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How to Make Fresh Rice Noodles "Ho Fun" ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเส้นใหญ่ - Hot Thai Kitchen!

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Many people have been telling me that they can't find fresh rice noodles to make some of my recipes...worry no more! Here's a tutorial on how you can easily do it yourself with 2 simple ingredients. Use them in Pad See Ew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohy1DELF4is or Radna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi8L29RIxj8 For written recipe: http://hot-thai-kitchen.com Get my cookbook: http://amzn.com/0449017052 Connect with me: http://facebook.com/HotThaiKitchen http://instagram.com/HotThaiKitchen http://twitter.com/HotThaiKitchen To donate: http://hot-thai-kitchen.com/support-htk/
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Text Comments (484)
seikakumru (17 hours ago)
Yaaaaay finally a recipe to make thick rice noodles!!!! Thank you!!!
Simon Devasagayam (8 days ago)
Great chef. Long live. We are eager to know the recipe for xi an hand pulled noodle. Will you please teach us including the recipe? Thank you
Andy Manalo (10 days ago)
That’s why it’s called hot thai because of her not the food.
Navraj Singh (22 days ago)
Beautiful .. 👌👌
boisang luong (30 days ago)
1 cup 等于多少ml?
Andrew S (1 month ago)
Thank you!
K for the Win (1 month ago)
can i use the dough and just press ist into boiling water with a "noodle press" ?
Akari Minn Bo Bo (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your video. I've been looking for this long time already.
lusiana theresia (1 month ago)
thank you for the great tutorial
Emine Demir (1 month ago)
Chris Dutton (1 month ago)
Wonderful, my wife allergic to wheat so rive replacements are very important Thank you! ✌️❤️😀
Chris Dutton (1 month ago)
Rice replacements
sidra shafiq (1 month ago)
Tapioca starch can be replaced with cornflour?
Wanvanich Labhardt (1 month ago)
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens (2 months ago)
Even an amateur cook makes the noodles from scratch, yet Michelin star chef Ramsay used packet ones
nikhil paranjape (2 months ago)
I am usually not a troll but whenever a Thai girl says jiggle it a bit.. i can't think about noodles.. ;)
William Vanderpool (2 months ago)
Wow thanks for sharing your idea's will try to make them. Thanks again take care stay safe.
Dragonfly (2 months ago)
กำลังจะทำก๋วยเตี่ยวลุยสวนแต่หาแบบไม่ตัดได้เลย ขอบคุณมากค่ะ
zmax462 (2 months ago)
เส้น ชเปทเลอร์ ของ เยอรมันตอนใต้ กลายเป็นง่ายกว่าเยอะเลย
Monica Argote (2 months ago)
En español ; puede ser please 🤗🤗
Kanyarat Srikaew (2 months ago)
Very good
Adams Harris (2 months ago)
Where did you get that steamer. Seems this would make a big difference in trying to cook these. No hand in pot.
Dwight Menard (3 months ago)
Thanks a million.
Hungyo Hungyo (3 months ago)
I love how she does it and the way she explains, very easy to understand. Thnkz
Katie Lathrop (3 months ago)
Love how easy this is to make. I have a child that can't have dairy or egg and these are the best noodles!!!!!!
Jun (3 months ago)
omg thank you. I was struggle for how to deal with my old rice. This is the answer!
C_ Farther (3 months ago)
You explain everything so well. That is one heck of a steamer, what is the name of it, thanks.
Steven Matthew Lucas (3 months ago)
Pailin so cutee
Pedro Ramos (3 months ago)
Thank you
Thỏ Nâu (3 months ago)
Looks like somebody got a new lipstick. So beautiful.
LiT PaNdA (3 months ago)
Instead of cutting up the noodle pads, could you just run them through a pasta machine and cut them into smaller strands?
Kenny Westone (4 months ago)
Why are all Thai women so beautiful?
Adeline Dura (4 months ago)
OMG! this is what i want. Thank you so much for the great vid.
Brenda Briscoe (4 months ago)
Love this going to make these for sure. 🙋‍♀️❤️💃🏼👏🏻🙏
Joel Alain (4 months ago)
the anthony bourdain way seems WAY faster and less hassle: https://youtu.be/eJzSBJQLVXA?t=10m46s
One of the beautiful chef ever, great recipe too, your husband are one hell of a lucky guy :D
Thank you for wonderful video I will introduce your video to my non Thai friend By the I also live in lower mainland not too far from you This is my first time to see how to do this rice noodles which is my favorite You are wonderful teacher
Aleem XYO (4 months ago)
My proudest cooking Fap!
TheNecroserpent (5 months ago)
Are you the hot in Hot Thai kitchen?
Lee Dee (5 months ago)
I made these just as you show and WOW they came out amazing. Just like I remember from Chinatown in Boston. Thanks so much. My husband was thrilled with them.
Wilbert Vazquez (5 months ago)
Can you substitute a different starch in place of tapioca...say Corn starch?
Mahmoud Ramadan (5 months ago)
راءع و جميل
Juli Brown (6 months ago)
Thank you Paulin for posting this video! As I adore Asian foods, my next step will be to buy on Amazon your cookbook: 'Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home'.
Cometa Vargas (6 months ago)
You can tell she is a newbie in noodle making 😂😂😂😂
Cometa Vargas (6 months ago)
So easy. I thought rice noodles were crazy like some of the chinese wheat noodles that need stretching and what not.
E K (6 months ago)
How long do the prepare ones last? I bought one but there’s no expiration date :(
Ross Ventura (6 months ago)
Can i use potato starch instead tapioca flour?
Jenia Boro (6 months ago)
Any replacement of tapioca starch?
stickyricepapaya (6 months ago)
Just made pad see ew with your ho fun noodle recipe. It turned out great!
pradeep bisht (6 months ago)
I love Thai food
Chilarai (7 months ago)
Ho fun is so fun. Off I go to try making some. Thanks.
LuM (7 months ago)
hi thanks for recipe. Btw, is there recipe for Thai vermicelli homemade?, such as KAF or WEI2 vermicelli..
Alyssa Boge (7 months ago)
Hello I've made your noodles with success in the past but today they are always too soft and gummy and won't come out of the pan. I've played with thickness but can't figure it out. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
Chandra Kunwar (7 months ago)
Nice chef
Rusty Wallace (7 months ago)
Channel suggestion for summer bikini BBQ ing
aqualcholic (7 months ago)
Thanks for the recipe! Btw, I really like your necklace and earstring set.
irock123432 1 (7 months ago)
I love seeing some little bits of science injected into cooking. Makes everything more interesting!
Rose Poso (7 months ago)
Can i use glutinous flour?what can i substitute for Tapioca? Im here in saudi &hard to find it😥
Preethy Sanish (8 months ago)
Hi. I am from India I really loved it 👍
Danilo Ancheta (8 months ago)
she's talented host and hot...
Stephen Barbato (8 months ago)
Love your vids as just got back from Thailand and enjoy the way you clarify your directions in making these delicious meals such as radna and pad see ew and pad kra pao as they are not only healthy but so delicious..Thanks again Ms Pailin as you are a great cook as can tell you are proud of your heritage and traditional meals.
Limen (8 months ago)
I wonder if you could use the steamer screen that Vietnamese use to make banh cuon?
Linda Barnes (8 months ago)
TERRIBLE. She left out a few ingredients. check anyone elses video and you will see that this recipe is horrible. She / Pailin destroyed my Sunday because her dough was horrible. I am not happy. Delete this recipe..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice Paige (8 months ago)
Pailin, may I ask where you got your necklace. OH and great video
Yani Estevez (8 months ago)
Can I do it without the tapioca starch?
Gem Brave (9 months ago)
so glad, I found you. helps a lot
Dana Campbell (9 months ago)
You are awesome
jl cogito (9 months ago)
Glad that I found this recipe. I think you can also use this as spring rolls wrapper.
Missyou Simbolon (9 months ago)
I tried and my noodles was very ugly and broken .. failed 😓
You might need to try until get the right formula
psychoblondi (10 months ago)
I can't believe I actually made fresh rice noodles! They turned out OK with the old cake pan, large pot and my rice maker's steam tray lifting the pan up :) I used them with your Pad Kee Mao recipe and it's amazing! Thank you so much for your videos!
Diana Du (10 months ago)
So cool!
Lana K (10 months ago)
I can steam multiple layer, correct? Maybe cook each layer for a few minutes before adding the second layer, so it’ll be easier to separate them after cut into noodles size?
Luningning Salangsang (10 months ago)
I just come back from hgk I miss your cooking
D. Galo (10 months ago)
This is awesome , I thank you very much.
aibeeshee (10 months ago)
Thank you for the video.. can I replace tapioca with potato ?
jackpaice (10 months ago)
Hey, any alternatives to the tapioca starch?
Confidence Oparaocha (10 months ago)
I am happy you use tapioca starch to make I can eat that.
Confidence Oparaocha (10 months ago)
My question is; is this the traditional flours used for the rice noodles? Am usually worried of what flour it is they use in making the noodles as I am allergic to gluten; really mindful of the grains that I eat, and I really love Chinese foods.
Donnie XL (11 months ago)
Damn, girl u sexy af
John Jones (11 months ago)
I wish all cooking vids where this good, fun, and she is good at explaining too👍🏻😎
Bibit Kustianah (11 months ago)
Thanks gd job I like it
Veronica Avila (11 months ago)
Súper, explicación muy sencilla, tan sencilla, que entendí sin hablar el idioma
Mike gregors (11 months ago)
Awesome video ! It possible to store this kind of noodles in the fridge ? For how many days.
markedbydescent (10 months ago)
Mike Gretzky Probably at max a couple days inside the refrigerator. Rice flour usually doesn't sit well for too long. If you take it out and it smells alcoholic/like yeast fermenting, then it's likely going bad or have already gone bad. Like what Pailin said, it's best to eat it as soon as you make it. If you must, you can probably try freezing it, but I'm not sure how well it'll hold out once you defrost it. It might lose some of its texture. I've never tried freezing my ho fun before though, so I can't really offer you much advice there.
mahdi samani (11 months ago)
What should i do if i dont have tapioca?can i use corn or potato starch instead?
Berry Jam (11 months ago)
This is excellent! fresh noodle, love it! Thank you Pai.
Beckz Damita Mae Jo (1 year ago)
Hi.. Can tapioca starch be substitute with any other starch? Eg.. corn starch..
SUK MIKE HOK l (1 year ago)
i like a lady who can cook and also pretty,mine is pretty but she never cooks
Woodsy Dayz (1 year ago)
pour the water in the bowl first then add the rice flour much easier to stir and mix
Phatboy Limz (1 year ago)
Shes not from this planet earth, because shes an angel!😍😍
dhiraj.moktan Al (1 year ago)
wahoo very nice I like et
Rita Tyagi (1 year ago)
Too good , just love you and your show !
Marc Rios (1 year ago)
Dose it work for brown rice flower
Anjy's Corner (1 year ago)
I love your channel! you are soo authentic inside out!
eddyaey (1 year ago)
ทำกินเองซะเลยครับ ซื้อตามตลาดมันจะเหม็นเปรี้ยวๆหน่อยกะใส่สารกันบูดอีก
Gonçalo Nuno Santos (1 year ago)
i'm in love...you are beautifull
NeverLetGo gbVF (1 year ago)
She is beautiful and very good with her food Love watching her videos
X Kobe (1 year ago)
Wow...she is definitely a Hot Thai!
ronald stephen (1 year ago)
thank for sharing. ...uuiii
TheChicobcn (1 year ago)
can you do it in microwave ?
skycastles79 (1 year ago)
Hi! Thanks for such a wonderful and illuminating video. I will definitely try this recipe since I am looking forward to make noodles from scratch. Forgive my ignorance, but I have to ask: Does one boil the noodles afterwards like you would do with any pasta that you buy in the grocery store, or does one eat them just that way? I am not totally clear on whether they need to be cooked further or not. If so, how many minutes should I boil them?
Venica Wood (11 months ago)
Hi. I Suggest you go to her website. Lots of info on there. As per these noodles, no need to boil if you're cooking the three dished she mentioned in the beginning of the video. Good luck.
-Zero-Is-Offline - (1 year ago)
I absolutely love rice noodles and I love cooking so this is very helpful thank you!!

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