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Metro 2033: OST - Riga [Jazzy music] (1080p)

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Metro 2033: OST - Riga (Jazzy music style) Original Soundtrack was composed by Alexey Omelchuk and Geogogiy Beloglazov, (also known as Anthesteria) and was engineered by Dmitry Kuzmenko. ** Music information ** --------------------------------- This more light hearted and jazzy tune is played almost solely in Riga and Exhibition. It is always heard from record players. A dialogue between 2 Metro citizens can be heard in Exhibition station, home of Artyom: "Hey, where did you get that record?" "I got it from a Ranger for a ton of ammo" "You sure you don't regret it?" The Piano has the accompaniment with the help of a Contrabass playing the basnotes of the main chords. The Trombone has the first melody, which is at the second half of the soundtrack replaced by either a trumpet or a muted/softened trombone. --------------------------------- The sound has been uploaded without compression, so the quality sound of this soundtrack is guaranteed to be the best available on Youtube. DISCLAIMER: I do not owe any rights on this soundtrack, and monetization has been disabled by myself for the audio! Provided that I have no rights on this soundtrack, if the developers want me to remove the video, they are free to do so, just PM me on Youtube.
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Text Comments (22)
Spencer Winslow (1 month ago)
Best song in the whole game.
Lester Crest (2 months ago)
Would it be possible for me to get my hands on the sheet music for the trumpet part? Thanks.
SiegReich88 (2 months ago)
Can someone tell the name of the 3 songs that play on the vinyl recorder when you start the riga mission please ?
DiSSident! (5 months ago)
what can i listen like this song?
DiSSident! (5 months ago)
I speak spanish sorry for my bad english
Handsome Jack (10 months ago)
To you,Artyom!
greenthunder1000 (1 year ago)
Was looking at a map and saw Riga, then this song popped into my head
this sounds like summers theme in earthbound in some parts
Kévin PIERRE (2 years ago)
1080p? lel
Zack Brown (1 year ago)
Brocolis Clew this is really late, but the song is really old so probably not
The Old Gang (2 years ago)
Good old times.. Nostalgia!
MegaSnippezz (2 years ago)
I love listening to this during daily life. Getting up, having breakfast with family, going to school, in class, meeting with friends, etc. I don't know, there's something beautiful about it.
FMGaming462 (2 years ago)
Ikr? I always get a nice feeling listening to this. I just look at the bleak atmosphere, and grimy, harsh life of these Metro dwellers and think, "How could these people endure so much, yet still find happiness?" As I sit in my comfy home hoping the same never happens to us. There'so something about Russian resilience that I respect.
Zachery Rancano (2 years ago)
Ah, Riga, where you got to meet Bourbon
Kirby McCall (2 years ago)
The Riga station was only the first trip on my journey, but the caravan went no further. So before parting ways, we drank to celebrate our survival. The vodka didn't drown my fear of traveling on to Polis alone, but I was about to find myself with an unexpected and notorious partner.
Predator [CREW] (3 years ago)
Sensei Rio (3 years ago)
I NEED A LONGER VERSION this shit is beautiful 
steven loya (3 years ago)
+iRioBased Yes it is and a longer version can be found in the game^w^
UCSPanther20 (3 years ago)
I can imagine lounging in an old and nicely furnished subway utility room, smoking a cigar and enjoying a glass of shroom vodka while this song plays...
Stinky Pinky (8 months ago)
is shroom vodka a real thing? it sounds delightful!
alamrisa (4 years ago)
I wish there were radio stations that play jazz just like in fallout. Makes traversing ghost-infested building a jolly good time.
koyong3942 (5 years ago)

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