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VALERIA GENUINE PIN GIVEAWAY: https://goo.gl/igSwFq Trade your CS:GO skins instantly: http://skin.trade/ Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet Disclaimer: Skin.Trade is a company I am partnered with and own a percentage of. It is simply a CS:GO trading site. Music: beatsbyNeVs - Ridin'
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Text Comments (16398)
tedi halili (4 days ago)
tedi halili (4 days ago)
A1pha Q (3 hours ago)
super someone (12 days ago)
It works the dislike button works
super someone (8 days ago)
+Gismotheking01 i dont understand what u r tryna say
Gismotheking01 (8 days ago)
Super Someone but why i mean it works he got a golden battlescared mclaren
Jakii The Monk (1 month ago)
dillondude1 (1 month ago)
Rest in peace
Gappie Al Kebabi (1 month ago)
He doesn't say it, he types it DUMBFUCK CUNT MCFAGGOT LOVER
57 i (1 month ago)
fuck you, he killed 2 innocent people, he should rot in fucking hell
dillondude1 (1 month ago)
I can say that because I have a keyboard and a Youtube account.
CokeFreezyBreakfast (1 month ago)
How can u be saying that
Izlemder (1 month ago)
Yeah, I did this trick and got a StatTrak™ McLaren 650S Battle Scarred. Already has 3 kills on it.
Roo (5 days ago)
holy fuck xD
Giselli Bispo Bispo (1 month ago)
Jente ele morreu!Fiquei sabendo agora!Ele morreu em um assidente de carro
Izlemder (1 month ago)
Gente e acidente. E sim, ele veio a óbito, e ainda matou uma mulher e a filha dela. Tudo isso por andar na contramão em uma estrada à 160 km por hora.
Gravestone (1 month ago)
Estebana Hernandez (1 month ago)
fuck your mother
Shaun HD (1 month ago)
Goodbye dude
Glenn (1 month ago)
Bet you got your golden McLaren now. Must be battlescarred as shit.
Lucas Garza (1 month ago)
cg (1 month ago)
I miss you buddy
Gappie Al Kebabi (1 month ago)
He pleased Allah with his act of jihad
ADIRINK (1 month ago)
How can you miss someone who Killed 2 innocent people with the intend to commit suicide? He didn't deserve to die. He deserved to be put in a fucking cell for life and suffer
CokeFreezyBreakfast (1 month ago)
How tf
Giovanni (1 month ago)
TeFax (1 month ago)
Giovanni Not really
GreekRussianIdiot (2 months ago)
GreekRussianIdiot (2 months ago)
Puppy (2 months ago)
April Fool
JINX (2 months ago)
Janice Simões (3 months ago)
Fake fake
BRUNO ROYALE (3 months ago)
Fake ever
Roxie Fiallo-Dieguez (3 months ago)
Why was it fake
Leggo (3 months ago)
take a shot for every time a 12 year old comments "It doesn't work"
Ice_Cre4m :3 (1 month ago)
+sam theo his comment was before that you idiot
sam theo (1 month ago)
Not funny since he killed a 12myearmold
Ice_Cre4m :3 (1 month ago)
I am dead now
Droxi (3 months ago)
It looks so real
Zwykły Toster (3 months ago)
It looks legit but i know that its a joke.
CS:GO RILE (3 months ago)
ahahah i got a big dick :D
Tobias Limosnero (3 months ago)
April 1st haha like I believed it
Diogo Couto (3 months ago)
NamelessKiller9900 (3 months ago)
McSkillet Published on Apr 1, 2017
PepePig (4 months ago)
Nice edit
God Father (4 months ago)
Please give me knive... Some one....
AName. (4 months ago)
u mcakilllet lair i bout a m4a1 varicwmo and it no wok
Tremnac (4 months ago)
lol it worked, thanks :D
Ronkainen_ Tatu (4 months ago)
Why not working
Ronkainen_ Tatu (4 months ago)
AName. Cyka
AName. (4 months ago)
Ronkainen_ Tatu its a april fools joke
Timmy TOMSON (4 months ago)
Click bait?
AName. (4 months ago)
Timmy TOMSON april fools joke....not clickbait u arse
RaGe Raven (4 months ago)
it didnt work i only got a dragon lore
zENKII (4 months ago)
You missed it the one on the left 2:12.
David og Gabi (5 months ago)
David og Gabi (5 months ago)
guys Published on 1 Apr 2017
Leonardo Dallacorte (5 months ago)
works with pistols?
AName. (4 months ago)
Leonardo Dallacorte yes
So Random (5 months ago)
It's a scam, no way this works.... you didnt shoot all of the flower pots on the map.....
So Random (5 months ago)
CubingEnd I watched it on april first, found other flower pots on the map by accident and came back to make this comment. If you didnt understand it, your problem. (I dont know how one cannot understand the irony there...)
CubingEnd (5 months ago)
So Random At this point I don't even want to continue this conversation because I can not understand how tf this should be funny. And even if it was ironic it isn't clear and sounds like someone didn't watch the video to the end.
So Random (5 months ago)
CubingEnd you having something to compensate for? Its not bad just because you didnt understand it :D
CubingEnd (5 months ago)
Wow such joke lol I can't stop laughing...
So Random (5 months ago)
CubingEnd Ahahahha I was joking LOL
Bejnamin Speiermann (5 months ago)
nice joke but i saw you missed one then i checked the date and then saw that this is fake xD
StrengShot 2.0 (5 months ago)
Is a clickbait?
LAMIO (5 months ago)
Good fake ^^
Z333NY (5 months ago)
i did not see april fools
Cosmincool_YTB (5 months ago)
kamikaze kmkz (5 months ago)
CubingEnd (5 months ago)
Kamikaze Kmze It's april fools
EMİR UZUN (5 months ago)
NamesAre Oldschool (5 months ago)
This would be cool
Francisco Miranda (5 months ago)
AName. (4 months ago)
Francisco Miranda is APRIL FOOLS
Mountdewww (5 months ago)
I hate yu :c
julian Diamante (5 months ago)
CubingEnd (5 months ago)
julian Diamante LOL APRIL FOOLS
Retard (5 months ago)
April 1st 2017
McIsTheBest 123 (5 months ago)
gaminglolzgaming (5 months ago)
you idiot i literly spent 9 minutes doing this and its a Joke?!?!
AName. (4 months ago)
gaminglolzgaming says april fools at the end of title..
Komo Lo supo :v (5 months ago)
WoW gread scamming men
Tanasa Iustin (5 months ago)
Anes Hodza (5 months ago)
WHAT THE HELL I GOT IT!1!1!!!!!1!!!!!
GeT_RekT (5 months ago)
I tried with deagle not working
markcer2 (5 months ago)
3 seconds (6 months ago)
April fools
Raptorzs (6 months ago)
April fool day
DarK Aƞgel (6 months ago)
Jay Pandya (6 months ago)
hey, can we do same with the other weapons or it cannot be done twice???
explosive santa (6 months ago)
is it only for april 1?
jap 5 victor lsouza (6 months ago)
Quem veio pelo play sixx
Saper The Retard (6 months ago)
Its working thank you
Kfir Achildiev (6 months ago)
Marten Tukk (6 months ago)
i watchd tis on my foun soo i didint see the april fools me saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Scrake TR (6 months ago)
wtf you have so many dragon lore?!
Watson Production (6 months ago)
just a prank bro, april fools :D
Lucas Mazoti (6 months ago)
it is true ?
markcer2 (5 months ago)
Lucas Mazoti no
lil heart (6 months ago)
2:10 in the left.You missed one.
Ya Boy Pigz (6 months ago)
as soon as i saw the date i knew what was up
Arts Stuberovskis (6 months ago)
Welp fk me i fell for it. Wasted 5 minutes of my life, thanks for the clickbait. I was just hoping to get a nice skin to replace my m4a4, but no and also gamble sites sh#t on me these days. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=230836741&token=A2gmLB8s
Sándor Pandur (6 months ago)
4:19 messenger pls
Luiz Carvalho (6 months ago)
ToNaDiSnEy GamerBR_Yt (6 months ago)
leetz (6 months ago)
SnakeDule Gaming (6 months ago)
OMG i got the golden dislike on this vid... good joke
Andrei Alboiu (7 months ago)
1.Because i am using my phone i couldn't see in the title"APRIL FOOLS". 2.I sprinted to my chair to do that! XD
Ian Loh (7 months ago)
They shld actually make something like that
zΜŦΔz (7 months ago)
Ahri (7 months ago)
i like the fact that valve Contra-Banned the howl then reworked it's artwork so its "their own" artwork and they keep producing howl stuff ... like the howl graffiti or the how pin ... so whats the point in keeping the Howl Contra-Banned?
SRAVAN S (7 months ago)
It worked dude !
The Bot (7 months ago)
Lmao, see the date?
Graham Payne (7 months ago)
L1GHT (7 months ago)
Shit I actually did the whole process
glaick l0 (7 months ago)
Its no really yeah ?
Dolphin Quiet (7 months ago)
Crazy Panda dude is a fools......look at the title :)))
glaick l0 (7 months ago)
Guys its really i need skin to get golden gun ?
AXSTINT (7 months ago)
wow i didnt see that this was posted onn april 1st didnt read the full title so i actually went through and shot all the pot didnt worked so i came backt to vid and saw [april fools]..... fml
Kai Sparx (7 months ago)
Fake reported for mislead
markcer2 (5 months ago)
its an april fools joke
Daniel Jedlička (7 months ago)
15 dlore?
VODKA - COLA (7 months ago)
Luca (7 months ago)
3:51 Nice try even doh I'm a bit late
zayprex (7 months ago)
fuck you
jepjep portugal (7 months ago)
Seby_ FTW (7 months ago)
AWJ Music (7 months ago)
Does it work still
XSebas Tubti (7 months ago)
its fake
RCTY Albertz (7 months ago)
2:12 y not shoot that one
Aske Fønss (7 months ago)
Music And more (7 months ago)
Fake fake fake

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