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10 Reasons Why CS 1.6 Was Better Than CS:GO

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CS:GO is a great game, we love it, trust us we really do, but there are some things we deeply miss in the game, that only its grandfather holds. CS 1.6 allowed us to do many cool things that we just can’t do anymore. It allowed us to do many, unforgettable things, so today we’re going over 10 reasons cs 1.6 is better than cs:go. Welcome to Valve Guides. "CS 1.6 Is Better than CS:GO" "CS 1.6 VS CS:GO' Why CS 1.6 is the best Version of CS:GO Giveaway closed! ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___________________________________________ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked the video, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (4519)
Uyoku Dantai (3 hours ago)
hey anyone remember 1.5? bloodstrike?
TOXIC EU (13 hours ago)
1.6 and css 4ever man fuck csgo I played so much 1.6 and css in ESL like ladders and eas and I was in css eps rele.
SkullZx XD (20 hours ago)
More like,10 Things Grandpa is an intilectual
RED* (2 days ago)
You have stolen video from LAMukraine
Mr Paul {QoutthePaul} (2 days ago)
venom.kl1 (2 days ago)
I hate that "old days where better" cryers
Skeleton19 (2 days ago)
what about the old death animation ?
SkyWarrior :3 (3 days ago)
CS 1.6 - Runs at 60 fps max settings and had a free mission mode AND story mode. Cheaper than CSGO. CS:GO - Runs 20 fps (on my pc) lowest settings. Mission mode available for limited times, it can expire and you have to pay. No story mode.
Kristian Ivanov (3 days ago)
They removed spraying because people were spraying porn sprays
Memest (3 days ago)
I enjoy cs:go better but there is a reason. I never played counter strike when I was a kid and I never enjoyed fps games. Years later, I played cs:go and it was fun so I tried out 1.6 and I didnt feel anything.
Exiz Æ (3 days ago)
How to get butterfly knife
GamingAndroid (4 days ago)
CS S for life best CS ever
Yeshua Tario (4 days ago)
Csgo 1.6 the voice quality is a dam old maan that was when csgo 1.6 suck in your vOice
Tim Edward Amelo (4 days ago)
Are cs 1.6 and cs xtreme are the same???
Shedoy (4 days ago)
1.3 is the best!!!
Hufflepuff (6 days ago)
WAS better? It still is, buddy.
I was pro in CS 1.6 with Tactical Shield
Tali1g (6 days ago)
I remember when all players sprayed porn pictures everywhere
Red Teddy (6 days ago)
Buying ammo so intense 😂
Gungnir Expt (6 days ago)
I hate riot shields! And I'm not alone! Why do you think we need such a monstrosity back?
Firdavs Masaidov (7 days ago)
1.5 was the best
Red Teddy (7 days ago)
Says glock sound pulls up css
AdoliuX (7 days ago)
Go fuck yourself csgo is better than cs1.6
Atreya Sharma (8 days ago)
I only agree with wallbang.
A commenter (8 days ago)
You have either played cs 1.6 when you were young or you are still playing it because you are in a poor country
You forgot how pistols in CS are totally fucking op
Rakesh Chauhan (9 days ago)
CS Source is the best because you can easily install plugins.And CS Source is also straight modification of CS 1.6.
CRAZ3 (10 days ago)
In response to number 1: they all have different hitboxes; it would break things
DroneZke Games (11 days ago)
oh the crisp sounds are the shity 8 bit mono restrictions
DroneZke Games (11 days ago)
i like to teach ppl to map for 1.6 so if u have any ideas to use in video or w.e let me know
#kebabhešteg (11 days ago)
R Star (11 days ago)
How to reduce backgroung sound anyone know?
MexyBeatBoxer (11 days ago)
Because cs 1.6 is free
PaRaDox Plays (12 days ago)
Am I the only one that still plays 1.6?
N0lies (12 days ago)
I love the fat gernades
Da Legend (13 days ago)
*My childhood*
Spooking (13 days ago)
Are servers in Asia still active in CS 1.6
Mang Crow (13 days ago)
lol number 8 is so stupid it sounds almost exactly the same as csgo
sri n (14 days ago)
This is other things you forgot 1.In cs1.6 you can change game original skins with custom skins or you own make skins without buying 2.Many maps have sniper spot 3.You can make your own maps 4.You can add custom add ons to game
Unknown Gamer (15 days ago)
You missed out custom skins!!
Official Gaminn (15 days ago)
The first one was so true, when you said, "tectical shield trolls players" I used desert eagle and i used tectical shield and i shot them right into the head,troll (i din't have 1.6, i have condition zero it have better graphics) great video👍
Tam Le (16 days ago)
Muhammad Asad Shahzad (17 days ago)
CS 1.6 was way more competitive and required a lot of control to play properly thats why it was the best competitive game, no body used pistols and smgs to totally destroy other team like csgo does . no skins no cases no keys etc just game. And those thing you mentioned wasnt the best part of cs1.6
Muhammad Asad Shahzad (17 days ago)
And most of all there was no trash ranking system Honestly i played cs 1.6 6 years and never got bored because i wanted to get better at it
LlurK (18 days ago)
Ichi Yamaguchi (19 days ago)
Though I adore 1.6, most benefits above quite subjective.
julius ceasar (19 days ago)
cs 1.6 better than cs : go ? well that's easy , how many pro's got vac ban in 1.6 ? ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
TPBV (19 days ago)
cs 1.6 is nowhere near as good as CS GO in terms of gameplay
roc's player (20 days ago)
Im playing conter strike 1.6 on my phone
DryPaste (20 days ago)
graphics? easy go to modded servers its exactly like csgo and cs 1.6 has better deathruns and who could forget custom spray
İsmail Kaçmaz (20 days ago)
Tactical sheild deleted the game hello wake up
Spuzva Rahil (20 days ago)
1.6 was better cause it was harder so the autistic russians were bad and didnt play
Dug View (24 days ago)
7:20 that fps tho...
Sigita Sigute (24 days ago)
In 2018 i'm still playing cs 1.6
Roger Cruz (24 days ago)
I'm a 1.5 (pré-steam) CS player, when it was just a mod for half-life. And there was no shield, shield actually broke a lot of strategies and the steam requirement? Well, let's just say not all brasilian lan houses had actually paid for the game.
shagy9111 (10 days ago)
Many servers disabled the shield from the buy menu
Kashif Saad (24 days ago)
i hate tactical pistol in cs go i cant even buy ammo why the fuck valve do that there no reason stop buying ammo for specific weapon and another thing ..... where are those night vision goggles....and one more thing u cant duck faster after pressing ctrl 3 time what the hell it ducks the 4th time in slow mo i hate cs go for that ...and last thing is valve made every thing in cs go for long term Business from sprays to to skins and even fucking this first u have to buy cs go and then u have to trade to update your account to add some one so u are stuck and fucked up to buy again a steam wallet and after that u are able to make friends that is insane ......
Doterte Buster (24 days ago)
how about the mouth movements while you speak???
Savageoh tyloo (25 days ago)
I really love the easteregg in the 1.6
Elyas Lourdiane (25 days ago)
for me source is the best cs
DentGaming (25 days ago)
OHHH the nestalgia is real!!!
DJ WALKZZ (26 days ago)
No 1.6 is better than cs :go
Pan Tau (26 days ago)
i don't rly think ability to spray your logo is very good, because i already met(in 1.6) some people who just spray some erotic shits.
Martin Svátek (26 days ago)
Tobias Mills (27 days ago)
Also, none of those stupid crates - you could just download free skins and tag away.
Kristin Moore (28 days ago)
10 things CS 1.6 did differently, not better. This is mostly subjective.
mrFlamist (28 days ago)
The both games are kinda same and I don't care about those differences but only difference is that in CS:GO you have to spend to look like someone else then a noob. (I have experience with players calling me noob just bcs of cheap skins I have) And the game is basically Valve's goldmine. That's why I play Cs1.6 or CS:GO with bots
ELYESA Celebi (28 days ago)
CS Betas <3
XxX_MILK_WAY _XxX (28 days ago)
Css best
Tizio gg (29 days ago)
Why the tactical shield is banned from servers of cs 1.6? I don't undersand! I WANT HAVE FUN!
Armin Cenan (29 days ago)
I have a potato gpu and I installed 1.6,never crashes for me,doesnt use much gpu,and movement is very smooth,gameplay fast-paced which I love,i just dont like the snipers most probably cause im a noob with em
SNP (30 days ago)
Cs 16 much better for cracked gamers
Mr. Jeffinizor (30 days ago)
Oh, you forgot 1, #1 cs 1.6 had a built in *aimbot*
Halil BODUR (30 days ago)
Where is the gun mechanics? In counter strike 1.6 (or older versions) pistols have moving cock and blowback. But in cs go, cock is only a model. Single action pistols working like double action. While reloading, cs 1.6 uses realistic gun animations like other games. But cs go uses toy pistol mechanics
Carlos (1 month ago)
There was less rng on 1.6, that reason is already enough
Balkanski Anonymous (1 month ago)
Cs:go is shit, cs 1.6 is shit Cs source is best
mlg pieseł (1 month ago)
but there are 2 things that CS 1.6 cant do 1:unlock cases 2:changing maps
wokstar (1 month ago)
tactical shield is for noobs. good its gone
white cool (1 month ago)
1.6 better than csgo ? lol
Silent Receptor (1 month ago)
Wallbanging is a pain in the arse I dont like it
Deathhorse (1 month ago)
You can download 1.6 for free
grafimir Gmr (1 month ago)
Now I myself also prefer the older titles but there's a reason Valve made these changes: 10. Tactical Shields were hugely unbalanced. They were added in Condition Zero, with the idea that the T side had a weapon to counter it: the cut Rocket Launcher. Since the Rocket Launcher never made it into CZ, they just added in the Tactical Shield, with no way for T side to counter it. 9. Obviously, the answer is that Valve wants to make CSGO "realistic". 8. Valve wants CSGO to be a competetive game. One that can be played in E-Sports matches (or whatever they are called, I don't care really) fairly. So they didn't even bother with it and just removed it to make it fair for everyone. 7. Umm... Okay, I got no answer for this one. Except that, it was tedious to having to buy ammo AND they removed it in CS: Source! They removed it even before CSGO was released, so of course it doesn't exist in CSGO! 6. I'm guessing that this is because, there could be sprays that could be distracting and cut players out of the game. There are many videos that demonstrate this in TF2, so I bet that Valve is not taking their chance with CSGO in the same way. 5. Well, Valve is trying to make sure that CSGO is the most balanced game. It's just a thing with updates. CS 1.6 has reached it's final state in 2003. It doesn't get any serious updates that change the game or add stuff like CSGO is getting now. It was as unbalanced in earlier beta and retail versions. When Valve ends major updates for CSGO, to release a sequel, CSGO could be perfected as well, perhaps making it even more balanced than CS 1.6 ever was. CSGO is still getting major updates, CS 1.6 is not, it has ended it's updates. 4. The original was a mod for Half-Life. Obviously, it retains the smoother movement from it. CSGO however, has modified movement. Remember, IT IS MEANT TO BE REALISTIC (as far as Valve can make it). OBVIOUSLY, THEY WON'T BE ABLE HOP AROUND IN AN ASSAULT ARMOR. 3. Wall banging is possible in some places. However, not as much as you could in CS 1.6. Valve wants to make the game fair and square. You can shoot through doors and thin walls in possible places but not kill someone by randomly shooting at a specific place in the wall. Also, isn't wall banging sort of a bug? So they fixed a bug! I mean, is it really fair that someone knows a specific buggy place to headshot you from, or is it fair if he just saw you and headshot you? 2. While, I agree... The key word is there: "arguably". 1. While, I also like the freedom of choice, isn't it obvious why they did? THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE THE GAME REALISTIC! WOULD IT MAKE SENSE IF THE GSG9 AND THE SWAT UNITS CAME TO FRANCE?? REALLY?? Yes, I would like the options too but from a realistic view, it makes more sense that all the player models are the same, rather than seeing the whole worlds CT forces unite to solve one thing that only that country's CT force could easily solve themselves.
Poke Flame (1 month ago)
Well.....how to aim our gun ?
Mr. Minbuy (1 month ago)
why do peaople like this game so much?i had my childhood all over 1.6,but cs go is way better,and in my opinion when i look bad at it it sucks soooo bad,so why do people still value it?its a dead game!nobody cares about it,its forgotten!
All the weapon settings are perfect in CS 1,6 now people cry and valve make stupid changes... The AWP nurf is ridiculous... After that update it felt like u are playing in slow mo...
Pikachara (1 month ago)
Tactical shield is delete in cs go beacouse ct only use this shit and you know tt can't win
last mann (1 month ago)
Tactical shield best thing in cs 1.6
Jarod Dunbeck (1 month ago)
CS go is my favorite game and CS 1.6
Psyren (1 month ago)
wall banging through concrete in tuns in dust 2 is retarded so yeah best to leave that gone forever
Psyren (1 month ago)
spray your own logo would have been stupid in csgo porn and stupid shit would be all over the place
Gilang PM_ (1 month ago)
1.6 is better coz u can throw your ram & gpu into the toaster and get 100fps all the time
YA Boi (1 month ago)
Did this dude say kerambit
Informkilioo (1 month ago)
well 1.6 : Bad recoil Hard shooting Many bugs No VAC Many Cheaters No servers.
AdmiralGrim (1 month ago)
Custom and F R E E weapon models?
David Todorović (1 month ago)
And mini games
Lucky Lee (1 month ago)
I can't really see opponents at far in csgo unlike cs1.6
HIP HOP DOG (1 month ago)
one think about cs 1.6 doesn't work well with the newest processors and basic you have like 1000 fps but your mouse not allow you to have the full aim conrtol ( i am playing cs 1.6 for 6 years and i know what was beffor thinks change ) YEAH I ALMOST FORGET THE CHEATERS IN CS 1.6 NOW THEY ARE EVERYWHERE GOT DEMMMEEEET
Voxin (1 month ago)
this is so filled with nostalgia, just go play cs 1.6 then if it was so much better
Atharv Pandkar (1 month ago)
really really shit
Yandere_ Kun (1 month ago)
Still I love that game it's so nostalgic....
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