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The Bully Hunters Livestream Was A Complete Failure... #BullyHunters

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This past Thursday, the first (and last) Bully Hunters Live Stream was posted on Twitch. The show was hosted By Natalie (TheZombiUnicorn) Casanova, and had several other guests. Not only did the whole presentation go over very poorly and seemed very artificial, viewers were angry when they saw that companies seemed to be using this "noble" movement as nothing more then an easy way to sell products. Needless to say, The Bully Hunters Twitch, YouTube and social media accounts are all shut down and it is safe to say this campaign will never make a return. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content! Link to the gamepad coffee mug in my videos (Affiliate Link): https://amzn.to/2JTuShY Support ReviewTechUSA on Patreon for just $1 a month: https://www.patreon.com/RTU Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/THEREALRTU Follow Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReviewTechUSA/ Sources cited in this video: https://tinyurl.com/ydgy25wu (VG 24/7 Article) https://tinyurl.com/y9kp5scw (VPEsports Article)
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Text Comments (7090)
ReviewTechUSA (3 months ago)
a ton of people have asked so I listened. An Amazon Affiliate Link to the gamepad coffee mug is in the description. Enjoy!
pentifexmonolith (5 days ago)
don't forget that the whole live game stream was actually faked and they got called out on it.
The Dastardly Bomber (8 days ago)
I know this is an old video but I have that same cup that is on the desk
facial supremacy (11 days ago)
lol that is the best thumbnail ever.
Thomas Reid (12 days ago)
Wait what?? The Order of the White Knights collapsed?
i want to die (1 day ago)
cant they respawn?
Truemuskyarmy 1 (1 day ago)
They should have let idubzz host, the page would still be running.
MinooisaG (2 days ago)
The "stop hitting yourself" rule. Bullies will use the very system meant to take action/deter bullies against you. Any moba player understands.
Michael Moore (3 days ago)
That's what every dirty slimebag banker said during the housing crash. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just following orders. Sorry, take responsibility for your actions. If it wasn't moral or ethical, you shouldn't have done it for a quick buck. Didn't work for the nazis, and shouldn't work for anyone today, though unfortunately that cheap "don't shoot the messenger" bullshit seems to work every time.
noblecup - (3 days ago)
i like your eyes.
Anmin Gip (4 days ago)
she probably realized how ridiculous what she was trying to promote and try to hold in her laughter
Ur Mum (4 days ago)
Honestly penguinsZ0 did a better vid on this
demonpride1975 (4 days ago)
at least zombie unicorn had a nice wrack.
blackearl7891 (4 days ago)
The simplest way to fix all of this is to mute the game. Works everytime.
Cynical 2DD (5 days ago)
I don't think I regret saying anything really?
Growlus notneeded (5 days ago)
Hey @ReviewTechUSA....for the claims of what some were saying which prompted them to try and take the righteous path. If they have recorded this, it should of being forwarded to the FBI. I'm not a big knower of USA laws but I can assume that threatening to rape someone is a crime(felony), because in Aussie land getting recorded making a verbal threat can lead upto gaol time under the charge of using a carriage/messenger service to threaten, intimidate and/or harrass.
Hugh Jass (5 days ago)
5:56 They probably looked at an average and did some basic math, even though that means virtually nothing.
Ted Logan (5 days ago)
Using the olde English word for a bundle of sticks ISN'T A HOMOPHOBIC SLUR!!!! STOP IT LEFTIST LUNATICS!!! RETARDS!
Not DevStar (5 days ago)
Love those elite gamer skills 10 seconds just to buy a nova, most moderate - good csgo players can full buy in 3 seconds and less
NuclearNuke41 (5 days ago)
If they wanted a easy game to find bullies who's harassing females. they should of tried ROBLOX.
TeeTime (5 days ago)
Bully outperforms bullyhunter *Top ten anime plot twist.*
Phat Phebus (6 days ago)
Us nice guy gamers just trying to smash but these SJWs be blocking us
Mr ReTaRdUs (6 days ago)
We can all admet she's got pretty big milkers I know I spelled It wrong
Braincube 013 (6 days ago)
I came for the thumbnail.
MugarAssassin (6 days ago)
Ew, one of their "Elite gamers" is spamming a Combat Shotgun in COD WW2. Using that gun on people in general is bullying, this is due to it's really overpowered.
Nick MaGrick (6 days ago)
theres people who say things they dont regret? Wtf you on about with that one. Youd have to assume everyone has the same morals to think that
Clous von (6 days ago)
God that was so fake, even the dudes weren't good actors
SOLSKOT (7 days ago)
my face when I find out the "bullyhunters" campaign was just an SJW marketing pitch for steelseries headphones
Dusean17 (7 days ago)
Feminists dude they have to ruin everything and more over they lie. They are fake and these liberals are idiots. Sorry but Feminism needs to die off, they are searching for reasons to exists.
QWERTY Keyboard (8 days ago)
man I'm getting bullied HARD in cs:go. should I request a bully hunter or mute button
kieranh2005 (8 days ago)
Sounds like they were doing exactly what they preached against.
Craftingjunk (8 days ago)
I don't regret saying anything, the only thing I even regret doing was on a field trip I once made this really f*cking disgusting drink and drank it for 5 bucks
triggered feminist (8 days ago)
michael mcculley (8 days ago)
I never said somthing I regret and I've said some fucked up stuff I literally can't think of one thing people who regret stuff are dumb js
RedVirtue (8 days ago)
When she said f*gg*t I immedietly went, "BOM BOM BOM".
Colonel Quesadilla (8 days ago)
Yeah Unicorn was pretty bad...almost like she didn't believe the bullshit she was spewing!
Ipperty opperty women r propperty xdxdxdxddd
HeyImDuncan (8 days ago)
did you mean *politically correct failures*
Andre Kiwi (8 days ago)
dO yOu WaNt Me To RaPe UU
QuantumLolliepop (8 days ago)
"Proceeds will go to organizations who support victims of in-game harassment" So... Bullyhunters.org?
popin jimbo (8 days ago)
I like that cup you have
Di4m Gaming (8 days ago)
Stop the cringe I want to see the worst roasts ever
Leman Russ (8 days ago)
I dont know why people put mics on. Just mute and ignore and play the game. Then you wont get upset by something u wont hear. Simple really.
Illegal Priest (9 days ago)
Actually that does sound like some people online and not paid actors. Practice what you preach. Present evidence to your claims.
Illegal Priest (9 days ago)
And not everyone regrets what they have said online. It’s not in everyone’s nature, just many. I am one too who said things I shouldn’t have. But not everyone is that way.
Rick Graham (9 days ago)
Or maybe it's just part of the game.
Marc Dryburgh (9 days ago)
They will join a game and kill the bully....who can respawn....
Ghostface1984 (9 days ago)
I found a solution! When you don't like the toxic community play single player games!!
Jean Roch (9 days ago)
I can see that the love of alternative facts is pervasive in the US... I now understand the whole trump thing.
Its Harper (9 days ago)
Would someone be able to tell me what kind of keyboard he is using in the video?
Ritz Filmz (9 days ago)
Bruh why are you Americans so sensitive?
MIke Elshire (9 days ago)
Wow...that was bullshit and completely staged. And it honestly does a disservice to the cause, to me it cheapens it makes it seem more like a scam then what it actually is with how they portray it here.
Gun Nut (9 days ago)
Blablabla “homophobic slur” blablabla who cares? Thats freedom of expression, stop being so offended.
abqwizard (9 days ago)
Excellent vid.. got my sub
SrJrCo (9 days ago)
Anybody know the lady on the thumbnail?
Jackal and Grim (9 days ago)
You want to know who are the real harassers in video games......dark souls that games breaks your soul every turn is a death trap
Kenyon Prunty (9 days ago)
Weres the boobs?
The Logician (9 days ago)
I miss the days of having to hide my gaming from the women in my life. Feminists ruin everything.
Zippy (10 days ago)
i dont regret what i say, cause im willing to say anything lmao
David (10 days ago)
I think they were on the right track, but just done by the wrong people. I can't say that I know what its like to be sexuly harrased because I'm a guy. But I have been bullied on several occasions to the point were I stopped playing games. People become nasty when they know they don't have to face any consequences for what they say. It just dosnt sit right with me that they are selling merchandise. They loose all credibility when doing so.
xxBluemonsterxx FIN (10 days ago)
Fun fact:dont play if you cant stand hate/critism or just salt
RealMetalGaming (10 days ago)
It is disgusting how misogynistic people are against female gamers. But this bully hunters thing is not the way they should be going about it.
Gavamelon (10 days ago)
lllwarchildlll (10 days ago)
Did you know that 3,000,000 hamsters are molested EVERY DAY in the United States by bald pedophiles BELOW the state of LOWER SOUTH CAROLINA? Source: http:/www.NOTreallyAsource/orEVENaLINK.org , yea... It's ok for HER to do it since u say to forgive her so I guess everyone should. AND IT WAS A TWITTER POST, not her being a talking head off a cue card. Not the same thing.
Keith Michael (10 days ago)
Another group of people trying to cash in on #MeToo by making it about "saving" female gamers. 1. Most gamers who are female are elites themselves. 2. If you are offended, the game gives you options. Mute, change server. 3. If you are a guy who acts like that, you deserve having some of your fun taken away, but hacking CSGO to punish them is crazy. They could have used the time and platform to promote anti bullying/ Griefing , girl gamer empowerment... They didn't need to concoct this weird scheme. Women deserve to have a great time in games, too. Things like this only perpetuate stereotypes and aren't helpful.
japhygato (10 days ago)
You need to go outside from time to time.
doug mckay (10 days ago)
I have ZERO regrets!!!
Leng man (10 days ago)
damn i’d suck her breasts
RGO fireman (10 days ago)
Gosh rainbow unicorn or what ever her name is looks like a prostitute you'd find on bourbon street lol
Karate Shark (10 days ago)
There logo looks like the outlast 2 logo
ClassicAdden (10 days ago)
I'm in the USA part of internet again...
Who’s the chick????
samuils (11 days ago)
Bullying online? There is a thing called a BLOCK button, freaking use it.
I'mnotserious atall (11 days ago)
Quit playing games altogether.....Even offline games?
BO BON (11 days ago)
Do any of you people hold a regular job ??😂😂
MPSecare (11 days ago)
you need a high backed chair and a white cat
Gavin Irvine (11 days ago)
But they got millions in donations....... Didnt they
Bruh m8 (11 days ago)
what if the bully hunters is the one that got killed over and over by the same guy?
Mier Beuker (11 days ago)
So is it safe to conclude that the Bully Hunters got bullied out of existence? And should we start a new site called, I don't know, something like, The Bully Hunter's Bully Hunters? And what would their bullies be called? My brain is starting to hurt.
Miles Rider (11 days ago)
I honestly just clicked your video to find out the name of the woman in your thumbnail lol
Brandon McIvor (8 days ago)
Same.. struggling to identify.
Ray Urbina (12 days ago)
They bullied the bully hunters
Henry Ruler (12 days ago)
Hmmm I have idea. Let’s torture messenger and find out who is behind this fail. 🤔
Happy Meme (12 days ago)
Elite gamer? I don't think pro gamers would use the tool
DarkRipper117 (12 days ago)
to all of us old-timers who have been there since the beginning of online matchmaking this is nothing more than a joke....... so you mean to tell me that anti tryhards aren't a thing? but they don't deserve recognition cuz they aren't trying to pull a marketing stun... am glad this failed the way it did, cuz even if online bulling is a serious thing there are steps to deal with them...as is my experience throughout the years many online lobbies will deal with bullies in their own way, depending on how much of a troll the guy/girl is, the most they could last is a match or two cuz they will get booted or an admin will take notice depending on how many reports the troll/bully in question had accumulated.!!! that's why I can't take online bulling serious..........some times the victim really brought it on his/her self, that's when many decide to play the role of professional victims..but they will not tell you the cause why they are in such predicament to begin with....it's not like am condoning bulling at all, but one must really look at the two sides of the coin before drawing conclusions.!!!!
Jonny 5ive (12 days ago)
mmm fat tittays
ExleyToast Gaming (12 days ago)
Just mute then lol
Black Dawn (12 days ago)
I'm so sorry, but 10:40 to 10:50 got me hollering! Who says that back to back like that? That was a list of hate and that doesn't happen as fast like that.... chill!
pewdie piez (12 days ago)
12 year olds saying weird things to me i must ban them from csgo
pewdie piez (12 days ago)
Just put voice chat off and play the fucking game
Antonio Martinez (12 days ago)
Bully hunters pulled an EA
Perfect Enrager (12 days ago)
Bully hunters got hunted
Nate _Vlogz (12 days ago)
Love your mug dude
Rogue (13 days ago)
Nice beard legit
Retro Workshop (13 days ago)
I thought that's just how Americans speak. Only joking. There is something wrong with Americans, generally, on video games. They are much crazier and more aggressive than others. It's a fucking problem. Also, this isn't just my stupid subjective opinion, I can back it up with studies and statistics -- America is fucked. Shame that some Americans ruin it for everybody else.
Il Randomizzatore (13 days ago)
those footages are obviously fake, if they were real, they would say those things in russian.
M4sh (13 days ago)
Thank you Review tech USA for this useful information now i understand why Bully Hunters became a mess with their livestream and website and yes I agree with you that harassment is everyone’s problem not just to women
Harper of Dark (13 days ago)
I like how you say they are 'elite gamers'. I am an Elite Gamer... come and get me
Calamity Leo (13 days ago)
I never say something I regret on live stream, I never live stream 😀
zSTALKn Gaming (13 days ago)
A weapon to surpass bully hunters A fucking mute button
Vorzky (13 days ago)
If you're mute you can't regret something you've said
Ink Drop (13 days ago)
Thx for doing gods work
Atc Atcdroid (14 days ago)
Great editorial by the Big Show! Agree 100%.
Foster Wood (14 days ago)
The main lady looks like such an SJW loser.
Blacktain Falcon (14 days ago)
one time on the Mar.IO stream, I spammed the N-word until I got banned. also I'm black
Misga (14 days ago)
Let me tell how i find this. They HACK the game, target one guy kill him and be kicked . Sounds great! ONE death doesn't change a single damn thing! Also toxicity is not targeted, there is very much toxicity against mans also harassment is bad but this is not right say to approach this.

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