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Counter-Strike: Source Toasty Fresh's Deagle mod showcase

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Mod shown: https://gamebanana.com/skins/162520 Song used: Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit This mod can use some shader improvements and a different model, but besides that the animations are Toasty Fresh HAHAHA sorry
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Abcd1Channel (1 month ago)
that was in my recommended sick mod
XxX_MILK_WAY _XxX (1 month ago)
XxX_MILK_WAY _XxX (1 month ago)
Crowned Bear thankz...my crowned bear
Crowned Bear (1 month ago)
Raiz quadrada de X whats good
Fnuxray//SabutornFx (1 month ago)
Bloody hell that's one of my worst mods i tried..... I only cared about the animations xdddd
Crowned Bear (1 month ago)
Lol sure it's bad now but you can make it better it already has decent animations
Flyzie TV (1 month ago)
Nice 👍
Sneaky_ Cloaker (1 month ago)
Well it's that time again the MRI desert eagle made by magnum research Inc has 3 version the 357. Mag version that can have 9 rounds in 1 magazine The 44.Magnum has 8 shots on a mag And the most common round in games the 50.ae (AE short for Action Express) that only has 7 shots in 1 mag But the 50 and 44 version are most common round in games and movies like the cod series, bf3 , bf4 , BFH, payday 2 ( HOXTON : DID YA MISS ME YOU W...ERS) and etc Thank you for reading wish you a happy day and remember do something ILEGALL YOUR BEING DROP KICKED btw if that happens go to the forums and cry like a baby because we are cloakers and we don't CAAAARRRREEE 🙂
Sneaky_ Cloaker (1 month ago)
Forgot Ubisoft games use the D50 short for desert 50.
Sneaky_ Cloaker (1 month ago)
Warning don't press 50.ae if it blue go to a website

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