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CS GO Skins - $1000 TRADE UP! StatTrak Factory New Fire Serpent Attempt (100k Special)

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This is my special cs go skins video for 100k subs. The most risky expensive cs go skin trade up ever! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Music 1: D-wayne - Ignition (Original Mix) Music 2: Deaf Kev - Invincible
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Text Comments (1326)
Taco Gaming and more (30 days ago)
I can’t believe he died in a car crash
Olika120 (10 months ago)
i think the golden koi looks better
EnhancedPixels (10 months ago)
wait, orgasm.png? you realize .png is an image right.....
KapTan K2 (1 year ago)
Mcskillet you are sparkles dude you cant hide yourself
w1zardick (1 year ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmine skin
w1zardick (1 year ago)
giv me a knife pls im rabajaba
Big Cock (1 year ago)
You could get a blowjob of your life for that skin
A Subject Number (2 years ago)
Name it Jesus Fucking Christ
Zachary Filion (2 years ago)
1000$ for a 50-50 chance to get 5000$ WTF that's like the best trade up ever
Murkaz (2 years ago)
Yeah man if you have 1000$ tho :,(
Ben Cai (2 years ago)
Mads Pagh (2 years ago)
''The grotto is better'' Papa Anomaly
Lil Smonk (2 years ago)
orgasm.png............... what
v3rse (2 years ago)
I was nervous just watching this and its not even my money
Jeremiah Jones (2 years ago)
Jesus, I would give my anus' for that skin.
Person Man (2 years ago)
Looking to trade a Battle-Scarred P250 Sand Dune for a Souvenir Factory New AWP Dragon Lore at 0.0000000000000000000000001 float
Conners55 (2 years ago)
Go checkout my cannel i post daily csgo betting vids and go sub cheers
JustJonker (2 years ago)
i give you an ak point dissaray for it good deal or nah ?
lucas buffington (2 years ago)
i don't think it's a very good deal, your giving him a horrible deal. have him add a knife or two, then it's at least not a loss for you.
Tim Fink (2 years ago)
so 1000 on the line, reward 5000 in 50% of the cases? seems legit... you should go infinite then, infinite Profit to be gained here
Franco Pellegrin (2 years ago)
I'll trade you my most battle-scarred sand dune....
Sam Woolerton (2 years ago)
I love your YouTube banner like the M is the case hardened and a bunch of other things
qwevoq qwevoq (2 years ago)
Like for adding "attempt" and making me surprised
hoovy no last name (2 years ago)
at this moment a god inventory was born
Deity CSGO (2 years ago)
i dont rlly like the fire serpent, its a little ugly its just my opinion.
James Liu (2 years ago)
7 months later, McSkillet, got, 300k more subscribers
Shmaehdawlf Shmitler (2 years ago)
Stop playing ncs edm music. Please ffs
Korky Czech (2 years ago)
Grotto is better
Villiam Jespersen (2 years ago)
imagine anomalys reaction
Emerdy (2 years ago)
Why is the skin even anything worth its ugly as f*ck D:
Fvge :c (2 years ago)
Like what lol
thefirestate (2 years ago)
ye, but it's really really hard to get stattrak and factory new, plus that the case it is dropping from had gone soooo much more expensive than before.
Emerdy (2 years ago)
+Dead Eye Solo nahh
Chill Solo (2 years ago)
+SimonDKG™ Go back to minecraft
Am I the only one who thinks the aquamarine revenge looks better than this? I'm just saying this because they are very similar.
richards4000 (2 years ago)
Did not know you could save sound in .png files ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rodica rodica (2 years ago)
I did not watched this but I think he is going to get the golden koi
rodica rodica (2 years ago)
wow,he...did it
Tijn Nyan (2 years ago)
What is the float?
Tebtu (2 years ago)
my nigga y yu put orgasm .png u mean .wav or .mp3 dufuq
Evil Morty (2 years ago)
Evil Morty (2 years ago)
hagaga anomaly
Joseph Samsor (2 years ago)
these skin people Will probably be the most depressed people in the world if a new cs comes out soon.
yee (2 years ago)
1:37 orgasm or a dinosaur?
Lappy Og ChuChu (2 years ago)
I love you
soldjar petroff (2 years ago)
GGG man 2k keys
Paulo Quicho (2 years ago)
"I'm literally as happy as you can be right now"
Allan Huang (2 years ago)
fucking mg2
Nalox (2 years ago)
im trading for bank, its bether for me :)
Sm0res (2 years ago)
Now you have over double the subs 😉
Илья Репин (2 years ago)
360K RUB
Harvey (2 years ago)
I love how you named it golden koi XD
Timmy Huynh (2 years ago)
1999 keys
Tom Parish (2 years ago)
"im literally as happy as you can be" with no emotion in his voice as he says that exact line....
Erik Walter (2 years ago)
bist du deutsch ? are you german ?
Juggernaut9631 (2 years ago)
pa ruski?
pepe is your friend (2 years ago)
Bist du dumm? Dumm?
Pedro Kubrusly (2 years ago)
HOLY SHIT (poor anomaly XD)
kevb0t_ (2 years ago)
HHHHHISSSssSSSS leaf a like
Cyz3x (2 years ago)
Hubble (2 years ago)
Whats the float?
That Guy Magnum! (2 years ago)
10/10 would do again.
James Qian (2 years ago)
Imagine every youtuber getting this apart from Anomaly
Pappy (2 years ago)
10k rn!
Climax (3 years ago)
ben heinrich (3 years ago)
The fire serpent fac new stattrak is worth $7000 and thats what you got
TG Michael (3 years ago)
I came
rtefdf (3 years ago)
That's 15k...
De Zoe (3 years ago)
15000 dollars....my god...
Jonas Fuschlberger (3 years ago)
rasiin (3 years ago)
did that orgasm.png thing remind anyone of anomaly?
Kenny R (3 years ago)
Have you got rid of it yet would love to kno what you get
legojdm (3 years ago)
orgasm.png thats a picture bro
Noah Marquis (3 years ago)
damn when you got that fire serpet. I had the most fucking painful orgasm ever. it hurt but felt soooo right
CHU (3 years ago)
dragon lore please
Alex (3 years ago)
Can someone tell me what this crossing out the name thing is??
de e (3 years ago)
Puse (3 years ago)
Money was fukken made
Parker Rehfeld (3 years ago)
That is the fucking best I was going to make a comment about you Naming it golden koi then I saw anomaly's comment laughed for four minutes strait
Chaka (3 years ago)
DAMN i did not expect to see you get this. wow. just insane man
Javier Heng (3 years ago)
I thought people said you can't get a StatTrak Fire Serpent FN from tradeups?
S8N (3 years ago)
oh my fucking god
Simplicity™ (3 years ago)
scriptCH (3 years ago)
i justdo the exactly same trade like u have now a golden koi and a broken benq xl monitor so i wasted much money....oh 25t date today ive got money for new waste :P
StreamO (3 years ago)
Conner Kenway (3 years ago)
Wanna give that to me so I can buy a car? Lol.
Conner Kenway (3 years ago)
Wanna give that to me so I can buy a car? Lol.
Edward (3 years ago)
HAHA Anomaly tried two times and always got Deagle lol
Lukáš Janek (3 years ago)
You are my Hero <3
Yous (3 years ago)
what is the maximum average for the trade up?
CS:GO Noob (3 years ago)
Oprescu Teodor (3 years ago)
You just got $10k... Congrats!!!
TheReal Kanye (3 years ago)
Your luck is 2 fucking good m8
Frost (3 years ago)
#TB to a month ago when this skin was impossible in trade ups and was worth $12,500
PW World (3 years ago)
hey man it's me your brother
Houdinner (3 years ago)
Is it worth 17K dollars right?
meow. (3 years ago)
Waw grats man! :o
♦ Sleaze (3 years ago)
I dont really like your content . The only thing you basically doing is show skins and i believe that skins are a part of this game sure bur people shoudlnt concentrate on those pixels that much and should try to improve in getting better not in getting a higher inventory value
Josh warren (2 years ago)
You're dumb
Bop (3 years ago)
+♦ Sleaze nah thats not an opinion about him thats an opinion about csgo. talk to valve faghet
♦ Sleaze (3 years ago)
+Lastbornzero8 not allowed to watch them and give my opinion about it ?
Lastbornzero8 (3 years ago)
+♦ Sleaze dont fucking watch then
Jonah2ez (3 years ago)
Most expensive skin?
Lucas Cavendish (3 years ago)
It's 7000
Rising Till Elite (3 years ago)
Wasn't it worth like 12,000$ ??
Jacob Jackiewicz (3 years ago)
EN3rgYy30 (3 years ago)
Jeez McSkillet you barely sounded excited hahaha
I like my Case Hardened better
Los Nickos (3 years ago)
What's your crosshair mcskillet?
Mello (3 years ago)
gg mate so happy for you
Mello (3 years ago)
bro there selling for 2500k atm sell it and buy a decent invent
Atlas Gaming (3 years ago)
This video inspired me to put one p2000 Ocean foam in the trade up I actually got a minamal wear fire serpent
John Eagle (3 years ago)
Aquamarine revenge looks so much better than fire serpent. Why is is not worth more?

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