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Marios Next Step

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Will he get bowser this time? music used in order of apperence: Star wolfs theme - super smash bros brawl OST emotional - dj wolftron verity Go Hard - Diskord T.T.'s Theme - Diddy Kong Racing OST
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Text Comments (11)
Pensi0nar (1 year ago)
Poor Mario :))
protobuster (2 years ago)
You should probably link the mod this is from
no more continues (2 years ago)
aw man
Fake Zevi (2 years ago)
Hans Majestät (2 years ago)
xDxDxD :cryingemoji::cryingemoji: smh tbh so random xDxDxD
steven okpysh (2 years ago)
Malgys (2 years ago)
I feel this vid landed in some sort of weird uncanny-valley of memes Maybe it was the outro that took me out of it, i dunno
Malevolentisonline (2 years ago)
ah. I waited 2 months. for this.
Nekkowe (2 years ago)
o no not a sad i can't handle the sad
Danne trix (2 years ago)
what the heck was this
Sharky (2 years ago)

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