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The Bully Hunters Livestream Was A Complete Failure... #BullyHunters

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This past Thursday, the first (and last) Bully Hunters Live Stream was posted on Twitch. The show was hosted By Natalie (TheZombiUnicorn) Casanova, and had several other guests. Not only did the whole presentation go over very poorly and seemed very artificial, viewers were angry when they saw that companies seemed to be using this "noble" movement as nothing more then an easy way to sell products. Needless to say, The Bully Hunters Twitch, YouTube and social media accounts are all shut down and it is safe to say this campaign will never make a return. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content! Link to the gamepad coffee mug in my videos (Affiliate Link): https://amzn.to/2JTuShY Support ReviewTechUSA on Patreon for just $1 a month: https://www.patreon.com/RTU Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/THEREALRTU Follow Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReviewTechUSA/ Sources cited in this video: https://tinyurl.com/ydgy25wu (VG 24/7 Article) https://tinyurl.com/y9kp5scw (VPEsports Article)
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ReviewTechUSA (6 months ago)
a ton of people have asked so I listened. An Amazon Affiliate Link to the gamepad coffee mug is in the description. Enjoy!
Chris Reed (25 days ago)
I have one and it actually kind of sucks. It's too small to actually hold a adult sized drink and it feels like a high school art project quality wise. 4/10
Have that mug love that mug
RP Productions (1 month ago)
Maybe they should make a new Bully Hunters but for GTA... Looottta tryhards
TheWolfboy180 (1 month ago)
I appreciate this work, but stick to reviewing tech.
Fhantom God (1 month ago)
"If you're watching this" No it, im not watching nuffin
Shalashaska 994 (12 hours ago)
The fact that people think bullying in a video game is even an issue at all is laughable. Just turn off the game if you're that sensitive.
idoj654123 (15 hours ago)
It's rather amazing, people are fucked up enough these days to take on projects like this, "protecting" people who play anonymously online video games. I suppose the end goal is, they can charge people for the service. In that case, the only people more fucked up than the folks behind projects like this are the ones who purchase the service. However, it seems the whole thing was a failure, which is also pretty funny.
idoj654123 (15 hours ago)
Really not surprising the guy making this video weighs half a ton, either. Get between him and a can of Pringles, you have my deepest sympathy.
xXDraco DeathXx (17 hours ago)
sucks that bully hunters was such bullshit. i liked their emblem
Brian Fidler (2 days ago)
Although I don't game much, I do play a few popular games: Arma, Albion, Eve, PUBG... folks are brutal; that's part of gaming, like it or not. There is no targeted bullying of female gamers; both my son and daughter play daily, she hoasts stuff and he's had females in nearly every group he's played in since he was a kid, and there are females in some of my groups. If anything, when a female gets bashed, a couple dudes step up and shut that person down. This is just another platform where self-loathing malcontents have found a way to create strife because they are miserable humans with unrealistic expectations and low self-esteem. For someone who is so "passionate" about such a "substantial" issue, why the cue cards? I've spoke to groups and in public several times on various subjects, the only time I used cue cards I was speaking about something I knew very little about. Literally, every time I check on a statistic provided by anyone who identifies as an SJW, I find said statistics to be not just invalid, but often profoundly and grotesquely misrepresented. Talk about catering to the Lowest Common Denominator, is this the Soylent Green Generation? It's interesting how often it comes out that the "perpetrators" turn out to be compensated actors or employees, and the situations have been staged... in every genre and on every issue; a true shame that prevents actual victims from receiving assistance for real problems.
Harry Warburg (2 days ago)
That final sentence was perfect. "Harassment is everybody's problem. It's not just a women's problem"
Harry Warburg (2 days ago)
Why can't you just mute them? Sure it doesn't stop them killing you in game but it stops them from verbally abusing you.
Matthew Brown (2 days ago)
The fake harassment sounds like if you replaced the voice clip from the sonic adventure boss fights with feminist propaganda of male gamers and then played the boss
_Randy_Ruiz_ 1993 (3 days ago)
Everything that the feminist do things without any fact or info for there little (cough cough) "crusade", they just make them look even more retarded
Micah Smith (3 days ago)
They boosted the 21 million by including the prepubescent cucks that just sound like they're girls
sanka perera (3 days ago)
If rather her show her boobs so I would pay more attention.
ChubbyChopper (3 days ago)
i thought it was bully hunters, not white knights lmao
No Cheating (3 days ago)
She's Hot
Leonardo da Vinci (4 days ago)
So video game police?
White Rob (4 days ago)
Super duper gay.... everything thats wrong with the world. Wut a bunch of p😻ssys
Ryan Fury (5 days ago)
🤔Based off how she looks(thick as fu__, yeah u get it🙃) I can see why she got the gig w/o an proper audition..., yeeesh😬
KNG Nacs (5 days ago)
I'm just saying in the thumbnail she's hot I'm just putting that out there
Jubeidono2012 (5 days ago)
Another failed agenda like 'Rape Culture' and 'Gender Pay Gap'
Robin Kynast (5 days ago)
I found this randomly and damn man. objective and fair review. subbed
James Zbierski (5 days ago)
paincult (6 days ago)
The comments sound a lot like something the writers of Law and Order would pull together.
Jakob Ottsman (6 days ago)
It's funny how the stuff the "bully's" say is something you don't actually here
samuel frey (6 days ago)
what 21 million girl gamers??
Xavy Maxoo (7 days ago)
is no one bothered by the fact that the logo for bully hunter is the male icon with cross hair lines on it like "hunt the males"? 🤔
Sky Master (7 days ago)
I heard of it, didn't watch it and saw the person, knowing who this was I just ignored it
Dragonspheres (7 days ago)
The whole problem with the don't shoot the messenger idea, is that they still chose to relay such false and manipulative information. It does not excuse you from blame just because you were hired. That's not logical.
Nicklas VEVA (8 days ago)
I have never seen any other guys harass girls just because the plsy video games, the thing that usually happens when guys play with girls is that the girl gets compliments or "special treatment" like extra heals or support in-game. I think that this is a very fun thing, it really helps create a non-toxic environment in games.
Zero001 LP (8 days ago)
Real gamers don't target someone by gender. That is just wrong.
Natalie Cortez (8 days ago)
Why do I have the almost have the same as her?
LOL 21 million female ''gamers''
Glenn Bartlett (9 days ago)
21 million women deal with online gaming harassment. 1 woman can't deal with it and tries to change the world.
STUFFINurPIE (10 days ago)
your defense of natalie calling her a talking head is bullshit, she had a choice to post or not post false info. she also had the choice of responding and refused to make a right one. people are not robot who can be programmed or hacked to lie on the internet. they make the moral choice and unfortunately shes a garbage person.
Chaotic Clyde (10 days ago)
I called my wife a c**t one time. She hit me in a head with a frying pan. I have regretted buying that frying pan ever since. It was an accident, thats what happens when you play games with Aussies.
Protoka (10 days ago)
I use the special programmer tool ''mute''. It's pretty advanced. I code C##.
Mindhumble (11 days ago)
11:00 sounds almost as contrived as the allegations against that american judge recently, hmm also leftists, pattern?
AnIrishMusician (12 days ago)
37% of women are bullied online? That's a steal compared to the 100% of men who get mean words thrown at them.
ThatGuy Silver (13 days ago)
😂 everything is a mess on the internet
Hector Acosta (15 days ago)
lol awesome intro my friend! new Sub!!!
Malcolm Wilson (15 days ago)
What is the music at the end
Panda boy (15 days ago)
I play cs go a lot and i see like no women ever so this is complete bullshit
Lobster The Robber (15 days ago)
When you dont know what you are saying then you DONT SAY IT
Lobster The Robber (15 days ago)
Isnt it basically more toxic and sweaty feminist gamers
Power Fist (16 days ago)
Question, i thought of this when i heard you mention the blurb regarding the profits of the SteelSeries headset: There are incredibly few organizations dedicated to 'In-Game harassment aid'... that werent Bully Hunters. what if, say, the profits may or may not have, at least partially... gone to the Bully Hunters? after all, they have to pay for that sponsorship somehow.
james cottrell (18 days ago)
Doctor?? Doctor of what?
Turner Bate (18 days ago)
Who hasnt been threatend with rape in game?
Centurion (19 days ago)
elite gamers buhahahahahaha
Joe David (19 days ago)
Mmmm good
Beabea Arts (19 days ago)
I regret joking about school shootings when one happened just before lmao
Andrew Whalen (21 days ago)
Thank liberals for the victimhood movement, it's a cash dash. Who can be the biggest victim!
PirateTube TV (21 days ago)
It was a scam for money. They pumped and dumped
Average Nonce (21 days ago)
what's funny the "Toxic male game chat" sounds more like a 911 call or police radio compared to a real game chat
Samuel Cabrera (22 days ago)
Does the mute option not work?
Samus Aran (22 days ago)
It was a clear sign of stage fright.
Nohrian Wave (22 days ago)
Women don't play videogames.
Raams Krill (23 days ago)
Open Thoughts (23 days ago)
R6 and Ghost Recon is full of them.
Open Thoughts (23 days ago)
I can be really mean online if they are mean to me.
Gustave Viking (23 days ago)
Bully hunters? Seriously? How stupid
william Landreth (24 days ago)
Crazy. I Saw and killed that name on pubg xbox 1 2 days ago. Lol Small world
Charlie Thomas (24 days ago)
The harassers sound like every other voice joncjg does in arby n the chief
N0t Faze tfue (24 days ago)
2 words : mute button
Psychic Hoodlem (24 days ago)
Everyone gets verbally abused on games. Bully hunters deserved to fail
alpan (25 days ago)
You should do a video of what happened at gencon
Chris Reed (25 days ago)
Unfortunately this is the sort of thing that actually creates more problems since it was such a joke that it's a meme. Naturally it will just create more bullies as a side effect because "it's just a joke". You dun goofed Bully Hunters.
Chris Reed (25 days ago)
Yeah this is the sort of thing that made me nope out of modern gaming and threw me back into game collecting. I just finished Chrono Trigger and didn't get called a slur or told to kill myself once. Unfortunately we're going to have entire generations of gamers who never knew gaming back when it was actually meant for fun and not selling products or services and was a battlefield for social injustice and hate mongering. Gaming, what happened to you?
+f0r3v3r+ (25 days ago)
I didn't know what BullyHunters was until I saw this video. And this guy has such a nice voice I just kept watching. It is like I just stumbled in to some really great sci-fi lore and he is breaking it down for me. This guy should narrate all the things.
poopy butt (26 days ago)
Who is that in the thumbnail?
Dylan Gallagher (26 days ago)
There is a mute and block button isn’t there sooooooo
Ruben e (26 days ago)
Am i the only one who sees females being put onto pedestals in every game? whever i look dudes are always nice to females in games. Ive never ran into a female gamer that was genuinely harrassed, in the least jokingly flirted with.
Snake_XIX (26 days ago)
Yeah buddy, you have *really* thick skin, that's obvious
Leo pika (8 days ago)
Snake_XIX hahahaha i get it because he is fat right ? wow you're so cool .
By the sounds of it if it continued the whole thing would of gotten out of hand like everything else
Screw The Net (27 days ago)
Some where money was lost on this bully hunters thing.
Sekiko Gaming (28 days ago)
They should hear about this cool invention I heard of. *It's called the mute button.*
hepster1958 (28 days ago)
If she's older than about twenty-two With hair that's red, purple or blue Whatever she'll say Is an obtuse, galling bray Just listen and you'll find this is true
SwigtimeFoxy (29 days ago)
Someone better make a curb your bullyhunter.
SGSE (29 days ago)
I thought the bully hunters were a meme
dirty joe (29 days ago)
Ugh that bully hunters "movement" is so cringey.
Mike Anderson (1 month ago)
She's a fucking camwhore trying to fight for the feminist cause? Maybe stop trying to make money by painting your naked body like COSPLAY characters before you try to act like you do anything good for your gender.
Abdulaziz Abbah (1 month ago)
This is so fucking cringy.
TalentlessTanker (1 month ago)
Voice_enable 0
James Franklin (1 month ago)
Fuckers like them only hurt the cause of others. They are dealing more damage to those that are actually their to prevent harassment on both sides. Bunch of lying sobs
TheFreeFlow (1 month ago)
Sooo.... Basically what nazis/racists, conspiracy theorists aka tinfoil heads, feminazis and vegans do... Link you to a professional looking website.... Making a profesional looking analysis based on a study.... next step: Link the study and that´s it... As soon as you actually make the effort to click on those links see there: Nothing to back said groups claims up, actually, often enough I even saw the *opposite* lmao! Yup people/groups linking to websites in said "profesional" manner that actually even totally *debunk* their very own claims... Unfortunately i´ve seen that often enough already.
Eunice Miranda (1 month ago)
Man I know this was a failure when I didn't even know this type of organization existed until I watched this. I wasn't even super interested it was in my recommended😂😂😂 nice vid tho
Mitchell (1 month ago)
"bullies" and "victims" all fake.
Mitchell (1 month ago)
The #metoo of gaming.
Surfer Sandman (1 month ago)
Thanks for the clear an concise overview of what this was. Honestly I was never aware that this movement even existed....
james harris (1 month ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna just go ahead and address the blatantly obvious common factor that is prevalent in every half-assed endeavor surrounding this issue, which seems to be the primary demographic from whose blowholes this topic is almost always spewing forth in bitter vitriol that one can only assume stems from a lifetime of feeding a grossly apparent level of self-loathing that is reflected in their general appearance. I'm not talking about looks either. I'm referring to the overall extensive efforts to make themselves as hideous externally as they see themselves internally, any and every possible way they can without reservation or general focus. The result is an angry, victimized pig who has created a boderline offensive trashcan-punch look which is far worse than simply "unappealing," who is pissed off at the world for making her do what she did to herself to begin with. It is an effort that can't be sluffed off as just "giving up" or "letting oneself go." Then they put on the "feminist" nametag like it's their personal cause, and focus the anger on men who "disgust" them, when they are really pissed because they themselves have never, nor will ever be the target of anyones' sexual advances, be they welcomed or harassing or otherwise. JS
dylan simpson (1 month ago)
There's actually this crazy new technology to fight this it's called a mute button
its life (1 month ago)
And you wonder why the ladies don't like you
Joe Ninety (1 month ago)
The dyed pink hair, should have been a give-away.
Latios plays (1 month ago)
I have yet to do something bad on stream
purpleblunt (1 month ago)
God dam these so called victims of online gaming sexual harassment have never seen a mute button
Southern Fun (1 month ago)
White Knighting so soon? Ughh...
Mr Pickles (1 month ago)
My face imploded from cringing
Ian Wells (1 month ago)
2:13 Why am I hearing the Seinfeld theme music in my head?
Jr Qf (1 month ago)
Just mute them
GamerNerd FTW (1 month ago)
His mug seems very inconvenient
Hitrover (1 month ago)
Honestly, if there are going to be organizations that want to stop "online bullying" you would literally start having online gangs. I have seen this happen numerous times in MMORPG'S. Though, it is quite a fun experience. Edit: Had to fix some typos.
Jake Toth (1 month ago)
Big surprise. These people don't use accurate facts. It's all about identity politics.
CrazyEclipse (1 month ago)
Dude I get nervous every time I go into a fortnite match with a girl and I’m 14 I’m probably never going to be toxic unless A ducking John Wick 1 pumps me

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