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Are Lagbots Gone (For Now)? - TF2 Update News

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recently pushed update for Team Fortress 2 that appears to aim to remove the bad actors from the server whom always want to lag or crash the servers. Does it work? Will it keep TF2 free of these people? Time will only tell. Music By MastGRR: https://soundcloud.com/mastgrr My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (443)
Emperor Kobanian (2 months ago)
Fart matress 2 is still in danger
2spoopy 4u (2 months ago)
When will come new contracts
Ace (2 months ago)
your aim is giving me aids
Just a random Dude (2 months ago)
Just asking is the medic-less update still coming...?
l4yte (2 months ago)
What war paint / skin is that?
Amerikan Templar (3 months ago)
Valve Nudes Network you should change it to that on april 1st
Edwarnator (3 months ago)
Fuckin disgrace. These people's mothers must be so proud of them.
Officialpoiuytrewq4645 (3 months ago)
wait you can access tf2 source (ha very funny you, yes you with bad source engine joke) code with github?
Spartan375x (3 months ago)
Love ya too!
Zimuus ☆ (3 months ago)
Too bad L4D2 is full of spinbots
I have an idea: Track the ip of the trolls, steal their money, ip and Internet ban them(along with account), and make them get steam guard. That will put a large hole in their plans....maybe
Not Big Surprise (3 months ago)
"Players who consistently get spammed with reports from someone who keeps making alts will now get to feel the full power of Gabe Newell's Own Ban Hammer"
Forgotten Syrup (3 months ago)
I really will never understand why people put so much time and effort into attempting to make sure other people can't have fun.
Tom Wes (2 months ago)
For the reaction. Look at how pissed off the people here are getting. Their blood is boiling. For a damn video game really?
Default TM (3 months ago)
I have never encountered these bots, what a shame
InfernoTrees (3 months ago)
Lmao dont praise them dude xd
Marek Kumitsu (3 months ago)
GermanPeter (3 months ago)
"If the Team Fortress team doesn't want to communicate on future updates, that's fine"No, it isn't. It freaking isn't and we all know it. They have to communicate more, PERIOD.
Vulcan Raven (3 months ago)
Hacking is not trolling, it can be but it is mostly not. Trolling is an art and has to be preserved in TF2
Vulcan Raven (3 months ago)
Thats Grieving not trolling
DiamondCrafter 78Shane (3 months ago)
If you mean trolling as in sending a bunch of bots to crash a server and ruin everyone's fun, then it isn't.
Andrew Shevchenko (3 months ago)
Are patrons gay? No list at the end D:
Pangeran Christian (3 months ago)
Its a dead game anyway.
1999 (3 months ago)
Right when the update came out today. I have no clue what it even does.
Devon Bagares (3 months ago)
Someday, the tf2 community will be gone. And tf2 will be a dead game. Someday. And I'll stay. I'll stay until that happens.
SINISTAR (3 months ago)
"Shit... Valve's patching up all our lagbot command exploits. What can we do?" *Pushes glasses up* "You see, me and my team have been developing new systems for lagging servers ever since lagbots started... We've got plenty of alternatives." "Get ready for a war."
Painis Cupcake (3 months ago)
These shitbots only delayed heavy update, tf team has more important things to do than fixing FUCKING Bots made by homo virgins.
Skipper G44 (3 months ago)
Only way to "fix" this situation is to file a lawsuit against those who is responsible. Basically find a guy who is doing this sh!t and make sure he spends the next decade in a prison
CauseScience (3 months ago)
Now we will see the rise of report bots.
GreenSwede (3 months ago)
The lagbot issue seems to be pretty much fixed for now.
LinusSexTips (3 months ago)
Loved that Meet the Sniper reference :D
Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach (3 months ago)
Valve doing anything about hacking/trolling in a game that isn't their stable-horse? *HA!* That's funny, you're a real Steve Martin.
Predator[TF2] : (3 months ago)
Note:vostrovasc is not a hacker,hes a heavy that was memeing in Sters Sniper Stomper video a few years ago
4mana7/7rino Kripperino (3 months ago)
ive already been kicked from servers several times for "issued too many commands to server" and its so because i have a config which has many different console commands assigned to each of the weapon's slots. so if you try to switch your weapons fast back and ford, then ull just get kicked...
shinevision sv (3 months ago)
Platyken (3 months ago)
There's probably one thing the player base can do to grab the attention of them, and to be honest, nobody has even attempt to do this. That thing is DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. The TF team and even valve won't do anything if they see a huge play base still playing the game. They see it as there's nothing wrong with the game.
ikiyuz (3 months ago)
lag bots were already fixed in may 17 june 7th fixed the crash bots
Epic Username (3 months ago)
That killfeed is so minimalist, what hud is this?
A Duck Named Bob. (3 months ago)
What is up with those Killicons ?
-AD5M- (3 months ago)
I like to remind myself that the people making things like Crash bots are probably social outcasts whose sole purpose in life is to seek enjoyment through other people’s anger. I’d say this inclination probably stems from the fact that these people most likely have few friends/ loved ones and generally sit at a computer all day becoming more and more pathetic. So because they are angry at the world, they want other people to feel anger as well. It’s quite amusing actually- to think that some waste of space wasted his or her time to create something that no one other than the creator will appreciate lol. Truly laughable. Nice job hackers/botters: you’ve done nothing of value in your life. Have you considered suicide before? If so, I’d urge you to revisit it. You’d probably just save the world of having to deal with your insufferable “personality” Just a quick PSA.
buyBread (3 months ago)
i'm pretty sure no one fucking bothers to host them anymore lol
Salty Workshop (3 months ago)
begone, bot!
D-ray Ent (3 months ago)
I dont want Tf2 to die now! I want to go college and marry before his effective death!
Timmy the mini (3 months ago)
Where can I email VOLVO?
Sly Rocko (3 months ago)
This is eerily similar to that one spiderman villain that could use his genetical research to cure everything but instead wants to create dinosaurs.
-TSON- -FIRE- (3 months ago)
aus servers are getting raped
FridiNaTor (3 months ago)
Tea Fart 2. That must be me‚ I always drink tea and fart‚ whilst playing this game ;)
Combine Soldier (3 months ago)
I hope that people that cheat in any games or make bots that destroy game, gonna die in very horrible way. P.S Theese "people" are not smart they are simply retarded lmao
Muhai (3 months ago)
Nice to see things being done
JimboYCS (3 months ago)
for call of duty players its probably just normal day in game xD
AyeAye Kane (3 months ago)
you calling them smart is probably just gonna motivate them to fuck the game up even more
Operation Creation (3 months ago)
What was up with your kill feed it wasn’t showing the names it just showed the icon
Ishi TheShepherd (3 months ago)
Operation Creation it's to avoid doxxers that search for the server based on the people who are playing, and to avoid releasing others' usernames in a public video
XEnderFaceX (3 months ago)
I tried playing Snowplow, 2 games in a row a bot made the Server crash..
Kepe Kepowski (3 months ago)
so are lag bots gone or not? also what do you mean by spinbot, its anti - aim for hvh
Lil Jessica (3 months ago)
Yes, and now there are crashbots :))))))
Starry Night (3 months ago)
i just encountered a lag bot yesterday.....
m1ksu (3 months ago)
Solution: just don't make the fucking lagbots, keep that shit out of the game
nochtczar (3 months ago)
I wish there was some mechanism for the internet in general to push toxic assholes and trolls off. A way to make them isolated just like they would be in a real society when they display this kind of behavior
Kron Krian (3 months ago)
Let's be honest here, people that make hacking programs, people that coordinate hack bots and trolls that ruin the experience for others are just pathetic. Let's be completely honest here, these people have nothing going in their lives aside from ruining experience for others and probably live on someone's else's expense. It's downright pathetic. These People, are called level 50 basement dwellers, because they have nothing else going on in their life.
Nathan Mendenhall (3 months ago)
Still waiting on Bethesda News Network...
Rick M. Wumbo (3 months ago)
Just wondering, when you see these lag bots are they usually on valve servers or community servers?
Nazif Samet Pehlivan (3 months ago)
Is this silence before the hoovy update?
Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach (3 months ago)
@Forgotten Syrup: "Heavy has enough weapons all they all work fine." That's extremely debatable. Realistically he only has two miniguns worth using (Stock and Tomislav) And one support minigun that really isn't that great at supporting (Natascha) and one minigun that is WAAAAAAAAY too situational for the small benefit you get from using it properly. (The brass-beast.) plus you have one last minigun that in the ideal situation it's only ever so slightly better than stock. (The heater. in the ideal situational when you're working with your pyros, you'll be doing very slightly more damage than stock. not worth using.) At lower proficiency the sandvich is king (The shotgun doesn't have tight enough spread to be used at a distance) you have one food item that serves no purpose other than remind you that boxer heavies suck when compared to demo-knights. (Steak sandvich) and people don't play distraction heavy enough for the Chocolate bar to be seen as useful. (90% of the people who play heavy foolishly try to play him as a 1v1 class. good heavies know that he's at his weakest in a 1v1 format if you can't find any cover to stand behind.) For melee he has two options Fists of steel (Which is only ever used for running away.) and the gru (Which is mostly used for getting into the edge of a fight then walking to the frontlines hoping no one sees you, if they do, it's just basically hope they can't aim all that well.) For a short while the eviction notice was the better option, but they went and ruined it. (I would of kept lower damage and faster move speed, but i would made it passive. you wouldn't move as fast as you would with the gru, but you wouldn't have to run around with your melee out to get the speed boost. just have it in your loadout.) The gloves of killing boxing would be a okay melee if the holiday punch didn't exist or if the heavy could reliable defend himself in a 1v1 format (Without the shotgun, you can't. with it, depends on the skill level. but, generally speaking, you can't.) since the holiday punch exists, the KGB isn't even that good for flanking. The holiday punch is... technically viable, but in a very annoying and glitchy way. The entire premise behind them makes no sense and is unfun. (Nothing more annoying than getting your uber stopped by the holiday punch heavy and EVERYONE likes being put in situations where they can't defend themselves at all.) The warriors spirit makes no sense, the situations in which it excels at the KGB does much better. So, to sum the heavy up. He has two primaries, both function almost the same. (Stock and Tomislav) One support minigun that does a bad job of supporting. (Natascha) One secondary because the shotguns, despite having a tigher spread, still aren't that great at distant harassing and it takes too long to swap to your primary for it to be used to soften up incoming targets, one of the food items is completely useless and the other food item is rarely used because heavy doesn't have a lot of distraction tools to warrant using it. He has Two melees (Fists of steel and GRU) and one situational melee that may or may not stay as useful as it is (They removed the Stun on the sandman because it was unfun to go up against, the Holiday punch is 10x's as bad.) Holiday Punch. In an nutshell, Heavy needs not only new stuff, he also needs reworks on both his class at a core level as well as the majority of his weapons. I would go as far as saying maybe give him a whole weapon slot dedicated to just consumables/team buffs/debuffs. (You would have a slot for the minigun, a slot for a shotgun, a slot for sandvich/ammo pack and a slot for melee.) I hope they fix they make the heavy as a more of a distracting/flesh-wall, but i think they'll likely fix the issues with this version of the heavy and ignore the reasons why no one likes to play him. (He is the least picked class across UGC and Invite. We're talking single digit numbers. Down there with the pyro, engineer and medic. Pyro can be fun and exciting, medic is vital, engineer can act as a safety cushion to fall back on. the heavy is none of these things.) Keep in mind literally of what I said is coming from the perspective of a heavy main. I like him and have very little good things to say about him, just imagine what people who don't like him have to say.
Forgotten Syrup (3 months ago)
how about not a heavy update, heavy has enough weapons and all of them work fine, it's the tf2 communities expectancy that we must have everything all the time that has lead to such a shitty update schedule, how about fix them to push some of the weapons and rebalances?
madi (3 months ago)
Gordon Boxman -having sandwich out for 30 secs gives you god mode until you switch to other guns
Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach (3 months ago)
Looking at how long the pyro update took, i wouldn't be expecting the heavies any time soon. Hell, even when they released the pyro update it didn't fix any of his issues, just made things worse. (Went from wildly overpowered to wildly underpowered to right back where he was pre-update.) Outside of changing the way reflections come out and allegedly ('ve still had it happen to me alot.) fixing the range of flame-throwers, nothing was done about him on a core level. If the heavy update comes out this summer, expect it to be a even bigger broken mess that doesn't actually fix the issues with him.
Archealus (3 months ago)
It very well could be
Madnessguy (3 months ago)
I know a ster_ clip then i see one.
Über Kirbeeh (3 months ago)
I haven’t been playing the game for a while because of the bots, expect few times in community server, in which they don’t seem to come in ( yet ).
Gate (3 months ago)
Good thing I rarely play this overrated game much anymore
Bobby Ferg (3 months ago)
Anyone else bothered by the fact the kill feed shows no names, only weapons
Bobby Ferg (3 months ago)
Ishi TheShepherd I guess that makes sense, it bothers me though because I am used to seeing the kill feed with all the names of players and there teams. Seeing the weapon kill symbol only just feels a bit off to me.
Ishi TheShepherd (3 months ago)
Bobby Ferg A lot of people. It's a bigger issue than you might think. Star_, for example, tried playing TF2 again a few months ago, but every server he went in was attacked by hackers because they searched them based on the players' names. And this didn't only happen to him, it's a thing that has been happening to a lot of streamers lately. There's also a possibility that people will go on witch hunts. Anyway, does that seriously bother you and why?
Bobby Ferg (3 months ago)
Ishi TheShepherd What kind of person decides that they are going to go to a person’s profile simply because they were in a video of a YouTuber? Plus when you join a game you are basically going to a public place and thus are willingly letting your profile be seen by a bunch of strangers. Sure a lot more people might see you this way but it makes hardly a difference really.
Ishi TheShepherd (3 months ago)
Bobby Ferg Do I seriously have to teach you about privacy?
Fail To Load (3 months ago)
Bobby Ferg for privacy and extra layer of politeness?
Michael North (3 months ago)
You keep saying that we "need" more communication without actually saying what it will accomplish. As a leader of a small group I've found that communication is best saved until you have something real to say. When you talk just for the sake of "keeping people updated" on a regular basis it becomes meaningless noise that makes people care less about what you are saying. When you save communication for when you have actually solved a problem or have at least accomplished something it helps a lot more than just telling people that you're aware of the situation.
smashbros379ful (3 months ago)
"Wow TF team is so unresponsive, even after my numerous emails, why can't they be like handsome boy from CS GO" *literally ~4 people on the tf2 Dev team* ":/"
Forgotten Syrup (3 months ago)
there's a trap on the team now?
Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach (3 months ago)
He's not lying, it really is roughly 5-6 actually programmers. everyone else is sound engineering or artists. They don't even have an actual P.R representative, it's just the trap that occasionally talks, but it's usually just overly cryptic statements that tend to make things much worse.
Dragonisser (3 months ago)
Pebble or you just believe me and watch the valve interview / read gaben ama
Pebble (3 months ago)
Dragonisser it's closer to 5 programmers.
MatfisMatfis (3 months ago)
>"Trolls become smarter, more efficient, more creative[...]" >meet the sniper theme kicks in True professionals
Gottem good
András Gál (3 months ago)
"These" people know what they are doing "These" = nullfiedcat Just sayin' that Valve can't take down one man who's exploiting the fuck out of the engine
Richard Vlášek (3 months ago)
that wasnt a spinbot, that was a dumb heavy from star_'s video
creeproot (3 months ago)
Goddamnit VNN! Now they're gonna come back because of this video! :/
Voice Of Reason (3 months ago)
Well that would be easier of Valve recruted more than 6 peoples for the game xp i've seen indie with more devellopers !
Ruski25 (3 months ago)
They're not smart, Tyler. They just do the same thing as Delfy, which is not responsible, just abusing bugs and exploits for "lulz", destroying all player games and servers. People protected him. And now they're running into what they were fighting for.
Knife Kitty (3 months ago)
disconnect: too many commands sent to server - thats as old as TF2 itself
DerAlfredman DAN (3 months ago)
Finally because the Server in Luxenburg got those Lagbots EVERY TIME I JOINED, really every time i joined the Server lagbots came just after 5 min. That wassn't fun but thankfully it had been patched. Hopefully the won't find any other way to ruin casual server's or even community servers
Half Life 3 News (3 months ago)
What about Half Life 3
Hotwhopper (3 months ago)
"Active development team" HAHAHAHA
Baneewii (3 months ago)
valve cares'nt
XD betyar (3 months ago)
I got crashbotted 3 times
Atelier.si (3 months ago)
Stop playing these crap games so they are forced to make a real game ja
not a western SPY !! (3 months ago)
Thank god now the creator got a long VACation
a Small Green Dot (3 months ago)
We have a far worse dilemma over in Australia. There's this group of hackers who've been around for a while called LW (least wanted) and they're fucking assholes. They've recently made these new bots that automatically join casual games and crash them and instantly. (I think it's DDOSing?). So casual is unplayable in Australia, because I can't find a single game where this doesn't happen. EDIT: I found out these "serverdown" bots are made by none other than nullifiedcat.
Pizzaguy121 (3 months ago)
What is your fov?
Xinxxie The Toon Cat (3 months ago)
Do you think cheaters will be the end of TF2?
N00bvlog (3 months ago)
Please stop begging for me to follow you on tweeter please? plase? plaze? pls?please?plas?Pleas?fleas?
Nendei (3 months ago)
I haven't seen as many lag/crash bots as before. My last experience with one was on a 2fort server and their lag/crash bot didn't work at all..it was quite hilarious.
Zudexa (3 months ago)
Where the hell can I download Tea Fart 2? That sounds like an amazing game.
Swift (3 months ago)
Imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy to give birth to a lagbot user.
Swift (1 month ago)
I believe we're the ones laughing at them
Tom Wes (2 months ago)
You know mad people like you is exactly the reason why their doing this? You can't hurt their feelings. You make them laugh even harder at you instead
Bobby Ferg (3 months ago)
Professor Bearington *Not-Drunk’ain’t*
Fail To Load (3 months ago)
*Ali -a intro* joke just play on my head while reading your comment
Professor Bearington (3 months ago)
TheBlueKnight (3 months ago)
Fix the auto balance
TheBlueKnight (3 months ago)
I'm tired of getting switched in the last minute of the match. we need a better balance system
zack1stplayer (3 months ago)
What is a lag bot, and why have I never seen one
Tilar (3 months ago)
FlawedbyDesign (3 months ago)
You talk like a valve employee would.
Smiless (3 months ago)
Already got a "too many command" notification on my server THE DAY the patch came out.
Koksoak (3 months ago)
Whats next? Virus bots?
Minesonic (3 months ago)
"I just wanted to get my thots out"
ryan good (3 months ago)
These guys are really frustrating as matchmaking lately has been having enough problems with joining and finding games, and then you get in one at startup, someone with [LW] in their name joins and laughs about crashing the server then they do it. Like, I just want to play the game, please.
Hydreigon Enthusiast (3 months ago)
you have to realize that they would LOVE to communicate more but what they really need is more firepower meaning more people. Developers, artists and overall more people who are willing to develop this game further. Yeah we're all demanding it and they want to meet the demands however in their current staret they don't have enough people. Much of it is to blame Volvo for having a great system for individual workers but NOT their customers. Less updates for brilliant games like tf2, getting around to half life 2 ep3 (or half life 3 idk) and more and more and more (an eternity later) and more work pumped into VR and dota 2. Sorry if these seems attacking but I don't see eye to eye with this channel often
wildmonkeycar (3 months ago)
These people are smart, but they're spending their time ruining the fun of players who are enjoying a free game that's more than 10 years old... *Genius*
Hydreigon Enthusiast (3 months ago)
*"G E N U I S"*
pingas (3 months ago)
I think why valve doesn't communicate about these things is if they acknowledge the problem you bastards are gonna constantly shit them off about it until they fix it. I'm sure they know lagbots exist and we already know its a small team so it's not like they have the capacity to solve exploits, fix bugs and push out updates as fast as we want them too. Give them a break lol

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