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TF2 Campaign 3 Update Day 2 Explained

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Play the Community Jungle Maps Picked : Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the second day of the long awaited Jungle Inferno update for Team Fortress 2, and this day is the size of an entire update. However, everything from today is very much how Valve will be making money from this update. Music : https://open.spotify.com/album/4mp4yFQKsXR6mt8XwfoYSm My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1380)
ClickWatchEnjoy (2 months ago)
I was rewatching this video and saw myself. Lol forgot I was in that server when you were recording.
Jeremy Callahan (10 months ago)
Why am I just now getting a notification for this video
Hender (10 months ago)
Can I use my warpaint on my strangers?
MegaKosan (10 months ago)
So there are two TF2s, both have repeating textures as a weapon camo option and both are called War Paints.
HePPS (11 months ago)
Hmm... might consider playing again
The Animalinda (11 months ago)
so did old skins just pretty much lose all value?
comedy man (11 months ago)
I wish there was split screen in the tf2 Xbox 360
Robert Hunter (11 months ago)
*THATS* Valve's best saxton hale skin? wtf. VSH'S Hale is so much better
Niklas Boesen (11 months ago)
If you Got any unusal skin weapons, should you sell Them now??
grumpychris (11 months ago)
If you're looking to make a profit, yes. Unusual war paints will probably cause unusual skinned weapons to devalue.
Lennerd Fobe (11 months ago)
aslong as scream fortress also comes out
Hildebert (11 months ago)
I thought this is a valve news network and not a tf2 news network. The only reason i staid till now is because of the portal and hl news. But nothing about csgo? They updated the most popular map ever and i see nothing here. I dont know if i can stay any longer. I know single me is not relevant. But maybe other people feel the same.
Shiza (11 months ago)
EA what is your number 1 consirn? EA: 0:14
littlewaniby (11 months ago)
the Best Update would still be the removal of Meet Yo Match
Madnesskiller (11 months ago)
do we know war paint have wears like ''battle-scared'' ''factory new''
Lightning_Flash (11 months ago)
Maksim Malahov (11 months ago)
Do we havve to buy the campaign?
grumpychris (11 months ago)
Yes, but you do get 6 free contracts that'll reward you with the new weapons upon completion.
scruffyfan scruffyfan (11 months ago)
if the new pyro flamethrower is another reskin i'm going to fucking immolate myself
Maxfield Nuckels (11 months ago)
It's a reskin 😁
scruffyfan scruffyfan (11 months ago)
thank ye kind sir
grumpychris (11 months ago)
It's not. Day 3 has been released. The flamethrower seems to basically be the incendiary cannon from Team Fortress Classic.
Gameplayerwatch (11 months ago)
So I can just make a golden frying pan appear out of nowhere?! WHOA
Demoman Is Pie (11 months ago)
"Also Heavy is eating a banana"
Bolicob IV (11 months ago)
i said to myself that i would not skip the ad that plays on this video, i got a 4 minute ad 😉
Ghost Prototype (11 months ago)
What?! What the fuck?!?
Riboh (11 months ago)
J Archer (11 months ago)
That intro was the funniest audio-visual mix to come out of this this channel
Surreal Nightmares (11 months ago)
I swear to God that VNN used the footage played in the background before.
ZSF Buzzsaw (11 months ago)
So can you play these rn?
Timb (11 months ago)
Are they removing my already owned skins? If so I'm selling my shit and buying overwatch.
The-t-dog Games (11 months ago)
Pyro land campaign, I think the goggles actually have a use now
木村勇大 (11 months ago)
At least the TF2 boys are getting their "3rd" update tomorrow. *Sigh*
Brandon Mojica (11 months ago)
I'm beginning to wonder what else they could have planned for 2 days other than new weapons?
Padacuw (11 months ago)
Shit he was right about the banana
StormTrooperEX (11 months ago)
Day 3 dude
Pyroland (11 months ago)
Ayy I'm a campaign
Lugi (11 months ago)
d rose lil pump
Fourth Wind Hero (11 months ago)
My game didn't update, there's nothing new from the last time I opened it. Is there something i'm doing wrong?
Fourth Wind Hero (11 months ago)
Thanks. Thought my game was broke for a sec!
WikiThis (11 months ago)
I wonder if you have a limited time to do them all, or once you have the ticket you have as much time as you want to do them all.
Blutige Tränen (11 months ago)
A complete rebalance, server browser, Scream Fortress and a port to Source2... do it Volvo!
Lc_crnn (11 months ago)
Is adios, no arios xD Thanks for the newspaper tho
Wither Away (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out
BmanPlayz468 (11 months ago)
Bawa (11 months ago)
I miss when TF2 updates were as cool as "Added some new maps and some weapons you can get for free by completing achievements" Oh, le good old days
CBslayeR (11 months ago)
How much does the ticket cost?
StormTrooperEX (11 months ago)
CBslayeR he doesn't know that he does not work at valve
ZipperSkull (11 months ago)
When are normal keys going to be in the drop system? Valve need to make that happen
Sainta Claws (11 months ago)
All these comments joking that the heavy will get a banana for a weapon. *cough* http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/pyro.php *cough*
Kidd (11 months ago)
superman (11 months ago)
Pyro update is love, pyro update is life
Angel Perez (11 months ago)
Are the contracts free?
Alex John (11 months ago)
All old skins, hm. I’m looking at you thunderbolt.
Darko Leskovšek (11 months ago)
this is fucking confusing af
TrueNinjafrog • (11 months ago)
>tfw you can't paint your strange pro killstreak crossbow
Derp Derpington (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out m8ys!!!!
Mr. Spycrab (11 months ago)
*Oh boy*
Lé Who (11 months ago)
day 3 video already here. Video?
Dylan Schwartz (11 months ago)
Pyro gets new weapon "I sleep" hEAVY GETS A BANANA " W 0 K E"
DaMici (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out now too!
Doctor Mobius (11 months ago)
Renan4455 (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out now...I WANT A VIDEO
9seed (11 months ago)
It probably won't happen, but I REALLY, REALLY hope "Freeman's friend" gets added.
chris mane (11 months ago)
There's finally news to be reported from valve
26dollar (11 months ago)
pyroland is a new map
Rares Simioniuc (11 months ago)
http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/pyro.php# DAY 3
Jake Dorick (11 months ago)
Day 3 bitch, get on it.
Jeff Zhang (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out man, make a new vid!!!!
FueFue (11 months ago)
Sollyz (11 months ago)
This comment section is cancer
c h l o e. (11 months ago)
This will be released on the 5th day, right.?
AGaming Creations (11 months ago)
thank god I wasn't the only one who had their page broken
SML 2K18 (11 months ago)
Day 3 is out now
supavillain (11 months ago)
it's been 10 minutes since the day 3 reveal and there is still no video? unsubbed, enjoy your time , lazyass.
thefoolishgmodcube (11 months ago)
...Of course the tf2 update was just a cash grab csgo operation with cases, skins and fucking passes
Kougrhuntr (11 months ago)
The age of the Flyro is upon us...
The Pixelteer (11 months ago)
Archie Lay (11 months ago)
hey ya know day 3 hasnt come out yet im gonna kill somebody if it comes out when im sleeping
Sir Rahmed (11 months ago)
Well day 3 is here
SirEnd3r (11 months ago)
Butcher Pete (11 months ago)
How much is the ticket?
Simply Toast (11 months ago)
If heavy has a banana Melee I'm going to N U T
heyieiRO (11 months ago)
Its a secondary
Sir Rahmed (11 months ago)
Simply Toast prepare to nut
Terminator Playz (11 months ago)
When will the update drop? I'm hyped, and have my money at the ready.
Pedro Burset (11 months ago)
at the bottom of the day 2 in the jungle update saxtons parrot can be head-shot before doing this there is a laser pointer on the head this laser pointer has three dots on it like the predators shoulder cannon maybe the sniper has a new predator themed gun or is it just a reference? https://1withabullet.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/predator-laser-sight.png http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/campaign.php
stormin norman (11 months ago)
play scout again pls it was better to watch
bulletbill76 (11 months ago)
Can not wait for all this to be added to the game!
Jiren Clause (11 months ago)
need money
justsomeguy (11 months ago)
Heavy eats a banana, going on a diet
Lucas Huguet (11 months ago)
Is this still team fortress like damn
Blackiecomics (11 months ago)
New weapons confirmed. I swear to fuck if these are reskins...
sacha simpson (11 months ago)
What sucks is that my tf2 won’t update
Owen Hoover (11 months ago)
So is this the pyro update+the jungle update or just the jungle update?
Mastermast67 (11 months ago)
I wonder if MVM will get some new and harder missions...
strawl (11 months ago)
hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype HHHHHHHYYYYYYYYPPEEE
TrapHead (11 months ago)
They better announce half - life 3 on day 3 update
airhead73 (11 months ago)
hope pyroloand is like bootcamp
WaffleKing (11 months ago)
How long is the campaign
TVcats7 (11 months ago)
Also if you go to the website they're making a new comic
C - D (11 months ago)
Of course... you have to buy a ticket...
Koichi Litrose (11 months ago)
It's like a race who can make tf2 update videos the fastest
Alex Burk (11 months ago)
Botkillers paintable?
ThatOneCookie (11 months ago)
I can already imagine the yeti pootises filling up friendly servers. Move over, chicken Kiev!
basssquirrel (11 months ago)
Im assuming the game update will actually be released on day 3??
Diego Sanchez (11 months ago)
Dammit I want to paint my already existing prof Ks degreaser! I don't want a new one
leopardhunter99 (11 months ago)
Of course TF2 waits to when I've got exams to pump out this update.
Ymmat in the hat (11 months ago)
Best intro to a video tyler

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