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The Story of Olofmeister: The Legendary Boostmeister

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Footage Credit: ESL/Turtle Entertainment GmbH, MLG, ELEAGUE, Valve Corp. Despite various setbacks in his career, Olofmeister made the best out of the worst and overcame his obstacles throughout his personal life, and competitive gaming career. With a serious knee injury halting his soccer career at a young age, and health concerns disrupting his CSGO career, Olofmeister has overcome these hurdles and has his eye’s set on regaining his title as best CSGO player in the world. Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (305)
Lord Royce (15 days ago)
Umm no.... Fnatic is not "the most dominant team in cs"....it's NiP
Frawtarius (14 days ago)
If a 5-man in Valve matchmaking gets 88-0, would you call them "the most dominant team in CS"? It's a similar kind of equivalence, though a bit more drastic. No, NiP played during a fuckin' garbage era, and a big part of their 87-0 run was against absolute garbage-ass dumpster-tier early CS:GO teams. Fnatic was more dominant purely by virtue of being dominant in a much more competitive era.
Cyborg 2244 (1 month ago)
Don't u guys think this story was too short they should've made a big video on such a legend olofmeister.
flinny OwO (1 month ago)
do flusha please
Inuk Boassen (1 month ago)
Olof the most lovable Pro player
R6: Siege gamer (1 month ago)
Valve is just stupid and the boost should not be illegal
Kolion Star (1 month ago)
Tbh I didn’t like him that much but his talent is impressive I really like when he did Does iconic moment
Leon Z (1 month ago)
4:05 “Watafaq?” -NiKo 😭👌
Isaiah Philip Olaguer (2 months ago)
Only 4 mins vid for the best player but the others get more than 15 mins? :/
Patrick hiphop (2 months ago)
what a travesty, you do 30 minute videos on people who arent even in his realm but only give him a 4 minute video. Pathetic.
Frawtarius (14 days ago)
Yeah lol, I just came to watch this video after watching Guardian's video, a 23-minute fuckin' movie about his whole career, more or less top to bottom, going through some shit in great detail, and then...Olof gets a 4-minute shit video that just flies over significant events (and literally ANYTHING about how the Fnatic team evolved during their dominant era). For shame. Also, I'm not saying Guardian doesn't deserve a long video, because he absolutely does, but so does Olof and I just had that weird dichotomy because I just came from Guardian's story video.
Borke (2 months ago)
Do flusha
Frince Francis (2 months ago)
Is it me or Olof slightly looks like Lionel Messi.
Supreet Sahu (3 months ago)
Some say the boostmeister was the original 200 IQ play.
Kessler Magat (3 months ago)
Soccer? Whats that?
NotaNeSport (3 months ago)
The boost wasn’t that bad since LDLC also used a pixel walk/boost like Fnatics
Blackbird (3 months ago)
this one felt every incomplete and short, felt rushed and not much effort put into
Andre Kurnia Putra (3 months ago)
Only 4 minutes for olof. Do part 2 please.
Aiden Petrovsky (4 months ago)
who put lgbt in the subtitles LMAO
last mann (4 months ago)
Best player cs go
Armored CSGOplayer (4 months ago)
Really? Aphroomo gets 22min video and olof gets 5min. I'm disapointed
insidiousss (4 months ago)
Pls do a STORY OF HIKO video please lol
Nio (4 months ago)
there is more story's about him.... playing for faze etc u missed a lot
Norman Chow (4 months ago)
Alex Ollins (5 months ago)
u guys r making all other csgo player stories for like 20 mins and making the best player in the world for like 4 mins..... brilliant
Per Kruma (6 months ago)
Tearex (6 months ago)
Can anybody tell me the song that plays after somebody wins on DreamHack?
p col (7 months ago)
Why the hell was this so short
Smalls. Mori (7 months ago)
Olofmeister boostmeister
Landermazing (7 months ago)
He was like dendi 😂 volvo fix your dumb game 😂
Gimme That Rp G2L (7 months ago)
Think what olof meant is that in the history of csgo he is the best player but mechanicslly he isnt
Zero zone (7 months ago)
Wait , but what if olof never had a knee injury when he was a kid???
NerfThis (8 months ago)
Olofmeister = better PewDiePie
Mirić (8 months ago)
if you do not need cases and low tier skins, send me trade. Tnx https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=461543871&token=Q4tiCetx
Nam Phuong (8 months ago)
Tony Thepenguin (8 months ago)
God damn. I knew Fnatic were dominant back in the day, but seeing that chart of all their wins and tournaments, it really hits you how amazing that team really was
cs epic (9 months ago)
whoa google maps
AzeTyler (9 months ago)
too short, why the injustice for kek9meister
MrArbeter (9 months ago)
He use to go in adventures but then he hurt his knee
ZaeL Gaming (9 months ago)
lel left fnatic and join back olof want payback and joined faze lul gg fnatic
Michelle (9 months ago)
Why is he always doing weird boost against ldlc xD
Makaemia I-Lyn (9 months ago)
noice aimlock olof
Rick Sanchez (10 months ago)
Cmon score esports make the story of shroud :(
Astro (10 months ago)
The Greatest Player of all time.
Erika Spencer (10 months ago)
And then, he joined Faze and now they dominate.
Akshay Ajith (11 months ago)
What about the story of the WRC ....fastest player ?
Admiral General Aladeen (11 months ago)
I miss the Fnatic bad boys era :(
E L (11 months ago)
Loser with no skill
Stan Lee (11 months ago)
Gotta go fast
NotMuchGood (1 year ago)
When was olof the best
oooahh jaryl (1 year ago)
can we have a story about shroud
Monk Killedababy (1 year ago)
Soccer? Lol I'm in Canada and we rightly call it Soccére
Sami Samara (1 year ago)
Tyresö! My neighbouring ”county” or kommun
Pølse Mix (1 year ago)
Eddie Chen (1 year ago)
And now Lekr0 is back.
Chu Tang Clan (1 year ago)
Skipped source entirely :D
Six (1 year ago)
Olof is such a lovable guy :D
Chris Hero (1 year ago)
Without Pronax though, they won't be as dominant as they were back in 2014.
JBN Central (1 year ago)
Do kennyS
Z1N (1 year ago)
triggerbot u called legend?
denis maric (1 year ago)
it called football not soccer you toxic americans
Mèo Tôm (1 year ago)
olofmeister im nice csgo
LGB dont u mean LGBT 😝😜😌😌
Byched (1 year ago)
Tari'so Sweden...
tuftipepper (1 year ago)
the best player ever comment if agree
wenksification (1 year ago)
he sounds like black from dota 2 lol
Fat Cat (9 months ago)
wenksification o
Sunny Disposition (1 year ago)
0:50 Doplan looks like a crazy person Olof looks like he's really confused Twist looks like he doesn't give a shit Krimz is a lightbulb Dennis is normal
Levi B. (1 year ago)
I wish The History of Shroud <3
Khoanamy Salami (1 year ago)
Can we see one for Hiko, Stewie (or Autimatic), Flusha, Get_Right, or Dupreeh?
Sly 19 (1 year ago)
who's that family guy looking dude?
Snowaey plz (1 year ago)
"most dominant team to ever play cs" NiP 87-0 never forget<3
Blackbird (3 months ago)
87-0 against irrelevant shit teams
Joshua Munji (5 months ago)
Yes, but they lack un titles. Though the NIP run was truly dominant
Chan Hx (6 months ago)
Aditya Mohan true
Admiral General Aladeen (11 months ago)
nip got that unbeaten run because the scene wasnt as hard to how it is today. how is nip doing now? top kek
Aditya Mohan (1 year ago)
They started the game right off the bat, when it launched, its an impressive feat, but the level of competition wasnt even close to we have now
natan natanael (1 year ago)
his quote about the best player and quote from pasha when they play mm, "the best player 2015" hahaha
JoiyGaming (1 year ago)
this would be perfect with lose yourself
AKiRA NGU (1 year ago)
Tyreso? LMFAO. Tyresö haha
Michel de berg (1 year ago)
olofmeister is a amazing player, sadly without flusha cheating they woudl have lost many game, as you can see after the witch hunt, he never won as much as they did before.
MrSynchh (1 year ago)
But has he played Counter Stirk?
Elijah Gonzalez (1 year ago)
where's faker?
Justin Norman (1 year ago)
Boost shouldn't have been illegal. It's not their fault that valve doesn't know how to make a map
Mastershooter 63 (1 month ago)
Lol its not illegal it was a few years ago but now its not on that same match the other team also did a boost that was considered illigal a few years ago thats why there was a rematch
Cyborg 2244 (1 month ago)
valve doesn't make maps it just buys them from Mappers. like FMPONE /v0lt Also don't u think this story was too short they should've made a big video on such a legend olofmeister.
LeViK (1 year ago)
I want to meet Olof so bad just to high five him and talk to him a bit :D
krydragon (1 year ago)
is it just me or does olafmeister look like leonel messi with the beard
Aslan Blizzard (1 year ago)
No he didnt play soccer. Maybe football but no soccer
Beats by Logic Levls (1 year ago)
Lag Swag (1 year ago)
fuck all French players, cry about a boost, LDlc/g2/envy fuck them all!
Olofmeister is NO MATCH to SNAX, niko, s1mple, gla1ve or even flamie. Best player? You got be kidding me
Nikk (1 year ago)
whoooo autosniper master no1
Mr Robot (1 year ago)
30 FPS = Dislike
Allo (1 year ago)
You sound like falcon from Gameranx 👍🏻
Geo (1 year ago)
i didn't want this video to end :'(
why do Mexicans always have to ruin any videos that say soccer in it (kys honestly)
Leon TicklePickle (1 year ago)
EvoBurger (1 year ago)
Kebabking (1 year ago)
i think F0rest is better:-)
Wumpus (1 year ago)
Is this the guy from gameranx?
Shane Boi (1 year ago)
Why someone of people thinks olof uses cheats
Sarthak Rohilla (1 year ago)
Meanwhile Snax shouting - "where is my double cheeze burger sandwich !"
floockde (1 year ago)
What's wrong with him saying Soccer? He's America, is that wrong?
A Random Celtics Fan (9 months ago)
Alessandro Marino the brits, not Europeans as a whole, hate it when other Europeans claim something that they had nothing to do with just because they're located the same continent. Either way, soccer is a term invented in the UK
PokiYin (1 year ago)
floockde he's american*
PokiYin (1 year ago)
Alessandro Marino fotball was invented by china and developed in UK... Get your facts right
floockde (1 year ago)
That's like saying you're not allowed to say color and must always say colour....
Alessandro Marino (1 year ago)
floockde football had been invented by Europeans so the right word to describe it should be how Europeans call it: no other than football. it's like we Europeans would call basketball flyball.
Mystical (1 year ago)
In an alternate world, Olof didn't injure his knee and became a pro soccer player instead of Csgo...
Zero zone (7 months ago)
Mystical and ronaldo got the knee injury for a year when he was a kid instead , and becomes the alternative olof in cs lmao
Astro (9 months ago)
Playing with Zlatan.
TryZoid (9 months ago)
xFmJ _CLAN olof ronaldo Ronaldo meister
Gurke n (1 year ago)
POPIES maybe he would be "ronaldo" and ronaldo would be "olof"
POPIES (1 year ago)
lol that would be sad, cuz he is a god in cs :)
Aderall (1 year ago)
Guys Olofmeister is power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeko 728 (1 year ago)
Boostmeister Tec9meister Olofmeister. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yung doggo (4 months ago)
hotel trivago
Sondus Hussein (5 months ago)
Fa Ze Lennymeister.
TryZoid (5 months ago)
Fa Ze fazemeister
[SWaRM] Nextracer1 (8 months ago)
Li Ryan Sze Han (1 year ago)
Добрый денек. Супер видео!!! Мне весьма понравилось;) Заходите к нам в гости у нас весьма немало увлекательных видео, вам приглянуться, надеюсь будем приятельствовать в будущем:)
PheonixLynx (1 year ago)
I cringe every time i hear him say soccer xD

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