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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2018) - Gameplay PC HD

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2018) - Gameplay PC HD ------------------------------------------ PC Specs: CPU: Intel Kaby Lake, Core i7 7700K 4.20GHz Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING PRO Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB DDR4 HDD: WD Black 4TB SATA-III 7200RPM 128MB Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB DDR5X 256-bit Power Corsair HXi Series HX850i Case: NZXT Noctis 450 Black Operating System: Windows 10 Monitor: ASUS VN247H-P 23.6 ------------------------------------------ Game Information: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.). __________________________________________
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Text Comments (442)
JamTheProXD (16 hours ago)
Este bato si sabe jugar :V me suscribo y doy like
Arya Code (1 day ago)
is that game work for ps4 pro
Minahi Naeem (2 days ago)
this is online game
Is laike
GTAGIS (5 days ago)
This is the most disappointing game of History. in 20 years, the game has not evolved . It could have stayed the same but with more realism. In fact, in stayed exactly the same and we can wonder where all that money went in ? No effort in term of damages realism , no effort in term of movement realism, no efforts in term of carrying a weapon realism, no effort in term of impact realism, no effort in term of sound realism, no effort in term of ricochet realism , no effort in term of protection realism, no effort in term of random event realism (like jamming or junk ammunition)
GTAGIS (1 day ago)
Actually, go fuck yourself since you are not capable of developing any argument
AparnoSlayz_ (2 days ago)
Sir Ganthium (5 days ago)
3:20 the Global Elite molly
oonhurja ! (5 days ago)
I hate that gun (SG 553), u choose that gun than every other gun in that game... why? Just why? :Dd
Mateus Correia (5 days ago)
Nice gameplay 💥 Congrats bro
Throneful (5 days ago)
Vimla Gupta (6 days ago)
How many rs you buy this game
Gerard Amatong (7 days ago)
pro addbots
Mr. Tech Sumeet (7 days ago)
Download link??
Monkey 09 (7 days ago)
Op head shot
Monkey 09 (7 days ago)
I have a game called sfg 2
Valdir Games (7 days ago)
galera eu tenho canal de games faça uma visita la e ser gosta ser inscreve pr mim ajuda valeu
Tudo Boot
Rick Ranger (8 days ago)
Same map in STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl multiplayer Custom map
ZvZGamingX (8 days ago)
wtf are u idiot delete the channel plss
Throneful (8 days ago)
Sean G (9 days ago)
dust 2, something never changed for the last 20 years.
Sean G (9 days ago)
aim the heads
شباب منو يعرف يسوي سيرفر على الهاب اني صاحب قاعه اريد اربط شلون
Mustafa Guvez (11 days ago)
3:11 OMFG..
FieryRebel7866 (11 days ago)
Can i use ur gameplay in my videos
Throneful (10 days ago)
Sure, don't forget to credits my channel and video.
Mouh Boug (12 days ago)
Nooooob you camp
Satish shivaji Phapale (12 days ago)
Khan Muzu (15 days ago)
Hey I want download it... Plz give me link in description
Paulo Garcez (15 days ago)
Fico top de mais
Four 5th (16 days ago)
Haven't played CS in yeeeeears
Nyolc x (18 days ago)
Jaja you no pro bots
Sree P (20 days ago)
give me the download link of this game plz....dude...
Eddie Perez (20 days ago)
crazy how people still play this game I was playing back in 2000
Mr. View Gamers (21 days ago)
Online or offline ???
Kroshnov Gracias (21 days ago)
U play like shit
Throneful (21 days ago)
ntucker tucker (21 days ago)
one of the largest map developments known to man
ntucker tucker (21 days ago)
his intent was to shoot people cause harm
craftspirit (22 days ago)
Don't like CS GO because of 'like-under-water' weak shooting sounds
Enigma 3D (22 days ago)
Did they upgrade the graphics? I don't remember CSGo looking this nice.
Marcos Silva (23 days ago)
buen video de rangos Plata -1 xddd
quero baixar como faço
Hoodwinker88 (23 days ago)
when did they re-do the map, it looks great!
FeBlox (24 days ago)
COUNTER BLOX, i dont have counter strike :( but i have roblox and i like to play counter blox roblox ofenssive: cr:ro
Cringey Cookies (24 days ago)
I'm considering refunding my game after I took a look at the community, after all I haven't had past the 2 hour refund policy of steam
ramzez lux (24 days ago)
Really sg and aug ?
ramzez lux (24 days ago)
ramzez lux (24 days ago)
Thonex play gold rank
hasham ahmad (25 days ago)
Is there a promod in CS go ??😐
amire amire (25 days ago)
Rashed 100 (26 days ago)
These people saying that your noob and everything, but when u check their profile they are silver smh
Batuhan Yöney (26 days ago)
3:18 Kenan komutan akın Bayrakları
Kenaj (27 days ago)
fortnite the best fortnite better
Dhan The cuber (27 days ago)
Where is the damn crosshair?
G.M Gamer (28 days ago)
I love your work man keep it up
Louy Aldaroesh (28 days ago)
Very good👍❤
khti ti (28 days ago)
hh fucking nooob silver omg delet game please
Gouzaran namiakara (28 days ago)
Gouzaran namiakara (27 days ago)
Ganhei um coraçaum hehe
Angelo West (28 days ago)
Crepsoo Crack 12 (28 days ago)
Cool !!!
Ekis (1 month ago)
friend I'll take your video and leave it in the background for my video, do not worry I'll put credits in it for your channel
Soheib dz (1 month ago)
you have a pc gamer
Tito Mirosevick (1 month ago)
CoDMW3 is 1,000,000.00 better than that CS Shit!!!!
ReDlo (1 month ago)
BRONZE ? lel
Angelo West (1 month ago)
Rodrigo Soria Ayala (1 month ago)
Me recomiendan comprar este juego en 2018?
이명후 (1 month ago)
buy some weapon for others ... thats ....sweet
이명후 (1 month ago)
russian so good ak47 because they made it
이명후 (1 month ago)
이명후 (1 month ago)
american had good understandable of all weapon feature with good place and good plan... they are like swat. of ...excellency aim with weapon knowledge and place understanding and read the oppsition psychology and mind working of map
이명후 (1 month ago)
이명후 (1 month ago)
maybe they need to sword even they got guns
이명후 (1 month ago)
i see that japanese not good at plan place .. just good aim they are losing many as possible. and...
이명후 (1 month ago)
good place is up to plan
JESOX Misterios Y Mas (1 month ago)
What computer i need to play this game in 2018 version?
Angelo West (1 month ago)
heni achiri (1 month ago)
S PAAH, MB BCh BAO (1 month ago)
Why is everyone complaining about his playstyle and how he’s a noob, this is a gameplay video not a pro POV.
Torzado films (1 month ago)
Torzado films (1 month ago)
Torzado films (1 month ago)
Torzado films (1 month ago)
This video sucks
Tomas Delorean (1 month ago)
Amy Shazmeer (1 month ago)
May i know ....how much size this game ..i want download it ..
Amy Shazmeer (1 month ago)
abes mustafa yeah ...i buy it ...
abes mustafa (1 month ago)
Amy Shazmeer hah you have to buy it on Steam
tamms s (1 month ago)
no quiero decir nada pero mauro es mejor
Nadim Muntasir (1 month ago)
the opposite team is noob-_-
ahmet melih (1 month ago)
vusal memmedli (1 month ago)
You is pro
pankaj singh (1 month ago)
this is which version of cs.
Playback Z 2005 ROY (1 month ago)
Your a noob Wait i'm a noob what am i talking about
Arda Sokar (1 month ago)
Silahın adı ne
SCAYAX GAMING (1 month ago)
saw gaming 47 (1 month ago)
Noobbbbbbbb 🙍😑
CrispyCola (1 month ago)
90% of comments: "noob"
IgoD :D (1 month ago)
You have a sub :)
Selena Gomez (1 month ago)
7:04 why did you kick him
kid_O_war (1 month ago)
You are a pretty good player, just don’t shoot ur teammates... Even though u play casual.
YUVRAJ 7659 (1 month ago)
#Throneful Sir please tell what is this map name and please give this map link also I wanna download it..
YUVRAJ 7659 (1 month ago)
YUVRAJ 7659 (1 month ago)
Bro what is the map name please tell fast...
Jesus Apolinaris (1 month ago)
Hey, what's up, man? I would definitely love to be friends on YouTube. I love your videos & I love what it's about. I'm always looking to make new friends & we can support each other if it's possible. I hope you continue to do well on all your videos & keep up the great work. :-)
Zower Olinyer (1 month ago)
kapil mahiwal (1 month ago)
Plz help me to correct download
kapil mahiwal (1 month ago)
I have tried many times to Download counter strike global offensive. But they can't run in my window 10

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