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The Walking Dead - Episode 1 (A New Day) - Part 2

54 ratings | 4165 views
Click here to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1aDh830 Hey Peeps! Exams are coming closer so I probably won't upload too many videos. (Approx. 1-2 Videos a week) But when the exams are over, it's going to be showtime: I'll try to upload 1-5 videos a week. Also: Make sure to subscribe to zom_me's channel, he's a very good friend. I'm serious, subscribe to his channel, right now. Or else I'll fucking eat your hands so you won't be able to go and watch youtube videos EVER again. Enjoy! ^^ ----------------------------------------­­­­----------------------------------- Facebook ► http://goo.gl/D5J252 Google + ► http://goo.gl/5Wdtaj The Walking Dead Video Game is an episodic video game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel series. The game is under development by Telltale Games. Telltale will release "The Walking Dead" in five episodes to tell a full story beginning in spring of 2012. The first episode of the adventure game will debut on April 24, 2012, for PC, Mac, and The PlayStation Network, and on April 27, for Xbox Live Arcade. The first episode of The Walking Dead will be available to download and play in late April. Episode 1 is available immediately upon purchasing the full season with the remaining episodes being delivered monthly thereafter. There are five chapters to the story which focuses on Lee Everett, an original character created specifically for the video game. Lee finds himself in the back of a squad car crashed on the side of the road. Lee has to solve a number of real-world puzzles—such as unlocking a car—in order to escape the zombie invasion. Lee decides to travel to the Deep South. Along the way he meets a little girl named Clementine, who was abandoned by her parents, and cowering in a treehouse. Along the way Lee will meet comic book characters such as Glenn, Lilly, and Hershel.
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Text Comments (54)
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
+Matias Hacke Stop spoiling please.
Raging Undead (4 years ago)
youre eaction holy SHI*T DON'T EAT US mine eaction: PLS DON'T KILL ME  * scream like a girl* PS : I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT
Raging Undead (4 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Yes you do :D
Jacque Mcurdie (4 years ago)
Hahahah dat intro omg
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Marnik Panter (4 years ago)
Part 3?
Semuel Schalter (4 years ago)
Eveline Wipersun (4 years ago)
+Michael Feyenoord lol spartan is crazy, he should change his name to TheCrazyBelgian
Michael Feyenoord (4 years ago)
Hahahah wtf!!
Roger Murray (4 years ago)
Ur @ TGNArmy? Awesome!!!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Thank you.
mr60cod (4 years ago)
JayNyceLifeTv (4 years ago)
Wow!... awesome game and nice video man! good job in commentating!
Robert Polacan (4 years ago)
GZ on 2k subs! nice Partnership with TGN!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Thanks :)
Sebastian Villalobos (4 years ago)
Seems like a calm game, with a good story too.
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
+zom me OMFG YOU SPOIL!!!
Raging Undead (4 years ago)
it isn't a calm game keep watching 
Fabio A (4 years ago)
You are very very annoying.
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
I respect your opinion.
Raging Undead (4 years ago)
stop being annoying andre u are just jealous
aldo delgadillo (4 years ago)
Why does everyone think he's her dad?
Alfred Francisco (4 years ago)
Poor Lee
Said Mirzakhodjaev (4 years ago)
graphics sucks.But the game rocks
Laurent García (4 years ago)
hershel got pissed
jt terra (4 years ago)
No TGN intro?
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
I wasn't partnered with TGN back then when I played The Walking Dead.
Bruce Junior (4 years ago)
this game rocks
Romerez Delisa (4 years ago)
Clementine's hammer rocks
MusicRemixesForYou (4 years ago)
Its shawn from shawn of the dead
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Hahaha I actually saw that movie!
Sergio Casti (4 years ago)
Awesome vid bro
Kris Game PL (4 years ago)
U need a face cam
Franz Bub (4 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Are you okay?
Max Hemworth (4 years ago)
Isnt clementine a form of orange ?
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Yes it is.
Full Albumz (4 years ago)
Alessandro Silva (4 years ago)
i was thinking the same way brad with duck
veronica martinez (4 years ago)
Are there any negative reviews for this game?
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
There are, but that doesn't matter. It's still YOUR opinion that REALLY counts.
Smart Ram (4 years ago)
I really want this game but just wondering if I buy this game say in the next month or so would I get all 5 of the episodes.
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Naxid Anime (4 years ago)
who like pewdiepie and skydoesminecraft
WTFLOL480 (4 years ago)
Clementine's voice reminds me of when Beatrice Miller sings.
Gabriel Moscu (4 years ago)
i would love to see the tv hershel with that haircut lol
YAMATO (4 years ago)
looks like a good game
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
It is :D
HiiroGamer (4 years ago)
thanx man
Rafael Quiroz (4 years ago)
This video deserves a like.
Steven Stenegy (4 years ago)
Your comment deserves a like.
Jon Drew (4 years ago)
Aww Clem
Johny Voice (4 years ago)
I subbed

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