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Getting geared in DayZ in under 5 minutes

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Spawned at Otmel docks, and this is what happens when Spawn killers come down to elektro.
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Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
wait, there is looting etiquette? my bad
John Rainer Betten (5 years ago)
That guy had a hunting knife but you didn't take it... Also you put some matches in your backpack. You spent 4 minutes looting them and you didn't do it properly. Just saying.
Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
I was surprised how cocky he was, the balls to shoot his DMR on the edge of town. There were about 4 or 5 other people in town too while I was reading chat
xssjx19 (5 years ago)
crazy u kill him with his own gun and then get a dmr

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