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How to get Minecraft Full Version for FREE on Mac/PC! February 2017

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http://www.mineshafter.info In this video I am going to be showing you how to get Minecraft for free on your Mac!
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Text Comments (441)
iDroid OS (1 year ago)
Check out my latest video on How To Get Minecraft much more efficiently!
Tarun Tapesh (11 months ago)
Man it doesn't login me in  please help!!
James Nhatanh ngo (1 year ago)
pls download minecraft pocket edition on mac os x 10.7.2
Shakir Abbasi (3 days ago)
Hi brother
niet noah (1 month ago)
can you help me with to's languages, he is doing weird when i change the language
Bartosz Czajka (1 month ago)
you need an account to login except you have to pay for one
Bartosz Czajka (1 month ago)
didnt work not free
KING OF GAMES (1 month ago)
can u play hypixel ????????????????????????????
Shayla Cody (3 months ago)
the website is not in the description
Chan Art (3 months ago)
thx you are my life saver
rxmanxxcto dk (3 months ago)
Thank you man, but. Can i play on the all servers??? Answer me pls.
Young Base (3 months ago)
Zorto Hash (4 months ago)
you got heavy fingers m8
Nate Boi (5 months ago)
It says the type of file can harm your computer is this a virus?
Gabe Beltz (5 months ago)
Thank You!
SilentSilver 0126 (5 months ago)
I have tryed and it did not work for me and I’m on Mac
does it work in mac 10.6.8
Armaan Maurya (6 months ago)
paradox oof (6 months ago)
doesent work.
Lindsey Lor (6 months ago)
Léonard Bossé (6 months ago)
it dont work for me
Bkvlls life (6 months ago)
ty ig
Kyo Kusanagi (6 months ago)
it worked! what did i do? to login, you can login with google or facebook, and i test it, it worked, and i wondering that it will run a demo version, but it runs full! damn, i owe you one!
Etienne Toonen (7 months ago)
My skins doesn't show in the game, anyone know how to fix?
SeTroxPaiN Sarniak (7 months ago)
thank you, youre the best!!!
Ditto YT (7 months ago)
Ditto YT (7 months ago)
it didn’t work
GamecraftYT (7 months ago)
thanks!! I can play MC now!! Its not a virus.. So guys download this!
Outcastsage9033 (7 months ago)
Farrel Gamer (7 months ago)
thanks for the information
Nadir (7 months ago)
this is easy
OkayAshley_YT (7 months ago)
it the opposite for me mostly safari loads things fast and chrome takes forever but it portably it because chrome is the browser i use for all my games and videos and stuff like that.
OkayAshley_YT (7 months ago)
It works just a bit laggy!
Siddhartha Pradhan (7 months ago)
does not work on safari for me
Kian Is a savage (7 months ago)
10/10 Best app ever now playing pixelmon mod
Wal Mu (7 months ago)
It actually works! Thanks!!!!!!!
Salama Alpha (8 months ago)
it says error please help?
Nikplayz (8 months ago)
Decreased Happiness (8 months ago)
Tlauncher is better :)
Javed Ahmad (8 months ago)
MayaThe Simmer (8 months ago)
Can you download mods on it?
MayaThe Simmer (8 months ago)
if so make a video on it plz
Bob Qwert (9 months ago)
SOOO good I am so subbing
cam rich (9 months ago)
Tinnyatom61 Beaume (9 months ago)
god bless you thank you
gjung06 (10 months ago)
thanks alot bro!
snipercat 8814 (10 months ago)
it didn't even take me to mineshafter on google
Tiana PrivateLastUnicorn (10 months ago)
I can't make an account
The Asian Boi26 (10 months ago)
IDroid Os do a video on how to get call of duty for free
The Asian Boi26 (10 months ago)
You said to leave link for the cracked servers but you didnt
JADHUSS Gaming (10 months ago)
john MLG69 (10 months ago)
it says on the title that it is 2017 but its is uploaded on 2016
Jason Kong (10 months ago)
Can I play it with fds by using Lan??
bender photos (11 months ago)
Duck Plays (11 months ago)
it works but everytime i click play its downloading now when is done it leads me too login to minecraft i did the password did not work thats the problem for me agree if it happends to you as well
Just Tutorials (7 months ago)
I’m stupid, but (11 months ago)
doesnt work Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. please help me my brother changed my password to my real account and email so i cant use it.
La Que (11 months ago)
hey dude mine doesn't get past the login page please help
Lala Marie (11 months ago)
when i try to log in it asks me to pay
Overwatcher H/G_Yt (11 months ago)
Awsome love it your the best
Ava L (11 months ago)
when i try to login at the Minecraft launcher it rings me to minecraft.net where it says register, verify email buy, download. help?
Modding Games (11 months ago)
can i play on mineplex
Toan Hung Le (1 year ago)
thank you
Aleliliangel Channel (1 year ago)
Stuck on login screen in the launcher, when i log in with my account i created on the site, it starts to load with the blue line, but even if i leave it loading for a while, nothing happens. Any suggestions to fix this? I'm on Macbook.
David Kim (11 months ago)
AmagyDragon25 (1 year ago)
i can't enter. for some reason it requires password. what do i do?
Tex Paterson (1 year ago)
Trisenflu Gaming (1 year ago)
my says launching and it dosent lauch im on mac air
Mukarram Dar (1 year ago)
its works for me i am so happy @!
Mukarram Dar (11 months ago)
now it will crash u need java new version to play minecraft. plz subscribe to me
Xx Dog Girl xX (1 year ago)
I do
Mukarram Dar (1 year ago)
u need java dude !
Xx Dog Girl xX (1 year ago)
Sneaky CoMedian (1 year ago)
mineshafter doesn't work for my computer... butter luck next time!
Sima _ (1 year ago)
When I clicked minecraft launcher it said that this type of file can damage your computer. Does it have any viruses?
Joseph Green (1 year ago)
fatal error
xxMagicalRainbowsxx (1 year ago)
Lucas Wood (1 year ago)
it didnt work it said you need a jdk?
Dany Mancilla (1 year ago)
Thank youuuuuu <3
Dennis Tiger (1 year ago)
i got a mac os where I can find all the map datas on the finder
z0mg h4x! (1 year ago)
you forgot java downloaf wtf
Alexis Tan (1 year ago)
I don't see it on my launcher pad though. How do I put it in my app folder? I mean the game itself
AAA (1 year ago)
Sub for this thx for this
Matthew Wang (1 year ago)
Wow! Thank you so much! This actually works! You just earned yourself one more subscriber
zZPiGgYGaMeRzZ (1 year ago)
Thank you so much dude! I owe you!
Thank you very mach
Yeshita Rughoonath (1 year ago)
i did download it but my macbook air says that i have to down like this thing called "JDK"?
Rooster (1 year ago)
Can your friends still join?
Shridhar Gupta (1 year ago)
hey when you login it dosen't work
Rina Saludez (1 year ago)
working thanks its also i have new ideas on my creation thanks
Rina Saludez (1 year ago)
also i can find herobrine!!!
Gloria Ogunu (1 year ago)
I have mine craft already Idk why I'm here
Wormi_adrian (1 year ago)
He is trying to get ur email
The_OfficialNando (1 year ago)
I got minecraft and I was in I was trying to play so I click and something I doesn't wanna click
Luciano Vlap Souza (1 year ago)
Perfect!!! Really well explained! Thanks!
InfinityShina (1 year ago)
Nemo Anderson (1 year ago)
i can't open it says error old version and doesn't open
Update it
Nemo Anderson (1 year ago)
how do you get java
Grand Gamer (1 year ago)
can i play offline
SHARON OLUSNAYA (1 year ago)
spider man is ugly
When I click "play" it says Error: Could not find or load main class info.mineshafter.GameStarter
maya brown (1 year ago)
how to play multiplayer on minecraft on mac plz
GhostDaddy (1 year ago)
The only thing I care is your keyboard sounds
Trash Gamer (1 year ago)
i guess i need a idk app or something need help!?!?!
JD_FRAZIX (1 year ago)
bro how do I get my skin I put a skin but its not showing plzz make a video!
william holland (1 year ago)
yasss it worked
KEKOA (1 year ago)
good video man, this will help me out on how to do it with windows xD
KEKOA (1 year ago)
im going to try this method on windows 10
ousmane ndiaye (1 year ago)
thank you
ItsMeSwaggApple (1 year ago)
OMG thank you very much this is soooo amazingg!! i've always wanted minecraft XD THXX

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