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🔹 Trade your skins (CS.MONEY) - https://cs.money/?s=Nadeking 🔷STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/supergeneral 🔷MY HOMEPAGE (new merch): http://nadeking.com 🔷MY TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/nadekingofficial 🔷TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NadeKingCSGO 🔷SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN WITH FAM: https://www.youtube.com/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 Today you will see an exclusive video with CS:GO De_Train map creator. The creator Christopher "Cancerboy" Mair reveals all the secrets about Train. He talks about the map development throughout different games - Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You will get to know why did he make this map, if there are any easter eggs on Train, how much do level designers/map makers/map creators earn etc. Enjoy! DE_MIRAGE CREATOR REVEALS ALL THE SECRETS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf5KpckLs3Q UNCOMMON TRICKS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGgyXmQEwD6vVUxPm0HO_2SybKWmtOiMT Audio credits (YouTube Audio Library): South London HiFi - Beneath the Surface
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Text Comments (878)
NadeKing (7 days ago)
_who should I interview next?_
Yannik Augustin (9 hours ago)
de_aztec creator
Liam Griffin (11 hours ago)
BartosH Mistrzowski (11 hours ago)
Whoever who was creating maps to FarCry, please! :)
BirdGottaFly (16 hours ago)
Creator of Dust II if you haven't
Oscar Edman (23 hours ago)
dust 2 creator
RalphsLegend (3 hours ago)
Great video! Thanks!
Toastyy (3 hours ago)
XDelta _ (6 hours ago)
did you make this vid just so you could flex your knife and gloves. XD
Ben Alice (6 hours ago)
סתום תפה
Shoobielol (7 hours ago)
a ceo, rich guy that's super well known, making groundbreaking csgo maps "CancerBoy"
Brok Vrodsig (7 hours ago)
One of the most interesting cs videos I watched to this date. Great job man. Can't wait for other interviews
Yannik Augustin (9 hours ago)
best series ever!
dustn (10 hours ago)
8:05 I think the map hes talking about is AS-CONVOY from UT2k4
sosa (10 hours ago)
pENE from cache next
BartosH Mistrzowski (11 hours ago)
This dude was working with all the editors back from the times of doom and dukem nukem 3d via Half-Life and CS, say whaat? FUCKING LEGEND. All the best to you homie, the creator :) Thanks for all good stuff from you. I'm playing cs almost 20 yrs so that's my BIG THANK YOU! BOSS :)
soldatheero (12 hours ago)
one of the funner maps to play because it is so unique
soldatheero (12 hours ago)
must be such an awesome feeling knowing something that came from your own mind became something so iconic even if practically by accident/luck but the map is actually so good and perfect for cs. He gets his little slice of history. doubt the makers of cs:go would have made such classic maps that came from 1.6 or any maps as good on their own. Cool little tid bits that alley and train both based on areas in Vancouver
Lope (13 hours ago)
play with his son
Mute (14 hours ago)
tell him to fix the hitboxes xdddd
esketit (14 hours ago)
Cancer boy wtf
Astonn (15 hours ago)
My team and I love Train!!! It's the map we communicate the best on. And I'm the main AWP so yeah that's one reason I love it :)
ziPnAsty (15 hours ago)
imagine playing csgo with your dad on a 20 year old map. and youre better than him and kill him all the time but *he made the map*
White Vans (17 hours ago)
Review David Vondy at Treyarch, and ask him what the fuck he's done to CoD.
jaimeuntitled (17 hours ago)
anyone else's favorite map train too?
Mahan (23 hours ago)
i'm glad you killed him at the end, i was getting so impatient :D
DanyCSGO (1 day ago)
Find the tuscan creator! - And bring it back in CSGO!!
Hans Gerber (1 day ago)
Backalley ... man the nostalgia
Hussein Naji (1 day ago)
my number 1 MAP! <3
sleeprr (1 day ago)
we really need to get this guy a team of mappers for the 20th aniversary thing
BLuntmanza (1 day ago)
i dont know rick seems fake ........
flukymaze (1 day ago)
His mother was among the first pc gamers to ever exist
Lucien99 (1 day ago)
Great vid tbh, you should deffo do more like these.
Greifvogel (1 day ago)
I don't know why so many people want sound cues. Seriously, if you aren't good enough to read the game and your opponents movement, why should his position be given away by sound?
STRESS .- (1 day ago)
cancerboy is his name lul
Med (1 day ago)
Just knife him...
Brayan (1 day ago)
Thats amazing content!
Beatdown (1 day ago)
A good sound effect event can be found on inferno. The barking dog in apartment.
axjira (1 day ago)
He’s name is “cancerboy” god damn I love it. Good vid btw
This type of video was already created by 3clickphilipp!
Corey Cuevas (2 days ago)
13:40 lol ok
"I like trains" *the train´*
Devin Davis (2 days ago)
Isn't there a sound queue on Inferno where every time you walk over Mexico you hear a screeching noise?
NinjaSike (2 days ago)
5:32 Aimlock activated :))))) Nice Video BTW
dusty616l (2 days ago)
is his name cancer boy?
Retroke (2 days ago)
i wish my dad or mom ever had touched a pc or a console before
rodu (2 days ago)
46 year old named Cancerboy, wut
Patrick Thoelen (2 days ago)
great idea to get the mapdesigners out on their own maps. i would really prefer seing footage of the old maps or changes in the maps from cs beta till now in go, how they aged, how they changed over seing to playermodels kniferunning over a map i see/play on a daily basis.
Julius Duivestein (3 days ago)
If only I would get a dollar for every time he inspects his knife...
Wanted !? (3 days ago)
Your "F" letter has brocken for inspecting you knife every second xd
WobbuffetSilverKing (3 days ago)
DE_Canals creator nuff said.
Thijmen (3 days ago)
i want dust next
Doginhaler (3 days ago)
Gary john Watt (3 days ago)
I love train cho cho!
tram trum (3 days ago)
de train terrible map lmao
1 957 896 vues (3 days ago)
all pick train in faceit now
1 957 896 vues (3 days ago)
Is it possible to have a translation of this video for the other videos?
Abhilash `Nox` Baruah (3 days ago)
Tha Legend himself! :D Holy shit
Noob Ninja (3 days ago)
bet my karambit dragon lore you wont pin this
Steph Curry (3 days ago)
46 years old adult with cancerboy nickname...NOISSS
Spawnify (14 hours ago)
probably because he was born in july or something like that
DK (3 days ago)
Take a shot every time NadeKing inspects his knife.
Nosh (2 days ago)
LuckyLeet (3 days ago)
cancerboy Kappa
VoidForce[Dissector] (3 days ago)
Nice video! I'm amateur level designer for CS 1.6, and i find it pretty interesting. Keep it up.
Pavan Kulkarni (3 days ago)
this was really a nice video . thank you nade king and thank you cris for sharing the information.
Nick (3 days ago)
Honestly, I think Dust2 is the worst map in the pool right now and I would've said cobble before they changed it a while ago.
Maceo Mair (3 days ago)
Hey its my dad
Azhr (3 days ago)
please on de_spacito
Abdel Fahar (3 days ago)
Nadeking plsss I want to watch your gameplay plss bruh
rene (3 days ago)
Theres a sound cue in cs_agency, the metal detector!
ErikZ (3 days ago)
This is interesting when my favourite map is de_train
DampeN (4 days ago)
I think it's really cool! I have always loved train but I really really loved the way 1.6 train worked but this one seems to have a bit different play style . There has always been a lot of room for AWPing which (whether you like it or not) makes aspects of the game interesting. Crouching under trains and the CT-T con fights were pretty neat as well.
X3Golden (4 days ago)
19:45 nice aimlock nadeking
Arnab Uchiha (4 days ago)
u are just love.so much variety in yo videos !!!
Fvck (4 days ago)
Really loved the vid 🔥❤️
abreaD (4 days ago)
Mom gamer? His mom is living in the future!
Bass Emphasis (4 days ago)
Its honestly sad to me how old these people are getting. CSGO has been around for so long and its sad to see it get so old!
kENNETHcss (4 days ago)
Unreal Tournament throwback <3
Doggie (4 days ago)
*Yes, I know everything, from the video of 3kluksphilip*
khaled abdo (4 days ago)
hey nadekinf 1v1 and if i win you give me a knife?
Mark Anthony Bucol (4 days ago)
Hannes (4 days ago)
Train is my favourite map
Rere rere (4 days ago)
I'm very glad you made this
OddTuber (4 days ago)
LLLatiasLL (4 days ago)
Who actually remembers back alley
Lima Music (4 days ago)
I Love The Map Train =)
agentersmuk (4 days ago)
Pozitiv (4 days ago)
talk to pene also creator of cache i think hes romanian
PugZ (4 days ago)
I can confirm that gastown vancouver does have trains like that! So cool that it's just downtown from where I am that he worked on this map.
PrixotTG - Der Lauch (4 days ago)
Nadeking, where is NadeQueen?
MrKnnthc93 (4 days ago)
I miss aztec. favorite map 1.6 and source
VizioGANG (4 days ago)
Thank god he plays PUBG and not Fortnite.
Kizza (4 days ago)
hmmmmmmmmm its always interesting having to check 400 angles unlike the 3 you have to check at long doors on dust 2
Acesus (4 days ago)
Secrets on biome HAHAHA
Ocean Racer (4 days ago)
This guy is going to be the King of Youtube one day
Seanne Playz (4 days ago)
Knee Grow (4 days ago)
I enjoy it when you inspect your knife at all times
The Cake Glutton (4 days ago)
Awesome, thank you for organising this! I used to hate Train, but is now a favourite, now that I don’t just run around rushing all the time. What I love of this map is exactly what Chris was explaining: the opportunities players have to lurk and sneak around. Seems like the best map to pull the most memorable clutches.
deadlyseed (4 days ago)
gAMER mOM? epic
Sky Tea (4 days ago)
I lovd TRAIN
? ? (4 days ago)
46 years old ;/
rass xDaruk (4 days ago)
You should try to interview the creator of overpass
KaPex (4 days ago)
its hot dog
eenkaryono (4 days ago)
Man he's age is the same as my mum
FabHaderfic (4 days ago)
was i the only one that new all of what nade king said before the vid ?
Barbarian Lothario (4 days ago)
Nice vid, but misleading title. This doesn't reveal any secrets in the map. It's really the history of the map.

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