competition
Sadz iOS (2 months ago)
CSS is great
viligames bg (2 months ago)
You are not serious, right the sounds in cs 1.6 are same in cs source.

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