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Evolution of Counter Strike 1999-2018

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Evolution of Counter Strike 1999-2018 Counter Strike Half-Life Mod 1999 Counter Strike 1.0 (2000) Counter-Strike 1.3 (2001) Counter-Strike 1.5 (2002) Counter-Strike 1.6 (2003) Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 2004 Counter-Strike: Source 2004 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2012-2018 Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7aqfIwrvnE
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Text Comments (1940)
Sadece İzleyin (6 hours ago)
cs.18 yok
MasterlyGhos (10 hours ago)
Oh my God that old csgo
Origon yVds (17 hours ago)
Corrector or Error: Counter - Strike Cs1.6 = 2000 or 2001. Counter-- Strike Global Offensive = 2012 Not 2018. Like
Haruka Kanata (18 hours ago)
I love CS:Source mods so many great weapon model
Aditya K (1 day ago)
i miss the old ak and awp sound b4 the 2016 update, had a feel to the weapon, wish they changed it back, too bad players found it too loud and hard to compete it, the old sounds gaave a sort of satisfaction with each kill, i dunno y, like if u agree
КАНАЛ LeZeRa (1 day ago)
I like game is Cs1.6, CS:SOURSE and Counter Strike Global Offensive
Hema Chakraborty (1 day ago)
Where is 2018 part
Yusuf Kerem Ekici (2 days ago)
Where CS:Online
Toni pro 2 (2 days ago)
cs nexon zombies and cs neon you forgot for it
Bharti Deshmukh (2 days ago)
Which of them is condition zero
Bolinho De Arroz (2 days ago)
Hey,Nexon Zombies dude
otavio andrade (2 days ago)
Meu Pc só roda CS 1.6 ;-;
FoxPlayZ (3 days ago)
Best game ever made in the world 1.6 is my best version
Nexon zombies
William Wijaya (4 days ago)
You forget counter strike online
Saki Gaming (4 days ago)
cs 1.8 is best
RLach (4 days ago)
Music at 1:51 https://youtu.be/U5im_1MHrLU
Emiliano zapata (4 days ago)
cs 1.6 my favorite
Vishwadeep Sonawane (6 days ago)
Spent most of my time playing CS CZ Ultimate Edition :') Loved those days!
*jmeno (6 days ago)
video name : counter strike first game : Half - life Hmmm seems legit
Steven Bruce Flores (6 days ago)
Cs1.6 is full of cheaters but i still love them <3
Erya Pray (6 days ago)
where cs extreme? where cso/csnz?
Syper The Rival (6 days ago)
1.6 is best in my opinion
Beego bur (7 days ago)
а 2007 cs где?????
Delirious911 (7 days ago)
1.6 for life
thememer plays (7 days ago)
wheres cs online?
GTA HD MISSIONS (7 days ago)
CS 1.6 was the shit CS GO is meh and dying
Garfield cz (8 days ago)
1.6 is legendary
Peter Quad (8 days ago)
6 years and still no new csgo...
Jull3E (8 days ago)
1 337 906 Views. DAMN
Roger Cruz (8 days ago)
1.6 is 1.5 with shields and steam
Roger Cruz (8 days ago)
You didn't show the source update which made it play like cs:go does... (not buying ammo and that stuff)
Ítalo Carvalho (9 days ago)
CS 1.3 ftw
Captain Gamer (9 days ago)
CS Source is still the best
Kamil Dieza (9 days ago)
CS CZ my all time favorite
Patrik Tkáč (9 days ago)
why is your video so blurry ?
lvяѕ' ʍɑɾѵҽӀ (10 days ago)
dan tdm (10 days ago)
The cs zombie survival 2014 were is it
Akira AbyssBlaze (10 days ago)
Where is counter strike online ?
Orin X (8 days ago)
@Akira AbyssBlaze That game isn't made by Valve, therefore it doesn't count.
lol (10 days ago)
Early morning of 2004 and today i truant school and i choose between CS 1.6, GTA VC or Lineage 2 ?
Rexen (11 days ago)
Dark Kimuza (11 days ago)
when you mod cs source into max settings and mod its weapons and install custom GUIS and HUD and custom graphics light the game graphics is like csgo
Orin X (8 days ago)
@Dark Kimuza Not really. However you can download csgo mods for css.
FF GAMING (11 days ago)
Orin X (8 days ago)
@FF GAMING Supporting piracy is such a low thing to do.
KANEKI KANEKI (11 days ago)
2003 its a legend
TenisPlayz HD (11 days ago)
6:35 CS:GO is the best one
Ty Nguyen (11 days ago)
Missing Counter Strike Xbox, Counter Strike Neo, Counter Strike Online, Counter Strike Online 2, Counter Strike Nexon Zombie
Orin X (8 days ago)
@Ty Nguyen CS Xbox is pretty much an early version of CS Condition Zero. CSO & CSO 2 are asian exclusives which weren't made by Valve (yes "were", both games got shut down long ago). CS Nexon Zombies is basically the revival of CSO. These 3 games are trash and don't belong in the cs category.
BlueSteveBoy Playz (11 days ago)
How About Counter Strike Carbon You Forgot It But Counter Strike Source Has The Graphics Of Counter Strike Carbon
xiaowen ye (11 days ago)
2014 countes ?
Sami Bawazir (12 days ago)
All of them are good
Otman HD (12 days ago)
EUJT GM (13 days ago)
Old wins New = retarded players
Azazel (13 days ago)
Counter Strike was released in 2000
d b (14 days ago)
noob :D
バイソン林 (14 days ago)
Luv CZ&Source
Red Waffle (14 days ago)
Ah 1.6 and source my fave
Red Waffle (14 days ago)
Ah 1.6 and source my fave
farkas ember (14 days ago)
Condition zero download link?pls
Eddie Franco (14 days ago)
1999 lo jugaba saliendo del colegio en primera :) Que recuerdo CTM JAJAJA
how to download cs condition zero plz tell me
Andrzej Shutkowski (14 days ago)
Cs 1.5 was my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Кс го с юношества знаком каждому из нас 1.6 тянул даже школьный компьютер помню будто на данный момент
Gambello (14 days ago)
Lmao the radio guy sounds like Cr1tikal
Mxtchellz 1 (15 days ago)
Fire In the hole
Rizky 2110 (15 days ago)
I play CS: 1.6 and CS: condition Zero
DarknessThe Butthead (15 days ago)
I love 1.3 and csgo
Barbara Flores (15 days ago)
I like CS Source
MR. Creepy (16 days ago)
Cs 1.6 is my favourite
Mainak Cx (16 days ago)
cs 1. 1.3. 1.5 , Legend , Source , Plague Offensive RIP CS
sealedforproctection (16 days ago)
1.3 good old days <3
Ali Aref Hammoud (16 days ago)
The best game ever
Kappa guys (17 days ago)
cs go in 2012 is better
Yusri KH (17 days ago)
When You Always Play With Your Friend In School When You Were Still Very Young And Now You Get Shit Game And Shitty Skin From Valve
TheGoldenGamer (17 days ago)
Wheres the classic offensive?
1:54 - 2:49 What music is playing?
The Pro MCPE (18 days ago)
no one (18 days ago)
Css was my childhood
Ezykill805 Yt (19 days ago)
I play source there's a computer rental in our country
4Pt3M (19 days ago)
CS 1.0 is better than cs 1.6
stjerneskruetraekker (19 days ago)
Anyone still plays Source?
Succ a Blyat (19 days ago)
gabriel ramos (19 days ago)
perdon escribi mal es lucas pueto
gabriel ramos (19 days ago)
hello mi name is lucas puto
moi je suis qui (20 days ago)
I m prefect the cs 1.6 for 1999
Joko Purwanto (20 days ago)
aaaaeeeaaooo aaaaaooooaaaeeeeiiiiiiooooo iiiiioooooaaaaeeeeeiiiiaaaauuuaaaaa aaaiiiaaaa italy
Vitor Mp5 Airsoft (20 days ago)
Ficou uma bosta essas armas cheias de desenhos... Os CS antigos são raíz! Ainda mais o 1.5 que mostrava os verdadeiros nomes e fabricantes das armas.
der mafga (20 days ago)
Should have been a 7 minute video...but then you couldnt get that many Ads into 1 Vid. Congratz
Rey_ Grief (21 days ago)
i love source до сех пор играю
PuszeK PuszkowsQi (21 days ago)
Michael Jeremy Arias (21 days ago)
I love Counter Strike Source.
- CrazyHex - (22 days ago)
I think CS:CZ and CS:GO for the best
Мракогеймер (22 days ago)
Патпишитесь на мня
Aiden Lingen (22 days ago)
You forgot Counter strike: Nexon zombies
DiKi (23 days ago)
Condition Zero is the first version and it's odler than cs 1.6 noob stupid video
Pumpkin Arlo 13 (24 days ago)
I was playing in 2004
Badi Kawi (24 days ago)
it's dead now
DavidDG Plays (24 days ago)
i have installed Css, Cs 1.6, Csgo 2018, and now i need condition zero LOL
lizard (24 days ago)
What is the track at the beginning?
Pants The Guy (25 days ago)
remember when cs had a story mode
IstvánKiss (25 days ago)
Counter Strike and Battlefield will always have a special place in my heart 💖💖
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