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bhop_eazy | 29.9 | WR

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the fastest non-strafehacked eazy time ive seen, there might have been faster with hacks though. 100tick, autobhop, 1000aa Server: gotta go faste.
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Atwex Fin (7 months ago)
EOD - deprichot
Atwex Fin (7 months ago)
Haha I had both opened because I was searching for the tracks. Posted the name on the wrong one... Thanks for your correction (:
methepeoplebmx (7 months ago)
No, this is Monolith - Farewell Frenchman.. Deprichot is on my skittles from 3rd video
tap water (4 years ago)
are you using a strafing script?
toroux (4 years ago)
improvable, but yet impressive
JasonVanCartier (4 years ago)
song name plz
mathiaswannawatch (4 years ago)
DooMasekTrikz did 29.6 and trust me, that guy is almost as clean as a trashcan! 
mathiaswannawatch (4 years ago)
+Bunnyhop Runs 3rd of all it was prehopped:P
LPBclanbhops (4 years ago)
Kapy Boiveau (4 years ago)
no pre-bhop ?
Jon Dickinson (4 years ago)
this aint 2012 m78
frizz; (4 years ago)
wowe gud ran dude veri impresd

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