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TOP 3 TH7 ATTACK STRATEGIES 2017!! Clash of Clans Best Town Hall 7 Attack Strategy [CoC]

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Text Comments (646)
Jun Rey (1 year ago)
Why do everytime I use all healers I lose?
Pokemon Gladiator (8 days ago)
You should use troops rather than using healers if you send attacking power more you'll taste victory
NikkuChan230 _ (3 months ago)
Jun Rey damn people a really don’t understand sarcasm to bad people are so autistic I have to break it down to them 🤦‍♂️
Dead Inside (3 months ago)
Its probably a bug or something
Matthew AQ (4 months ago)
Cause at times healers frickin' SUCK
Supreme Jesus Raccoon (4 months ago)
request for healers in cc then they should all attack
debktt video (4 days ago)
KinG Gam3r (2 days ago)
Ty :)
Max hoff (7 days ago)
heres a pretty good attack strategy 3 wizards 2 healers and the rest hog riders spawn the healers and the wizards on the barb king then spawn all the hogs around the barb king
Errol Recto (15 days ago)
Drags and loons with 3 lightning spells or 2 rage and 1 heal
Virendre Chaudhary (22 days ago)
The best is dragon but it is expensive
Cal Carmichael (1 month ago)
Attack one works really well
I think 2 point startegy is best
suman kanojiya (1 month ago)
I am use 3 army 1st 29 loon 2 dragons and 10 archer or 2 rage spell and 1 heal spell I am push crystal leage my tag y89vcgyvv but not loot I mines my trophies
X Jack (1 month ago)
doesnt matter if it cost 300k elixir or 1k dark elixir if you only use it on war. only idiot would use 30 hogs for farming. nice vid bro, keep it up
Yash Kumar (1 month ago)
Plz new vedio make for th7 strategies
dinesh kharkwal (1 month ago)
I use 30 ballon and 24 minion 2 range and 1 heal.... Best army...
Mahab Khan King Khan (1 month ago)
First is better
Amrita Khandelwal (1 month ago)
Defender In champions
DeanHacks (2 months ago)
so we are just going to ignore the fact the Th7 Dude is in Champion.....
Champ Gam3r (2 months ago)
Bro i am th 7 i want to join in your superior seven clan
Stanby Mode (2 months ago)
Balloonion is the best it is a guide to pure success
It works really
Anshu Kumari (2 months ago)
All defenses are in one side
Suvrojit Chowdhury (2 months ago)
i really like the attack
2 is best
Things Guru (2 months ago)
Go to the link To get real clash of clans mod APK https://youtu.be/nDRTtrm6pSU
Adarsh Singh (2 months ago)
give your clan link bro nice video
STIB GT (2 months ago)
You waste alot of dark elixir
Kawaljeet kaur (3 months ago)
What is 1 no
Sushma Singh (3 months ago)
I was on silver 3 and now on gold 3
Sushma Singh (3 months ago)
Very nice strategy
nsd sjhdk (3 months ago)
Ooooh great another aids intro
Bakwash!! Abe kon apne 1200 dark use kar ke usse jada dark dhund me jae ga?
ErikaLovesCows (3 months ago)
30 hogs? Damn..
Akhilesh Singh (3 months ago)
vidio bana na yaar
Zkila 121 (3 months ago)
30 hogs is too much dark elixir
雞小 (3 months ago)
0:12 playing ballonion must have the barbarian king ?plz answer me
gobs attacks (3 months ago)
Ifte king imagine dragon
Deepjyoti Seal (3 months ago)
Vai 8k.1 like mera hai Vai
ADAM (3 months ago)
arpit raj (3 months ago)
i use 10 dragons and 3 rage mostly but i use 10 wizards and 32 hogs 3 heal when i'm in lack of elixier
JP (3 months ago)
What is your townhall level??
Sreerag R (3 months ago)
Haahaahaa silver league player attacking master league player
Clay Shimon (4 months ago)
Ok I haven’t maxed my army camps yet but an attack I’ve been using a lot that works really well is 10-15 giants 25 wizards 2 healers (Fill the rest of the space with more of any of those troops) 2 heal spells 1 rage spell Drop all of your giants and your king at a weak point in the enemy base followed with a heal spell where the troops start breaking into the walls After that drop 20 wizards behind the giants then drop the healers when 1-2 of the airdefences are down Then drop the extra troops and spells where your troops need help It works great for me
https://youtu.be/XpOi8OfHlTc you watch my video with 100 percent
king of games (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot these strategies helped me
Martin Kajnar (4 months ago)
I just use barch😂😂
Game Gang (4 months ago)
Damm i see you be grinding on CoC
All About Games (4 months ago)
Agr hogs hai toh wall braker ki kya zarurat hai
pritam 2k18 (4 months ago)
MY Chanel Link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIM6iq8eqgtnhJQgQ5wfllg?disable_polymer=true
cadence villamor (4 months ago)
Hey um...did you mean attacking lvl 7 ths, or a strategy for lvl 7 th attackers?
AIpha - (4 months ago)
I like to use giwiho (giants wiz and hogs) it is cheap and i can 3 star th8s. I use 9 giants 15 hogs 12 wiz 9 barbs 6 arch 4 wbs and 2 minions. Spells: 1 rage and 2 heals. King made a video on it you should check it out
Praised Poison (4 months ago)
A th7 could also use HGHB. If you’re in clan that has bowlers.
Ayush Kumar (4 months ago)
The defender was in champion league with th 7 ? A joke
Dunne. (5 months ago)
1st strat - works well. eco friendly 2nd strat - guaranteed 3 stars on th7 bases but not so eco friendly 3rd strat - hogs can get wiped out easily by giant bombs but healing spell can kinda help
Shayan Ansari (5 months ago)
Subodh Parajuli (5 months ago)
Coc join my clan king of coc
Marc Robledo (5 months ago)
pratheek gaba (5 months ago)
1:12 awesome like who luved it😎😎
Champion getting 3 starred by a silver lol
Naveen Malhotra (5 months ago)
Bro dragon attack army is too expensive with rage i can't afford that please make cheaparmy
AnimeSlayer AnimeSlayer (5 months ago)
At war i use 2 dragons 32 baloons and 3 rages
Ma Basheer (5 months ago)
🤙 Because I loss 🤙
JD Jatin (5 months ago)
Nice bro
Sandeep Verma (5 months ago)
All are cool make th6 attack strategy plzzzzzz
John Mar San Antonio (6 months ago)
Himanshu Shukla5152 (6 months ago)
This Coc is not real mod game
jishan huq (6 months ago)
Now i love barbs,,.... tnx!!!
Maricris Burguite (6 months ago)
What!!!th7 attacker silver 1wtf
Maricris Burguite (6 months ago)
You know I more like the hog,giant,hog,healer,end healer spell
Pranshu Agarwal (6 months ago)
Nice video man! Laloon strategies :- #clashclans
GAYATHRI P M (6 months ago)
It is friendly atak
Monu Singh (6 months ago)
Super attacks bro
Astor mendoza (6 months ago)
do you think that nr 1 works on th8 and th9 i am th7 but i have 1900 trophies?
Sahil Khan (6 months ago)
Defender th 7 is in champions league
Emperor 12 (6 months ago)
Th7 in champions?WTF
Mahiraj 123 (6 months ago)
Sam Sri (6 months ago)
Give me your # code
Alexis Chavez (6 months ago)
are all the bases the same??
Swift Gujjar (6 months ago)
Mast h....
ASHIKH SONU (6 months ago)
Is it impossible??? Look at those trophies of defenders ,iam shocked!!!!😱😱😱
Emperor 12 (6 months ago)
Towsif Gamer 2006 (6 months ago)
Thank you KING.... You helped me a lot to learn the strategy😊😊😊
Myca Anglela Zuniga (6 months ago)
Its is on a person not really in the strategy
Barath Bolt (6 months ago)
Yeah good attack strategy
Harsh 0.1 (6 months ago)
this video is fack in this video U should check opponent league
Harsh 0.1 (6 months ago)
this video is fack in this video U should check opponent league
Arnel Paras (6 months ago)
Thank you! i now get 200k+ loot instead of 150k!! tysm!
hyyyyyy w8 how would Th7 in titan league???
MrGhostChili (6 months ago)
That has got to be the worst master there is. Cool attacks tho.
Silly gamer (7 months ago)
Did it say that we needed actual cc troops?
Towsif Gamer 2006 (7 months ago)
I liked your strategy...
akriti jha (7 months ago)
colin123453 (7 months ago)
Anyone notice that the defender is masters 2
Ultimate Gamer (7 months ago)
Are you in good clan? I wanna join a good donating clan
ALOK KING (7 months ago)
Marbie Gonzales (7 months ago)
Dragons are really good but they cost so much😂 they cost more then the loot I actually get.. so I only use Drag attack in war
Zaia Chongthu (7 months ago)
I want the first balloonion
ahmad aimar456 (7 months ago)
Level 3 barbarian king work?
Damon (7 months ago)
My th7 attack strategy is 15 hogs, 1 dragon, 10 minions, and the rest archers along with 3 healing spells. I’ve won my previous 20 battles using this strategy.
Tanmay Dakhole (7 months ago)
I love u bro what a video bro plz keep it up
Axl Rich Edoloverio (7 months ago)
Wtf? Th7 champion league?
UniGamer HD (7 months ago)
dragon strategy i chouse lithning spell
Silly gamer (7 months ago)
I love this song.. from NCS music so beautiful.. fits right in this video...
ANITA Kukreja (7 months ago)
Song n vdo both were nice..
kura Rowski (7 months ago)
What's cost of the 9 dragons?

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