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New ULTRA RARE Star Pattern? (CS:GO Glock Moonrise)

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Text Comments (17403)
Serb (6 hours ago)
Yo get on the bot.
Official PetrioT (1 day ago)
Rip McSkillet
iamwubb (2 days ago)
I like how people are just disrespecting McSkillets, and it's sad. He didn't have any intention to do so. Rip McSkillets. You deserve this Rest.
Kills 2 people: TERRORISTS WIN
Pootis (3 days ago)
HE was a good guy, but taking 2 lifes for his own is a dick move man
Handsoap (3 days ago)
i mean, i know he died months ago. but good riddance anyway.
Xantteboy (3 days ago)
Mcskillet needs to rot in hell
M. (4 days ago)
Yep I still want those knives but... Nah fuck you!
pleasechange myname (5 days ago)
Comment section is disgusting.
TheOne Halcyon (5 days ago)
he does not deserve sympathy! he purposely tried to kill other people when he commit suicide!
SCW_Nordic (7 days ago)
Rip the 2 people
Seán Kemp (8 days ago)
That glock has a rare pattern, but you had a rare ass car but you kamikazed that bitch.
kinezo1961 (10 days ago)
Dr Clef. O5-7 (10 days ago)
bySeason (10 days ago)
If someone wants a glock-18 moonrise st mw, add me on steam: Vanisher
Na Na (11 days ago)
Murderous twit killed a woman and her child.
CraftFisch132 XD (11 days ago)
2:33 thats what he said
FragZ (11 days ago)
it doesn't help a shit to write in the chat the man is DEAD!!!!!
Emmanuel Hernandez (12 days ago)
Ariezo 123 (12 days ago)
moonrise probably the last thing the daughter and mother saw
Ian Augarsk (13 days ago)
It's not his fault he was born with mental issues
Gappie Al Kebabi (12 days ago)
Ian Augarsk (13 days ago)
I don't even know I got bored but you should rot in hell
Ian Augarsk (13 days ago)
Wow messed up
Ian Augarsk (13 days ago)
rusty HUNTER (14 days ago)
R u gay
RIP McSkillet best person
Alex Draws21 (14 days ago)
Your car pretty op it can kill two people but can they fix it so it dosent kill yourself to
ZL fox (15 days ago)
fuck u for killing 2 innocent people
gaminglife4304 (15 days ago)
Xl- man (15 days ago)
IcedOutBoy (15 days ago)
Burn in hell you murder
Ninjas Hyper (16 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet and the mom and daughter well you lost over depression sad
IcedOutBoy (15 days ago)
ih (16 days ago)
Kicked McSkillet. Reason: Commiting suicide too many times.
otto honak (16 days ago)
Are the winners announced yet?
Punch A Brick (17 days ago)
Youtubers will go thru alot for views
Eric Dillhole (17 days ago)
Man I hate his fucking douchebag, I wish he would just get in a car crash and die.
NoobNamedYoup (17 days ago)
Stop hating. Theres 0 proof he killed
Vice Lords (17 days ago)
Jeremiah Jerkku (18 days ago)
OFTheRayoo nerome (18 days ago)
You are dead
Michael Lawn (17 days ago)
No you are mistaken, i am alive but on the other side.
Bryce Hayashi (18 days ago)
Dude. Your supposed to a play csgo for us not GTA
Josh Dö (18 days ago)
R.I.P all 3 people how died in the accident.
imagine wagons (18 days ago)
guess you could say his car is battle scarred
Adenhotdog (18 days ago)
Rip to mcskillet and the two people who he killed
Marius Catalin (18 days ago)
i hope he died slowly enjoy the permaban and cheater full server
Michael Lawn (17 days ago)
There is no such thing as hell.
Marius Catalin (18 days ago)
in hell?
Michael Lawn (18 days ago)
No i died instantly. It's great here in the afterlife.
DAVIDAK (19 days ago)
Supergosciu32 (19 days ago)
u are ded (not big soup rice)
Sasse (19 days ago)
Mcskillet has been left from the server (disconnected by user)
DevFin (18 days ago)
Not funny
C0NQU3ST (19 days ago)
*Insert When I See You Again*
battqveloc (19 days ago)
After a long day of hardwork, mcskillet drove a mclaren like a mcasshole on the mchighway then apparently he crashed into an innocent car and he is mckilled, his body turned into mcdestroyed what a sad day for him such a mclul
Cameron Brady (19 days ago)
RIH (Rot In Hell)
TomekakaMadafak .a (19 days ago)
R▪I▪P For you ♡♡♡
Sriram Subramanian (19 days ago)
Go to hell
Tuning Derbi (19 days ago)
If you really have so bad life that you are going to kill yourself, never take anyones life with you.
DeadHaunt (19 days ago)
Rip mcskillet
The Super Cats (19 days ago)
she is dead….
Le Doge Gaming (19 days ago)
rip the two people u murdered :)))))))
nerdragexx (20 days ago)
Rip. An 12 kid and a mother crashed at this sane person and killed him. Rip
Step4ik Tv (20 days ago)
Покойся с миром
fortbibeln 2.0 (20 days ago)
You is deade
Michael Lawn (19 days ago)
I feel very much alive.
PURGE-SZN (20 days ago)
Fuck this guy
This Is So Sad (20 days ago)
-rep bad teammate tked twice then left the game himself
Cesar Jimenez (20 days ago)
*Hey what’s up guys McKillet here*
martin (20 days ago)
hope he’s enjoying rotting in hell for killing innocents
Michael Lawn (19 days ago)
No hell here, it's actually very nice here and very peaceful.
E3 Herb (20 days ago)
rest in peace
ОрешеК (20 days ago)
Napin (20 days ago)
I wonder if the winner will get there skins
ItsmeSmile (21 days ago)
i have depression and i've felt suicidal but if i want to kill myself ill do it alone in a room and will not kill innocent lives
Jesús CobiánArreola (3 days ago)
hey! donjon kill yourself. if you want to talk you can talk to me. don't worry about anything, but in all things pray to God your Lord! He loves you and desires to be with you forever!
Barel Maker (13 days ago)
instead of talking about the guy can we instead get this person some help
Timoxa (19 days ago)
+Antonio LaPorte He drove through a school and then drove 100mph on the wrong side of the road. He did it intentionally. RIP to the mother and a daughter he murdered.
Antonio LaPorte (20 days ago)
ItsmeSmile I don’t think he meant to do it.
ItsmeSmile (21 days ago)
i heard you got VAC banned in real life
Bboy Quest 9 (21 days ago)
GoFundMe for the victims https://www.gofundme.com/aryana-amp-aileen-memorial-fund oh and check me out while your at it. www.YouTube.com/bboyquest9
Xbox Gaming (21 days ago)
I could care less about you, You killed 2 innocent people.
Lux (21 days ago)
he got a real-life vac ban...
Amiigo GamesHD (21 days ago)
Dakota Rogers (21 days ago)
Fuck u prick! You cold blooded liberal murderer! You killed a Mom and Daughter, why? If you hated your pathetic existence, you could have chosen to drive into a tree.....But instead you burned 2 innocent people to death alive......So to you and anybody who still kisses you stinking burned rotting corpse, fuck you SkilletCunt and your loser cultish bum fucks!
Daniel Brown (21 days ago)
Yeah he is reading that
bapefit (21 days ago)
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 r.i.p skin god
Odess (21 days ago)
DOUBLE KILLLLLL😂 god man if you can kill yourself why take mans with you 😞
Emilis Alysas (21 days ago)
Rest in piece mcskillet i will always remember you in my heart event though you took 2 more innocent lives with you i still love you :(
Boots (21 days ago)
It doesn’t fucking matter what he did he might be a shitty person but he’s dead now is it really necessary to pick fun at his death imagine you knew someone that dies and happened to kill someone and looking in there comments and seeing people make fun of him when he’s dead, do what y’all want it’s just really really fucked up
Curgle Bingdahl (21 days ago)
Why is everyone so fucking disrespectful
Manny Fernandez (21 days ago)
Fuck this Puto
Tacet ErroR (21 days ago)
To everyone saying he is a murderer etc you're the one who deserves to rot in hell. He had mental health problems and He clearly didn't intend to kill the people inside the car with him. it was a car accident. the fuck is wrong with you all. Pay some FUCKING RESPECT.
Weebing (20 days ago)
It said it on DramaAlert. He had a family feud, crashed into an elementary school, and then into a car in the wrong lane.
Tacet ErroR (20 days ago)
and where did you get this info from? I see nothing related to a school.
Weebing (21 days ago)
+Tacet ErroR he firstly crashed into a school and then went off on suicide on the highway.
Tacet ErroR (21 days ago)
He didn't crash into a school...? It was on a highway?
Weebing (21 days ago)
He clearly didnt intend to kill people by crashing into a school and going 100mph in the wrong lane.
YungFinesser (21 days ago)
Kerry Berry (21 days ago)
How do you guys know he killed himself and didn't just get into a car accident?
RickyG Killa (21 days ago)
Rest in piss
ಠمحمدಠ (21 days ago)
RickyG Killa fo real
ABDULLAH MUHIT (21 days ago)
Guys he’s dead stop back biting keep your ill feelings to yourself although hearing his voice gives me shivers because he’s dead rip you and your family just one thing he will have no descendants
Comedy Central Jr. (21 days ago)
Screw u mckskillet. You took innocent lives. You deserve to burn
Timmy Dark (21 days ago)
⭐️ Stat Trak Mclaren 3 confirmed kills
SFG (21 days ago)
If i see a vlog im snitching because you got a phone in hell smh im telling god
Rockstarz (21 days ago)
SI_Anonymous Gaming (21 days ago)
Nick Correia (21 days ago)
Sorry you had to go. You will be missed. (Lets be real for a sec... We are all living our lives to an inevitable death at the end anyways. Are we not?) Rest in peace brutha.
Nate Doge (21 days ago)
I Like Fish (21 days ago)
550k views Bruh just burn in hell
Darkshadow 111303 (21 days ago)
Guys, you people don't know what mental health is clearly. He had issues, he didn't voluntarily want issues and to kill people, he tried avoiding cops and accidentally crashed and killed 2 people not including himself, don't bombard someone who can defend themselves.
Darkshadow 111303 (20 days ago)
Well, I do have sympathy for the family of the deceased Mother and daughter, this guy had mental issues, I blame his family for not seeking him help more than him. Mental health disorders make you do dumb shit. It's no excuse, but picture yourself physically not able to control yourself, almost as if your high as fuck or super drunk.
ಠمحمدಠ (21 days ago)
Well I'm sure the mother and the daughter wouldn't let that bullshit excuse slide ✓
Thumbnail maker r (21 days ago)
Darkshadow 111303 tell that to the dead mother, 12 year old and there family
RefleX (21 days ago)
Another forever locked account
Daniel Hayse (9 days ago)
Can't help but feel like his account is not locked anymore
ItzWalltz (21 days ago)
Damn some People are just Cunts. I do understand he killed 2 innocent People but if he was depressed/mentally ill he could have kille alot more People. So why cant Everyone just stop being dicks and if you really hate him Then keep it to your self. No need to hate on a dead man just fucking pointless. R.I.P to all People who Died!
Cengiz Sevimli (21 days ago)
Fuuuckkk Youuu!!!
Dylan Ratey (21 days ago)
Everyone's saying not rip to him bc he's a horrible person but I understand mental health is a real issue he problem had very bad demons. rip to you and most importantly the two Innocent people that lost there life in this incident
B1G MEME (21 days ago)
McSkillet have been banned by God in Life This Ban is Permanent As a result of this ban, you'll no longer be able to live on earth View all banned lives by visiting https://goburninhell.fuckoff
R.I.P even though you took 2 People with you hopefully u still Rest in peace!
Alex The GOAT (21 days ago)
P.J Ryland (21 days ago)
P.J Ryland (21 days ago)

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