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Skadoodle Staying with C9! Huge VACNet Information and Kinguin Will Be TaZ's Retirement

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Bald guy back at it again with the news Try Out ArcaneBet for Esports Betting!: https://welcome.arcanebet.com/csgo-news/ 00:12 - Skadoodle to Stay with C9's Roster 00:37 - TaZ Will Retire After Kinguin 1:37 - Potential CIS Shuffle Coming? Probably Not 2:57 - More VACNet Information! Very Cool Stuff Coming 3:51 - My Video On 100 Overwatch Cases 5:28 - Sponsored by ArcaneBet! 5:42 - Steam Privacy Updates Are Here 100 Overwatch Case Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3aHn2FMeIE 3Klik's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnRgW54EWwA TaZ to End with Kinguin: http://antyweb.pl/wiktor-taz-wojtas-dla-antyweb-team-kinguin-bedzie-moja-ostatnia-profesjonalna-druzyna/ Vega Players to Pro100: http://gameinside.ua/?p=167248 Warowl's Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqwdp7x3SoU Valve's VACNet: https://www.pcgamer.com/vacnet-csgo/ My Discord: https://discord.gg/q43EKsn My instagram!: https://www.instagram.com/jakelucky14 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Legitrsgiving My Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=159315592&token=UhYpFj6X MY STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/legitrsgiving/ Common Sources: http://www.dust2.us/ http://www.hltv.org/
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Text Comments (98)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
I am not permanently bringing back time cards, but I will try and use them a couple times per week :D hope you all enjoy, thanks for all the support
Hybrid FPS (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More well thank you for using the timecards Helps me to understand the topics of the video
Fardin Cardin (5 months ago)
Thank you senpai
Chromex (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More Why dont you wanna use them? Thats my question...very curious indeed
DeepS (5 months ago)
why are you blinking that much, its its uncomfortable watching you.
BeasTxMagicZz (5 months ago)
i hate the fact you can hide your played hours because that will cause more players to report players who havent done anything wrong
vladik rakuts (5 months ago)
2000 hrs and still gold hmmmmm
Poketale (5 months ago)
vladik rakuts lmao 2500 hrs and still sil2
Dave Adelaide (5 months ago)
ROFL, Skadoodle never retired, he made the tweet saying he would become inactive a day before April fools. Every idiot fell for it.
pink panther (5 months ago)
Jake, I love your channel it's very amazing how you care about the community like this. But I feel like you can help the community out in a very different way to catch valves attention. I have a pretty good understanding of how valve's anti-cheat works and I believe that they are lying to us. Valve can easily patch all cheats. an update that recently came out caused most cheats to crash upon injecting the cheat into cs:go meaning that the cheat source had to be updated. Valve can easily make cheat source code detected meaning that the cheat has to be coded from scratch, how ever valve chooses to detect the Loader/Injector ( A loader is where the cheat is stored with other cheats if that cheat provider offers more than one cheat) An injector is Similar to a loader except you need a file to inject hence why it's called an Injector. I feel like you can catch the attention of many other cs:go or any source-game youtubers into making a petition where if a certain amount of signatures are met valve should update their anti-cheat and implement other anti-cheats. Now I know I personally think that using different anti-cheats will make it harder to make cheats. For example if valve decides to update their anti-cheat and then they implement EAC & Battleye it could solve a huge part of the anti-cheat. Now I'd like to see some anti-cheat from valve where it works like this, If you open a file and it closes steam ( as many cheats do ) or it comes off a usb valve's anti-cheat should see hold on what's going on here, then wait for cs:go or what ever game to be opened. If it see's the opened file as a cheat it should prevent you from playing cs:go/ handing you a ban
Volz (5 months ago)
oi mate i like to watch your videos at night, can ya warn me before ya flash a bright white screen? love ya jake <3 keep it up RIP MY NIBBAs Mir And KESHANDER THO
ROYAL FN (5 months ago)
-ska +Cerq
Gavin Jimerson (5 months ago)
How do you get overwatch quickly
Ismail Demir (5 months ago)
JAKE, JAKE, JAKE!!!!!!!!
Blessvin Christer (5 months ago)
Leave a comment down below
FrontshoT (5 months ago)
thanks for returning the cards at the bottom jake, NEVER TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME AGAIN THEY ARE MY CHILDREN
FrontshoT (5 months ago)
oh god, just read your pinned comment... JAKE DAMMIT PLEASE DON'T LET ME DOWN
Chandler Thomas (5 months ago)
I think you misinterpreted the statistics on VACNET. Both statistics referred to overwatch bans. The percentages were based on the way that the overwatch cases came about. The 85-90% convicted players were found by VACNET but they still went through overwatch. That statistic is saying of all the cases that VACNET brings to overwatch, 85-90% of the cases end with the player convicted. Of all the cases brought to overwatch by people reporting in game, only 15-30% were convicted. It’s still the community who delivers the bans but VACNET makes it more efficient.
Muhammed Cello (5 months ago)
Yes so happy for ska let’s go c9 best team didn’t know about him so thank you for making news <3
Felix Falck (5 months ago)
Trustelamp (5 months ago)
What’s weird is that my friend who cheated a while ago on a separate account got Vac’d recently on an account that he has never cheated on. Also the game he got vac’d on (Which I was playing with him at the time) he was 8-20. So I was really confused whether or not the system glitched and banned him, or if it was an ip ban
Anton Sabel (5 months ago)
What rank do you need to be to do a Overwatch game?
OfficialMiraX (5 months ago)
Time stamps are back!
terror_guy_12 (5 months ago)
Why doesn't Valve buy known cheats like Aimware and skeet and whatever, and seet their coding stuff and fix it. Or is that impossible?
Oliver Steen (5 months ago)
I was mg2 with between 40-50 hours, so you don't really have to hack to get that XD
Naxatra Vasaani (5 months ago)
So glad ska is still on c9
Fumble Zapper (5 months ago)
Vacnet just sends ppl to overwatch lol, it's not a separate thing from overwatch, probably some of the cases you convicted in the 100 were submitted by vacnet. Typical Jake 'reporting' without research
4zap7 (5 months ago)
Cheating in csgo has been so desensitized to the point people actually don’t think they are low life scum when they cheat lol even hvh is pay 2 win in most servers they are the lowest of low 🤦🏻‍♂️
L Grep (5 months ago)
I think valve should give some kind of a reward or benefit when so that people would be encouraged to watch and use overwatch. Because sometimes I even get lazy when trying to watch many demos.
Nikola Tesla (5 months ago)
that privacy update is horrible. All these private profiles and 700hrs LEM you see out there are most likely cheating and you feel it ingame. Now ppl hide there houres and you got less of a hint
Tuomas Kokkonen (5 months ago)
Totally agree. I'm mg2 and played against 400h LE in matchmaking. And once the enemy had nearly 4000hrs of cs.
KanaalMTS (5 months ago)
RIP Vega, I've been a long time fan of this roster since Arcade eSports.
KanaalMTS (5 months ago)
mir is the best imo.
TryZoid (5 months ago)
KanaalMTS hutji best
X Y (5 months ago)
soldatheero (5 months ago)
i was playing against some hackers the other day and he said he uses some cheats that only a certain number of people can at one time or something said it was "vaporware".
raptor133 (5 months ago)
oh hey jake ranked up
Lucien99 (5 months ago)
I truly dont understand why that source would say mir might go to pro100... Mir is legit an up and coming cis player who is bloody nuts... he is good enough to join one of the better ones
Tuliks2k (5 months ago)
Pro100 100 = sto-russian one hundredProsto = Easy
FrostDeezAKA (5 months ago)
Im thinking this privacy update might also hit gambling sites and sites like handouts/silo a bit because they operate off being able to see if u have a certain amount of hours(but it's toggleable like inventory privacy so it's a quick fix) l also saw an article about steamspy talking about how the privacy update affects their software and that it might be unusable now because steam hides libraries by default now.
Edward LV (5 months ago)
Rank 40 in world isn't anything... Look at QBF -> they are #172 now, i bet they weren't any closer till major
gadviel (5 months ago)
i guess thats for being legends in next major
gadviel (5 months ago)
FLAW tf made them top 20 tho?after major we never heard of them
FLAW (5 months ago)
they are #20 but ok
sexy spidey (5 months ago)
+skadoodle -skadoodle +skadoodle
AzTo (5 months ago)
Vacnet lol if valve just used similar anti cheat to ESEA witch they can do they make more money etc and it would probably be better they wouldn’t have to waste all there time doing this over watch bollocks valve just care about money and know they can make more money by letting cheaters play
Asi (5 months ago)
yay ska stayed at c9
Vee's Channel (5 months ago)
btw jake's hairs are growing back.!^^!
Vee's Channel (5 months ago)
ayyyyyyyyyy again early here. Jakey where's mine comment heart? lmao
Thomas Hurrell (5 months ago)
F3 is picking up a player from GoodJob
Matt Hawk (5 months ago)
Now I can finally pretend I have a life cuz they can't see my hours anymore :P
OneDolla Bill (5 months ago)
waduhek? remove the 7 day tradeban already
Josue Giron (5 months ago)
SKADADDYYYYYYY!!! Here to stay.
DanKorCZ (5 months ago)
Old McDonald had a cow and they milked that cow for skins
awoKen (5 months ago)
this vid was woke :)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Žiga Ademovič (5 months ago)
Told ya ska stays. Called it on jakes stream
Žiga Ademovič (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More lol no worries man
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
also.... i am so sorry about optic lol
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
this is true you did, but for how long? :p
Really appreciated man
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
i got you man :D
Cogu. (5 months ago)
"Ever expanding *EFFORT* to ban cheaters" lmao.
balworg (5 months ago)
I hope FNS gels well with C9, he is getting so much criticism at the moment.
Bud (5 months ago)
We will just have to see how he does at other events, off games happen Karrigan has been fragging more recently but some games he just gets destroyed over and over again. Zeus sometimes has the same problem one game went into OT and when it did Zeus only had 5 frags.
soldatheero (5 months ago)
that is the way cs fans are bro..
A4R R4A (5 months ago)
balworg and karrigan. TACO once got a 3-19 score vs C9, NiKo got 1/14 during the first half of a game vs SK and 5/12 during the first half vs C9 in overpass (Boston major). It's just a bad game, everyone gets it eventually.
FrostDeezAKA (5 months ago)
Yeah he had 1 bad off game and everyone is on him but I'm ok with that. As long as he can step up and at least go even. Plus it takes the focus off ska so he can play better
balworg (5 months ago)
A4R R4A He is known to be one of those IGLs that have low fragging capacity (such as pronax after fnatic) but 3 frags is simply unacceptable for a top tier team
Rist (5 months ago)
I see that youve found youre hat
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
it's about time
fN. (5 months ago)
the only way now of checking is through service medals now rip
BaitedRumble (5 months ago)
Skadoodle coming back cured my depression
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
haha we will see how long he lasts
I have the feeling taz stickers are gonna be rare soooo time to buy em
Rod TheGreat (5 months ago)
Maybe in a couple years time csgo won't be around
CSGO News and More Jusssttt A Feeling,but maybe in a few years pass they might bump up but who knows =/
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
they have always been pretty low though, even when he joined kinguin
Blyatimus Prime (5 months ago)
Nigward From Spongebob And His Nigwards Looks like I've met my brother.
hux is a nerd (5 months ago)
yay a new vid
[Fx] Insanity (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Brian Wang (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Kinguin reatz looks like byali
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
holy crap i thought the same thing when i got the screenshot lol
Suno (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Celticz (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
ello celt
beehop (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
straxzyy (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)

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