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[MPGH] Skush v3.07 CS:GO Cheat Review | MPGH Exclusive

45 ratings | 8085 views
This is a MPGH exclusive external cheat. Newest version: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1409094 Note that this video was originally a review of the version v3.02, not the one it is currently updated to. The cheat should fundamentally be the same. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe! Credits: Cheat creator - OfficerX Video creator - aku Publicist Team: Head Publicist - Silent Wiki Management - Ahlwong Hack Reviewer - aku Translator - Faggot Graphics - Allura Important Links: Site - https://www.mpgh.net/ Wiki - https://www.mpgh.wiki/
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Text Comments (29)
OfficerX (22 days ago)
Nice vid! PS: Silent isn't gay!
Vizyn (9 days ago)
OfficerX oh ok
OfficerX (10 days ago)
Vizyn That means i wont make it public
Vizyn (10 days ago)
in the faq it says Q: Will you add an Aimbot / Drawings / ESP / other features? A: Not in the public version. does this mean that there is a paid version? or private version
MPGH Publicist (22 days ago)
he called me wat??? imma learn him https://s.msger.us/i/3b3026ccruaH.png
Sam (15 hours ago)
this is rat ?
Mr. Frighty (2 days ago)
OfficerX (1 day ago)
VAC is the anticheat by valve.
Gonzx Gonzxalez (2 days ago)
Virus detected
Cole_the_impaler (4 days ago)
Hey id like to sponser Can you add me some discord cole_the_impaler#5409
Dominat3s (5 days ago)
Aimbot gears of war 4 please
Mr. DB (5 days ago)
It shows only loading 2 modules plz help
Mr Marks (2 days ago)
launch with admin
xd RedDragon (6 days ago)
error loading module:(
Derek Lee (6 days ago)
Is skin changer safe to use?
aku (2 days ago)
It's client side means you're the only one to see the skins
Centeuio (7 days ago)
This show to me "Loading Page"
Jaydon Touma (14 days ago)
i tried downloading but didnt download as a launcher downloaded just as a file can someone help
Robin Tutorials (15 days ago)
Who tf still plays csgo? Subbed
OfficerX (7 days ago)
Up to 1700 unique daily users using this cheat :p
MPGH Publicist (15 days ago)
nobody, its a garbo game. but it's popular for some reason, so more views for us. haha, me gold digger.
Brandon POV (17 days ago)
when i press insert i takes me to the home screen
Narutofgfgsf (19 days ago)
Is it still undetected? 10/28
arDos 69 (18 days ago)
Deniss007 (21 days ago)
is this undetected?
MPGH Publicist (20 days ago)
should be
Badita Raul (21 days ago)
work on non steam warzone?
MPGH Publicist (20 days ago)
dont think so
Zerimos (23 days ago)
Nice one i use this cheat and it works very good

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