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The Controversial Olofboost

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What if you had a secret strategy that was so unprecedented, so dominant, that using it might not be worth it? When you finally used it, and it paid off, how would you feel? Counter-Strike has always been a strategic game. But those strategies also evolve, even on maps that have been around forever. Boosting has always been part of that. But the boost that Fnatic used at DreamHack Winter 2014 on Overpass was different. Now immortalized in graffiti on Overpass, the boost is a reminder of the power of ingenuity, the pressure faced by esports athletes, and the grey area between what is possible and what is acceptable. Written by Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Edited by Paul Park (@phjpark) Hosted by Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Courtesy List: #CSGreatestGames Episode 1: "Boostgate" Courtesy: RoomOnFire Link: https://youtu.be/-3b1ANZ_Dyk DreamHack Winter - NiP Xizt: "Fnatic's boost was a dirty trick" Courtesy: ESEA Link: https://youtu.be/-Tb7h80Gefk Hiko n0thing and Troubley on Fnatic vs LDLC ‘Pixelwalking’ Courtesy: la Bliinkyy Link: https://youtu.be/AvsXBNFgpWk #BoostGate! Fnatic boost vs LDLC Dreamhack Quarterfinals Courtesy: TheWarOwl Link: https://youtu.be/nRY_TRipfpQ Thorin's Thoughts - Revisiting the FNATIC-LDLC Boost (CS:GO) Courtesy: Thooorin Link: https://youtu.be/VKQyMt_swY0 CS:GO fnatic pixelboost vs LDLC (quarterfinal) DreamHack winter 2014 Courtesy: Ofarlig Link: https://youtu.be/-kTdZEhPoDg Dreamhack 2014 VODS Courtesy: Dreamhack Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamhackMedia DHW2014 CSGO: Fnatic Devilwalk Game winning boost interview Courtesy: Dreamhack via Youtube MrFilthy Link: https://youtu.be/9Pti-EUfrmw ESL One VODS Courtesy: ESL Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA DreamHack on the cheating scandal (DHW14) Courtesy: Dreamhack via Youtube Blasphinho Link: https://youtu.be/QXnFyvXQNzU Thorin and Richard Lewis on Flusha's suspicious clips Courtesy: Richard Lewis via Youtube juanme555 Link: https://youtu.be/6emUgO5BMDU Flusha accusations, all his weird moments and all the statements regarding his cheats. Courtesy: mOE via Youtube N8DE Link: https://youtu.be/3185zZ9EHYM SUMMIT1G DISCUSSES FLUSHA "CHEATING CLIPS" W/ DESTINY Courtesy: Summit1G via Youtube LemonSkunk CSGO Link: https://youtu.be/GUD1InxXFGw 25 CSGO Cinematics [de dust2] Courtesy: DarkestGinge Link: https://youtu.be/acjPNnISWAM Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (1357)
playing with fire (2 hours ago)
why was everyone bitching about it they both abused a boost so they are both at fault fanatic just abused their boost better and more skillfully
Randomperson7074 (10 hours ago)
Im pretty sure this boost wasnt found by them. I think a smaller YouTuber found it and the Fnatic people paid them to hide the video so no one else could find out about it.
Kenneth Bone (13 hours ago)
this game is probably my favorite csgo match ever. I had $100 bet on fnatic and i was pissed af and then this shit happened before my eyes. I got piss drunk that night with the boys
ledzeppelinfan1001 (14 hours ago)
This host sucks
Too Many Dads (17 hours ago)
Crybaby frenchies
Redmaaan xc (1 day ago)
3 words: Legal, cheap, undeserved
Varun Narain (1 day ago)
Puss bois gonna always bitch. Olofmeister is a God.
Nihal Kenkre (1 day ago)
still milking this
Jm Arzadon (1 day ago)
I think this was the same as Navi's fountain hook LUL its not an exploit imo
Cody Williams (1 day ago)
This is why CSGO is a trash Esport. Little fucking pussy ass fans. They figured out a way to get an advantage lol. What a joke.
Vd3r (1 day ago)
remember fountain hook by navi ?? :D how is this balanced?? :P :P
HAZZARD (1 day ago)
Cheap. No skill using game bugs put of desperation imo
sh4de (1 day ago)
fnatic: proving their haters wrong faze: proving their previous teams wrong :) in the best way possible
Supreet Sahu (1 day ago)
Say what you want, but that boost was genius.
Sonofsin (1 day ago)
its called clever use of game mechanics stop crying
Ankit Sangeet (2 days ago)
Both Used it, and in the rules, it was not quoted not to use pixelwalling so its fair. why so hate?
Daniel Candra (2 days ago)
is that balanced? .Loda
Willson Jo (2 days ago)
I am on Fnatic side, I don't think it was a bug. It is a clever way to maximize the map
Hoff The Great (2 days ago)
Great content!
Giovanni Gallardo (3 days ago)
Dude, that's sick. Just the fact that nobody knew until it came at the most perfect time with such high risk amazes me. I don't understand why people were so salty about it; I think it was just brilliant.
Justin (3 days ago)
butt hurt cunts
TheIndigenousGuy (3 days ago)
They may have lost, but in reality, in our eyes, they won based on smarter tactics.
jim morris (3 days ago)
their just salty
Chris Pham (3 days ago)
Game knowledge is cheating apparently
aZ!N WOnTon (3 days ago)
1:10 why am I laughing so hard
Rainer John Zaldivar (3 days ago)
this felt like that old na'vi win from dota 2 where dendi hooks anyone to their base
Mydris (3 days ago)
Was it cheating? No Was it evil? Yes Did I like it? Yes
Apple Inc (3 days ago)
So having this level of map knowledge is a bad thing?,sure fix that bug but don't blame fnatic for doing something ingenious
Nick Desires (3 days ago)
It's not evil, it's a genius discovery. I never knew this existed, it's an extraordinary event and people are just being a dick because the opposition lost. It always happens in war time and what so ever. It's totally fine. Those with the upper hand deserves the win. Winners wins that's all.
Superkidra (3 days ago)
>LDLC uses an illegal boost >LDLC gets the lead >Fanatic tries to make a comeback with a boost of the same nature that LDLC struggles with >Fanatic gets shit for using something people whined about to help them win >Both boosts are retroactively deemed illegal at the same time >LDLC refuses to replay Honestly, if Fanatic was actually affected by this in the long-term, I'd be pissed. I can't believe anyone actually willing to watch high-level play would have their heads this far up their asses. Good on Fanatic for sticking it through.
Azazel (4 days ago)
C1nZ (4 days ago)
I love 'EM!
drag00n77 (4 days ago)
Why the fuck would anyone allow overpass in tournament play? Anyone with half a brain could tell you that its a broken map designed for casual play. It always has been and even after its updates it always will be.
Byrdi (4 days ago)
so this video is a few months old now, have you fixed that button on your shirt yet?
Cyphi (4 days ago)
Dreamhack is around for while, im wondering why they have so poorly written rules.
Nadav Levanoni (5 days ago)
2:05 your welcome
Your Boy Skiiny (5 days ago)
They shouldn't of redone the map, the see through wasn't detrimental at all.
back in my days of cs 1.6 this was totally normal.
Afa Potter (5 days ago)
Olofboost is legit as fuck. punishing a team for an existing boost is just pointless. map should've been tested in every aspect long before. it's not their fault.
CR1TiKAL (5 days ago)
Tbh its not their fault, its just the broken map. So Valve is to be blamed instead of Fnatic.
Liselotte Pumeluff (5 days ago)
I miss pronax so much
Niko Yochum (5 days ago)
Great coverage. Most people miss the fact that both sides used an exploit.
RobDeLaMort (5 days ago)
The fuck's the controversy here? This is TOTALLY a bullshit exploit! How was this allowed!? xD
jim cricket (6 days ago)
It be nice if you explain what a boost is for non csgo players.
mgproductions2007 (6 days ago)
i remember watching this live XD
First Name Surname (6 days ago)
The amount of people who bitched about this play is embarrassing.
Andreas Norrlund (6 days ago)
LDLC crying like bitches
Atomic (6 days ago)
It kinda shows how csgo players are not keen to change and fail to adapt to situations quickly
lead. (6 days ago)
Shame on LDLC, after 3 rounds of that boost they should have flashed it and rushed the site, the loss should have been avoided
mr_dauz 96 (6 days ago)
If its dota > the fountain hooks
lamakicker69 (6 days ago)
What a bunch of crybabies
Jake Green (6 days ago)
I don't really understand all the hatred for Fanatic. They used their superior map knowledge as leverage. That's how games work lol, if you find a strategy that works you use that strategy
Maximus Lee (6 days ago)
I guess they should be called "Evil Geniuses" 😉😋
Figureight (6 days ago)
fnatic shouldn't have forfeit
S3CK (6 days ago)
Imo Legal.
_3k (6 days ago)
2:07 Sorry making this for myself
Emil Elander (6 days ago)
funny how fnatic fangays defends this
Avinash Kumar (7 days ago)
If someone discovers a secret boost; its a cheat......... LOL DREAMHACK RIP
phantomneb gaming (7 days ago)
it's a result of countless strategic analysis. fanatic figured it out and the other teams didn't at the time. it's plain simple. if there's one to be blamed, it's the design of the map that they should have checked before enabling it on a pro match.
Smaguris (7 days ago)
2:07 ouch
Cosmonauteable (7 days ago)
absolutely disgusting attitude. Trying to paint this shit as any other thing but scummy is laughable.
Dracotonis (7 days ago)
I remember this well, people were livid.
Brian Mario (8 days ago)
"i dont know that boost exist, i lose because they do something like that" damn i dont know some pros is also a kid too, dont blam fnatic coz of that, they know that map more than u know, its their strategy, u can say its their own fault for not knowing the boost there, isnt they always practicing? fnatic wins because they know their map well
Brian Mario (8 days ago)
its not hack, its not cheat, its already there on the map, why people going butthurt lol
Timothy Wang (8 days ago)
virgin neckbeards got angry
kawaii earl (8 days ago)
Just like fountain hook in dota2
Boi (8 days ago)
I dont play csgo but the community seems like a bunch of pussies lol its in the game it should be allowed, they discovered it themselves and they kept it as an ace up their sleeve i say good for them
StarsideNews (8 days ago)
Most people don't talk about LDLC doing something similar feels bad man
iSweat-Axion (8 days ago)
Any team could have done it, therefore it was perfectly fair.
Samurai Donkey (8 days ago)
Fnatic did nothing wrong
gloomywheel (8 days ago)
All this tells me is cs go pros are total fucking pussies, if the move was legal then it was a smart play
villen (8 days ago)
This would have been a cool video, like two years ago...
Mateus Kretschmer (8 days ago)
That's bullshit, it's a clever use of the map like they said.
HadriAn (8 days ago)
It's a great video that doesn't pick a side in the story! Lots of details too. I'm still baffled that Dreamhack didn't ban pixel walk, why wouldn't they? Pixel walk can lead to such powerful abuse it's ridiculous that they would take the risk to allow it...
Hexed Hero (8 days ago)
It’s really not op? It was only good and worked really well on that match because no one has ever seen that boost. Now that everyone knows about it, that strat has been discovered and now it will be prefired and watched a lot, it’s not hard to counter it considering he is in a fixed position with his head sticking out. Sure it’s dirty and disgraceful, especially to hold with an auto. but I’ve tried with friends to counter it and there’s such an easy wallbang you can get without ever being spotted.
It'sJames (9 days ago)
This makes the CSGO community seem like crybabies...
Blueberry (9 days ago)
the fact he used a scar should piss them off even more.
Pipothefreak (9 days ago)
As a neutral viewer, I think fnatic should have won this game, but with the caveat that in the rest of the tournament, this boost would be illegal. Btw.: I started watching CS:GO thanks to this very game on Overpass.
David Bowman (9 days ago)
Unless I'm confused he said they used an illegal boost as a gimmick to win a tournament and called it their ace in the hole attributing their victory to cheating and then he called it ingenuity. Did I misunderstand him?
sunnohh (9 days ago)
Shoulda let it stand as aok.
Jerimiah Rosado (9 days ago)
It's actually disgusting to watch pros talk about this as if Fanatic isn't playing the same game everyone else is.
kidda (9 days ago)
I don't understand, so LDLC used a pixelboost in the first round and didn't get punished for it, Fnatic used a pixel boost later and got punished for it because they succeeded from it? How is that fair?
Donstheman (10 days ago)
Magic bacon (10 days ago)
10:15 is that Anomaly?
Hypernova (10 days ago)
I think that fnatic should have won that major ,they just know the map better than LDLC ,they could easily counter the olofboost if they had any more knowledge
Rick Bart Riochet (10 days ago)
can't ldlc just look at the damn big screen and see the boost
Mikdore (10 days ago)
If valve lets their game favoring the ones with the better map/boost knowledge, its their fault if the best of the best use it. Ldlc could use it too, I dont say its fair, but its just fnatic playing the game as it is(was)
Naive Gamer (11 days ago)
Justice Dunn (11 days ago)
Can someone explain why this is such a big problem? All I see here is a team that knew more about the map than the other team so they used it to their advantage and won. Why is the simple fact that the opponents didnt know about the boost mean its uinfair?
wardje (11 days ago)
u dont understand: one cant be seen from the boost spot, so yes it is abusing a glitch and thus illegal
NIGHT2PWN (11 days ago)
they just had good gaming chairs
Ward Huyskes (11 days ago)
I honestly don't get why everyone was so mad at them. Inventing new tactics that sometimes break the game is part of a sport.
Tha BrownMamba (13 days ago)
Idk why I watched this whole think
Brancho Grande
A Singh (13 days ago)
They should have let Fanatic headshot the LDLC players with real sniper rifles as they left their hotel in shame.. that would have been real justice.
AhhNick (13 days ago)
Why punish someone for good map knowledge?
patrickg1234 (14 days ago)
fnatic is gay and sweden 2
John Peckham (14 days ago)
na fuck that, i dont like fnatic but thats a legit play
shads123 (14 days ago)
Y’all are bitches no lie...no need for the replay ..literally
ArCoDo (14 days ago)
Why the fuck does this thoooringuy wear a winter jacket in an apartment? Wtf xd

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