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CS:GO for the PS4 (April Fools)

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THIS WAS FOR APRIL FOOLS 2018! CS:GO's coming to a console near you. I give the PS4 version a spin. Check this news out on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/88ppc1/csgo_ps4_ultimate_edition_coming_soon/ Check out the blog post here: http://counten-strike.org/ps4-experience Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (4513)
coollm4 (12 hours ago)
This sounds like a good idea if done properly
God Apple Gaming (2 days ago)
Pc gaming dying
CrappyContent Studios (2 days ago)
I heard they're releasing new versions on the Gameboy and DSi!!
Donny the Dealer (5 days ago)
PS4 runs at 60FPS
Nite Lite (7 days ago)
If you have a Xbox one you could buy the Xbox 360 version online
Robert Stoica (9 days ago)
Thats a actulay good idea
Jami Gibbs (12 days ago)
You make me want to die
Jeuse Criste (1 month ago)
warface is decent too and maybe it can replace cs:go on ps4
TheBossChicken (1 month ago)
If you were actually using a stick... and that was your actual aim.... I'm sorry.
Bit (1 month ago)
I want that ps4 rainbow controller
Thumbnail whit PS3 controller
Captain X Gaming (1 month ago)
i can imagine how bad the 5v5 scenario will be , everyone is like silver 1 trying to shoot lmao
VenomThor2 (1 month ago)
you could used ps3 cs go
Gaming Random (1 month ago)
LMAO It's on Xbox 360
Burr ConstantTeen (1 month ago)
It took me the whole fucking summer to realize that it was April Fools! I'm an utter twat!
1:46 everyone seems exited to play, and bang my mum ha
Sybren van den Akker (1 month ago)
Good joke, csgo will just never work on any console
LegendCrafter35 (2 months ago)
He didn't use PS4 but use PS4 controllers into pc.
Emil's Gaming Channel (2 months ago)
4K !!! ts my 1 video eith 4k я из руси)
TheOperPL (2 months ago)
It already was on xbox lol
-DERP- (2 months ago)
Klikbait countar stryke glbal offencve aint avelable for ps4!!! ther is no sroce too for Tem Frtrss 2!!!
Thomas Forthewin (2 months ago)
Just noticed, that he got me five months ago 😂
very creative name (2 months ago)
I was offered sex with a 21 year old girl today. In exchange for that, i was supposed to advertise some kind of bathroom cleaner. Of course i declined because i am a person with high moral standars with a strong willpower. Just as strong as ajax, the super strong bathroom cleaner. Now available with scented lemon or vanilla.
fret (2 months ago)
very creative name 👌
Upliftpear (2 months ago)
Would you play csgo on console if it were updated?
gaddy555 (2 months ago)
"the update thing" -some randome dude on the internet
New Meta Knight (2 months ago)
I still like TF2 ;-;
HappyCord (2 months ago)
That aim is 👌
scoomthesnooper (2 months ago)
Tries to pre-aim *sensitivity randomizes* "o shit! why am I looking at the floor"!
The Norister (2 months ago)
"with the PC players' sensitivity being randomized" that one got me
ytviewerLem998 (2 months ago)
You made me sad with Team Fortress 2's source 2 overhaul joke
Turtle Gaming memes (2 months ago)
kennro Sar (2 months ago)
Don't put April fools in the title
gaddy555 (2 months ago)
How did I fall for this back then xD
Internet Recluse (2 months ago)
Anyone ever actually played with a controller? Its not only bad because of the sticks.
Stormwrench (2 months ago)
Tf2 source 2 confirmed
xXTHE MVGXx (2 months ago)
Despite console limitations, I'd really like a PS4 port.
Epicplayer (2 months ago)
csgo is actually on ps3
Hunto (2 months ago)
You already leaked it at the beginning with the respawn lol 0:13
Call Me Bomb (2 months ago)
“And Team Fortress 2’s Source 2 overhaul” Goddamn I wish that was true
Ray S. (2 months ago)
its funny because cs:go is actually on console lmao at least on xbox it is
David Somoza Domenech (2 months ago)
I am still mad that the ps3 version (no joke, it does exist) only launched on usa. Also it seems they closed the servers a while ago.
Le Name (2 months ago)
His aim makes this all the better
Mat (2 months ago)
great i hate it
SCOUT (2 months ago)
Console peasants getting so mad I can already tell
Carlos Chavez (2 months ago)
but... it could be a good idea
Wierius (2 months ago)
Nice try but shadows are way too high for a PS4
Stormwrench (2 months ago)
Wierius yep
XmodsTheSpot (2 months ago)
LOL this is TOO good
Cardboard W (2 months ago)
Aiming is very bad at least gta has auto aim
Arc Derg (2 months ago)
I think they should make another console version, the Xbox One and PS4 would run it a lot better than the last gen versions, and they could actually update the game.
Captain Cancer (2 months ago)
All seemed realistic up until the last line.
0:13 1337 HP?
Flex Gopnik (2 months ago)
Meh...still 360 is best edition...
MemeScript HQ (2 months ago)
Papa john 343 (2 months ago)
You know this game is on Xbox 360 right ( no fucking joke)
TestietFoot (2 months ago)
whats the difference between: CS:GO on any console (especially on the toaster 360) and FORTNITE
Spetsnaz Hunter (2 months ago)
What's next cs:go on mobile?
Counter strike: Immortal
sarge (2 months ago)
+Stormwrench i do too but its unfinished after months of bwing out and c-ops is simply more like csgo
Stormwrench (2 months ago)
sarge i prefer stand off 2
sarge (2 months ago)
+Stormwrench c-ops is basically csgo
Stormwrench (2 months ago)
Yeh fan made ones
SeeLan (2 months ago)
But why wright (april fools) in the title
Denizhan (2 months ago)
30 FPS??!?! THE FUTURE?!?!
Redrom CZ (2 months ago)
Random mouse sensitivity changing every round xDDDDDDDDDDD
Donald G (2 months ago)
“The frames only drop in gunfights”
[VyRe] Sp1ncer (3 months ago)
1:48 "Everyone seemed so excited to play, and to bang my mom"
r170yna (3 months ago)
That csgo gameplay with a controller is me the last time I played with a controller
ElektrikGamer (3 months ago)
or play steam app link with a dualshock 4 controller (if you have a good phone , good connection and a good pc it's recommended to play) [Android Only]
CringeFacility (3 months ago)
This was uploaded on April 2nd...
Hayden (3 months ago)
*Deletes Comment to Comment*
CringeFacility (3 months ago)
Genocoly It was an April fools joke
Quinn Greenlee (3 months ago)
C h e c k e r b o a r d r e n d e r I n g
DŽONS (3 months ago)
But csgo is available on ps3, so jokes on you
oleBoi Got BEATS (3 months ago)
Is this backwards compatible for PS4
Kiweezer (3 months ago)
that ending hurt me so fucking much :(
Stormwrench (2 months ago)
Kiweezer same if tf2 team wad big wr could get source 2 Gaben cleary stated thry want all game devs to use source 2 csgo and tf2 are the only games that havent had source 2 *cough* *cough* l4d series and portal series and hlf series not included
Jonas Simkus (3 months ago)
what a funny joke its on pc and xbox its funny that it someone thinks it should be on ps4 cuz they dont cross play with xbox
Ruttokello (3 months ago)
you could actully get cs go on xbox 360
TheOperPL (2 months ago)
+travos k good question
travos k (2 months ago)
TheOperPL why not
TheOperPL (2 months ago)
+travos k why so toxic
A Muffler (2 months ago)
360 is like 7 years behind in the update thing.
gaddy555 (2 months ago)
Could? Can
Shugoy (3 months ago)
“With pc gaming dying” XD nice one
România Force (3 months ago)
If you want play CS GO, just buy a laptrop with 920m and i5 and 8 gb of ram... Don't waste money on this shit where you need pay to play online.
Aloke joz (3 months ago)
Crossplay support for PS4 is the biggest joke
Snaphyys memes (1 month ago)
PS4 begs to differ
lieutenant pi (1 month ago)
He meant that if a game as popular and uncontested as Fortnite doesn't get approval for it than what are the odds that cs go would get it.
Notdaflyking (2 months ago)
Just if fortnite dosent have it dosent mean every other game cant have it
Jeferson Oliveira (3 months ago)
Boa noite. queria esse jogo no meu console ps4
No thanks, I'll stick with my Xbox 360 edition of CS:GO. Runs at 360 fps with a tryhard button that will wreck all the other players!
Chickerino Radio (2 months ago)
you mean the aimbot button?
ror ecks dee (3 months ago)
So many salty P.C sweats taking the video serious
Riley Jarvis (3 months ago)
the tf2 thing was painful
KoolGuardrailBoy (3 months ago)
Ps3 controller on a ps4 video, ok.
Egg Gaming Pro (4 months ago)
but csgo is also on xbox 360
Hoàng Trần Minh (4 months ago)
the fact that he got a few kills with the controller amazes me.
Onkel Adolf (4 months ago)
When it come‘s out for ps4 so
Ian V (4 months ago)
Pc gaming dying? M8, are you having a laugh?
Stas GamesOP (4 months ago)
Oh god this is a joke but i cringe ao hard
HeyThats Alex (4 months ago)
I hope cs go gets ported to ps4 one day
Sexy Walrus 007 (3 months ago)
You said it didn't work.
THE ASD KING (3 months ago)
Sexy Walrus 007 it looks uncomfortable, I would rather play on pc
Sexy Walrus 007 (3 months ago)
THE ASD KING (3 months ago)
Sexy Walrus 007 it doesn’t work for xbox
Sexy Walrus 007 (3 months ago)
It works on XBox,so why not PS4?
Mohd parvez nasir khan (4 months ago)
It's already on xb360
ERIC SUN (4 months ago)
You know the spin key is not a joke
Mr. pickles (4 months ago)
Pc has 180 u have to bind it
a retarded youtube user (2 months ago)
April fools
POLR Max (4 months ago)
CS:GO is actually on the PS3 in the US & Canada
Adraelin (4 months ago)
The biggest joke was Sony allowing crossplay
Has anybody tried the ps3 version of csgo
Rodrin YT (4 months ago)
Cs:go actually exists on ps3
Cyril Clemente (4 months ago)
I kinda disagree with the pc will get random sensivity because sensitivity is key for an awper
Tom The Tomato (4 months ago)
F*** I just noticed it said (Aprill Fools). WHEN I WATCHED IT AT APRILL FOOLS I FELL FOR IT AND TOLD MY FRIENDS, im disappointed in myself
danger sign pro (4 months ago)
In mobile lol
danger sign pro (4 months ago)
Well i have 50 fps normal
Mortario1 ;-; (4 months ago)
I'd love csgo on console
ikaros (4 months ago)
1:20 if pause it just right you can see F5 key
Broder The Hedgehog (2 months ago)
What a April Fool...
Nafinkle (2 months ago)
Although obviously clear that it's an April Fools joke, if you insist on pointing out joke ruining details than you could've also pointed out the numbers next to the equipped weapons which requires no pausing at a time that is "just right".
ツViktør (2 months ago)
it's April fools he entered a command so he can play w an xbox 360 controller
SparkyTheFox (2 months ago)
they meant r5. a typo.
Hikyu (2 months ago)
USB your Keyboard to ps4
Tyler Buys (4 months ago)
Yeah pc gaming is dying sure also a rock solid 30 FPS in pc you get 60 why would I ever want to play console plus it’s pretty hard to aim on console edit just saw the April fools
MemeScript HQ (4 months ago)
Csgo is for ps3

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