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The Most ICONIC Moments in EVO History (FGC)

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EVO - the Mecca of the Fighting Game Community. A tournament series so legendary, just saying its name conjures up images of glorious victory, crushing defeat and, of course, the highest levels of hype. With EVO 2017 now behind us, we thought it was only fitting to look back at the tournament’s illustrious fifteen year history and relive some of its most unforgettable stories. These are the most iconic moments in EVO history. Justin Reclaims the Throne - 0:46 Shirtless Combat - 6:34 Alex Valle, Legend - 9:20 The Reset - 12:42 Infiltration Brings Out the Oil - 18:45 What Are You Standing Up For? - 22:45 A Wild Pikachu Appeared - 25:05 The Ears Come Off - 28:19 EVO Moment 37 - 34:53 Written by: Nic Doucet (@NicDoucet) Edited by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett) & Sean Meiliunas (@Dyna_Sean) Article by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) https://www.thescoreesports.com/smash/news/14795-the-most-iconic-evo-moments Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Footage, Image and Audio Credits: NOTE: All footage from EVO events throughout this video are courtesy of EVO (Evolution Championship Series). Additional footage cited below in order of appearance. "Justin Reclaims the Throne" Justin Wong vs. Chris G (East Coast Throwdown V, Loser’s Final - 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft2ooIUmNkY Courtesy: Team Spooky Justin Wong vs. Filipino Champ (Capcom Cup 2013, Loser’s Bracket) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KupKWu6Z-Zs Courtesy: Capcom Fighters Image of ChrisG https://karaface.smugmug.com/ Courtesy: Kara Leung Justin Wong vs. Chris G UMvC3 - UFGT10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtCvliVMWxs Courtesy: Keits EVO 2013 Crowd Audio from Justin Wong vs. ChrisG GF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKp5fwOZ-f4 Courtesy: MetalMusicMan Twitter: @MetalMusicMan04 "Shirtless Combat" Poongko vs. Fuudo @ South East Asia Major Qualifier 2015 https://youtu.be/4Cp1b_5kq8U Courtesy: Capcom Fighters Poongko vs. Pepeday @ 2014 Canada Cup (Grand Finals) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5TZZzpvHC0 Courtesy: Twitch.tv/Canada Cup "Alex Valle, Legend" Daigo vs. Valle (1998) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPzqod70Q4M Courtesy: TV Tokyo Uploaded by Guoguodi Alex Valle announces Project Blocks http://iplaywinner.com/news/2010/2/2/project-blocks-revealed-levelup-alex-valle-directs-new-tourn.html Courtesy: iplaywinner.com Image of Alex Valle https://capcomprotour.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/valle-1.jpg Courtesy: Capcom Pro Tours "The Reset" APEX 2013 SSBM W6 Armada VS Hungrybox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0osuNxURlzE Courtesy: APEX "Infiltration Brings Out the Oil" PR Balrog - Infiltration - Hakan Hype - Evo 2013 SSF4AE 2012 https://www.youtube.com/metalmusicman04 Courtesy: MetalMusicMan Twitter: @MetalMusicMan04 "What Are You Standing Up For?" Ricki Ortiz vs. Wolfkrone @ Road to EVO 2014, Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ksmyk... Courtesy: LevelUpLive Shoryuken Article http://shoryuken.com/2015/12/28/evo-2015-guilty-gear-finalist-woshige-working-as-street-fighter-v-battle-planner/ "A Wild Pikachu Appeared" Axe vs. PewPewU [Kings of Cali 3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofTz4L_QUwY Courtesy: VGBootcamp "The Ears Come Off" Mortal Kombat X ESL Season 1, 2 & 3 Grand Finals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0E5Wi1eoS0 Courtesy: ESL Sonic Fox @ EVO- Furious Furry - PLAYER ONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlyKXhJ4oe0 Courtesy: Dot Esports Summer Jam 9 - Mortal Kombat X - cR Sonic Fox vs RZR Perfect Legend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2i--tikO9w Courtesy: Big E Gaming "EVO Moment 37" Daigo vs Valle (1998) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPzqod70Q4M Source: TV Tokyo Raoh vs. Justin Wong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGTYdbe_yOo Courtesy: @SethKillian Daigo vs. Justin Wong Courtesy: Super Arcade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nC2D6sOrbg Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (2529)
"marker" (18 hours ago)
throw off the name of the music 7:24 PLSSS
aciarduce (2 days ago)
"Competitive Gamer Counts His Chickens Before They Hatch; Chickens Die" I DIED! ^,^
0sumashi (3 days ago)
The Pikachu moment almost made me burst into tears
Bashar Youness (4 days ago)
what an amazing video to watch
jasmine Torres (4 days ago)
finally a narrator that doesn’t sound like he’s about to kill himself lol
Y Mun (4 days ago)
Loved the video
Michael (5 days ago)
23:30 typical nerd ... "I'm proud of myself because I won!" *cough cough*
Look at these unshowered basement dwellers lmfao
domonchief (5 days ago)
Did anyone else tear up a bit at Valle?
TheDakine56 (6 days ago)
I'm.....not... crying.
Franz Frand (6 days ago)
Fucking god, I'm not into fighting games but that last one was ridiculous.
Nathan Alexandre (7 days ago)
Came here for iconic moments.......none of these jaw dropped me sadly and I almost fell asleep.
Its Ya Bear (7 days ago)
Its Ya Bear (7 days ago)
This event beats any physical sport's hype level ever
Edgard Neto (7 days ago)
IMO Evo moment #37 is the best!!!
Cubic Man (7 days ago)
05:25 And that was all the cardio he did that week
Martin Sawyer (7 days ago)
Equalize the freacking sound, man. Voice too low and EVO hosts aren´t.
Liixz (7 days ago)
What is Armada reaching for in his pocket every single time he wins or dies??
cow milk (1 day ago)
handwarmer boi
Olivier Echaiz (7 days ago)
wich are the four fathers of the FGC?
VideoGamesPlaya (8 days ago)
Was that Jason Paradise at 0:25?
Andrei Sarevok (8 days ago)
What about Tekken?
sonicteam2k1 (8 days ago)
Where is Sleep's Kan Ra comeback against MyGod?
rayneoftera (8 days ago)
As if we all didn't know what was gonna be the number one video!? Haha! Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiigooooooooooooooooooooo!
KG7hirteen 3800 (9 days ago)
I think I wanna join the FGC now.
AtomicDeath48 (9 days ago)
29:42 That voice crack haha.
Sanji Kuroashi (9 days ago)
Sanji Kuroashi (9 days ago)
OBVIOUSLY evo moment 37 will be the god of evo moments in evo history
BEST combos (9 days ago)
i hope you enjoy fighting games in my channel thanks
Sanji Kuroashi (9 days ago)
sonic fox vs tekken master = the match of the century...no other match will get your ass on your chair like this.
JP (9 days ago)
"woshige can't count" was the best
Firestar Studios (10 days ago)
This video makes glad to be apart of the fgc but I'm terrified to go to evo for the first time next year XD
Yorram Bartholomeeusen (10 days ago)
i always begin to cry when i see hbox crying.
joemreyes (10 days ago)
You may not like it, but Justin is what peak performance looks like.
war weeny (10 days ago)
sonic drops the hat - the other guy; *chuckle, i'm in danger*
J C (10 days ago)
Playing jigglypuff just straight disappointment
Yeahmees (11 days ago)
apparently, infiltration is a piece of shit that beats his wife.
Nimbus Recanto (12 days ago)
🤔No Tekken clips? That's right, Tekken isn't in the casual category☠️ Still a dope video🤘👍
Wayne.C (12 days ago)
5:26 was he going for the soccer slide after a goal? hahahaha
Max Power Kefla (12 days ago)
Justin Dong
Tekkenrulz (13 days ago)
Lol 0 Tekken...nothing but a bunch of 2d fighters. Cool, I guess 🙄
Tekkenrulz (4 days ago)
Rasuke11 said the scrub.
Rasuke11 (6 days ago)
Tekkenrulz Tekken trash
NeKKKK (13 days ago)
I was hoping to see the moment Tron Bonne took down Dark Phoenix in there!
KILLzone_565 (13 days ago)
Axe out here representing AZ.
Jason9811 (14 days ago)
God I fucking love underrated characters, shit like that makes me love telling the doubters even the weakest can win.
Torbero (14 days ago)
Woshige being apart of SFV would explain why it's so garbage...
carlosdiaz66 (14 days ago)
Thanh Tùng Nguyễn (15 days ago)
Without the miraculous victory of Galileo?
Steezy McCleansey (15 days ago)
poor guy (the first one), he is sad now that he lost his KFC sponsor after that lose
Gray Au (16 days ago)
I really hope fighters kill casual games, but they won't also smash is trash compared to a real fighter, it's more fps-like in that it takes reaction times where in a fighter the pros memorize thousands of combos
Brolic (12 days ago)
Thousands? Lmfao they play 1-2 characters and smash players have spent thousands of hours getting frame data by themselves in early2000s fk outta here ignorant boy
Eff (16 days ago)
“For the autist community..” I fixed it for you
Professional Googler (16 days ago)
what the heck is evo?
Gaming Dreamer (16 days ago)
Whoever the video editor of this video, that was great job making this , it great editing :)
Jin Furukawa (16 days ago)
Masterpiece. That daigo party was awesome
Ryan Williams (17 days ago)
That 15 hit parry though
DickinaBox (17 days ago)
37 minutes 🤔🤔🤔
Kelly Pagano (18 days ago)
I love this stuff. I have never seen so little muscle on two men in my life though. Lol
K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ (18 days ago)
i guess you could say smash 4 evo 2018 is another iconic moment lololol
Xalpha23 (18 days ago)
SonicFox taking his hat off was like LeBron playing without his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals when his team was down big in the 4th Quarter. The rest is history for both of these legends.
nazraelius (18 days ago)
man I really wanna know the soundtrack for this
Eric Frock (18 days ago)
I find it laughable that they bring those ridiculous controllers. Why don't they just use the actual arcade machines? 5:26..... LOL
DzekoVelez (10 days ago)
it's because arcade machines are very difficult to move around and organize a thousand man tourney around...not to mention alot of the newer games aren't even made in aracdes anymore...
Eric Frock (10 days ago)
+my mom The joystick is a small of the controller. I mean the whole contraption.
my mom (11 days ago)
You mean the joysticks?
K Libby (18 days ago)
Not EVO but my personal favorite FGC moment... Tekken 7 world tour grand finals Qudans vs Saint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPfNduw_wes
matheus ozaine (19 days ago)
Do not compare mekkah to this.. These are two very different things and you should respect what's sacred
Jackson SHANG (19 days ago)
i felt the ground shake when sonic took his hat off and i live in australia
Jackson SHANG (19 days ago)
*is it a bird? is it a plane? NO it's sonic fox's hat* LMAOoooo
carlos milla (19 days ago)
We need a second part :v
gahangore111 (19 days ago)
Where's DSP's 4th place in 2005??
Jon Baird (19 days ago)
Its really sad that so many people have so little to contribute to society.
Lakshay Jindal (20 days ago)
Knee defeating JDCR... Dont know if it was evo. But my favourite player lost :( at my favourite game :(
h (20 days ago)
27:45 i see what you did there,
Evan Cruz (20 days ago)
HAHA! Leave it to a video game contest where the former champ retakes glory and trips on stage during celebration and the commentator’s voice breaks on celebrating said glory. HAHAHA!! Around 5:25
DealWithITBoI 101 (21 days ago)
I died when hè picked hakkan
Marc E (21 days ago)
I don't play any of these games, Amazing video. Watched all of it. It's almost like a movie haha. Very well made.
f1r3 hunt3rz (21 days ago)
Kachi Daze in EVO moments
Telo Finau (21 days ago)
Awesome video bro
dari_ m (22 days ago)
18:12 the face you make when you lose to jigglypuff
Seung Lin (23 days ago)
31:59 SonicFox: "I did not expect to be pushed this far... but it seems that I have to use it." - Takes off hat - SonicFox whispers: "Bankai." - Picks Acidic Alien -
The new entry to this list should be lil majins run in evo 2018
Ramen Boodles (23 days ago)
Question: so Hakan is low tier yet he’s hard to counter? I don’t really know anything about tiers so I need an explanation.
Ramen Boodles (12 days ago)
So it’s harder for Balrog to counter Hakan, but Hakan isn’t good against most other fighters.
dork_rex (12 days ago)
He's bad vs. the majority of the cast but against Balrog (who has to jump a lot to get in and has no projectile) Hakan is weirdly very strong just because of his usually very bad/niche moveset
isso foi show de assistir !!!
Kobecamilo (25 days ago)
And you guys think that tokido was the only akuma god Justin is d0p3
MaQuGo119 (25 days ago)
Is sonicFox a furfag?
Brolic (12 days ago)
MaQuGo119 indeed
MaQuGo119 (25 days ago)
Lil Conker (26 days ago)
Sonicfox switching to alien was one of the most disgusting and dirty moves in the history of fighting games
KonohaRamenNoodles (27 days ago)
Already knew what was gonna be number 1
MilkMyShake PLZ (28 days ago)
Ganon Tice (29 days ago)
mohammad bhakti (1 month ago)
The last one is always memorable in E-Sport history
notcoldfridge (1 month ago)
Valle was like a Rocky story
Bryson the Mad Pencil (1 month ago)
Shirtless combat is amazing
colonforsecs (1 month ago)
Smash doesn't belong in EVO.
Siya Cele (1 month ago)
That Hugo gave me goosebumps
TheGStick (1 month ago)
So much cringe
Strike (1 month ago)
HBox has fans?
NoBigDeal (1 month ago)
The moment he brought out Hakan
jason licaycay (1 month ago)
Riolu (1 month ago)
Why do the mkx players exit the game when they win skipping the "finish him" thing
S4lami_gr GAMES (1 month ago)
i could never wrap my head around smash bros!tekken?hell yeah,street fighter?!even more so!but smash bros?!nah man
Chill OUT Zone! (1 month ago)
Looks epic. Im not to good at fighting games but I love them.
NEM UAE (1 month ago)
7:53 "Unnecessary Pepperonis" - Aris, dang laughed my ass off
Aspiratixns (1 month ago)
Stephen King (1 month ago)
The Barrel Roll of Celebration 6:29

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