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The Controversial Olofboost

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What if you had a secret strategy that was so unprecedented, so dominant, that using it might not be worth it? When you finally used it, and it paid off, how would you feel? Counter-Strike has always been a strategic game. But those strategies also evolve, even on maps that have been around forever. Boosting has always been part of that. But the boost that Fnatic used at DreamHack Winter 2014 on Overpass was different. Now immortalized in graffiti on Overpass, the boost is a reminder of the power of ingenuity, the pressure faced by esports athletes, and the grey area between what is possible and what is acceptable. Written by Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Edited by Paul Park (@phjpark) Hosted by Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Courtesy List: #CSGreatestGames Episode 1: "Boostgate" Courtesy: RoomOnFire Link: https://youtu.be/-3b1ANZ_Dyk DreamHack Winter - NiP Xizt: "Fnatic's boost was a dirty trick" Courtesy: ESEA Link: https://youtu.be/-Tb7h80Gefk Hiko n0thing and Troubley on Fnatic vs LDLC ‘Pixelwalking’ Courtesy: la Bliinkyy Link: https://youtu.be/AvsXBNFgpWk #BoostGate! Fnatic boost vs LDLC Dreamhack Quarterfinals Courtesy: TheWarOwl Link: https://youtu.be/nRY_TRipfpQ Thorin's Thoughts - Revisiting the FNATIC-LDLC Boost (CS:GO) Courtesy: Thooorin Link: https://youtu.be/VKQyMt_swY0 CS:GO fnatic pixelboost vs LDLC (quarterfinal) DreamHack winter 2014 Courtesy: Ofarlig Link: https://youtu.be/-kTdZEhPoDg Dreamhack 2014 VODS Courtesy: Dreamhack Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamhackMedia DHW2014 CSGO: Fnatic Devilwalk Game winning boost interview Courtesy: Dreamhack via Youtube MrFilthy Link: https://youtu.be/9Pti-EUfrmw ESL One VODS Courtesy: ESL Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA DreamHack on the cheating scandal (DHW14) Courtesy: Dreamhack via Youtube Blasphinho Link: https://youtu.be/QXnFyvXQNzU Thorin and Richard Lewis on Flusha's suspicious clips Courtesy: Richard Lewis via Youtube juanme555 Link: https://youtu.be/6emUgO5BMDU Flusha accusations, all his weird moments and all the statements regarding his cheats. Courtesy: mOE via Youtube N8DE Link: https://youtu.be/3185zZ9EHYM SUMMIT1G DISCUSSES FLUSHA "CHEATING CLIPS" W/ DESTINY Courtesy: Summit1G via Youtube LemonSkunk CSGO Link: https://youtu.be/GUD1InxXFGw 25 CSGO Cinematics [de dust2] Courtesy: DarkestGinge Link: https://youtu.be/acjPNnISWAM Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (1593)
joesr31 (1 hour ago)
Not cheating, it just means the map is broken, fnatic did not deserve the hate
Tadas Svedas (2 hours ago)
If it wasnt for this boost, I wouldnt be a fnatic fan
Kirk Fogg (4 hours ago)
wait a second that pixel boost rule didn't say that it prohibited visable map edges or player characters. it only said it prohibited invisible edges therefore that rule wouldn't have applied either which is why they probably didn't rule it as cheating. TBH I personally think it's just the crowd that favored the other team who brought that up in hopes of redeeming their favorite team as they're all salt mines that Fnatic owned that team with a brilliant strat. There will always be those people in any sport who try to cry and call cheating just because they don't like the end results to a game.
Doug Landrum (21 hours ago)
It’s a joke that people were not creating totem pole strategies. Omg it’s so, so unbelievably stupid to let the same team stand on each others head or “hit box” the fuck? This is from valve and when I played TF2 people did nothing but learn all the exploits. You can’t have that crap in competition.
Retr0 (1 day ago)
The was pretty Sneaky beaky of them
Derpdoodler (2 days ago)
anyone should not criticize fnatic as they use their surroundings to their advantage, just like LDLC use their skills and team work to their advantage, as long as it is not in the rule book its is legal and should not be put down on, fnatic even felt bad for their action. its the big league and everyone would use anything to their advantage. like this year neymar, he acted like his injured so that his team could get the advantage
CyberWardenYT (2 days ago)
I mean if FNC were evil masterminds for pulling out an unexpected move in dire times shouldn't SonicFox also be an evil mastermind for taking off his hat at EVO finals to unlock his full power?
Wayne Quach (2 days ago)
10:12 is that delusional????? "they are the top team, it wasn't necessary to use that" down 13-3 it was completely neccassary
Visual Brick (2 days ago)
:D (2 days ago)
Kamel, K (2 days ago)
Those smelly onion whiny babies. What a shame.
King Neko (2 days ago)
They studied the map better and kept it as their trump card so they deserve the win!!
Daniel Taylor (4 days ago)
People can’t get angry at them for utilizing a bug in the game
Fair Discussion (4 days ago)
I love video games.
Slug Daddy (5 days ago)
Does Thoorin not have heat in his home? It seems like hes in full winter gear whenever I see snippets of him
japascho (6 days ago)
It's like crying about proplayers camping.....
Ryan P (6 days ago)
This shouldn't be against the players that used the available mechanics given to them by the map designers. If it wasn't supposed to be there then it's the map designers fault for it. Good job finding mechanics THE REST OF THE WORLD hadn't figured out..... those that cried about this are just salty af.
mobiuszero (6 days ago)
1 earphone with 2 headphones?
Make Canada High (7 days ago)
these fanboys crying all the time got a team disqualified no wonder csgo is known as the most toxic community
Anthony Blankenberger (7 days ago)
im sorry but i dont play cs, could someone explain what the video means by "boost" ?
Nishant (8 days ago)
Oolfmeister boost is great tactic, other are sad coz they can't do it in the first place
deadeyediaz09 (8 days ago)
This boost was simply a MAJOR abuse. It was pretty obvious that it was broken and would be fixed. That's why they received so much backlash.
Jake Sheehan (8 days ago)
1st time seeing this. Its cheating imo. But I can understand if anyone disagrees. I just believe it was cheating.
salty potato (10 days ago)
Crybaby noobs man!
joshua ruf (10 days ago)
As an lol player I can only just laugh at this xD. The csgo community crys about honor. The problem is when someone knows the game better that is also a skill. You should hype those guys for finding new cool and interesting ways of playing your game. But instead you hard flame them. Really I don't get it when teams win against other teams that may be shocking but isn't it the cool thing about esports? The cool and new discovery of new game mechanics?!?! I think it is sad that the community didn't just enjoy what they were seeing.
Gerard de paula (10 days ago)
I will always hate this for the sole fact that i lost a lot of fucking skins
StarK iller (11 days ago)
LDLC are pro players who couldnt look up?They were just 2 dumb to even understand where from he is killing them lol and they are a "pro" team.Fnatic just used map knowledge better and fuck all of butthurt boiz who cant think of something like that so they trash them.
Dejan Berdnik (11 days ago)
Karma is a bitch when you see Fnatic now LOL
JJgams (11 days ago)
Faze 2014 vs Astralis 2018 would be interesting
Cheggmen (11 days ago)
when you get outplayed so you want a rematch
Rice Waster Aleks (11 days ago)
If boosts are legal this shit will happen with the broken source engine period.
Nefff (11 days ago)
The csgo scene is so laughable
Ravendark (11 days ago)
Nothing wrong with the boost.
Shresthdeep Gupta (11 days ago)
What's that violin music in this clip...?
Francis Joshua Soriano (12 days ago)
Ahhhh is this dendi chen pudge hook?
Zimmy 92 (13 days ago)
It‘s bugabusing and it‘s the same as cheating
BLOP (13 days ago)
It was exciting to se ldlc trying to counter.
David R (13 days ago)
As a old Ldlc/Nv fan. This shit made me sooo mad
GunlockerGlock (12 days ago)
That feeling when you do something so smart and good and creative that everyone screams that you're cheating and makes you the villain because you just were better then they were.
Mikel Gorostiza (14 days ago)
That's not cheating...
Harry Birch (14 days ago)
The comments are so Fnatic sided it's hilarious. This team has had a very blatant cheater on it before hand and then this occurred during the same era. This team had no credibility at this time, stop defending them. Yes they went on to be a great team, but their previous actions were not "Smart" or "Legitimate." It took 2 seconds in an offline game with "r_drawclipbrushes 2" active to find this boost.
Shadab Hussaini (13 days ago)
omkar naik (15 days ago)
Ldlc just got rekt...
Katima XP (15 days ago)
Its like Mayweather. People hate his style, some say its anti-boxing, unsportsmanlike, but he wins matches, and is a champ. People arent happy about it, but he boxes within the rules. My 2 cent is all
Caleb Landguth (15 days ago)
This whole organization does such a good job with all if these videos, starting to watch older ones as I'm running out of videos to binge
Nikola Petrovic (15 days ago)
LDLC uses ilegal boost Fnatic don't care LDLC go 12-3 Fnatic uses other ilegal boost LDLC cries FNATIC wins 13-16 fnatic was robbed, match should have been restarted to 0-0 not 12-3. Edit: doesn't even metter anymore LDLC is shit team and probably not gonna make to major ever again
Subho D Bhowmick (16 days ago)
Fnatic is the best they are number one they always come up with this kind of cool strategy that's why I love them love you FNATIC,..........
Chillest Bill (16 days ago)
Yet they still allow Run Boosts and pretty much any boost on any other map... If they wanted this Boost to not work the devs would have sealed it with an invisible wall barrier. but guess what? You can still do this boost to this day as well as Four man boost on the opposite side next to the shrubs and bushes... Valve is just lazy..
TomMY (16 days ago)
If its in the game and they found it they did a verry good job, valve can remove the boost but they can’t punish fnatic for doing something the game allows they should have gone on to win the tournament, i have no idea why people call fnatic cheaters for using and finding this amazing boost
nicl wewe (17 days ago)
weakness disgusts me... smart >> skill
Thomas Shelby (17 days ago)
szsmix (17 days ago)
If Fnatic actually Quit. VP would have 3 majors instead of 1. Always in semi-final they loose to fnatic on 3rd map in 2 majors in 2015.
reset play (18 days ago)
LDLC was salty
Dylan McCollum (18 days ago)
Wow, this is so stupid that this is controversial. It's pretty cut and dry to me, they knew the map better.
Ekke Tiirmaa (19 days ago)
So basically cs community is toxic af and we already knew that
G i G i (19 days ago)
Geezz. Whining. Outplayed(clearasfck). Smh
Shubam Tandel (19 days ago)
0xAcoNx0 (20 days ago)
Its legal at that time, because that time theres no rule, and valve own fault for the game breaking bug
Anj Fyi (20 days ago)
This was a legendary time for cs:go, I watched it live and was cheering them on. It was a legit boost spot that people didn't know about, was totally a secret weapon and was fair and square. They didn't do anything that counts to be replayed. If anything they should be lauded.
ParmesanSean (20 days ago)
fuck fnatic
Viet Vu (21 days ago)
I do not follow competitive CS:GO, but in my opinion, this is legal. Someone compared this to Navi's foutain hook on Dota, and haha, it is indeed worse. Both in the mechanics, and the results.
NOPE (21 days ago)
I still don't see the issue, it was just a smart play using a quirk or the map
It was an advanced exploit that took a lot of skill to discover. But an exploit is an exploit.
McDidde (21 days ago)
he forgot a button on his shirt
Teran (22 days ago)
Frenchies always ... fvckin pussies
[TRI] Adverse (22 days ago)
2:06 out ur speed at lowest
percival go (23 days ago)
ldlc were just a bunch of pussies who can’t handle a loss.
Jyn Taru (24 days ago)
LDLC eats salt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Gay Baby (24 days ago)
They just salty cause they lost their bet
Meh2069 Studiozzz (24 days ago)
Fnatinc deserved the win because it was MAP KNOWLEDGE
duhsmersh (25 days ago)
best strat ever in game.. it's so easy to counter, just headshot
Big Rock (27 days ago)
This just proves that being smart and more knowledgeable than others is not welcomed in todays society. They want equality even when other person has more skill and knowledge than the loser.
Martin Arvidsson (27 days ago)
If everybody can do it, its NOT cheating. Its just a broken map that one team exploited.
DotCD (27 days ago)
HaViNg BeTtEr MaP kNoWlEdGe ThAn ThE eNeMy TeAm iS cHeaTinG1!1!!1!!11!!1!1!!11!!
AluNox (28 days ago)
it wasnt even an exploit, no reason to talk shit about olof and fnatic
Cloud -csgo and more (29 days ago)
I find really funny everyone was taking it as a big issue when it came upin that year
scylla019 (29 days ago)
Dendi's fountain hook
Alex Cérien (29 days ago)
This is nonsense. LDLC boost was considered legit, so why try to put it in the balance ? Then, if you want to compare those boosts, do it properly. First, LDLC's boost was a minor boost, giving little info on the map. Olof's boost was game breaking, allowing to see and attack most of the map, while being vulnerable only from one point,( to get him you needed a boost on the playground slide). Second, Valve knowledge of the boosts : LDLC's boost was widely known by the community and Valve, who let that boost in the game. On the other hand, Olof's boost was only known by Fnatic, keeping this intel for themselves. And that's my friend, was the main beef against Fnatic. They knew this game breaking boost for months, only to use it to gain avantage in a lucrative tournament, instead of reporting it to Valve to improve the game. CSGO is relatively a small game, that only holds because of few thousands, dedicated, volunteer, players. As Fnatic chose to use this boost to make money, instead of reporting it to improve the game. It was perceived as Fnatic didn't care about the game, like the community does, but only about the money they could make. Most of the community felt insulted by this move, hence the backlash. In the end, it was only a matter of honor. Was Fnatic right to perceive themselves above the game and the community ?
Alex Cérien (29 days ago)
Again, people only cared about the unsportsmanlike behaviour. It's a game, and because of this move, it was lame to watch.
kartik kodali (29 days ago)
+Alex Cérien they also mention that the boost itself was not illegal according to the new rule book, but due to a texture bug, both were ruled illegal.
Alex Cérien (29 days ago)
Illegal according to the 2013 rule book, so not illegal at this dreamhack winter, same as Olof's boost. Again, argument is not on the legal ground, but Valve knowledge of the boost. No one is saying, Fnatic wasn't smart, people are saying it was unsportmanlike. The video, is quite biased, the boost was game breaking and it was almost impossible to work around it. Ok, the opposing team had one strategy to win, but in reality, this is almost impossible to apply for more than one round, first the timing is super short 15-20sec, is insanely short, second, it's a simple rush A, as Fnatic get the info of this rush A (which is super easy considering the boost), they can adapt to this rush. In the end, this boost strategy is far superior to any other strategy, this is why it is gamebreaking and unbalanced. As a NiP fan, it's a fun gimmick to watch for a couple of rounds, then it was like watching a kid cheating for the last 12 rounds. The game was supposed to be as intense as the grand final, and it was kind of shitty. It was a clever move, but it was unsportsmanlike to use game breaking tactics, it was unsportsmanlike to not report this gamebreaking tactic to Valve. As you are saying Fnatic were in their right, but they played an ugly move and people didn't like it, people are in their right to not like it too.
kartik kodali (29 days ago)
Lol! They clearly mentioned LDLC's boost was also considered illegal. As far Fnatic needing to inform Valve... There's no reason to do so. It ain't a bug. The dedication and time it must have taken for Fnatic to learn the maps so well and find ways to gain the upper hand makes them deservedly winners. The sacrifice Fnatic made in using the boost was leaving long and A unprotected since it took about 15-20 secs to complete the boost. LDLC tried to take advantage of that and still failed. LDLC failed to adapt to the strategy, they deserved to lose.
prinsipe pej (1 month ago)
Remake games for this league is not just. Broken map? Not their problem u fucking valve
Sqackly (1 month ago)
Straight up the best CSGO moment of all time, would of been such a better story if fnatic went on to win the whole thing.
Sean Liao (1 month ago)
They both used illegal boost so just play another map 0-0
yuno mm (1 month ago)
Sore losers will always complain 😂
Sangam.U.M Naik (1 month ago)
But that was a great comeback!
M34T (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice that only Valve make a big show of old shitty games that no one wants to play anymore? literally, this moment was a stain on Competitive gaming, because the whining cry babies won instead of the competition. It was the moment CS became a joke.
M34T (1 month ago)
Still talking about this? Are you kidding me?
DaviloX07 _ (1 month ago)
I hate when the weak is unfairly favored. Fanatic should not have been punished because of the boost.
Joshua Rin (1 month ago)
Every team uses boosts and nade bounces and specific niche strats. Then everyone complaind because this team was smart enough to use a trick only they knee at the time. 10/10 says if the boost was more well known... Then no one would care... Just like with the rest of the boosts. SMH WHINEY BABIES.
Von Kreuger (1 month ago)
Insert generic quote 2.0 here " It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
Joji River (1 month ago)
They're not cheating. It's Level ang game designer fault.
S3bluen (1 month ago)
Ridiculous, it was IN THE MAP. Remove it or allow it.
Kami Sama (1 month ago)
Remaking the whole map was a dick move. A strategy is still a strategy, no matter how cheesy it is. Not to mention that its a boost, not like, wallhack or pixel walking, its a part of the game, who no one happens to know except Fnatic. Its the same case of Fountain Hook on Dota. People bitched about it when Navi used the strats, calling it cheating, but they kept their mouth shut before they used it, fully knowing that its a part of the game.
Ikhsan Alim (1 month ago)
Anyone can explain me what happen cause i dont know anything about cs go i just play dota
기현 Arikadou (1 month ago)
They used the map's flaws to their advantage.. How was that cheating in any way? XD Valve should just focus more on CS:GO and not only Dota 2
roger jones (1 month ago)
Gang de grosse marde
KunaiSlasher 76 (1 month ago)
What music at 11:14
Figo Fernando (1 month ago)
*hurr durr dey used a strat dat haz da same consept as mah strat but i still blame its ok cuz evry toksix n stewpedd ppl r on mah side REEEEEE* Who doesn't have sportsmanship again? This controversy is interesting, though. It has a similar story like that of Fountain Hook's in Dota 2.
aRies4at (1 month ago)
In my opinion, the admins of the tournament failed... if there was a rule broken, they should have have knowledge of their own rules and stopped the match instantly and not complaining about the usage of these kind of boosts after the match has ended.
Evan Saltare (1 month ago)
Against the spirit of the game, but not against the spirit of competition. They used something that wasn't illegal at the time to gain an advantage. It's cheap, but you can't fault someone for being clever with the game mechanics.
Catchlight by Saurabh (1 month ago)
theScore esports , best channel i discovered in 2018 ... cheers guys \m/
jjj bbb (1 month ago)
This should be praised if anything. In any other esport, when a new strategy is found - especially one that nobody, not even pros know about - and is deployed for the first time in a live setting it gets hailed as genius. What a ridiculous reaction from the CSGO community.
Broken Tempest (1 month ago)
When movies about creativity take the win the public praise it but when it happened in real life they get hated on! LOL such fascinating people

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