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Counterstrike Source cs_italy Gameplay

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Please like, comment, rate and subscribe for more videos :D https://www.youtube.com/user/HeadShotMagnetMatt?feature=mhee These videos are just me making gameplays of counterstrike source maps. I do all of the maps, first as a counter-terrorist, then as a terrorist :D Enjoy!
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Text Comments (10)
Hadiman Diman (1 month ago)
You Play Single Player Or Multiplayer?
ROSS . VLOGER (2 months ago)
Spacekat Tommy (2 months ago)
LOOOOOOOOOLZ ENDING!!!!!! Instant subb
ندا رجب (6 months ago)
كىف اضات الكشاف
hi five (6 months ago)
shot gun is useless for long distance
Night Wolf (1 year ago)
make more game plays
Sherman Witwicky (1 year ago)
CT will win
Rendy SK (1 year ago)
noob bots
Night Wolf (1 year ago)
Rendy SK Bots have more intelligence in hard mode
pamela aggio (1 year ago)

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