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💎 PLAY WITH BITCOIN: https://stake.com/?code=StakeEnveeh - 💰 $20 For FREE in Skins: http://bit.ly/FreeCsgoSkins - Send me your Video Idea and earn a Skin! » http://bit.ly/EnveehIdeas - Subscribe for more awesome Videos! » http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=enveeh - Connect With Me! » Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/envyprodz » Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnvyProdz » Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Enveeh » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnveehOG - Business Inquiries ONLY: » envy.prodz@gmail.com - Music used in this Video: » 20syl - Ongoing Thing © Enveeh (CSGO, Stake, Bitcoin, Update, SKins, Trade, Items, Virtual, Money, Unboxing, Opening, Funny, best of, Bitcoin gamble, gambling)
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Text Comments (61)
alexbroyou balls (3 days ago)
I hope I win a key!
Gabriel Boii (3 days ago)
love your voice
yeeet bro (3 days ago)
Is bitcoin wallet hard to create? Gl in giveaway
Enveeh (2 days ago)
Most sites u need to be 18+ :/
Pepsicry Gaming (3 days ago)
Lit video
Remy Chessell (3 days ago)
Bitcoin is like broken it dropped so much xdd
Na3utoGoD (3 days ago)
hey <3
ho ling (5 days ago)
nice video!!!!!!
v1rzt TV (5 days ago)
ユンジン (5 days ago)
Nice video :)
Ch¡zzy (5 days ago)
Good vid 👍👍
Oh Hong Ming (5 days ago)
gl and those winner how get item
Illuminati Cat (5 days ago)
give me hat b
Damien Tack Shin (6 days ago)
nice cashout :D
Ezpzla (6 days ago)
keep it up
l'eXpert (6 days ago)
very nice video ;)
RedMan51 (6 days ago)
Metal Matu (6 days ago)
I need key. Idk why
Fastlegen din (6 days ago)
Enveeh: Giveaway Me: Takeaway Wow, what a bad comment🙃
Dominik Hraje5124 (6 days ago)
peoNex (6 days ago)
nice vid
Kabir Xele (6 days ago)
Eveeeeh babyy
Alexander Tavera (6 days ago)
i wanna win for once ffs
Csanad Paszti (6 days ago)
I want to win this
Sick video! Finally something special :D
ChEeScAkE XxL (6 days ago)
I would like to have a skin! and nice videos dude!
P4tz3 (6 days ago)
Nice Video!
Dominik Varga (6 days ago)
give me a key
Carl joseph Tanierla (6 days ago)
Keys... im poor😂😂
The Deividas (6 days ago)
Enveeh <33333333333
Blue Dragon FTW (6 days ago)
Btc lol, i need 1 :)))
Tamás B. (6 days ago)
Samurai CS (6 days ago)
Key plz xD
Sean K (6 days ago)
enveeh your awesome
Agnieszka Tekień (6 days ago)
Super movie i love btc 😉
Mucho Bucho (6 days ago)
so tense XD
Mucho Bucho (6 days ago)
FFS, CS:GO YouTube channel gone wrong (in the hood)(sexual) (must see) 100% gambling addict XD
Mucho Bucho (6 days ago)
luv de song ty :P
wasim1995live (6 days ago)
Hype Get More
Lucas Jonsson (6 days ago)
ez win
Umut Aydogan (6 days ago)
Ich denke blackjack auf der seite ist am geilsten der Rest ist Müll :D
LEWLY (6 days ago)
crash is so addicting haha and enjoyable to watch videos of crash if the gambler is not going for super low multipliers ofc
None Of Your Business (6 days ago)
Can I
ZagZ7 (6 days ago)
BliTzKrieG (6 days ago)
cool nice video
Skull Bottom (6 days ago)
DO u get to keep all the thing you won from stake?
Sheepy_ Genji (6 days ago)
Hat tho
zin htut (6 days ago)
Have a nIce day
zin htut (6 days ago)
PanStyx Jr (6 days ago)
Would love to win
Ωo oΩ (6 days ago)
LukajskiFTW (6 days ago)
Captain_Dick (6 days ago)
give me a key tho
ALEQSI GAMER (6 days ago)
Good and nice video 😉
F4K_Timo_Ezz (6 days ago)
MaxM dzn (6 days ago)
4th i want 400 likes!
Nicole Carelss (6 days ago)
pls upload more videos they all awesome and funny to watch
AsiatikaZockt (6 days ago)
sanjit paswan (6 days ago)

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