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Half-Life 2 Ending HD - Gman (1080p)

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!! SPOILER ALERT !! Half-Life 2 Ending in HD with Gman Video details: * 172.67mb * 1920x1080 * Highest settings available * Audio: 320kbps INFO This is the ending from Half-Life 2 with the famous G-man scene. I find it to be a very nice and exciting scene especially for ending of course because it always makes you want to know more about that mysterious character and then again I want to continue the Half-Life story with Episode One and Episode Two. Have fun! My Computer: - Windows 7 Premium - CPU (Processor) - Intel Quad Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz - GPU (Graphics Card) - ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1Gig) - Memory - 4 Gigabite (2x2gig) - Soundcard: ASUS Xonar D2 - Monitor - SyncMaster B2230 (Full HD / 70000:1 Dynamic Contrast / (1920x1080)
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Text Comments (161)
Wrangle McDangle (2 days ago)
heres a hot take: this game fucking sucked
GamingReviews (2 days ago)
Shigure is best girl (3 days ago)
kubsons 07 (17 days ago)
Why this ending is so trash ?
janklodvandamisback (28 days ago)
As a Freeman I want to get the powers of G-man
Luciano (1 month ago)
E3 many, many years later. After an exhausting and thoroughly underwhelming evening, the presenter makes some seemingly innocent joke about the show taking way too long. Then he says: "Maybe we still have..." Suddenly, all lights go out. Everyone is confused. A familiar voice comes loudly through the speakers: "TIME, DOCTOR FREEMAN? IS IT REALLY THAT TIME AGAIN?" As a Half Life 3 logo appears on the big screen. Everyone goes absolutely bananas. Best E3 announcement in history.
dakota smith (1 day ago)
did this happen?
Toa Hero (17 days ago)
Personally, I hope that Valve hints at a new TF2 update, nothing too spectacular, but something that'll get the fans interested (kinda like Jungle Inferno). Then, 15 seconds into the short, the mercenaries all freeze, and "Doctor Freeeeeeman" plays as the Half life 3 logo fades into view.
HADOW S (2 months ago)
what is the music? please!
A.d.a.m • (2 months ago)
Пук 2к18
ItsNoahScott (3 months ago)
I couldn’t be the only person who was creeped out by G-Man.
Eivureien (4 months ago)
This is literally the best fucking game of all times.
Nilly Phily (4 months ago)
Half life 3 needs to have us break this hell paradox and kill gman the devil himself in the flesh
Straight Busta (4 months ago)
0:43.... Aaaaaahhhuuuuuuuuummmmm.
Mr.meeseeks Fan (6 months ago)
Guys just so you know the reason half life 3 isn’t coming out is because g man left him in the empty world never to be seen again
Neon Kapawn (6 months ago)
Most epic ASMR
DoomMaster10913 (6 months ago)
If you ask me, I think the G-Man is not a god, a human, or an alien. Just something that had always been and always will be.
this nibba just za warudo'ed
Takrezz (7 months ago)
Such a Masterpiece!!!
Łucas (8 months ago)
I hope he's thinking of releasing Adrian soon.
MrMiguel211 (6 months ago)
Poor guy, He must be bored af. And because he's out of time. Hunger and stuff doesn't happen
Thawdar zin (8 months ago)
Can someone explain the ending??? I just finished the game and I got so lost at the end. The is the message is it trying to convey?
Batter has a rotten day (7 months ago)
Thawdar zin http://steamcommunity.com/app/220/discussions/0/846960628572395924 scroll a Bit trought it
BlobbyPlays YT (10 months ago)
Maybe Gman meant to say, this is were it ends until he comes back from his vacation or "house" and then help make Gordon's choices goes trough or maybe survive 😕? I'm not quite sure. Whelp. We'll wait for you Gman!
Potato 250 (10 months ago)
I like how the last thing we hear from G-Man is something as simple as "This is where i get off"
aco (1 year ago)
Everytime he says "Time, doctor Freeman? Is it really that time again?" I get goosebumps on my back
lol (1 year ago)
The one thing i love about half-life since the first games is the soundplasty they use, the wet mouth sounds just get me waaaaaaay more immersed then i should
Ian Knau (1 year ago)
After 16 years, going back to play Half-life 2 again. This ending seems more and more like trolling from Valve themselves, with all the talk of time and impositions.. them telling us to just wait for HL3 and it'll be done when it's done.
TehMondasianSpartan (4 months ago)
Where’s your TARDIS, mate?
Ian Knau (1 year ago)
Yes, I am the time lord..
MINTOR94 (1 year ago)
After 16 years? So you played a game that came out in 2004 in 2001?
General Townes (1 year ago)
I love playing G-man on and on i think i might start jerking off to his voice...
XX HACKER (1 year ago)
0:43 lOLOolol.
Wilburgur (1 year ago)
don't understand how kids who play this game for the first time today don't enjoy it. I was blown away as a kid, and it still rocks my mind today. best game ever made?
GeneralsAlert (1 year ago)
Bla bla bla, Mr. Freeman
TheTrashMan (1 year ago)
They had the perfect ending for this game and they spoiled it by never finishing the episodes. Now the series has been left on a stupid ass cliffhanger and they made G-Man look like a little bitch. Somehow he is powerful enough to stop time completely and teleport wherever he wants, but he cannot hold off a few Alien Slaves aka Vortigaunts. Fuckin Valve....
Piotr Gierszewski (9 months ago)
You should check out the Epistle 3 by Marc Laidlaw, a writer for the Half Life series who quit the company. The names and genders of characters are modified, but it's essentially the plotline of the never released episode 3. And it has some good plot twist and very epic ending, probably even better than this of Half Life 2.
Ángel EM (1 year ago)
Well u know what?
Red Hollister (1 year ago)
...Well, im not in position to say that now
DSS 71 (1 year ago)
It will all make sense to you in the course of...
Newovar (1 year ago)
1:20 Not just you, Gman. Not just you. *unzips pants*
DoritoMcDew (1 year ago)
anyone know the texture for the white room that the gman walks into in the end
Bun (8 days ago)
The interior of the 'hallway' uses *sky_fake_white*, but there's also a light_spot that shines onto gman through the 'doorway'.
ChaoticPaper (4 months ago)
DoritoMcDew debugwhite
DoomMaster10913 (6 months ago)
Top 10 questions science still can't answer.
The Gish (1 year ago)
Bro this comment is fucking hilarious xD
Matt McRae (2 years ago)
Just realized he's talking about Half Life 3. Not at liberty to say, Time, etc. I never really gave the ending much stock until now. I wonder if there have been any metaphysical examinations into this ala the Elder Scrolls?
Transcript: Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again? It seems as if you only just arrived. You've done a great deal in a small time span. You've done so well, in fact, that I've received some interesting offers for your services. Ordinarily, I wouldn't contemplate them... but these *are* extraordinary times. Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you... if and when your time comes round again. I do apologize for what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition, Dr. Freeman. I trust it will all make sense to you in the course of... well... I'm really not at liberty to say. In the meantime... this is where I get off.
Braced Fob918 (2 years ago)
I always feel sad when G-man parts ways, because he's been around since the beginning, he's one of the survivors of the first game, and he's been guiding us towards an unseen goal. It just feels like as he walks out the door, he's taking a little piece of you(Gordan Freeman) with him.
Herr Wahnsinn (26 days ago)
He's definitely a Palpatine mtfer lol. Remember in opposing force when you are the soldier and he leaves you stranded on an alien world and he's like well your service has been prolonged for right now.
GamingReviews (2 years ago)
Well... After all these years periodically checking tons of videos and articles and opinions about him... and even the scene where Eli talks about him, I am more and more thinking that he is not really guiding US to a goal, but rather using us for one of his goals. More than a few times has he made clear that he would get rid of people or simply refusing to give people a chance to live because it was not in line with his own visions (they were in the way, at the wrong time, not strong enough, of no significance etc). On the other hand, I don't think that the GMAN is the most powerful entity in his own world, since as his name suggest he is some kind of 'governer', making deals for a certain goal on his own world or something like that. It is also known that in Half-Life 2 and episodes, if you spawn him in the middle of nowhere, all YOUR enemies (= combine and everyone against the rebels) will attack him on sight as first priority over any other foe. It was never confirmed by Valve if this was unintentionally, so it might as well be like an intended 'slip off' to kind of understand that he is only friends with the people or 'sides' he cares about. At last, while it makes it seems like he is evil in any event, it is also clear that he knew of Alyx her potential before anybody else. Despite Eli having some kind of regret that he 'owes' the gman for saving her life at the Black Mesa incident, it also means that the gman recognizes people that are of great potential. Everything taken together, it might just be COINCIDENCE that the survival of mankind or getting rid of the grasp of the combine on earth is in line with the GMAN his goals, but it might very well be that once the GMAN has acquired his necessities for his own or his world their sake, he will just get rid of Alyx or GMAN, or make them forgot about his existance. And don't forget this: If the gman didn't need Alyx or Gordon their services for any kind of goal as being an all-powerful, they would never even have known of his existance, and he would be able to do everything on his own, so there is a good reason WHY he needs us, the player, and Alyx, meaning he is restricted in some sort of way.
Eh, Canadian Gamer (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who finds Half-Life and the source engine really distracting? I mean, it was a cutting edge engine at the time and i'm sure it pushed PC's to their limits in 2004. But seeing the source engine and half-life used in machinima time and time again, I tend to get sucked out of the game. It's like watching Mass Effect - Gamer Poop and having trouble taking shepard seriously, cause everytime he talks you'll be thinking "We'll bang okay?".
Bodhi (2 months ago)
Eh, Canadian Gamer part of the art of half Life is how self aware it is of it's engine. Those footsteps at the end are supposed to be apart of it lol
GamingReviews (2 years ago)
+triedge763 Haha xD
nygiantsfan6 (2 years ago)
It's enough to want Half Life 3 to see what adventures Gordon and friends will go on next, but the fact that that Valve's been teasing us for the last 15 years, setting up this whole elaborate backstory we really don't even know anything about just makes things unbearable.
Rods Vlogs (3 years ago)
some things are best left forgotten...for now
who is kyle? (3 years ago)
Gman just froze everything expect him and gordon
Riskish (3 years ago)
0:43 epic inhale
K.Dmitry (1 year ago)
I'm dying everytime XD
The Nobody14200 (3 years ago)
Another e3 soon. Time for more speculation.
DoomMaster10913 (6 months ago)
Is it really that time again?
Bone Apple Tea (11 months ago)
And nothing for the next 50 years at least.
OofItsSpencer (3 years ago)
Sadly, nothing. Wa wa waaa..
Servine (3 years ago)
There has been half life 3 and 4 because of episode 2 and 3... TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
bossfight1 (3 years ago)
0:43 "Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you..." Nice little reference to the end of Half-Life 1; he's basically saying "Yeah, I'll just cut the bullshit." Michael Shapiro does such a fantastic job with G-Man's voice; I hope he voices him in Black Mesa when its ending is released.
The Black Bigfoot (3 months ago)
Lmao yes that inhale
Marcelo Gabriel (2 years ago)
+bossfight1 Also, epic inhale
KianMcWolfy (3 years ago)
This is a good way to end a great game...a cliff hanger!
KianMcWolfy (3 years ago)
And Ep.3/HL3 Whenever that happens.
KianMcWolfy (3 years ago)
I was saying that after this game this ending would leave you waiting till Ep.1 and Ep.2
KianMcWolfy (3 years ago)
+akshaye anand I know that. i have played Half life for years! i have the orange box on steam...and lost coast...
Akshaye Anand (3 years ago)
This isn't the ending. You have two more episodes to play after this.
KianMcWolfy (3 years ago)
0:16 - 0:21 Did G-Man fart?
Captain Giratina (4 months ago)
No it's the citadel farting
Yanni mouzakis (3 years ago)
That little smirk and slightly gracious tone at 1:19. Gold. 
sfvids (2 years ago)
u know what else is gold? madvillain
Kevin Costa (3 years ago)
This has to be the best ending I've ever seen in a game. It's such a heart stopper. It also helps that by the time the ending came around I completely forgot about the G-Man, so when he showed up it was a huge surprise to me. Even so, love the ending.
arun aravind (11 months ago)
Kevin Costa same thing happened to me.
Braindawg (1 year ago)
This is like Gabe Newell's secret explanation to "I don't know when the fuck Episode 3 is coming" EDITED 2017: Well fuck...
Jacob Swanson (2 years ago)
I want to believe
Kolby K (2 years ago)
Henry Black (2 years ago)
The main story writer behind Half-Life Marc Laidlaw has officially stepped down from his position at Valve. I doubt episode three will ever been seen.
OofItsSpencer (3 years ago)
Actually gabe newel said that the episodic model isn't going to work well with half life. In fact all the concrete evidence is probably only that, sure I could be wrong *its 100% likely that i am* but come on! They still haven't realized that HL3 can be revolutionary for vr? Here's a rundown of revolutions that half life made (HL1 made a large story possible for a FPS, HL2 showed how amazing physics can be in a game) now the revolution for HL3 will be how much of a great future virtual reality can be.
Aki Greus (3 years ago)
Ahh, the Melnorme.
Adam George (3 years ago)
Choosing for you by i am legion
Alptuğ Gökçe (3 years ago)
Hani sonu amına kodum
colin malan (4 years ago)
favorite gman scene
Tiger082762 (4 years ago)
this guy is fucking creepy lol poor gordon freeman :( 
Chester Beckerkleg (4 years ago)
It's not Gman
Dr. Flop (4 years ago)
yes it is
han dryan (4 years ago)
so... this is just half life 2? not episode 1 and 2 right?
someone (4 years ago)
yes only half life 2  why do you spoil the ending for your self ?! if you want  to know more play both episodes .. and still the story isn't finished yet  thats why we NEED Half-Life 3
Dr. Flop (4 years ago)
Nintendex (4 years ago)
1:11 Even G-man won't talk about Half Life 3. 
Crew Ritchie (6 months ago)
Nintendex there’s 3 replies,oh!wait I ruined it....
CrystalMV (3 years ago)
+Zino But there's no muffin button.
RebFilms (3 years ago)
+biggpeyt *Ehem*
Toni Naito (4 years ago)
You just won a muffin *throws muffin at him*
gfyusebfuigdn (4 years ago)
Blew my goddamn mind.
OofItsSpencer (3 years ago)
I see what you did there :3
Jack Hayhurst (4 years ago)
Jack Hayhurst (4 years ago)
WasteHound (4 years ago)
0:50 asjkdhkjhgfsd, that is what inspired 'Choosing For You' By I Am Legion... i get shivers every time
Johan Schöld Ek (1 year ago)
INDEED! So theeeere it where it comes from...
Uberownager (4 years ago)
It's so epic! Illusion of free choice
Marmy (4 years ago)
Goddamn! This guy will always creep me the fuck out! He makes me shiver almost every time I hear him.
Synek Mamusi (4 years ago)
this is my man.. remember blood 2? or played? hehe it started there.. as If im not wrong it was before hl.
Thomas Rice (4 years ago)
Me:oh shit (bomb explodes) me:WTH!?! (Gman trolls me) Gman:umad bro me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Bruno Mira (4 years ago)
A very desapointing end for all this gameplay time. Half-Live 1 still better and will always be a classic...
Kolby K (3 years ago)
the nihilanth fight is tougher than the ending fight in hl2, but the ending cinematic to hl 2 is better.
lostfan10000 (3 years ago)
+The Muffin Mann Well, many other valve games like: Dota, Team Fortress, and Counter strike all started as mods but then they evolved into their own standalone games. Black Mesa certainly started as a mod but it has started to evolve into its own identity. (Also there is nothing wrong with being a mod, it is rather awesome really.)
RebFilms (3 years ago)
+4Simplify IT. IS. NOT. A. MOD. Why does everyone call it a mod? It's completely made from the ground up and doesn't add on to Half-Life 2 or modify it at all. It's a remake. Calling Black Mesa a Mod is like calling Batman Begins a dvd exclusive of Batman Returns. It doesn't even require HL2!
Nico Contreras (4 years ago)
+NahuNarutoKyubi I am not the biggest gamer out there so for me it felt longer as I play less than some kids do today...
NahuNarutoKyubi (4 years ago)
By a very negligible difference (roughly an hour, hour and a 1/2 or so). In the end, both games last about the same.
GamingReviews (4 years ago)
Well I had that on my older computer. This usually only happens when your PC is not very powerful... :(
ynk (4 years ago)
Someone give me help every time when G-man appears the game freezes! HELP!
Karl Laschnikow (4 years ago)
god damn, g-man has style
Aaron pfund (5 years ago)
What just happend?
Satan 666 (5 years ago)
aguywhodoesntexist (5 years ago)
basically, mission complete... until ep 1
unforeseen consequences was a part from half life 1
Neo DC (5 years ago)
What if this is just a simulation from the Aperture labs?
The LineTM (5 years ago)
that's left 4 dead 3 not half life 3 anyway hope u appear as an easter egg in that XD
gogtjgog (5 years ago)
thing is i wonder if the gman is part of the combine
MissPuddings (5 years ago)
He also voices the Nihilanth
G-Man (5 years ago)
HλLF-LIFE 3 Confirmed. Prepare... for... unforeseen... consequences...
TheJohoy (5 years ago)
Gman its a time lord
John Little (5 years ago)
oh wait the voice.of duke nukem was also the voice of the hsceu
NoriMori (5 years ago)
Nope, not even close. XD
John Little (5 years ago)
he also voiced duke nukem right?
John Little (5 years ago)
In black mesa if you look at the blue screens on the computers it says Hl2.exe has stoped working
Howard Fiend (5 years ago)
Too hard to understand... Half Life 3 Confirmed
omlas6 (5 years ago)
Blablabla mr. Freeman
Grish (5 years ago)
I acutally had that happen in Ep2 when the game froze when Alex was being healed by the Vortigaunts.
itsjustmeh21 (5 years ago)
gman's right. time will come. HλLF-LIFE 3
WhoYouCallin PinHead (5 years ago)
NoriMori (5 years ago)
Fun fact: The guy who voices the G-Man also voices Barney Calhoun. (And every single security guard in Half-Life.)
Ata Bunsy (5 years ago)
Me to
Evan Bernardi (6 years ago)
when it all froze i was like WTF then i heard the gman
Urist McTubedwarf (7 years ago)
i... dont... GET IT UUUGGGG

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