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The Music of Cuphead: Recording High Seas Hi-jinx!

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A behind-the-scenes look at a big band recording session for Cuphead. Music composed by Kristofer Maddigan. Produced and Edited by Peter Strauss. --- Cuphead 4xLP Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack: https://store.iam8bit.com/products/cuphead-4xlp-deluxe-vinyl-soundtrack
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Text Comments (2008)
Grim Matchstick (9 minutes ago)
W-w-wow! This was amazing!
Z0mbi3S1ay3r101 (16 hours ago)
Sax anyone? Alto?
Hello, Is the arrangement score available somewhere ?
Jorge Liceaga (2 days ago)
Who noticed that the clips are in the beta version?
Floof demon (3 days ago)
This game is so goddamn awesome. It needs an award.
veronica eve (3 days ago)
Such expressive instrumentation, a MUST for human experience 💋💖🎶
Birds they ok (5 days ago)
Even though I cant beat it I loved playing!
TheUnpped Snow (5 days ago)
Cala maria likes this :v
Antonio Bonham (6 days ago)
Wonder if they have this type music at other places
Dohn Joe (2 days ago)
Antonio Bonham It's called Big Band. It was popular over half a century ago, and you might still be able to find bands near you if you look around. other than that, here's a station that archives this stuff and more. http://www.the1920snetwork.com
Katherine Gunning (6 days ago)
Sour-Cream (from Steven Universe): I can totally rave to this! *totally raves 2 this* me: PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN THESE GAMES ARE ALLOWED ON MAC APPLE OR ANDROID! PLLLEEEEEEEEASE!! :3 :3
Bradley Witt (8 days ago)
Roody Tooty (8 days ago)
whats that "buaaaa" noise called that you hear at 1:19
Julian Gonzalez (8 days ago)
do botanic panic
: p (9 days ago)
Paladino Esparatza (9 days ago)
Sr Nibb (9 days ago)
Also this I the unused one
Sr Nibb (9 days ago)
I find it funny they still used the old goopy stage
linck gelv (9 days ago)
can make a video with a track recording a murine corps
Vuqar Style (11 days ago)
1:05 My favorite part
Nigger Faggot (13 days ago)
Jazz is not death yet
I am Randy Butternubs (14 days ago)
This shit gets me jazzed. Literally
Luke Rosato (14 days ago)
Can I have the trumpet sheet music?
mr juures (18 days ago)
StudioMDHR, what drums drummer use?
SquidKrish (20 days ago)
Yes lads
trapel games (21 days ago)
Thanks studio MDHR for cubhead l am Ahmed from Eagpt
trapel games (21 days ago)
Kanked sto
Extra virgin Olive oil (26 days ago)
Dislikes qre probably the one who still didnt finish cuphead
Torinado X (26 days ago)
Can you please upload the recording of how you made the RailRoad Wrath music pleassseeeee?????!!!!! If u even have it.
The Pillar_28 (27 days ago)
"Holy Mackerel!"
1 23 최이삭 (28 days ago)
1:36 I think this is unused skill or weapon
1 23 최이삭 (25 days ago)
JulianPL oh, I see
JulianPL (25 days ago)
its power up for bombs. just different texture.
_PULAzta79_ :v (28 days ago)
Cool Music fantástica cancion
DopeCloudy (29 days ago)
00:24 jesus that bari is so fucking good
Mix Up (30 days ago)
Great the song of the most bae character in the game I love this song it's beautiful
Dylan Hodge (30 days ago)
more please!
margareth michelina (1 month ago)
Is this Cala Maria's soundtrack?
yeralx leon (1 month ago)
In love you jazz
LegoBot (1 month ago)
Al menos a nadie ya no le importa a la sirena esa xd
Raffy Arceo (1 month ago)
at 2:00 it sounds like your in mexico
SingSong (1 month ago)
All 51 (or 57) songs are available for about 18 dollars on amazon... it should be more.
SingSong (1 month ago)
These people deserve praise after all the hard work they put into this game. Years worth.
Gavin Lane (1 month ago)
I wonder why they decided not to use this recording of the song in the actual game.
Diego Cayetano Palma (1 month ago)
cuphead 2??
Leila Cruz (1 month ago)
Ahhhh I LOVE THIS I'm in band so that's why I'm excited
Telemon Official (1 month ago)
Now THAT'S what I call the real dedication in game-production buisness 👍👌👏👏👏
Telemon Official (1 month ago)
Imagine Bendy and the Ink Machine with music like this XD
Bryce Ostrander (1 month ago)
I want up head for Nintendo switch
Arturidot (1 month ago)
People say undertale music is good, when all you gotta do is search through youtube and you'll probably find a better one in seconds.
Gen tyan (1 month ago)
JRBEXPシ (1 month ago)
High seas hi jinx is my favorite level
Mango (1 month ago)
That Bari sax makes me cream every time
Carlos Galeano (1 month ago)
2:28 Squidward will be proud
Alex Cullinan (1 month ago)
Wish this didn't have the irrelevant gameplay montages. Would just love an interview with the composer.
Jenna Agro (1 month ago)
I wish there was actual published music for the whole entire soundtrack!
Maria Lozano (1 month ago)
10/10 for cuphead
Martin Villa (1 month ago)
Quiero. Más. Jefes
Oscar N (1 month ago)
Just started playing the Saxophone. Fingers crossed.
Epic florda (1 month ago)
this crap cuphead and mugman and thats stupid mermaid very weird
LegoBot (1 month ago)
Antropormorphic creatures
ZeroDarknezz (1 month ago)
karl pura gtfo and kys
Alegamer 290 (1 month ago)
This is art
BIG MAC (1 month ago)
Clarinet solo sounds great I also play the clarinet but it's hard for me to play in swing
SmithPlayz Games (1 month ago)
Omg the tenors sounds amazing
Tajtiana Lauvao-Araia (1 month ago)
Fred Patrick (1 month ago)
Thats PURE artistic art.
Cagney Carnation (1 month ago)
Prrrety good
Rogelio López Pacheco (2 months ago)
Guao is Amazing
0:58 Hilda Berg but apply 2x speed XD
John-Paul Garzon (2 months ago)
after searching forever, I finally discovered the sheet music from the beginning is One Hell of a Time
MAMA TENGO AMBRE (2 months ago)
Master piece 👌👍
slithery slither (2 months ago)
Props to that sax solo 👏👏👏
No wonder this won the BAFTA for best music in a game! 100% deserved
Mr Prezz Prezz (2 months ago)
All of my friends hated this music, now I have no friends and I’m happy
Hyacinth Versoza (2 months ago)
make baroness
Oscar Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Cala maria
jaime martinez (2 months ago)
Pause at 0:57 oh a old screen
Parteek Sidhu (2 months ago)
Kristofer Maddigan is a great composer.
Nightbreaker Junior (2 months ago)
dev (2 months ago)
trumpet or saxophone ??
Melike (2 months ago)
Luife_8 El Ruso (2 months ago)
what is this type of jazz
CupBruddah GP's (2 months ago)
Literally and mathematically. It has the mid of views than the Floral Fury one.
Teri K (2 months ago)
Cala Maria would be so proud!
Vitor Souza (2 months ago)
Which instrument is it 1:19?
ricarleite (2 months ago)
Not quite my tempo.
Cash Milburn (2 months ago)
Cash Milburn (2 months ago)
Diego Argentino Roca (2 months ago)
These haters should be banned
Joaquin Lopez Nieto (2 months ago)
Saquen cupheax 2
Joneszilla Jr (2 months ago)
Super Mario 3d World Vibes
S L U Fox (2 months ago)
MDHR how young did it take for you to make cuphead?
Circus Mess (2 months ago)
😭👍 bravo
Lin-Chan the Kitty (2 months ago)
I want to be profesional gamedesigner like u
Duck (2 months ago)
Derppy Perp (2 months ago)
Best song ever😋
Zanar Two (2 months ago)
i like this version better than the final version
C R Gaming (2 months ago)
i wish we could’ve seen a recording for dramatic fanatic because there’s tap in that song and i wanna see how the tap was done
Maria. Martinez (2 months ago)
Five Nights at Martin's (2 months ago)
My favourite song from the cuphead is the: Wally Warbles in Airvays action! :D
Sage Lemmers (2 months ago)
Gawdamn I want to buy this whole band a round, hope they get the attention they deserve for SLAYING this soundtrack. I finally dusted off my saxophone after a good six years of mouldering to play along!
Tobias Tauzy (2 months ago)
Is fantastict0

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